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Elite: Dangerous and Elite Dangerous: Horizons

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    You know, I completely forgot about this. Now I'm looking at it like "It's been 2 years."
    And then I look at the edit history and I'm like "It took me two years to play about 800 hrs and go from iEagle to iCutter."

    Reminiscing aside, We can probably finally make use of that damn inara wing...


      You still playing actively, Karuiko and Cucoo5? I've just recently started playing Elite again. Having a blast atm.


        If you hop on our Discord, we have a dedicated text channel to ED. A number of people do regularly play though idk about Karu and Cucoo. I also play(ed) ED. I am considering getting back into it but my backlog and obligations make it hard for me to do so.
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