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    Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs

    "Daisuke Sato... it is a nice name. I like the sound of it." The girl nodded and smiled weakly. The smile unfortunately fades extremely quickly as she is asked for her name. Her name... what is her name...? And why does this man's name sound so familiar? It's all a blur to her as she frowned, trying to recall any memory she had pertaining to her name.

    " name... I do not have one. Or rather, it is Subject A-7117. I am a loyal servant to my master, who has not given me a name." The girl, claiming to be subject A-7117, answered while looking into Daisuke's eyes. "I'm sorry... I'm sure this all must be confusing to you."


      Ortus Woods | Outskirts

      As Nicholas was about to whip around and deal with the hellhound that went for his rear, a shotgun blast greeted the beast, reminding Nick that he was not alone. With all the beasts dead, Nick's battle-high was now beginning to fade, forcing his posture to sink and his energy levels to tank. With a few more slowed breaths, Nick looked over to the woman in the rain and let out a tired sigh.

      "Nope. I won't be on them for long.", Nicholas said to the woman. As if on cue, Nick plopped down onto his knees and closed his eyes. He could now feel the burden of his injuries and the strain he was placing himself under, and this was the only thing he could do to stay conscious. "Are there any more of them?", he finally asked.
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        Ortus Woods | Outskirts

        Miranda gave a soft chuckle as she quickly ran to Nick's side, slinging her shotgun on her back and grabbing Nicholas. Thanks to her Figment's natural boosts as well as being physically fit in general, Miranda hoisted Nick up, taking one of his arms and raping it over her shoulders as she held him up. "Seems like there gone. Gotta say, that was pretty impressive." Miranda said as she helped him carry him back to the road. "No matter the case, we have more impressive matters to attend to. Namely getting the fuck out of here." She said as she didn't even bother to pick up any of the weapons either of the two may have dropped.

        The walk back to the road wasn't too far from their location, but with trying to help carry Nick back, it would be a good 5-10 minute walk up hill. "Damn though if you aren't a Mister Little Badass. Took on a group of damn Hell Hounds before I got here." Miranda said as they made the very short hike back. The night was quiet, as the rain had just stopped very shortly after Nick had gotten back up, thus leaving the entirety of the forest in a state of eerie quiet. It was so quiet that there were seemingly no sounds at all. The only noise filling the air was the very distant hum of the engine of Miranda's truck, and the occasional booming of thunder off in the far distance. Aside from that, it was dead quiet... A little too quiet for Miranda as she constantly scanned their surroundings, her eyes darting back and forth for any signs of potential danger...

        That was when they both heard it... the sound of a branch snapping to their left. Immediately Miranda turned her head to see what caused the noise. Her grip on Nick was tight as she had her gaze locked on something...

        In the distance, about 40 feet away a figure could be seen standing between the trees. The figure was something that looked like it came straight out of an internet horror story. What Miranda was looking at was humanoid in appearance, however it was deathly pale, and appeared gaunt and even malnourished somewhat as it crawled along the ground on all fours. It was difficult to make out an exact details, but it was very clearly staring right at the duo. As indicated by the two white circles that emitted light much like a flashlight that was pointed straight at them. More strange of all was it's face, or seeming lack there of. As trying to stare at the creature's face would prove fruitless, as it's face seemed blurry, almost like it was covered in some kind of strange fog that only served to hide any details.

        The creature remained still as it watched Nick and Miranda, the only noise coming from it was what sounded like some animal wheezing...

        Seeing this Miranda didn't even bother to turn her attention away from it as she spoke in a quiet whisper. "Kid. This may be a lot to ask, but I'm going to really need you to get back to the road. Once you do, get in my truck and lock the door." As she whispered this to Nick, the creature tilted it's head to the side as if it was curious about the two. However as it tilted it's head, it's entire face seemed to spasm like it was like a video game character model glitching out...

        Then it started to stand up. Showing the creature's full height and malnourished body. Standing up, it's posture was hunched over as it continue to have it's gaze locked onto the duo, and even though it was hunching over a bit, it was still at least a good couple feet taller than Nick was.

        However as it stood up straight, there was one more feature that couldn't be noticed previously. On its left forearm seemed to be some kind of metal apparatus that extended down over it's hand, ending in 5 razor sharp, 2 foot long blades over the creature's features.

        Whatever it was, it seemed to have Miranda spooked as she refused to take her eyes off it.


          Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs

          Daisuke simply blinked a few times in response to the girl stating her own name. Calling herself similar to 'Subject A-7117' followed by her stating how she's loyal to her master., who had not given her one. This indeed made Daisuke even more confused than he already was, as now a whole new mess of thoughts was on his mind.

          Said thoughts ranging from whether this girl was someone who had escaped some kind of slave trade ring, is really into role playing, or that she is just insane in the head and had escaped from some kind of mental hospital. No matter the case Daisuke just grabbed both sides of his head and groaned. "Of course it is! Jesus Christ this is..." Daisuke then sighed, looked at the woman and then his clock, and then back to the woman standing in front of him. When he saw how the time was well past midnight again he just shook his head.

          "Well whatever the case is, there's going to be a change of plans. I don't know who you are, or what you've been through, but It's pretty frickin' late right now, and I have school in the morning so I'm going to be calling around first thing in the morning. Hopefully someone knows who you are." He spoke in a calm, but tired tone.

          "So for tonight you can stay here. If you want." Daisuke stated, as he then went on to think of a place for her to sleep..

          There was only the 3 bedrooms up stairs, two bathrooms, the kitchen, living room, and the basement. However the 3 bedrooms were already occupied. His mother currently residing in one, and Daisuke's sister in the other. While Daisuke is obviously taking up the 3rd bedroom. Daisuke was thinking of just letting her sleep in the basement, but there isn't a mattress or anything soft to sleep on aside from maybe a pile of laundry that needs to get finished. The kitchen obviously didn't have a place to sleep, and if he were to let her sleep on the couch. Then he'd have to do some serious explaining if his family were to wake up before him and found the woman sleeping on the couch.

          This was a really tough decision, but as much as he'd hate to get caught with butt-naked woman in his room in the morning, it was also likely the safest. As long as he were to set his alarm clock to wake him up at least 30 minutes early, he should be able to do something about this woman. Then again, perhaps his paranoia is unwarranted. Maybe if he were to explain the entire situation to his family calmly... they might just understand and help him out. Hell it might even give him an excuse to skip school.

          God there was just so many thoughts on Daisuke's mind right now that he felt like pulling his hair... Though after a good couple of minutes of thinking about it, he just sighed and stood up. He then took plopped onto his bed, grabbing one of the two pillows he had and tossed it onto the floor before walking right past her and into his closet where he took out a spare blanket, which he also tossed onto the floor.

          "As much as it annoys me, you're going to sleep in here. The bed's off limits though, so don't think about sneaking into it while I'm asleep." Daisuke explained as he went to the alarm clock beside his bed where he started to set it for around 30-40 minutes earlier than he usually has it.


            Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs

            "...I'm sorry to have vexed you. You seem very nice, and yet I have only brought you confusion." Subject A-7117 seemed apologetic as she looked upon the contemplative Daisuke growing more and more irritated. She couldn't necessarily think of just how she could help alleviate his stress, or rather where his irritation came from. Perhaps he was not pleased with how she didn't have a name? Would he feel better if she had a name?

            Her gaze drifted towards the picture frame that she dropped, walking towards it to grab it. She stared into that cheerful blond boy and the annoyed Daisuke, and wondered if the blond boy annoyed his friend because of his lack of name as well. "This boy... does he not have a name as well?"


              Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs

              Daisuke nearly zoned out again, and didn't really pay much attention to the woman until after he sat back down on his bed. When he did he slowly turned his head to her and raised an eyebrow. It took yet another minute after he turned to face her for her question to click and register in his mind. He then shook his head and groaned again.

              "Ugh no. He has a name. Leon." He said before started to lay down on bed, reaching for the small remote control that controls his bedroom's light. Before he clicked the off button on the remote, he asked one more thing. "Is there anything else you want to ask?"


                Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs

                Subject A-7117 could hear the slight tang of annoyance in Daisuke's question. She expressed no disdain to it, but she understood that perhaps it's time to lay her curiosity to rest. She shook her head and rested her back on the wall next to her savior's bed. "No. I am satisfied."


                  ((A small timeskip for the next day. This is only for Wriggle. ))

                  Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs

                  With that settled, Daisuke and his new acquaintance drifted off to sleep...

                  Hours later the quiet of the night was soon replaced with the loud obnoxiousness of an alarm clock going off at 5:00am, two hours before he normally heads off to school. This prompted the young, green haired man to quickly slam his hand down onto the clock to stop the alarm. That was when he sat up in bed and gave a big yawn. The only thoughts going through his mind were how he needs to get breakfast ready for his mother AND sister, as well as himself. He wasn't thinking too much about the strange woman he met and had invited into not just his house, but his own room last night. After all, in his still groggy mind, it felt like the events of the previous night were but a mere dream...

                  However the sight he saw when he turned his head and saw the woman he thought he dreamed of meeting last night sleeping on the floor of his bedroom, Daisuke's response was... surprising to say the least.

                  He immediately scrambled in bed, pushing himself back against his wall and let out a loud and audible scream from the surprise to see that the naked woman he had let into his house last night was not just a dream. Daisuke quickly though began to come to his senses for the most part as he quickly covered his mouth while looking down at the woman on his bedroom floor. However his eyes quickly shifted to his door as the sound of footsteps could be heard from the hallway and rapidly approaching his bedroom. That's when the one thing he was hoping to avoid last night happened.

                  His sister had kicked the door open, wondering what the hell her brother is screaming for at this hour in the morning.

                  When she kicked in the door she looked at Daisuke in a panic screaming:

                  "Brother what's wro-" She questioned before she cut herself off... as in the corner of her eye she could see the naked woman sleeping in the middle of Daisuke's room.

                  Daisuke's face was one of actual fear, while his sister just looked at the woman on the floor with not anger, not confusion or embarrassment. Rather she just looked at the woman blankly, not even saying a thing before closing the door in an almost calm and casual manner. Though Daisuke's face was still that of the biggest "Oh Crap" face he's ever had.


                    Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs
                    The cacophony of early morning shenanigans in Daisuke's bedroom riled Subject A-7117 awake as she rose to a sitting position. Her groggy eyes, adjusting to the gentle glow of early morning sun, quietly gazed upon the young girl she met yesterday night, observing the girl's facial expression shifting from a mixture of anger and curiosity to that of shock, disguised by the calm demeanor. An awkward silence followed before the door closed, leaving Daisuke and Subject A-7117 alone.

                    "Good morning." Subject A-7117 greeted Daisuke as she climbed up his bed almost instinctively. "How are you feeling today?"


                      Daisuke's Home | Ortus City Suburbs

                      Daisuke just continued to sit on his bed. Crossing his legs he put one hand on the side of his head as he looked like shit as he tried to process what to do. He didn't even bother to turn to the girl as he answered her.

                      "Honestly? Like if I don't explain shit that I'll be in some serious trouble." As he said that he quickly got out of bed and rushed to his door. "Just stay here while I go and try and explain things before shit gets worse."

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                        The Boundless

                        Running, running. It's all they could do. The screeching around them rose to a jagged peak of discordant noise, myriad arms reaching out, bones creaking and cracking as fingers turned into serpents, their touch rotting them to the core as their eyes melted and...

                        Waelin shot up, sweat beading on their face as they breathed heavily, weary eyes scanning their immediate surroundings. Silence reigned within the room, sunlight pouring through a window onto the bedsheets. They leaned back into the pillow for a moment as they remembered where they were.

                        Safety. Relative to their previous position, at least. Their mind wished for more sleep, and their body simply did not wish to move, but their person laid down, thinking.

                        What the fuck were they going to do now? It was a simple question, but there were so many ways it could be taken. So they looked at the facts. They were currently housed in a strange bar in a part of the city they've never been in. They have been mutated by apparent demons, who were also likely still hunting them. They had come in contact with a group apparently dedicated to killing demons, and they were currently being allowed boarding by a very suspicious barkeep.

                        They took a deep breath as they calmed themselves, content to curl up within the soft covers of the bed for a little while longer until one of their eyes spotted something new on the bottom corner of the bed. Folded neatly into squares, with a note atop was what looked like a set of clothes. Generic, simple, and maybe a little big for them, but clothes nonetheless.

                        They pulled themselves up, reaching over to grab the note. The firs thing they caught attention of was the writing style. It was as if it was made via typewriter with how neat the letters were, but they could note the slight imperfections with a closer look.

                        Got these for you. Perhaps they're loose, but anything is better than those rags you're wearing. I couldn't get a proper measurement for shoes, so I simply retrieved some sandals. Out the door and at the end of the hall is a bathroom with a shower. Use it before you head downstairs. I don't wish to be rude, but I could smell you from outside the guest room door.


                        Waelin gave a sharp exhale. Well, at least they were to the point. A shower sounded heavenly. They eventually got to their two feet, taking the clothes and sandals with them before taking a shower.

                        About ten minutes later, they eventually emerged from the stairwell, finding an empty bar aside from it's barkeep, their head slightly bobbing to the beat of the song on the radio, large hat swishing back and forth a touch.

                        Their head glanced slightly towards the stairwell before they went back to work.

                        "Good morning. I hope you had a good sleep, Ms. Brooke?" Enraku asked.

                        "...better than before." the girl spoke, voice still sounding a little tired. "Thank you."

                        "It's no issue. You deserve it." the barkeep replied, turning fully towards Waelin. "Now, I imagine you've been thinking about your current predicament?"

                        "I have, and I realized i'm pigeonholed." Waelin spoke. "As in, there's not much choice in this matter, is there?"

                        "Unfortunately, no, not really. I had some of my own allies do some digging, and from what they've found, is that you are very much a wanted person within the circles of demons now. You have a hefty bounty on your head, and there are many who would love to cash such a thing in." Enraku started. "But, if you're willing to work with me, I can offer protection to you. As much as I prefer to stay apart from my kin, I have enough reputation to throw around to dissuade most parties from going after you. Since, well, crossing me often does not go well for anybody."

                        "I... I still do not understand why you are so willing to do all this for myself. I'm a complete stranger to all this, why me?"

                        Enraku closed their eyes for a moment before looking into Waelin's own. "Several reasons, some of which are partially speculation. The main reason would be the fact that I do not believe anyone should be subjected to such conditions, and the second lies within the fact that I do not wish to give my kin any more leverage or power over this world, and you in their hands would certainly result in such."

                        "Impersonal asset denial?" Waelin seemed a little irritated at the notion.

                        "I wouldn't call it impersonal. That implies I lack care for you, which is incorrect. I have a speculatory theory, but... i'd rather not thrust such ideas upon you, especially if they're correct." Enraku continued. "What I do need to do however, is make us a contract."

                        Waelin's eyes narrowed. "Usually, when I hear demons and contracts together, it usually involves the collection of the contractee's soul."

                        Enraku gave a chuckle. "The vast majority aren't like that. Contracts like this are common among demons. You have to understand that my people are, for the most part, untrustworthy. Contracts ensure cooperation. It's essentially insurance. If a person goes against the contract, the contractor knows and can act accordingly. However, the part that's useful to us here is the fact that I can weave magic through it to produce effects. Such as being able to keep a glamour on you, allowing me to keep an eye on you, contact you from afar, etc. Simple, useful things."

                        "So you're using this to essentially give me... enchantments of sorts?"

                        "Precisely, Ms. Brooke. It is a tool. And a work reminder."

                        "Right, work..." Waelin mumbled.

                        "Are you still thinking on what that Slayer said?" Enraku slightly tilted their head at Waelin as they sat down in a nearby chair.

                        "A bit. Learning how to use that... sword... thing would be useful."

                        "I could assist with the basics since magic is from the same source, but Figments are something I lack true understanding of." Enraku spoke. "Inquiring with them for training if little else would be helpful. But one thing at a time."

                        The barkeep snapped their fingers, and in a small burst of flame arrived a sheet of paper in their hands. Their eyes briefly glanced at it's contents before they glided the paper over to the girl with little effort, Waelin catching it before it socked them in the face. Their eyes read it over.
                        'Employee Contract'

                        This contract is to guarantee the assistance and protection of the contractee known as Waelin Brooke, with said protection being conducted by the contractor known as Enraku alongside their subordinates. The protection shall extend to the contractee's family. In addition, a set of spells shall be weaved into the contractee's being to ensure protection as well as disguise the more monstrous implements that have been forced upon them.

                        Said spells include a permanent glamour, the ability for the contractor Enraku to see and hear through the contractee's senses, as well as locate them at a moment's notice. These abilities are not intended to breach privacy and are not to be used as such, although it may occur if incidents pertaining to it's usage occur during said times. These protections do not extend to protection against human beings and apply exclusively to demonic forces, the sole exception being human entities who would possibly see fit to exterminate the contractee due to their current status as a half-breed.

                        In addition, the contractee may be provided lodging within a guest room within the upper floors of the Boundless.

                        In exchange, the contractee will be trained with the appropriate skills of a barkeep, including mixing and serving alcoholic beverages of both Human and Demonic varieties. They will be required to work a 3 day work week with pay within the Boundless alongside Enraku.

                        If in Agreement, the Contractor and Contractee must Sign Here ________________________________, ___________________________________

                        Waelin read over the contract in silence, sparing a glance to the barkeep, who watched them with quite some amount of interest, head leaning on a hand. Their fingers slightly dug into their face. It almost looked like anticipation. She wasn't sure that was a good thing.

                        "Are the terms acceptable, or would you like something reworded?" Enraku finally spoke.

                        "It seems fine." Waelin replied. "I don't believe I possess anything to write with, though."

                        "Ah, I knew I was forgetting something." Enraku suddenly appeared before them, startling Waelin's senses for a moment as they simply seemed to materialize in the air before them. In one hand was a pen. In the other was a small pocket knife.

                        "I will need to draw a little bit of your blood, Ms. Brooke." Enraku spoke, tone cold and formal.

                        It took a moment for Waelin to realize what they were thinking. "You want me to write my name in my own blood?"

                        "Correct. I will be doing similar, although it will be a touch different for myself." Enraku started. "It's the final act. It requires it to bind the spells to each other."

                        Waelin seemed hesitant, but held out their arm. Enraku gave a light cut along their forearm, drawing blood into the pen. Waelin barely winced. Their conditions before produced worse wounds, if the bruises further up their sleeve were to judge. Enraku spared a glance to it, lip twitching as they did before waving a hand over the fresh wound. In moments, it closed, with not even a scar to be seen.

                        "Healing magic?" Waelin inquired, before the demon handed them the now filled pen.

                        "No, but something to a similar effect." Enraku spoke as Waelin moved to sign the document. Their handwriting was scribbly, practically chicken scratch. But to Enraku, it mattered little, for it was the intention that mattered, not the quality. After they finished, they took the pen, dropping the rest of the blood into a glass to be disposed of. Then, they drew their own. Although Waelin didn't see the process. All they saw was the molten 'liquid' that was held within the pen, almost setting it on fire. They could feel the heat of it from here as Enraku wrote down their name in flaming lettering. As the final letter was solidified, Waelin would feel an odd feeling come over them, their mostly groggy self pushed to full wakefulness.

                        "The pact is sealed." Enraku stated. "Welcome, Ms. Brooke, to the wonderful world of employment."

                        "With the scheduling, it sounds closer to a part-time job to me." the hybrid noted.

                        "True, but it is still a welcome to the world of supernatural capitalism!" Enraku gave a soft smile.

                        "There's a difference?" Waelin rose an eyebrow.

                        "Of course, Ms. Brooke. The difference lies in that with supernatural capitalism, your clients often have more legs and arms than two." Enraku smirked.

                        Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                        You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                          The Boundless

                          "Don't forget the teeth old friend! Oh and eyes, and the occasional extra orifice. You never know what you might see in this line of work." A significantly older, and rather chipper voice suddenly spoke out from the entrance of the boundless.

                          The voice seemed to come from an older man standing at roughly 4 feet tall. His appearance was for the most part normal, wearing a nice, older fashioned blue coat, with a matching blue vest and red tie underneath it. His pants were clean and a tad darker than his shirt, and upon his feet were a fantastic looking pair of black and white dress shoes. The man's black hair is combed back, with the occasional streak of gray. Aside from that, the man looked to be a regular person with a case of dwarfism... However when one were to look at his face, they would see that he had an unnaturally large grin. One that stretched from ear to ear

                          "Anyways, sorry for the intrusion old friend. I'm simply stopping by for a quick hello." He said. His tone still sounding quite chipper. In fact it almost sounded like an old-timey radio host.


                            The Boundless
                            "Ah, but there's no need to overcomplicate the joke and work statement.." Enraku replied, giving a slight smile of their own as the man appeared. "Astaroth, meet Waelin, Waelin, meet Astaroth. They're a good friend of mine."

                            Waelin simply looked to the man and rose an eyebrow, especially at their height rather than the grin and their mind had to manually file them into demon rather than dwarf. Or gremlin, considering the smile. "Nice to meet you?"

                            Enraku gave a slight chuckle at the hesitance. "Don't mind the trepidation, Ast', they're still probably shell-shocked by the whole demon thing in general, especially given what they've gone through."

                            Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                            You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                              The Boundless

                              "Hmm. Yes, but it still accurate... mostly." Was the simple response Astaroth had towards his friend's first remark. He would have said more, but his attention was more focused on Waelin. A curious case indeed as he locked eyes with her. As he did his eyes narrowed a bit before his form suddenly began to shift. In a brief burst of unnecessary purple flames, Astaroth now stood in his more preferred form, An anthropomorphic cat with brown and black fur now stood before Waelin. His little show of purple fire wasn't needed for him to shift his form, but it's Astaroth, he likes making things look more... fancy. Or at least what HE calls fancy. Surprisingly the flames didn't cause any property damage when he transformed,..

                              After his transformation he gave a polite bow before approaching the young woman. "Well she has no reason to be wary of me!" As he said that he extended a hand to Waelin, his arm stretching a bit to better reach her. "You'll at least shake a gentleman's hand now, won't you?" He asked.


                                The Boundless
                                Waelin simply rose an eyebrow at Astaroth's appearance before carefully reaching out and shaking their hand. "Well, i'd be wary if you had fleas. I cannot imagine the hell that is cleaning that much fur."

                                Enraku gave a small snort at the comment. "Not as bad as you think, but you're not entirely wrong either. But regardless, Waelin here is my newest charge, you just missed the finalization of our own little contract."

                                Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                                You just discard their guts and keep on driving.