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    Infinite Project | (OOC)


    Hello and welcome to the OOC of a RP that has been in the works for quite a while now, and by a while since around Fall of last year. Or rather this will be the reboot of a old RP of mine. One you can tell by the name already. It is Infinite Project.

    The original Infinite Project RP was a bit of a passion project of mine and my attempt at making a more serious, futuristic, Cyber-punkish RP. Hell, Infinite Project wasn't even originally going to be an RP but rather a original story I would have written and uploaded on the internet. However once I came to Yukkuricraft I was able to find a place to finally make it. Then due to a lack of attention... and also because of someone having had dropped out of the RP and said someone was in control of some important characters, had left us unable to continue anything with it. Not only that but Infinite Project was a tad unfocused. Much like ATWAG there were several different arcs at different locations. As such it just sorta... drifted out into nothingness. Not only that but it was also a bit overshadowed by a few other RP's here and there. Like the original TSU on THESE forums, ATWAG, and I think one other RP.

    Either way after it was finally closed I had been developing the stuff for a remake of Infinite Project. One to make it a bit more... coherent. A bit more simplified, focused, and hopefully more interesting. At first it was a slow development with questions here and there. However by the time last year came around I was beginning to go into full overdrive with trying to remake it. With myself working on making a new, yet similar story and premise off and on. I also worked with different ideas for it as well, and by September of last year I finally got most of the things I needed. Now I have everything I need for this RP to work. I had some ideas and even some help from Tewi, S1, Kristia, and a few others here and there. Some of them have been reworked or tweaked to fit into the finished project, but in the end... this is it.

    Infinite Project.

    History Chapter 1: The Third World War

    In the year 2053, while most nations were on at least neutral terms with one another, an issue appeared that crept up on them like a shadow. Energy. The driving force of nearly everything.

    Fossil Fuels were beginning to become scarce, and was only being left to heavy duty machinery. Alternative sources of energy and ways of using them became the norm, with things like electric cars and powerful solar panels.

    The major source of contention was major cities as a whole, however. With the ever growing nature and sophistication of cities, alternative sources simply didn’t work as well for such bustling metropolises.

    A new energy source was needed. Something efficient, easy to produce and cleaner than their fossil-fuel predecessors.

    Something of that scale and nature, however would prove to be a risky and quite difficult endeavor. To accomplish such a feat, one would expect nations and countries to put their heads together to solve such a feat.

    Sadly, that was far from being true. Such distrust of one another was quickly accentuated by the circulating rumors that one country had already almost figured out the problem, and then other nations made similar claims to them. Something was amiss, as if these hushed whispers and ideas were being spread by someone or something with malicious intent.

    Distrust grew, leaders making demands for this supposed possibly non-existent energy source, voices growing in volume and voracity for power as they continued.

    Confusion and even some panic spread within the debates as it was found that nobody had figured out this energy-source at all, nary even a prototype in production.

    Rabid fingers of ambassadors and leaders were raised at one another, some declaring acts of war, going beyond mere voices as cries for bloodshed were called.

    Treaties and alliances made themselves known, plunging the world into what would be known as World War 3.

    15 years. 15 years of bloodshed raged on across multiple fronts. Dwindling resources began to take hold in addition to their power-issues. What remained was in disarray. So many lives had been lost, some entire countries ravaged and practically non-existent by the end of things.

    The countries torn apart by bloodshed finally gave up, with no real true winner coming to the forefront. The major nations that remained banded together with a peace treaty to attempt to resolve their differences and to fix what they had shattered, and to solve the energy issue that had started this mass genocide once and for all.

    The energy issue still showed, and despite improvements to existing tech, the fabled new source of power evaded them, even with the help of the best scientists the world had to offer. All they had were short-term solutions, and while the energy problem wasn’t as pressing now due to the lower population, it still was a large priority, if only so this war wasn’t for nothing.

    By the year 2101, sightings of an unidentified flying object were sighted consistently around southern Asia down to Antarctica, however, instead of mysteriously vanishing like many would, this simply would fly off into the distance, and the government was quite curious about such a craft.

    Eventually, after reports of an explosion, they found it. A crashed vessel, unlike any kind of aircraft they had seen before. It’s technology was incredibly advanced, and many believed it was almost assuredly an alien craft.

    However, a single body found inside, charred to a fine crisp proved this wrong. Of what DNA they could get, this was a human, and somehow a human-made spaceship. Although the body’s DNA was twisted and torn, genetic mutations rifling near every cell of what was left.

    While this discovery disturbed them, they were distracted by something else. The ship’s power-source was still intact. It’s mere presence overloaded many of their equipment from sheer output of energy, and with no external wires or connection to power the ship.

    It was their long-sought solution, discovered by simple chance. They tested on it, putting it through every kind of test they could think of, and about 4 years later, they managed to reverse-engineer the strange device, simply calling it “The Infinitus Reactor”.

    After the first activation and a warming up period of a few days, it worked. Electricity simply ran through the first testbed city near flawlessly, with only a few minor overloads simply acting as a demonstration of it’s power.

    In 50 years, 20 reactors were built. The war’s purpose had finally been fulfilled.

    Chapter 2: The Infinite Project

    In the year 2155, society levelled out, and the destruction and the power crisis had officially ended. The future was a bright, shining beacon called progress, and humanity was heading steadily towards it.

    However, a group of government officials were worried, paranoid even. The lack of war seemed to be a harbinger for doom for the future, as they knew that this golden age could not last forever. Thus, they started a project in secret, using personal funds alongside secretly diverting the government’s funds towards their own purposes.

    They had advanced technology, funds, and enough power to get what they wanted done. They wanted a backup plan. Something to keep the peace. The idea of creating augmented humans was born.

    They gathered experts in various fields. Genetic-Research, Cellular-Engineering, makers of prosthetics and implants. Work began to create a set of “perfect” humans.

    With this plan in their heads they gathered several experts in the field of Genetic Research and Cellular Engineering to begin work on developing the perfect humans.

    The first signs of disruption in the world happened in 2157. A malfunction occurred in each one of the Infinitus Reactors. The energy levels were too high, some machinery sparking and burning, unable to cycle the energy properly. The EM shielding malfunctioned in each and every one.

    Strange waves of radiation flooded the cities, and although negative effects weren’t immediately seen, the cities were evacuated, though many had already been irradiated as the problem was fixed.

    Something had gone wrong. It couldn’t have been a simple malfunction. Each one was affected and at roughly the same time. Sabotage was afoot, and investigations began into what exactly happened that day.

    A year later, the effects of the radiation began to take hold. Strange births began to occur, babies with features of animals, from appendages to wings and some were even closer to animals than humans. In others, strange mental abilities were beginning to show. Mind-reading, telekinesis, controlling various elements.

    Quarantine took hold in many cities, and it seemed a cure for such things were out of reach, even for them. Thus, they returned to society, treated like diseased lepers by others, whether out of disgust, jealousy, or simple blind ignorance.

    Some afflicted attempted to use their new powers to help others, taking up mantles as vigilante superheroes, and many of those in the government, especially those paranoid enough considered this a sign of the end.

    Many supposed “psychics” and “beast-men” were hunted down in secret, arrested for crimes they didn’t commit, sent to rot away or simply executed. Things leaked, missing persons cases seemed to grow, and the people were catching on.

    And thus, the riots began.

    It wasn’t just peaceful rallies and such, things turned violent fast. Those with pyrokinesis lighting people aflame, half-animals ripping away shields and taking tear gas like barely anything. Not even trained soldiers could completely hold many of these people and those who sided with them back.

    And thus, those government officials and their secret project came to the forefront to the other members of the government. And lacking options, they decided to put all their chips on the table and invested far more into it than before.

    The project was repurposed. It wasn’t just to make a perfect set of humans anymore. It was to make a set of hardened killing machines. The scientists were mostly against this, at least until their already huge paychecks tripled combined with a little blackmail, of course.

    Their already superior physical abilities was combined with controlled doses of “Infinitus Radiation”, as it had been dubbed and in two years, the set of bodies was perfect. Now all they need to do was mold their minds.

    Mercs, hardened combat vets, even some of the scientists helped groom these newly made soldiers. This combined with heavy mental conditioning created near-perfect killing machines. And so, their first mission began.

    Their job was simple: find the camp of psychics, and execute them. As they went into action, though, it seemed like everything they knew was wrong. They were told, conditioned to see the psychics as merciless killers. But these people put up no fight. They screamed and begged for mercy as they killed every last one.

    All that was left was was a large pool of blood, growing ever larger as these innocent people bled out. They returned as per orders, and continued doing missions. Time and time again, these people seemed less like “merciless killers” and more desperately fighting for their lives, if they even did so.

    The first among them, simply named “Infinite-01” was the first to disobey. They lashed out, killing many of their own superiors before being brutally murdered himself. The others realized with how quickly and without hesitation that they killed their colleague that they weren’t even considered people, were they? Just cogs in a machine, meant to grind along as they always did, without opinions or ideas. Just tactics and slaughter.

    It was then that they too lashed out. Attacking and destroying those who created them and escaping. Many of them were killed as newer models attacked. Their number of 99 dwindled to 40, and they went their separate ways, if only for safety.

    The year is now 2188. Society still does not know about the escape of the humans, and those of the project still alive are being tracked down. A civil war between rogue agents and the government that created them is slowly brewing as the Infinite-Line takes action from the shadows.

    According to a few reports going around the small Super Human rebellion (and currently only staying in the rebellion), the Government might just be planning something new. Something secret... Something big that might just send the world into complete and utter chaos.

    Now the question remains... Who are you? What are you? And most importantly... whose side are you on? Do you side with the Government as a human or some more recent product of the Government designed to try and stop the Super Humans, Psychics, and Animalia? Or are you a rebel Super Human? With a dislike for most of society yet still have a willingness to help out in trying to stop the Government. Or are you part of the Psychics and the Animalia? With a dislike for most products of the military, but try your hardest to fight for what you believe in.


    In the RP world of Infinite Project there are several different races aside from just normal humans. Though the races aren't actually different from humans. They are more like sub-species or mutated forms of humans due to a special radiation. These are the following races.

    Pure Humans:

    Pure Humans are the general bulk of well... humanity that have not been affected by the small bursts of radiation that was leaked from the Infinitus Reactors in the past. They are as you'd expect. Human in every way shape or form. They all vary differently in things ranging from hair color, to personality. Some are lazy, some are active. Some are physically fit, some might even have some kind of disability. Naturally they aren't the strongest when compared to the other 'races' on this list. However what they make up with is their natural adaptive nature, as humans are known to be able to adapt to handle a situation. By this I don't mean any natural or supernatural adaptational abilities. I mean natural adaptation. As humanity is intelligent. They learn from their mistakes, and when faced with a problem they quickly learn how to deal with it. This means humans can learn a vast array of different skills, skills which they can use for different jobs that were made by humanity as the years went on. Skills which range from medical knowledge and how to mix different chemicals with the right tools to produce some kind of medicine. That or they have a sharp eye and good aim as a police officer.

    In short humans may not be the strongest when compared to Super Humans, nor do they have special abilities or traits like Psychics or the 'Beastmen' Animalia's animal traits. However they can be very diverse in what skills they have, and in numbers humans can do amazing feats.

    Animalia or 'Beast Men' as they are more commonly called:

    These are humans who after the Infinitus Radiation leak, were soon affected when they were still young and developing inside their Mother's tummies. After which when they were born they'd often develop random animal like features throughout their lives, and abilities that go with these features. These traits can range from cat ears and/or tails along with cat-like hearing and sense of balance and agility that a cat would have. That or they could have grown bat like wings and the ability to fly and use a bat-like sonar. Hell these Beast Men could flat out look like a humanoid cat. With their body coated in cat-fur, with cat ears, cat tail, and cat-like eyes. All in all these 'Beast Men' could be quite varied as well. Personality wise they also are varied much like humans. They can be mean, they can be nice. However there are two things that make them different. One is that animalia tend to have perosnality quirks that would match the animal traits they have. For example a person with cat-like traits would naturally and more often than not dislike going into water, and be affected by catnip. While a person with bat-like traits might be nocturnal and have a craving for insects. Not only that but much like Psychics they aren't entirely fond of the Military due to the hunting down of Psychics and Animalia. However much like the Psychics, and Humans. Animalia do NOT know of the reasoning as to why the Government treats them as... less than human.

    However the one thing that made them a more targeted threat to the Government was a unique ability, which some would say is like a curse. As often during certain conditions, like say certain moon phases, the scent of something in particular like blood. Some Animalia will undergo extreme mutations. Becoming what are essentially were-beasts. In these states the animalia in question transforms into a far more beast-like, almost feral state. While in these states they will often lose most sense of reason and begin to act almost on pure animal instinct. Or worse. They go into a feral rage that can't be stopped until they revert back, or worse. Killed. There have been a few cases in which the animalia with these 'curses' have actually managed to gather some sort of control of these transformations. As such due to this they have been considered a threat to the Government

    Though those personality quirks might not effect all Animalia. As they are also all different.


    Psychics are what they are. Humans with psychic abilities. Abilities that humans have had for the longest time, but only very weak if not even active at all. At least until the Infinitus Reactor leak back then, which had at the time seemed to only effect humanity by... triggering something in their brains. Something which unlocked hidden psychic powers that were only thought to be fictional, or at the least not widely believed to be real. These powers range from Telekinesis (including all the sub-types like Pyrokinesis which can control and generate flames), to telepathy. These abilities can be varied but are usually mental in nature. The stronger and more sound a Psychic is mentally, the more power and control they have over their abilities naturally. That doesn't mean right off the bat one who has psychic abilities, and a rather sound mind is a pro at using their psychic abilities. Oh no it just means they have a bit of an easier time learning how to control them, as well as a higher potential max power with their psychic abilities.

    This is a bit of a double edged sword though, as even if one is mentally sound, their mental health will be changed as one grows stronger with their psychic powers. Normally it doesn't take much to keep one's sanity with just moderate use of their psychic abilities. Especially if one takes long enough breaks to rest ones brain. However constant repeateded overuse of their Psychic abilities, especially if they try to push their powers to become stronger. Then the chances that their psychic abilities will effect their mental state, and sometimes even their physical body can be affected by the strain of forcing one's Psychic Abilities past their limits.

    Other than the Psychic powers... well... Psychics are just humans. With psychic powers. They can have other skills and talents, and their appearances can vary greatly along with personalities. Psychics though are more prone to insanity if not careful with their powers.

    Super Humans, Project: Infinite line:
    Current Status of this Race: Discontinued. Survivors remaining.

    The Project: Infinite of Super Humans were the group of Super Humans that the Government originally made to try and advance the 'evolution of the human race', however after people have started to develop odd mutations and abilities Project: Infinite quickly was switched to develop a sufficient amount of Super Humans to deal try and track, then hunt down anyone who experienced 'gifts' from the radiation. Gifts as in psychic powers and other mutations. It wasn't long before the Super Humans had rebelled for how unfairly treated they were, and the lack of any given reason for them to hunt their targets down. After the Super Human rebellion only around 40 remain. However the majority of those who remain have scattered and went off on their own, while a small group of around 7 really remain and have started a rebellion against the Government.

    Regarding abilities and such, Super Humans are what they sound like. Government experimentations to make the 'perfect' batch of humans. Due to heavy DNA modifications throughout their life they have been given enhanced strength far beyond that of a normal, fully fit human who works out often (say enough strength to punch through solid steel if they really attempt to). Due to increased muscle strength and training throughout their lives there stamina is a bit higher than to be expected, and their running and reaction speed is quite up there as well. Not only that but due to purposeful Infinitus Radiation injections and exposure these Super Humans have developed abilities that may seem similar to Psychic powers, but in actuality function differently. As one Super Human may be able to generate electricity from their body (which would be harmless to them) and control it through an unknown means, a Psychic would be able to generate and control electricity from the air and other sources around them. Super Humans can also have different abilities ranging from healing factors, to VASTLY superior strength. However Super Humans tend to have only one ability, unlike Psychics who with enough practice or just sheer luck, could end up developing more than one Psychic ability. Super Humans only develop one supernatural ability in their lives due to their genetic makeup. However... that might not always be the case. Not only that but due to their Government training and lives growing up, they have a rather strong amount of combat knowledge and skill. Which can make fighting them dangerous.

    Weaknesses of Super Humans are more social than actually biological save for a few. Some of the biological abilities are that, due to their enhanced physical capabilities, and their powers. Their metabolism is surprisingly high. Due to this they usually end up needing to eat large quantities of food just to get the energy to fight again after a long drawn out battle. As the hungrier they tend to get, the weaker they begin to feel (they don't actually get weaker, but they begin to feel as if they are getting weaker.) So the best way to deal with a Super Human 1-on-1 is to try and draw the fight out as long as possible so that they start getting weaker. Think of them like a cheetah in a way. They may have good stamina, meaning they can KEEP fighting for a while without tiring, however due to their metabolism due to how much they fight, they'll get weaker if they keep on fighting.

    Their other weaknesses stem from their history of having grown up and been taught in nothing but military facilities. Or rather, A facility that no longer exists due to... reasons. As such socially in public, they have a hard time actually... interacting. As social interaction from anyone else that isn't a fellow Super Human LIKE THEM, is incredibly awkward and honestly kind of hard for them. This can the rare occasion where the rebels have to go into public for any reason kind of awkward. Not only that but they are hunted by the Government, so they have to stay in hiding. Which isn't as hard as you'd think it is. As the Government, not even once had made Project: Infinite publicly known. They kept the super humans secret, and only sent them out. In secret. To hunt down Psychics and Animalia. In the eyes of the public small groups of Psychics and/or Animalia would have just... disappeared as they were stealthily taken down by the Super Humans in secret. In fact even when the Super Humans rebelled and broke out, the Government never really announced publicly, only to law enforcement of cities and towns to try and apprehend, or better. Call the Government if they happen to see someone with a signature branding somewhere on their bodies. As the Super-Humans of the Project: Infinite line have a marking on their body. A brand like "IP-02-100" (Remember, IP-01 was 'killed' by the Government. There also only may be around 40 or so Super Humans left, but WHICH Super Humans in particular were killed is up in the air.) Due to these markings, the Super Humans often have to wear something that can hide the part of their body that has the branding on it.

    Another thing to note is that the branding on their bodies does not show in which order they were made, as each Super Human in the Infinite Project line were all started production at around the same time (with at most only a week in between.) Some were 'finished' sooner than others, and as such the branding was more or less a way for the Government to tell which is which out of the Infinite Project line. Currently this line of Super Humans has been discontinued since they first rebelled, and any super humans/soldiers made afterwards have since the IP line was discontinued are their own projects.

    The world is also filled with who knows what else caused by the Infinitus Radiation leakage, creations of the Government that have been in development or just started development (like a new line of Super Soldiers with production style similar to that of Spartans from Halo), to things that have since been unknown to science. Hell magic might just exist, just is kept secret for... reasons. So if you choose a race that is NOT one of the ones lifted above, then choose 'Other' in the App, with a name for the race, and a description of their abilities and history.


    The world is large. Pretty damn large. There was a nuclear war at one point. A lot of shit was damage, peace came after the war was over, and civilization has been on the way to recovery and for the most part, aside from small cities and 'settlements' that replace old, completely damaged cities from the war, the only cities that have been fully repaired or ones you'd think. Major ones like Washington D.C, New York, Tokyo Japan, and the like. Due to this most of the world building will be done in well... the RP itself.

    The Rebellion:

    The Rebellion. Founded by 12 of the remaining Super Soldiers of the now discontinued Infinite Project, and consisting of a group of ex-military units. The members of the Rebellion range from failed and successful projects that managed to escape before being terminated, to normal, ordinary personnel of the government who had grown tired of how they were treated. So far the Rebellion has grown slowly in numbers, and now they at least have a group of around 23-27 members working for the Military. With all of them being agents or projects of the Government that has since rebelled.

    In the public eyes no one knows who the Rebellion really is. Just that there have been sightings of groups of strange men coming out to try and fight against Military forces. Reports recommend to be wary of who you trust.

    Currently the Rebellion's headquarters is in the ruins of a rather old military facility that is hidden on an island off the shores of the state of California that has been in misuse since the 3rd World War.


    All standard rules for RP's apply. Please do not cheat in anyway (like forcibly taking control of someone else's character just to make it to where YOUR attack hits there character and such.)

    Also as of this moment I'll only allow about a total of 3 characters. A 'Minor Character App' for what we call 'NPC's' will be coming soon.


    PLEASE DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHARACTER OVERPOWERED. Also do not make your apps short. Put at least a little effort into the apps. Okay?


    Race: (If your race is not one of the ones listed above in the Race section, please choose 'Other' then give a name, a description of your races abilities, and a history of said race.)

    Age: (remember the Animalia race is honestly a bit newer, so most animalia will be around 17-20 years old. Psychics and Animalia's are still being born TO THIS DAY.)

    Appearance: (if you Choose Project: Infinite line of Super Humans, please put where their branding is located on their body. Remember the branding goes like: "IP-002 to IP-100")




    Skills: (Outside of abilities, what are their skills? Are they skill in a certain type of combat, or are they more of a scholar and researcher? Please let me know :3)

    Other: (For anything else that might not have fit in the rest of the app. Like extra notes, or questions.)

    This app is basically for NPC type characters. Characters who won't be used as often as a regular character, but are there to help plot progression.






    Bio: (optional)

    Abilities: (also optional)

    Skills/Talents: (also optional)

    Okay due to an important decision of mine, I decided the IC of this RP is not going to be on the forums! Yes you heard me. Instead I had made a Discord server, which the RP itself is going to be held on the Discord Server (you'll see how it will be handled soon.) So after you make your app, and it gets accepted. PLEASE. ASK. ME. FOR THE LINK TO MY DISCORD SERVER. This change has been due to various reasons. The rest of the rules will be on the Discord server I have made.
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      Well, this outta be interesting since it will be on Discord.

      Give me some time and I'll have an app.
      "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


        All done

        Name: Alex (Accelerator)

        Race: Psychics

        Age: 18

        Appearance: Alex stands 5.6 feet or 1.68 meters tall with a rather thin frame. He has white hair and red eyes This is the result of his ability blocking ultraviolet rays from the sunlight. He tends to wear black and while clothing and is always carrying some kind of firearm with him.

        Personality:Alex is an introvert, usually finding it difficult to get along with new people. He tends to keep to himself unless someone tries to interact with him first. He's very determined and has no problem taking the initiative in any given situation. He can keep a cool head in almost any situation, and has a sadistic streak in combat. He enjoys inflicting as much pain and fear in his enemies as possible, always imagining their face as the face of the man who killed his mother. Because of this his capacity for mercy is... tiny. But despite his mentality towards combat and his enemies he never loses sight of his objective.

        Alex was born in the year 2070 in a psychic laboratory. His mother, and one of the leading scientists in the war against the government and their super soldiers birthed him in her tiny office. The infant child was born with snow white hair and red eyes. these developments were very unusual giving he looked nothing like neither his mother nor father. His facial features resembled his mother and he had his father's ears, but his pigmentation, or lack there of was off. Alexis Renaye Cooper held her child tight, both with worry and with joy. Her baby was alive, but what could have caused this strange development?

        The new mother stayed in a what passed for a hospital in these trying times for psychics over night. While they were their, her unnamed son was tested, given his shots. The child was perfectly healthy, he was about the average weight one would expect with a strong heart and lungs, for an infant anyway. However they did find one thing that was rather unusual. The infant's body didn't appear to produce any melanin, which is what caused the odd coloring of his hair and eyes. While the strange condition wasn't a health issue, Alexis would continue taking the child to get regular checkups for the first few years of his life.

        Around the time he was two, his mother finally discovered the source of his odd lack of pigmentation. One night while the boy was staying with his father, the boy had sneaked outside. But the boy had unwittingly locked himself outside in the burning sun. The child would have been locked out there for over two hours before his father woke up and found him. And with skin as fare as his, he was surely burned by the harsh sun. And yet there was no sunburn to speak of. The boy hadn't even tanned and had barely even broken up a sweat.

        After further investigation it was discovered that the boy's psychic ability was blocking the sun's ultraviolet rays, thereby preventing his body from producing melanin. The boy had been doing this subconsciously since birth. The effects of the ability were still weak and unclear, but with a little training, they could be brought out of him. Alexis spent the next two years training her son in her off time, nurturing his ability and teaching him bout the very nature of they psychic abilities themselves. How they worked, where they came from and so on. Alexis and her son lived a fairly happy life. The boy's father often came around with food and toys. His parents may not have been married, but at least they were both there for him.

        For the next few years everything was peaceful. The psychics were making great pushes against the government and gaining ground and victory almost seemed certain. However in the year 2176 when the boy was only 6 years old. A squadron of super soldiers attacked a campsite Alexis was staying at. the scientist was a non noncombatant, unarmed and untrained in self defense. She never lifted a finger to harm the soldiers who attacked her, but despite that, the killed her. Alexis was murdered right in front of her only son, who was watching helplessly from the kitchen cabinet. After the men left, the boy held his mother, crying as her blood soaked into his clothes.

        This was a very hard, stressful time in the boy's life. He was only six years old, and his mother had been so cruelly taken from him. He lived with his father, his mother's former assistant who was now taking over her position. The boy's father went to his grieving son, placing a hand on his shoulder as he spoke to him. He tried to comfort his child, letting him know that his father would always love him. Then he told him there was something they could do. There was a way he could make sure what happened to his mother would never happen to anyone again. A way they could put stop to the misdeeds of the super soldiers for good

        With anger and sorrow in his heart, the boy accepted. This was the beginning of Project Esper, known as PE for short. Five psychic children, including Alexis's son were placed in a laboratory where their minds were rigorously tested. By no means were the children mistreated. The road ahead of them was long and hard, but the staff did everything they could to make them feel comfortable whenever possible. The experiments themselves were designed to test the limits and functions of the brain when using psychic abilities.

        This proved to be quite useful. The staff began augmenting the brains of the five esper children, upgrading them if you will. They were successfully able to improve the motor skills of the children, suddenly it was easier for them to aim, to catch and react the way they wanted too. This was the first of many successful augmentations. Later works allowed the psychics to think and process information faster, allowing them to make several calculations at once. All of this did strengthen their psychic abilities, giving them more precision and making it easier for the children to focus, but it did have it's drawbacks. Because of the experiments done on them, the children could only ever learn one ability, which would be engraved into their very being. Whatever that skill may have been.

        The children also had difficulty adjusting to the change. The all suffered with terrible headaches that lasted for days at a time. The experiments also effected their hormones, causing their bodies to develop differently. Since they were still children, they hoped their bodies would adapt to the change as they matured. Were this done to an adult, the headaches and negative side effects would have been much worse and likely permanent.

        It took a long time, but the esper children started feeling better as time went on. They needed to be rehabilitated, relearning how to walk and move in their own bodies. After weeks of recovering from the augmentations, they had grown weak and thin. But they were slowly getting better. Over the next five years the children were all trained, both physically and mentally. By the end of the first year the children were healthy again, eating regularly on their new diet. Their augmented brains required more fuel, more sugar to function properly, thus adding more sweets to their diet. although some of them preferred natural sugar instead.

        By the end of year two they had become quite familiar with their abilities and were encouraged to use them as much as possible. anything from using telekinesis to change the TV or using electromastery to cook food. Sometimes certain luxuries and privileges would be taken from the espers to force them to find a way around it. One example of this was when they broke the elevator, making it impossible for the espers to leave the basement floor. This was quickly solved when Alexis's son used his ability, know as vector manipulation to move the elevator on his own.

        The third year was dedicated to giving the espers basic combat training, teaching them different tactics and finding new ways to fight using their abilities. They each learned how to operate, take apart and put together different guns and weapons and put through harsh psychical exorcises to increase their strength and stamina. the fourth year was much of the same. A Powerful psychic used her ability known as "sensory" to give the children illusions of combat situations. They ran several missions and operations from the past in order to give themselves field training without actually putting themselves in any real danger. But through all of it, no matter what they went through. The white haired boy kept to himself. He didnt' hate the other students, but they were... in his way. And while he didnt' hate them, neither did he care for them.

        On the fifth and final year the espers were pit against each other in a tournament to test their abilities. They had to fight each other ass well as compete in multiple events. In the end the white haired boy came out as number one, and was given the code name "Accelerator"

        Accelerator officially changed his real name to Alex later that year. When asked why he simply told them "It's none of your business." The eleven year old boy was given his first assignment. There were rumors that the military had developed a machine capable of making sound waves that interfered with psychic abilities. If this were true, then it was only a matter of time until the military won this war. Alex was told to get in, find a blueprint of the device, and if possible disable it.

        It was a dark night in a large building. There were cameras and security doors everywhere, the kind that could only be opened with a thumbprint. There were trained guards at every corner and a searchlight slowly turning, searching for any type of intruder and he had no idea how many, if any super soldiers were stationed there. The place was locked down like fort Knox, and Accelerator knew he couldn't get in unnoticed. Perhaps if some of his teammates were around he could have gotten in unnoticed, but he understood why this was impossible besides, they would just get in his way.

        He walked right up to the front gate and hit it with the palm of his hand, using the vectors the impact created, he pushed them all into the door, meaning no matter how hard he hit it or pushed it, his hand wouldn't feel any of the resistance. the large gate came flying off it's hinges and crashed into the wall of the base, causing a rather large crash. all eyes were on him now. It took little time for the soldiers guarding the place to find him. They fired their weapons at the 1 year old, giving him everything they had, and he sent it right back. He activated his reflection, causing all of the incoming projectiles to change direction, flying straight back to where they had come from. all of the soldiers whom had shot at him had died almost instantly while others were left badly wounded. "Pathetic." he stated as he walked past their corpses. He picked up one of their rifles and took it with him.He doubted he'd need it, but better safe than sorry.

        The boy took aim and quickly shot out the search lights, using the semi automatic weapon to kill off anyone he saw. Once he had cleared out the enemies he pushed himself off of the wall of one of the gates, making it so all of the momentum from his jump was put into him moving forward, once that vector was created, he sped it up with his ability until he was flying at the wall at over 500MPH The collision with the wall of the building would have killed a normal person, but Alex altered the vectors of his own collision, making the wall take all of the kinetic energy. Accelerator managed to bust through half a foot of solid concrete, still moving the same speed he had been before he hit the wall.

        The panicked soldiers were quick to put up arms against the 11 year old, but they were all killed by their own bullets flying straight back at them. Using the rifle he picked up as well as any weapons he could get his hands on, the boy shot shot down anyone he came across, even the ones who weren't trying to stop him. All the while Alex felt.. good. It was like the weight h had been carrying on his chest for so long was being lifted. Each soldier he killed was him avenging his mother, everything he destroyed was a resource that would never be used against him again. For the first time sine his mother's death, he was having fun.

        The first thing Accelerator did was break into the control room. After killing everyone inside he locked all the doors leading outside and shut off the power. the reserve power came on a moment later turning the lights back on, but everything else was rendered useless. The people inside the military base couldn't even call for help anymore. the non-soldier staff began to panic after several loud noises, yelling and some gunfire, everything had gone silent. without any power, they had been cut off from the rest of the world. By the time Accelerator found them, they were already terrified. It didnt' take much to manipulate them into giving him all the information he needed. With the blueprints to the weapon in hand, there was only one thing left to do.

        Alex made his way back to the control room, stepping over the bodies of his victims along the way. When he made it back there he switched the power back on and turned on all of the security systems at once. However these systems had been reprogrammed to see everyone but Alex as a hostel, including the other security systems. this started the different traps and guns to fire at one another, blasting each other into oblivion until the whole building was left in ruin. All traces of the anti psychic weapon were erased and everyone who had been inside at the time was now dead. There was little chance that anyone could salvage the project and rebuilt the weapon without starting from scratch.

        He returned home triumphantly, although he didn't seem to excited about what he has accomplished. After what he had been through, everything just felt boring to him. He didn't even celibate the mission with the others that night, he just went straight to bed after he turned in the blueprint. After that day Alex was sent on several missions, if you can call him that. Someone would track down a target of interest, and he would take them out. It didnt' matter who they were, super soldiers, researchers and anything between. The government has labeled him as an extremely dangerous terrorist. With a grudge against the powers at be and nothing to lose, Alex continues to fight to this day, lashing out whenever and wherever he is needed

        Abilities: Alex has been gifted with the ability of vector manipulation. This allows him to control the vector of anything he comes into contact with. A vector is a quantity having direction as well as magnitude, especially as determining the position of one point in space relative to another. Which is a fancy way of saying he can control movement. This has many uses such as reflection which allows him to redirect ny vectors that get close to him. This acts as a sort of armor that bounces all harmful threats away from him. Reflection can be used to keep sound waves away from him, bouncing them away before they can reach his ears or effect his body. This also works on signals.

        He can use his ability to break Newton's Third Law. This law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. for example if you punch something very hard you will put a lot of force against whatever you punch, but your fist will be pushed back by whatever you punched with the same amount of force in the opposite direction. Accelerator can bypass this, making it so anything he hits or that hits him takes all of the force from both the action and the reaction. This makes all of his punches much harder than they would normally be coming from someone so skinny

        However, this ability is not perfect and can not protect him from everything. Alex still needs oxygen and can be killed if he is unable to breath. His ability can't be used indefinably either. If a fight drags out long enough he will eventually grow too tired to keep his ability active, at which point he will need to fight with whatever weapon he has at the time or run away.

        Alex's reaction time is about 12 times better than the average human, which aids in his ability to make very quick calculations and he was given 20-20 vision to help him see better. He is however partially color blind making it difficult for him to tell certain colors apart. His hearing is about average, though from time to time he needs to get his ears checked to make sure their both still working due to the loud noises, explosions and sonic booms he often hears while in combat.

        Skills: Alex is a great marksman and a clever strangest He carries a 9mm handgun and a 44 magnum revolver as his two weapons should his ability fail or if he needs to take someone out from a distance. Alex knows he has weaknesses and goes to great lengths to compensate for them. He has trained to be able to hold his breath for a full minute, knows how to swim very well. He's quick on his feet and strong for a man his size. While he isn't that great at CQC his ability usually covers for him in that regard.

        Other: Alex always carries a smart phone with him with several programs designed for hacking and bypassing security. This includes a code breaker for hacking passwords, a map with a GPS and an index filled with information about the army and the government. Most of the information is either written by himself or collected by allied spies.

        He also carries a 9mm hand gun and a 44 magnum. He'll pick up new weapons and 'toys' as he goes but this is all he'll have to sstart out with.

        Due to how often he uses his brain for his abilities Alex requires more brain fule, also known as sugar to keep functioning. Because of this he can often be seen eating chocolate, fruit or any other sugary food.

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          Im slowly working on mine. Just waiting to here from Sustic about some skills i sent to him by PM on Discord
          "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


            Project Esper is an ongoing experiment by the anti government rebellion to combat their superior resources and technology and stand against their super soldiers. The experiment started by taking five children with Esper powers and running several experiments on them, testing their abilities and pushing them to their limits each day to force them to reach new milestones. Their brains were augmented to enhance their ability to use their powers, however the augments had the unfortunate side effect of limiting them to one power per esper.

            However each esper's power became stronger as a result, allowing them to reach the very peaks of what was possible with each individual power. Once the espers were ready for combat, they were ranked accordingly to how powerful they had become with their respective powers

            #1: Accelerator. All the information about this esper can be found on the application on this page so I won't list it here.

            #2: Network

            Name: Raina

            Race: Esper

            Gender: Female

            Personality: Raina is a rather strange girl. She was able to read minds from a young age, in her youth she did so unintentionally to those around her causing her to constantly hear voices in her head. Despite being crippled, she hasn't let that keep her down. Raina is a geeky game loving girl with a keen understanding of empathy and a large capacity for forgiveness. She isn't shy around new people, but she can be a little bashful around a certan someone she happens to like

            Bio: Raina was a small child when a mortar struck near where her families camp. She lost a leg as well as both of her parents. She was rescued and kept alive by one of the doctors helping the rebellion. While she was being rehabilitated, they discovered her telepathic powers. For unknown reasons, Raina decided to join the esper project to help fight the military.

            Abilities: Raina is a high level telepath that specializes in mind augmentation. By connecting to the mind of another person she can force them to remember something forgotten, increase their reflexes, run calculations for them, force an adrenaline rush and much more. She can also read minds and speak directly into someone's mind from a distance of 500 feet. She can alter/control the mind of someone within 20 feet.

            Raina can use a special computer to amplify her ability. This special computer extends the range of her ability far past what would normally be possible, allowing her to speak telepathically to anyone from up to 5,000 miles away. The computer doesn't' need to be connected to the internet and never is making it very difficult for anyone to hack. Access to the computer is restricted to only a handful of trusted people.

            Skills/Talents: She's a skilled hacker and has a photographic memory. She can perfectly recall anything she's ever seen and plant thoses memories in the mind of another. Being crippled she's not a fighter like the other espers and usually stays back and supports them from a far.

            #3: Railgun

            Name: Mikoto Misaka




            Gender: Female

            Bio: (optional)

            Abilities: (also optional)

            Skills/Talents: (also optional)

            #4: Force



            Gender: Male



            Bio: (optional)

            Abilities: (also optional)

            Skills/Talents: (also optional)

            #5 Stalker



            Gender: Male



            Bio: (optional)

            Abilities: (also optional)

            Skills/Talents: (also optional)

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              I edited the 'History' in the OOC. As Mima had actually noticed a few flaws that seemed to just... not make much sense after reading it. Not only that but it was a large wall of text. I had gone through his edits he made to it, read it, and it does actually get my original intent and plans down a LOT better than how I originally had the OOC written. I'd highly recommend you guys re-read the history again as it's a lot more bearable compared to the original draft. The changes and edits are NOT major. So they should not, in anyway at all, affect your apps.
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                Name: Koi (Originally I-077)

                Race: Infinite-Line/Super-Human

                Age: 24 (biologically)

                Appearance: Koi is somewhat short compared to some of the Infinites, standing at around 5’6. She has a somewhat thin body structure and is quite pale. Her hair is an ash-like gray with a light layer of green dye, giving it more of a light green tinge. Her eyes are of a quite bright green, and even lightly glow in the dark.

                Her brand was removed, and can be seen as a scarred portion on the left side of her neck. As for clothes, she usually wears a plain yellow shirt and what she calls “comfy pants” of a dark green colour. More notably, she wears a dark blue capelet with a high collar, covering some of her face. Atop her head is a simple black sun-hat with a yellow band/ribbon.

                Personality: Koi is quite reclusive, as many of the Infinite Line are. She tries to avoid contact with most people, but can be quite talkative when she has to. She’s a bit jumpy from her time in the field and really doesn’t like being surprised, as she might accidentally hurt somebody.

                If you can get her to open up, she’s surprisingly cheerful, although with a touch of a melancholy side due to her regrets from her earlier life, which she wishes to atone for.

                Biography: Koi came a little later down the Infinite-Line, and is one of the far more augmented Super-Humans out of the lot. She was made for stealth, though her augmentations and psychic abilities can very easily apply to direct combat as well.

                She killed a lot of people. 468, to be exact. She counted every single one in her head, and she regrets every last one. When the rebellion occurred, instead of lashing out like many did, she simply vanished, never to be seen again under the name 077. She changed the colour of her hair, removed her brand via cutting and burning it off. It never fully healed, but she keeps it as a constant reminder.

                It wasn’t until she came to a park that she finally figured out a name for herself, from the Koi-fish that populated the local pond. She always liked them.

                Now, she simply lives her life. She doesn’t really want to be dragged back into the mess that they started, and simply wants to atone for what she did. Even if she has to be as lonely as she is now.

                Abilities/Augmentations: Koi is fitted with several augmentations that are somewhat drastic in scope. Her eyes have been completely replaced with cybernetic ones, able to switch colours, switch between various kinds of vision-modes including: Infra-red, X-Ray, and Night-Vision.

                Her arms are also partially synthetic, contained long streams of tendrils with a somewhat heart shaped end, able to extend up to 55 feet in length and fire out at very high velocities. These can be used to propel her to otherwise unreachable locations, and with another thought, the tendrils can shift to reveal serrations on the inside, allowing her powerful combat abilities against organic targets. These tendrils can be cut, but can regenerate after a long time or simply reattached if you can pick it up.

                In addition, her hands can open into fierce metal claws when targets are too close for tendrils and blades are unavailable. These restrict use of hands when in use and are mainly used as short-range backups.

                Her entire body is fitted with an optical camouflage ability, however this drains her energy somewhat quickly, and disables when attacking. Restricts use of other augments when active.

                Modified vocal cords allow her to be able to switch her voice at will as she needs to. Especially useful when trying to be inconspicuous.

                Lastly, to supplement her already large movement abilities, she possesses a very short range teleport, only able to move a few feet to any direction. This is mainly used when dealing with large foes, or to quickly avoid gunfire. This teleport has charges, and only 4 can be used in quick succession before needing to recharge.

                Then there are her psychic abilities, mainly delving into subconscious manipulation. Such things include: Causing people to forget they were there, manipulating people into thinking they should do certain things, and so on.

                Skills: Koi in terms of skills outside of her augmentations and training is somewhat deprived. She likes baking, and works for a bakery, but outside of that, there isn’t too much aside from little things.

                She’s also somewhat into video-games, especially older ones. She can talk for long periods of time on them, unlike many other subjects. She likes trying to lighten a mood or disrupt an argument with random facts that may or may not be true.

                Other: While she ditched her outfits and most equipment from when she was in the Infinite-Line, she has kept one weapon. It’s a unique twin-blade weapon. A little lower-tech than guns, but she likes it as a handy-backup when claws aren’t enough.

                Has the capability to split into a dual-wielded sabre and dagger. She mainly keeps it remembrance, but also in-case of emergency.

                Looks somewhat like this.


                In most circumstances, she speaks in a somewhat strange manner, adding pluralizations and other things to words which should not have them. It's unknown exactly why she does this. Perhaps to further herself from her old life even more.

                Lastly, she loves cinnamon. If it were possible she'd likely marry it and live of life of sweetness until she ate it all.
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                Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                  This is not done yet.

                  Drake: Infinite Project-013

                  Name: Drake. Originally known as IP-013

                  Race: Infinite Line of Super Humans.


                  He doesn't wear the gasmask, or the goggles at all. He doesn't even have a gasmask or goggles. Underneath the mask he has short, unkempt black hair, and green eyes. Underneath his jacket he wears a long sleeved black shirt. He often also is seen wearing his gloves, or at least the glove on his left hand as that's where his branding is. 'IP-013'. The branding for him is in a dark navy blue.

                  Drake. A Super Soldier of the Infinite Project line that has been through quite a lot. His general outlook and demeanor can be bleak, cold, and somethines he seems uncaring towards others. In fact he is often considered one of the grouchiest members of the Rebellion. As whenever the Rebellion isn't planning or working on ideas to stop the Government, Drake spends his time alone in his room or just blankly roaming the base. This is because he has grown to dislike having any sort of company outside of work. Meaning when he isn't working he... really does not like to be near anyone. This makes him come off as very rude, if not downright mean to others. Which is far from the truth. He does care about others... He just doesn't care to be AROUND others. Despite caring about others (and refusing to show it), he finds it hard to TRUST others. This was due to the lies that the Government had fed the IP line to make them hunt down their targets.

                  In fact regarding their targets, the Animalia and Psychics. Drake has quite a bit of hate towards them still. A hatred that still stems from the mental conditioning that the IP line was put through to make them HATE Psychics and Animalia. A hate that now since he's part of the rebellion, is unwarranted. Something that Drake knows is unwarranted, and due to that he does try and look past his hate for the Animalia and Psychics to try and see the good in them.

                  Other than that it is best to describe him as a cynical, grump who has a rather poor outlook on how the Government is being run. Has a bit of a distaste for for Psychics and Animalia.

                  Though there is one last thing about Drake
                  His self-esteem. His self-esteem is honestly quite low. To the point that it does oddly give him the drive to try his hardest. As he considers himself a bit of a failure, and due to it he always pushes himself as far and hard as he can just to make himself feel like he is of any kind of worth to others. Even those he considers his brothers and sisters. However he does not actually care to admit this, and if someone does tend to notice this behavior and tries to bring it up, he'll openly and firmly deny it.

                  Socially in public, he tends to be quiet and tries to avoid confrontation. Mainly because he hasn't fully adjust to... interacting with others not grown or raised by and in the military. So confrontation in a non-violent way can be awkward.


                  The Number 13. Commonly regarded as one of the unluckiest numbers there is. With superstitions saying that anything labeled 13 would carry with it bad luck. That's why some skyscrapers are rumored to skip Floor number 13, as such floor would carry with it the curse of bad luck. Though that is just superstitious of people to think of such a thing. Especially for IP-013 of the Infinite Project line of super humans. As you'd think someone labeled 'Number-013' would be one of the unluckiest people there is. However that's far from the truth. For there wasn't anything special about him. IP-013 was one of the most 'normal' of the Super Humans. Nothing went wrong with his development except for growing up under watch of the Military.

                  Growing up was tough for 013. Despite being considered a success, 013 was at first one of the weaker of the Super Human project. His strength and abilities wasn't exactly up to snuff compared to the others of the IP line, who from birth was already significantly stronger than others. It was due to this lack of 'ability' that 013 was treated as a lesser subject compared to others. Yes he was trained and brought up like the others of his line, but the people who were in charge of teaching HIM had always seemed... disappointed. This was not good as he considered the people who raised and created him as his parents. Which everyone knows how it feels to be considered a failure, a disappointment by their parents. It's not a good feeling. For 013 this was especially true as he soon began to hate this feeling. He hated the feeling of being considered a 'disappointing subject'. So much so that he wanted to prove them wrong. As such he began to train almost non-stop.

                  While others in the line were able to have 'days off' from their lessons just to keep them balanced. 013 kept training. He kept working hard. He wanted to prove his 'parents' wrong so badly that he often pushed himself far too far. Eventually 013 had pushed himself so hard that he passed out one day from sheer exhaustion. His body was pushed beyond it's limits, and despite having gotten... somewhat stronger. He was forced to stop training and rest his body for a good while just so he wouldn't harm himself severely in any way. Which was a hard thing to do, as he had to be constantly monitored just to make sure he wouldn't try to sneak off and continue his own training. After he had recovered though he was determined to go off and do his own training during his off-time once again. Something his caretakers noticed. In fact they began to grow curious in 013's own personal training, and realized that he... might actually have some potential. So they began to formulate a plan. A plan that could help him grow stronger. They wanted to assign him a partner... and so they did.

                  A week of planning later, 013's caretakers approached him with another one of his line. One of his brothers, and the techinical 'best' of the line. IP-001. You see IP-001 was not just the first of the Line and labeled as such, but was also one of the best. As during the growing up of all the subjects of the IP line, 001 was constantly setting the standard for the rest of his 'siblings'. 001 was ultimately truly considered the perfect Super Human. Naturally he was surprisingly strong, astonishingly fast, and was acing most of the tests he was put through. So who better for a training partner than 001?

                  At first 013 disliked being around the 'most successful subject', as it just seemed to make him feel worse by comparison. However after 013's first private training session with 001, things quickly began to change. 001 was nice enough to actually help provide some tips and tricks from his own training that seemed to help 013 out. Tips in how to pace yourself and the like. Soon after a good year of training with 001, 013 was beginning to show some serious progress, and even became quite good friends.

                  013 was quickly proving to be quite a strong subject himself. Though he still wasn't as powerful as some of the others in the line when it came to physical capabilities, he proved to be quick to learn and adapt when he faced the other IP Subjects. Proving that what he may have lacked in raw physical potential, he made up for in skill. As he was able to learn and change his own fighting style to counter his opponents.
                  All that was thanks to good ol' 001 who taught him to be careful. That if you can't beat your opponents by overpowering them, you can still beat them through sheer skill. It was clear that having 013 train with 001 was a wise move, and soon 013 would prove to be worthy of becoming a Super Soldier.

                  Skip to after the IP line was finished with their training. They finished their lessons, and had it in their mind that Psychis and Animalia were the enemies. That they were merciless killers, and that soon all the Super Humans would be sent out to hunt down several different camps where these 'merciless killers' were hiding. Not looking to disappoint, 013 prepared for his mission with his squad mates. His squad consisting of IP-001 through IP-020.

                  The camp 013's squad went to go track and take out was quickly found, and unsurprisingly met with swift destruction. There were no survivors of the camp. It was a success, and so would the next batch of missions 013's squad had gone on. However during these missions, a large portion of the IP line was beginning to grow weary of their targets. Due to how they often put up little resistance except for self-defense. Often times there was no resistance from them at all. Almost as if they didn't want to fight. This made most of the IP Line begin to rethink themselves. Except for 013, who continued to faithfully follow orders. Not because he was grown into thinking that Psychics and Animalia were evil. Oh he still thought that, but that wasn't the main reason. You see he still wanted to keep proving himself as a success to his creators. To the point that he tried to ignore the guilt he too was beginning to feel. However when 001 finally spoke up and rebelled, so did others. Soon a very small Civil War had occured between the IP line and the Government. In which 001 and many of 013's 'brothers and sisters' were horribly massacred. During this time he tried to side with the Government, but the creators of the IP line had already sent out the issue to the facility to terminate all remaining subjects of his line. In retaliation 013 also had to begrudingly kill some of the people who had helped create him. Even if it was for the better, this left 013 feeling hollow. A bit deadened inside.

                  When the remaining survivors of the IP line escaped, some had fled and disappeared without a trace. Unknown if they were hunted down by the Military, or if they survived and managed to integrate into society. While a small band of the IP line survivors had taken up residence in an old abandonded base deep within the forests of the US. A base that was built during World War III. Now this small group of 10 or so Super Humans formed a Rebellion to stand up against the Government. Only going out into public when they need to go on supply runs, or when they need to fend off Government attacks.

                  013 has sicne taken up the name Drake to hide his real name.

                  Drake is one of the IP line of Super Humans who was designed to be one of the more standard foot soldiers of the line. As such they made sure that him, and roughly 30 others in the IP line were designed to have naturally enhanced strength, speed, and stamina. However due to a small fluke in his design he was left with strength that was greater than that of a average human, but not to the extent of most of the others in the IP Line. This almost made him to be assigned for termination early. However after serious training, and some sparring with 001, he had become quite a bit more skill than others. As such he tries to make up for his lack of physical strength with skill in hand-to-hand combat.

                  Naturally though Drake, like all the others of the IP line, has very sharp eyes. In fact their eyesight is considered to be at the peak of human health. This means he does not require glasses or goggles unless in harsh weather to see absolutely clearly, and see a good distance in front of him. This helps when wielding firearms as it helps their aim considerably.

                  The one thing that sets Drake differently from everyone else are his electrical abilities. You see he has the super-human equivalent of electrokinesis. However instead of creating and controlling electricity outside the body, he can generate electricity inside his own body, release it, and then control the electricity he releases. In short he is like a human battery that can release, and control electricity through a means that... not even the Government is able to explain (the same goes for a lot of other unnatural abilities that the IP line might have.) Either way this, combined with his skill in hand-to-hand combat, makes Drake a rather nasty threat. As he can charge his body so that when he say... punches someone with an electrically charged fist, it will send all the electricity he had charged into the body of the person he just punched for devastating effects.

                  Not only that but if need be he can charge and store up enough electricity before releasing it in a sort of EMP style burst that can disable most electronics within a one mile radius. That or he can discharge it all in a focused stream of electricity or a giant ball of lightning for equally devastating physical damage to a target.

                  This however comes with downsides as charging and storing up electricity isn't that easy for him. It takes time for him to naturally form a powerful charge. Like say around 5 minutes to form a charge powerful enough to disperse a blast of lightning that can temporarily knock someone out cold. Due to this he often finds himself looking for the nearest power source and absorbing the energy from it just to get a strong enough charge for proper combat. However he has to be careful as his body can only naturally maintain a certain amount of charge before he is forced to disperse it.

                  Another thing to be wary of is that his abilities are tied to his emotions a bit. The angrier he gets, the faster he can oddly create a charge of electricity in his own body. So often it's not that wise to try and anger him or else he might just shock you.

                  Skills... are roughly the same as others of the IP line. Drake was put through extensive military training in order to combat the Psychics and Animalia. As such they tend to specialize in most things regarding combat.

                  Drake for example due to the constant training he put himself through, and still puts himself through. Is capable of taking on at least 2-3 of his fellow brothers and sisters in the IP line, and even though he won't be able to beat all of them. He's probably going to at least take one of them down before he is beaten. This is in hand-to-hand combat though. Which is where Drake specializes in.

                  Firearms Drake is a tad weaker. He is skilled with sidearms like handguns, and magnums and can hit a target reliably at the maximum range for the handgun in question. However when it comes to other firearms like rifles and the like Drake begins to fall short. It's not with aiming rifles or anything of the sort. As he has only rarely used handguns during his time working with the military.

                  When it comes to tech he... isn't that experienced. As sometimes he has bad luck using anything so much as a phone. As sometimes he accidentally drains the energy from a phone, and sometimes he just flats out fries the damn thing on accident.


                  This app is pretty much done now. Anything else not mentioned in it will be revealed through the RP.
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                    Broken image. Just a heads up.
                    "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                      App Scraped cause apparently some people couldnt read and think everything through before coming up with problems about it.
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                      "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                        This is purely a concept. May or may not develop further. Currently I'm making the app for the sake of making the app.
                        Derp it, I'm running with it. Going 2 for 2. Let's go.

                        Name: Trace

                        Race: Bioroid
                        - Similar to a cyborg, except more machine than biological. Most have a mechanical mind, with more advanced versions emulating biological learning and thought. Biological systems are either utilized or emulated within the design of bioroids.
                        - The systems used are still in early testing, with many setbacks delaying progress. It would be more likely to find a cyborg or android than a bioroid.
                        - See notes on TRACE

                        - Appearance: ~20-25 years
                        - Operational: 5 months (BETA Phase)
                        - Development: 6 years (ALPHA Phase)


                        Personality: She's lukewarm, as in not quite cold and calculating nor warm and emotional yet capable of both. Her emotional range is limited and only comes from her emulated mind.

                        Trace is a prototype Bioroid, for a project of the same name as her, to serve as a test platform for the more recent design of a synthetic brain. In addition she was created to also test other things such as the companion utility drone.
                        That is the public story.
                        The true intent is to develop a system that can utilize the abnormal abilities caused by mutations via a controlled mechanical system. Trace contains hidden organic systems that have the desired mutations which would then theoretically be able to be used by the mechanical systems. The original prototype which used a pure mechanical mind could not control the powers granted by the organic mutations, and thus was destroyed. The synthetic brain was developed to control these powers, which utilizes a base mechanical system combined with what was termed the Encephalon System, the part that emulates biological thought processes. Trace was designed as a generic testing platform for any form of these mutated organic modules, nicknamed "black-boxes" since they are made to be hidden underneath the more public notion that Trace was to be a utility droid.

                        She has one "black-box" system that is core to her function. It was placed by her creator in an attempt to prevent her from being misused.


                        After 6 years in development, the team working on Trace announced they had entered the BETA Phase for testing Trace's systems; they were ready for practical tests.

                        On the way to a classified testing location, the transport Trace was on became involved in a tragic accident. When emergency response teams arrived, all the scientists and crew on board were found dead.
                        Trace was found holding onto her companion drone as if she was afraid of loosing it. Despite the tragedy that had occurred, the scientists that were involved in the project were excited that she might be developing human emotions.

                        Everything about the accident was documented as classified, in addition to being overshadowed by the promise of Trace's possible emotional capacity. No one truly knows what happened, except Trace.
                        When investigators tried to extract the information from Trace's memories, they found that she had no recorded memories in her Primary mind.

                        Four months pass, testing resumes for Trace as usual.


                        - MAG

                        Floating companion drone that serves as an extension of Trace that contains various utilities and functions that couldn't have been placed in her body.
                        Initial appearance:

                        I'll follow a sort of upgrade pattern depending on what Trace goes through and what she prioritizes throughout the RP. I'll be using this as a general idea for what I'll be doing.

                        In addition to basic utility, it can also transform into a set of jet wings that grant Trace the ability to fly. Totally not ripping off the Archwings of Warframe in a sense.
                        It could also turn into other things (possibly the giant mechanical arms shown above) but mainly she just uses the wings.

                        Initial appearance:
                        Still not ripping off Warframe

                        Examples of basic utility functions it could have:
                        - Welding/Cutter laser
                        - Carrier function (Magnetic systems)
                        - Scout Mode (Trace can see through it)
                        - Medical/Repair (based on laser)
                        - 3D Printer Mode
                        - Toaster
                        - Storage

                        - TRACE

                        Trace herself is a synthetic bio-organic android with some things being modified in order to withstand the activities she would be doing.
                        The most notable of these modifications is her increased resilience in high g-force situations as well as skin that is resistant to puncture to high velocity impacts.
                        (Another notable thing is that her "clothes" are actually a part of her skin and her hair is of a similar material to her skin.)

                        Inside she has simulated organs, however, excluded is anything that isn't vital to her function since most of the simulated organs take up more room than organic ones. Only her primary brain is of comparable size to that of a human brain, if not slightly small.

                        Her mental systems have the following two main systems:
                        - Encephalon System: The system that emulates the biological mind. Creates a virtual reality composed of memories within her primary brain.
                        - Primary Brain: Her mechanical mind which contains her base code and knowledge library.

                        Other functions:
                        - Vision Augmentations: Her eyes have various lenses that allow her to see surroundings differently. Night and IR Vision are the most prominent 2 modes aside from standard vision. Additional modes could potentially be added via Black-box systems.

                        - Optional Modules (Black-box systems)

                        - Chronal Perception: Capable of seeing all possible timelines simultaneously. Virtually impossible to discern the possible future that will occur from those that might occur, therefore making it impractical to predict the "true" future with it. This Black-box is often left in Trace since it actually is quite small, however it is often kept disabled since testing has confirmed that Trace's primary mind cannot handle the information presented by it.
                        The probability of one timeline being the "true" timeline increases as the time until the observed event approaches 0.

                        - Force pulse: Ability to manifest a pulse of energy at a point to "push" objects.

                        - Other abilities may be added as Black-boxes are made. Trace can only have a total of 4 major black-boxes, meaning she can obtain 3 more abilities, since Chronal Perception does not take a black-box slot.

                        "Across the rift are truths which are terribly wonderful to behold."

                        >"May or may not develop further"
                        >Proceeds to develop fully.
                        Edit: Done for now. Due to the nature of black-boxes, it would technically be possible for her ability list to grow.

                        *An OC that was not derived from EG has appeared*
                        Mark your calendars boys and girls, It's finally happened.

                        Name: Evi

                        Race: Bioroid
                        - See Trace for notes

                        - Appearance: ~20-25 years
                        - Operational: 1 months (BETA Phase)
                        - Development: 4 Months (ALPHA Phase)

                        Similar to Trace. Most notable differences are:
                        - Hair color: Black
                        - Eye color: green
                        - More "robust" frame
                        - Slight touches of armor plating at joints. Most armor is under the skin, making it appear that she does not have any.
                        - Overall color schemes: Blacks, greens, and greys
                        Spoiler: Inspired by

                        Personality: Her Encephalon is a modified version of Trace's when she began to show emotion. The modifications have made her appear more cunning. Also, the modifications inadvertently made her more volatile, which is often hidden by her Primary mind. This makes her appear to most cold and calculating but often displaying a sly smile as if she thought of something devious.

                        When Trace showed signs of emotion, there were two types of reactions: Joy that the synthetic mind was working and frustration that the potential replacement of the Infinite project could be rendered useless due to the developing humanity. Those that sought the combat replacement made a replica of Trace, copying her Encephalon and making what was deemed "necessary adjustments." The primary fact was that they knew in order to make full use of the mutations, a more human mind would be necessary. They began testing to see how much would be needed. The new Encephalon system, codenamed EVI, which would become the name of this Trace replica, was pushed through accelerated development when the current level of human emulation was insufficient to achieve the desired effectiveness with the mutation abilities. However, as this process continued, emergent properties began to surface in Evi's personality; she became more volatile and patterns appeared that would suggest she was scheming. At this point, they settled for the effectiveness they had, which, to their disappointment was subpar to that of Trace, and immediately tried to correct Evi's behaviors.

                        Upon attempting to directly change the Encephalon, they found that it merely would revert itself. Thus, they placed heavy limitations to the Encephalon through the Primary mind. This appeared to work, making Evi truly a machine in comparison to Trace.


                        In conjunction with finalizing the synthetic mind for Evi, her body was also nearing completion. Being a replica of Trace, the frame appeared similar, however it was modified to fit a more combat oriented role. The team decided to use an assassin archetype with her body's design; making it mostly so that it wasn't obvious on the outside that she was made for combat and giving her traits that would benefit her in dark areas. Her eyes use both normal vision and night vision simultaneously, allowing her to switch between either mode immediately; hence her green eyes. Her synthetic skin is similar to that of Trace, but more rugged for close quarters combat; it can also shift tone to act as a sort of camouflage.


                        - MAG

                        Identical to Trace's, except most utility functions have been either weaponized or replaced with some form of weaponry. The drone in its base form has a concealed gun feature.
                        The appearance fits her overall theme.
                        Default drone appears as the following:

                        Her wings take the form:

                        - TRACE MkII

                        The combat variant of Trace's body. A heavier, more robust frame that includes more armor and slots for black-boxes (See Trace's notes). Rather than being an additional system to her Primary, mechanical mind, the Encephalon was given a dedicated system and serves as a Secondary mind. The two minds are capable of operating independently of each other, however the Primary is in direct control of the body. Any actions that the secondary mind must go through the primary before it can be executed.

                        Evi is capable of making her own Black-box systems, up to 6. She can "harvest" biological samples that exhibit the mutation and implement them into the black box. Typically this involves removal of an organ from the specimen.
                        She will start with:
                        - Invisibility: Makes the user optically invisible. The black-box system can only maintain invisibility for less than a minute before needing to recharge.
                        - She has 5 more slots for abilities.

                        "Say my name. You know what it really is."

                        A bit rough, meant to supplement a contrast for Trace. I gave her 1 starting ability. Like Trace, but a bit more aggressive, she will gain more abilities as the story goes.
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                          Fuck people are done with their apps, while I'm still stuck with mine due to some creative snafus with my character.

                          Well shit.

                          I'll go over everyone's apps properly once I'm done with mine. I've been just slow with mine as it's hard to develop a new backstory for an old character. Thankfully I'm almost done with mine.


                            I was thinking of using my old app, but then I remembered another one that has great potential, although I have to adapt like 60 percent of it

                            Just a hint, here she is:
                            Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                              Jason Stone

                              Name: Jason Stone

                              Race: (Other) Was human. Now prototype to the ACHILLES line of supersoldiers.

                              Age: 21

                              Height: 6'3" Armor makes him 4 inches taller (6'7").




                              Personality: After his indoctrination Jason had a very militaristic upbringing. His 'caretakers' were strict and unloving. This hurt his emotional development, making it difficult for him to express and process his emotions. Because of this he has a hard time letting things go on a subconscious level. While It may seem like nothing is bothering him, he is likely suppressing the memory and any emotions attached to it.

                              Jason felt betrayed and victimized when he was red pilled to his own indoctrination. He became spiteful and somewhat bitter towards them, but didn't let it keep him down. Instead of sulking and throwing himself a pity party, he opted to never be their victim again. Despite all odds he continues to stay determined and will stop at nothing to obtain his freedom.

                              His past with the government has left them bitter to the point he will take about any chance he gets to hurt them, slow them down, cripple them. However he still has a moral compass and won't innocent or helpless people just to get back at the people who wronged him. That and he won't needlessly endanger himself and others if he can't help it. Honesty and loyalty are very important to Jason though the latter is not easy to earn. Those who earn his trust may be able to get him to open up or become his friend.

                              Despite all the bad that has happened and how he has hardened himself, he still has made it a point to not let it bring him down or affect his views on the world, to let them kill the person he once was. He often puts others before himself, is willing to shoulder the burden when others cannot, and is capable of compassion to those who need it.

                              Part 1

                              Jason was born on a wheat farm in Oklahoma. He lived with his father Morgan, his mother Rosalina and his baby sister Lucy. His father was a former Texan lawman and his mom a country farm girl. The two met one faithful night at a bar. His father was celebrating a successfully completed case that had taken him out of sate. His mother was singing at the bar as part of the entertainment. the two got to talking and after a few rounds of drinks ended up layering together in bed.

                              A few months later Jason's father got a call from his lover, informing him that she was pregnant with his child. Wanting to do the right thing, the lawman proposed and the two got married shortly after Jason was born. Despite the conditions of their marriage the two were fairly happy together. His mother and father got along well and had good chemistry together. And of cores they both loved their baby boy.

                              A year later Jason's mother got pregnant again, this time with his younger sister Lucy. These were harder times. Rose had a hard time looking after her son with another bun in the oven and Morgan was forced to take less dangerous jobs due to his family depending on him. Morgan eventually quite his job and the family moved out of their tiny home to a wheat farm Rose had inherited from her father. The married couple worked hard and eventually built a respectable farm out of the lad, eventually buying a horse and a tractor

                              They sheltered their kids from their troubles and tried to give them a good of an upbringing as they possibly could. Jason and Lucy never went hungry or without attention for too long. They received all the medical care they needed and were given all the love their parents could muster.

                              Jason was a spunky kid and always tried to be just like his dad. He thought himself a big strong boy who's strength and skill were second only to his father, whom he saw as superman. He was fearless and a little hard headed but an all around good kid. He hated seeing his mother or his sister cry and even at a young age would take it upon himself to try and make them feel better. His mother called him "My little hero" and would always try to make it seem as if he had made everything better no matter how she actually felt inside.

                              He was very close with his sister as well. He always wanted to show her new things, teach her what he learned that day, play with her. They had their occasional fights but if someone was bothering his sister he would fight them over it. He was even so bld as to punch a kid almost twice his size for knocking her ice cream onto the ground. Luckily his dad was there to keep the situation from getting out of hand.

                              They lived a pretty average life in the country. Nothing too special but not boring either. It was around this time that the government was also looking for new ways to make super soldiers. In order to speed up the process among other things, they searched for already existing humans who could possibly survive certain tests and experiments being done on them. Morgan was brought up as a possible candidate. As a former lawmen he was already registered in their files, right down to his DNA. but he was simply too old.

                              He was almost in the clear, but when they saw that he had two children, they gained hope that at least one of them would have the genes they needed. A government agent went to their local area and began spreading chicken pocks to the children by selling ice cream. Another agent posing as a child doctor was on standby, waiting for the two children to eventually show up.

                              It eventually worked, the two children were taken to the doctor's to be checked out. Their family doctor was mysteriously gone that day, something had come up and she couldn't make it. While their the doctor did all the usual things, checking their height, weight, heartbeat, ears, eyes and so on. The agent warned the family of another virus going on, one that looked like chicken pocks but was actually more serious. Morgan and Rose instinctively trusted the doctor and allowed her to extract just enough of their blood for testing.

                              The blood the agent gathered was then annualized. Jason had the genes they were looking for while his sister only had a few of them. The government had found their test subjects, now they just needed to obtain them. In the following weeks government agents set up reconnaissance around the families farm, learning the in and outs of their daily routines. They observed their eating habits, work ethnics, how much time they spent playing, how often they argued, where they went, when they went to bed, what they watched on TV and so on. They tapped heir phone and monitored their internet activity using exploits intentionally built into their computer's CPU.

                              Once they had a big enough profile on the family, they devised a plan to abduct the children. They had drugged the McDonald food they had brought home for dinner with a chemical that made them very sleepy and kept them asleep for longer. Morgan always left his computer running in sleep mode at night, this is what they would use to their advantage. Using the same backdoor they used to keep track of his internet history, they woke up his computer at night long after they had both fallen asleep. An agent then took control of his computer from the outside, forcing the fans to turn off and running the CPU as hard as he possibly could. The computer got hotter and hotter until the compute caught fire.

                              The family was still fast asleep, unable to wake up due to the drugs they had consumed. Two government agents used this chance to sneak in to the children's room and grab them while they were sleeping. Eventually the fire department was called to put out the fire. Morgan and rose weer fine but all they found in the nursery were two chard corpses that couldn't be identified. Morgan was blamed for starting the fire and was charged for arson and the murder of his two children. But despite the seriousness of his crimes, Morgan was sentenced to life in prison and Rose was forced to move back in with her parents. the grief stricken mother was unable to take care of herself in her current condition, and was eventually forced to sell the farm.

                              Part 2

                              Jason and Lucy were taken to a government facility, each assigned to a different branch of researchers. Lucy was taken off for biological experimentation while Jason was sent to one of the many super soldier projects. Jason was quite stubborn at first, and held to a strong denial that these people had any power over him. He was convinced that any at any moment, his father would burst through the door and beat up everyone in the facility before rescuing him.

                              Because of this he was quite bold in his defiance, claiming that he and his dad would "whip their sorry butts." The government couldn't get the boy to cooperate with anything they said. They isolated him as punishment, leaving him in a room that may as well have been a jail cell. All he could do was sit, lay down or pace back and forth in his tiny space. However this didn't work. Jason spent more and more time in the confined space imagining and even acting out how he and his dad would beat up all the bad guys and go back home to eat some of mom's cooking.

                              He was resilient, and so sure of himself that he truly thought that it was impossible for them to keep him locked up for long. Even as the days dragged on he was stubborn. He would yell at anyone who came to his cell, treating them as though they were the devil himself. Refuse any and all interaction with them, forcing the workers to hold him down and restrain him even for the mildest of operations. The boy's willpower was slowly waning, but he simply wouldn't break.

                              The leader of what is known known as Project Achilles was growing impatient. In order to seed up the process of the boy's indoctrination, he started lacing the boy's food with drugs that made his brain more susceptible to believing new information. This was the first time they started seeing any real results. They were able to convince the boy that he was not abducted, but rescued from his family. They painted his mother and father as bad people who wanted to hurt him, leaving out anything about his little sister until he forgot about her.

                              In turn the workers of Project Achilles were made out to be heroes of liberation who rescued the boy from tyrannical parents who only wanted to hurt him. Once this new foundation was established, the workers, who consisted of soldiers, scientists and other more menial roles started building Jason from the ground up.

                              Jason was moved from his tiny prison cell to a much more hospitable room, this time with an actual bed, his own bathroom and unrestricted access to the low security areas of the base. Jason was taken to a simulation room, which to him was like a giant video game that could be played with. For a few hours he was allowed to play around with it in basic training simulations that had been made to look more like games by removing or censoring certain parts of the simulation.

                              Jason was promised full access to the simulation room to play with it as he saw fit under one condition. He had to behave and do exactly what they told him. The boy happily accepted these conditions and so began his new life. He was put through strict schooling, being forced to learn math and science that was well above what kids his age would normally have understood. He went through physical training to become stronger, fed specialized foods to encourage muscle growth and to make his body more likely to survive experimentation. all the while he ran combat simulations as his one and only sours of "fun"

                              The first experiment was fairly simple, they started by injecting nano machines into his body to see what effect they would have. Jason's skin was intentionally cut, and bused to see what would happen and how long it would take for him to recover. They saw a significant improvement in his recovery time, with a two inch cut on his arm healing in about two minutes. Exercises started to produce more results on a faster pace, Jason himself was more healthy, more competent because of it. And this allowed him to reach new limits he didn't know he could.

                              The results were promising, Jason was turning into the perfect lab rat for these experiments. The next step was to insert a sort of computer into the boy's mind that worked on a biological scale. this mini computer placed in his brain allowed his brain to interact with the nano machines the same way it interacts with his cells. this sped up his recoveriy time by a full 80 seconds, but it was still too slow for what they needed him for.

                              Jason's training would continue. At the age of six he was taken under the wing of a soldier named David Brooks. David was hired onto the project to teach Jason how to be a soldier. He taught him many things from how to fight, operating firearms and vehicles, how to survive in various situations and so on.

                              David was strict with Jason, but not cruel. When Jason failed he was met with criticism, but whenever he succeeded, David gave him praise. He encouraged Jason to be all he could be, to never quite, never give up no matter how things got. He told them that there was always a way out no mater how bad things got and that you olny lose when you stop trying. This resonated with Jason on a subconscious level. It neutered and encouraged his own resilience instead of punishing him for it.

                              the positive reinforcement he got from David, or Colonel Brooks as he called him, motivated him to try harder and harder every passing day. He knew if he succeeded and did well he would get positive attention from his new mollycoddle, which was something his young mind craved. In time Jason began to mantle himself after David Brooks, adopting some of his morals, ideas and attitude. this overall could have been seen as a positive change, but it wasn't perfect.

                              David was a good man, but he wasn't a parent or a perfect mollycoddle for anything outside of military lie. Jason learned that it was better to cover up his emotions and pretend they didnt' exist instead of processing them and trying to work them out. He was discouraged to complain or talk about his feelings with anyone other than himself, which he eventually did less and less as time went on.

                              As he trained his body, the scientists at Project Achilles continued experimenting with the nano machines inside of him. They injected him with several chemicals and instructed the nano machines inside of him to to use them to augment him from the inside. Several augmentations were attempted, but some of them, such as giving him night vision were unsuccessful. They did however manage to increase his strength,and durability along with other physical attributes that would benefit a soldier.

                              However a new problem was occurring. The older Jason got the stronger is abilities became. The nano machines were running out of power faster than they could recharge. They needed a way to keep them charged for prolonged combat or their soldier would have a serious Achilles heal.

                              In order to even out some of the failed augmentations, and to keep the nano machines inside of him powered, a special set of power armor was put into production. The armor know as the AresMK1 would provide extra strength and speed enhancements, night vision and a reactor capable of charging the nano machines inside his body, just to name a few of it's assets.

                              Several other augmentations would be made to balance out others such as giving him stronger bones to keep them from breaking and giving his organs the boost they needed to keep up with the rest of him. His marketability was sped up and his bones created blood cells faster. The telomeres inside his DNA were altered to allow him to split off more cells and at a faster pace, thus extending his life and making his body much less vulnerable than the avarae or even peak physical humans.

                              At the age of 13 Jason's bairn was augmented to help improve his reaction time and intelligence. They charged the neurons in his brain. this caused tons of signals in his brain to activate all at once, bringing tons of random memories to his conscious. However this had an unexpected side effect. Memories from Jason's childhood of living with his family began to fill his mind. Spending time with his dad, playing with the families, horse, riding the tractor. It didn't fit in at all with what he thought he know about his old life.

                              The experiment for the most part was a success and Jason was able to react quicker than before. He didn't say anything about his memories to anyone, keeping it to himself. But the memories didnt' go away. Jason wanted to suppress the memories like he had been trained too, but no matter what he did they were always on the front of his mind. He began to question the people he had been so blindly trusting, even his mentor David Brooks. The young teen started to look into this on his own time. He kept his suspicions to himself while carefully gathering formation about the people behind Project Achilles.

                              As he grew older he gained more and more trust from the staff of Project Achilles, gaining more freedom, privileges and access to more areas of the facility. He used his growing reputation and trust to his advantage, finding out more about what happened. Eventually he found his file and transfused it to his armor. Luckily the armor was built to be unshockable from the outside, giving the user full control of the computer. It was easy for Jason to hide his files among the OS his armor was running.

                              Much to his relief, it seemed his mentor wasn't made aware of everything that was happening or where Jason came from. He was simply ordered to train Jason. But that didnt' soften the blow of finding out what happened to him. He learned about the fire that burnt down his home, how it was started and what they government did to his young mind to brainwash him into being the perfect soldier. There was no information regarding his sister or his family or what had happened to them, they must have been under another file.

                              Jason felt betrayed and victimized by project Achilles. He was angry at them for what they did to him, angry at himself for falling for it and very confused as to why this had happened. He wasn't able to process these emotions properly, so he suppressed them. Jason thought about this every day from that point, considering his options. What would he do about it? What could he do?

                              He started to doubt himself. What was the point of trying if the odds were impossible? How could he escape? What did he hope to find once he did? But a loud voice echoed in his mind, no not one voices but too. The voices of Morgan and David echoed like a cry in a cave. "DON'T QUIT"

                              And suddenly it didnt' matter anymore. No matter what Jason had to do to get out, no matte how hard it was, how dangerous would be, what the risks he would take or the reward would get, he had to see this through. For himself, and for his family. He would stop at nothing.

                              Part 3

                              Jason was biding his time, waiting patiently for a good importunity to escape. eventually they would send him out on a mission where he could run off, trust him enough to let him leave on his own. They had to let their guard down eventually, it was just a matter of time. Jason kept training and waiting for his chance, and around the time he was 21 years old, he finally got his chance. There was an emergence in another facility, a project involving mixing human and animal DNA to create chimeras. This left the staff there significantly under manned in case of an attack. Ironically, they only allowed this to happen because they were confident that Jason would be enough to protect them from whatever threat they would face.

                              This was perfect, Jason waited for the staff members to be good and gone before he went to his arsenal. He put on his armor and grabbed his weapons before setting out on his first real mission. Jason made his way to the emergency exit to the building. He knew opening this exit would set off an alarm but it would give less resistance than trying to break down the front door. That, and perhaps he could use the alarms to his advantage. Using his nanomachines, Jason formed a rudimentary transmitter and aimed a focused electromagnetic beam at the sensors in the escape hatch, destroying the connections within and activating the alarm. With a deep breath he shook his head and tried to get himself in the zone for combat.

                              Jason looked around frantically when the alarm went off, trying to fake an appearance of confusion and surprise. With his face covered by the armor, it made for a much more convincing display as no one could look at his face and see if he were truly surprised. With the camera showing the doors were still closed, it through people off from suspecting it to be the cause of the alarm. Jason reported in to security asking what was happening. They weren't sure, and they were panicking under the pressure of their current situation. There were dangerously under manned and a full scale attack from the rebels would be all it took to shut them down once and for all.

                              "I'm going out there." Jason said with a serious and surprisingly soothing tone of voice. the panicked security guard pressed a button and opened the emergency door for him sending Jason on his way out. It was a short run down a long and narrow tunnel, but he eventually made it through the other side. Once Outside the building, Jason hopped up oto the gate surrounding the facility and began surveying the area. . there was a forest to one side of the base that would provide him with sufficient air cover. The soldiers guarding the facility were a lot more organized, but still worried an confused. they had no idea what set the alarm off.

                              When Jason caught up with them he asked for a status report, the calmest of the men responded. "No sign of the enemy sir, we're keeping watch on all fronts." Jason listened to what the man said as he inspected he turrets along each wall. there were five of them on each wall making for a grand total of 20. If Jason made a run for it now they would probably shoot him in the back. The super soldier looked back at the men and spoke up.

                              "SOLDIERS!" he shouted, getting the attention of the men for the moment. "Move to the northern and eastern walls and make sure the turrets are still functioning properly. Someone contact security and have them lock the place down. We may be outnumbered but we will NOT be out maneuvered." The confidence in his voice seemed to rally the troops behind him.Most of them knew who he was, their golden boy, their ace in the hole, their secret weapon. With Jason on their side, they might just be able to stop whatever threat was approaching. the men with newfound courage went off to their new stations to get ready for the fight they thought was coming.

                              ("I Should have been an actor.") Jason jokingly thought to himself before he got to work. with the soldiers focusing their attention on the other walls all eyes were off him for now. He took this time to sabotage the turrets on the southern wall to help him escape.

                              With that in mind, Jason activated the electromagnet he had so hastily made and disrupted any camera within his vicinity before making his way to each turret and planting C-4 on the underbelly of each one. After that, Jason hopped over the wall and ran for the forest, readying the detonator for just the right time.

                              Jason manage to get about 80 feet away before the cameras came back up, at which point he was mostly out of sight. It was then that Jason set off the C4 on the turrets, disabling them. He ran in zigzags and circled around from the west side to start running east instead. He was running at a constant 70 MPH through the thick foliage. They sent several drones after Jason who flew after them in an attempt to slow him down. Rather than shooting at them, Jason waited until they got close and activated his magnet again, hitting them with a makeshift EMP blast. It was at this moment that the chairmen of the Achilles project took control of the security system.

                              Using their computers his scanned the local area to pinpoint the sours of the magnetic energy. Once it was located he launched a bastille missile at the center of the field. the missiles flew over head before breaking into several beacons that spread across a 200 meter radius. The beacons then then created a stasis field around that Area. As Jason was running he would eventually find himself suspended off the ground, floating with no way to move from his current location.

                              That was the end of Project Achilles. Jason was retrieved by a group of soldiers and relocated to a new facility. the former chairmen of the project was demoted for letting this happen. Jason is currently in transit to a new base with much stricter security. What will they do with him now? Kill him? Reset his mind? Drug him until he reforms to his prior state? Only time will tell what awaits the super soldier.



                              Strength - 18.2 metric tonnes (20 tons). His nanomachines can safely double his strength factor, though it would drain their energy. They can be programmed to increase it further, though that requires even more energy and has the potential to injure. The ARES armor increases his strength by a factor of 2-10.

                              Speed - Can sprint at speeds reaching 70 mph. Nanomachines can increase it a bit further, but not by very much, due to physics impeding higher speeds. Bounds provide better results, but results in less control.

                              Reaction Time - 20x the reaction time of a normal human and it is increased by a factor of 5-10 by his armor. His nanomachines can double the reaction time, or even increase it further, but too much for too long can do serious damage to his nervous system.

                              Durability - Nearly unbreakable bones, strong enough not to be crushed by his own strength, skin is somewhat bullet resistant, and is resilient against g-forces and brain trauma. Body tissues can harden and increase in durability from nanomachines (think Senator Armstrong to some degree). Has a regeneration factor because of his nanomachines. Can breathe toxins and is highly resistant to disease because of nanomachines. Soft tissues can still be damaged by enough force.

                              Misc - Infinitus energy generation and absorption, Nanomachines running through his blood, a nanomachine control module in his brain that can program nanomachines on the fly, biomechanical multi-vision eyes (inactive), Infinitus Energy Projector (can make an energy sword or shield; inactive), lengthened telomeres on DNA (longer lifespan and aids in healing), brain coated in inertia-dampening material, small genetic modifications to make him generally healthier and stronger, chemical enhancements to strengthen puberty and the creation of human growth hormone, EXPAND DONG, enhanced metabolism (normalized appetite), enhanced swag levels, enhanced cardiovascular system, and enhanced stamina.

                              Skills: Very adept at hand-to-hand combat, great marksman, knows how to survive in the wilderness, knows first-aid, decent at hacking, great at programming (primarily nanomachines), good at repairing things, good at stealth operations and intelligence gathering, and quite intelligent. Talented strategist and assault specialist.



                              ARES Powered Assault Armor



                              First Layer: First layer is a fabric designed to wisk moisture and excess heat away from the user, allowing the user to remain perfectly comfortable in the suit. The material is as soft as silk against human skin and bends without causing any pinching. In a sense, this first layer makes the user feel as if it's their own skin, as if the armor was never there at all. This layer was designed solely for comfort and convenience, meaning that the material is not very protective against piercing attacks, and offers no protection against plasma, electrical attacks, or blunt force trauma, but it is surprisingly effective at keeping colder temperatures out.

                              Second Layer: The second layer is a mesh between the first and third layer, separating the electrical components of the third layer from the first layer. This layer is not only for the safety of the wearer, but also to prevent the electromagnetic nodes (from the third layer) from poking the user and being a general nuisance. The nodes sink into the surface of the mesh, acting as a cushion for the wearer. If not for this "cushion", the wearer would feel the components against the first layer. Similarly to the first layer, this mesh is not very protective against damage, but is an excellent electrical insulator, making it ideal for not only protecting the wearer against the armor's components in the case of an electrical failure, but also against some ion-based weaponry.

                              Third Layer: The third layer is composed of two 3mm thick sheets of advanced solid-fiber composite materials capable of resisting punctures, cuts, and even some bullet impacts, and a layer of magnetorheological fuid sandwiched in between. The materials' strength is slightly less than that of steel, but exhibits a great deal of flexibility. This allows the wearer to move freely without restrictions, allowing for faster and more agile movement on the battlefield. The two composite layers are slightly resistant to electricity, and are quite resistant to heat, but only up to temperatures of up to 1,000 degrees farenheight. The magnetorheological fluid sandwiched between these layers can alter its density by use of electromagnetic energy. When subjected to an electromagnetic field, the MR fluid greatly alters its density, protecting the user from blunt impacts and G-forces. When this layer has no magnetic field acting on it, the user is able to float in water. This material also acts as a sort of heat barrier between the outside and the user when temperatures become too great for the armored layers to resist the transfer of heat, though if the MR fluid sustains too much damage, it will become useless and will need to be replaced. A microfusion reactor is sandwiched within this layer and powers many, if not all of the armor's functions.

                              Fourth Layer: The fourth layer is a thin layer of artificial muscle responsible for augmenting the user's strength, as well as two layers of electrically resistant film encasing the muscle. This layer works by applying an electric current through the material, causing it to contract much like a human muscle. The reverse piezoelectric muscle has four layers. The core is the nanomuscle itself, the inner layer is a 1 atom thick sheet of electrical insulation, the middle layer is a thin, flexible piezoelectric film, and the outer layer is another 1 atom thick layer of electrical insulation, to prevent the third, fourth, and fifth layers from touching each other. Each nano-muscle fiber will be coated in the piezoelectric film. When the nanomuscles contract, it will distort/deform the piezoelectric film, which will generate an electric current. This will reduce the amount of power drained from the nanomachines within Jason's body, allowing extended use before needing to be recharged.

                              Fifth Layer: The fifth layer is an advanced super-hydrophobic Aerogel that can also withstand electricity. This is mainly used to mask heat signatures and add extra electric/heat protection to the user. Aerogel is a very powerful heat insulator because it prevents convection, conduction, and radiation heat transferal. It is capable of surviving temperatures of 2,192*F (1200*C) before melting.

                              Sixth Layer: The sixth layer is a Liquid Armor-treated carbon nanotube layer that instantaneously hardens when struck, preventing blunt-force trauma/damage from concussive blasts, and protects from bullets (not all bullets), and most explosions. Swords, knives, and sufficient piercing attacks can penetrate the liquid armor more easily than other attacks. The top-most portion of the suit that contains the liquid armor has a type of nanomaterial that is highly resistant to damage, yet flexible. This portion acts like skin for the entire suit.

                              Seventh Layer: The seventh layer is a combination of Titanium-composite plating and soft state-of-the-art liquid body armor. The liquid body armor covers the outer plating on some of the more impact-prone areas of the armor and doubles as a tac-vest. The metal plating is composed of two plates of a molecularly compressed titanium-composite encasing a central layer of titanium carbide. The molecularly compressed titanium composite is resistant to many types of bullets, explosives, ion-based attacks, and some thermal attacks, but any thermal weapon exceeding temperatures of 3,034°F will melt the outer and inner shell. The middle shell is not as resistant to damage as the outer and inner shell, but it is more resistant to thermal-based attacks than the other. This layer can resist temperatures of up to 5,720 °F before melting, making it ideal for protecting the user against thermal and energy-based attacks. Meanwhile, the liquid body armor is able to autonomously detect impacts from foreign sources and both harden and spread the energy from the impact along its surface.


                              Visor Settings and Visor - The visor is capable of normal vision, night vision, and thermal vision. It is fed through to the user by small "cameras" or sensors on the helmet.

                              HUD - The visor's HUD provides the user with feedback and tactical information, such as ammo count, grenade count, the radar, the targeting reticle, the current communication channel, the carbon dioxide scrubber and oxygen supply's condition, the armor and wearer's physical condition, and various other functions. Not only that, if the user syncs up with another person with armor that has a condition sensor, the user's HUD can also show his/her teammates' condition as well. Other things that the HUD can do is record video/audio, set up chatscreens with anyone with compatible technology, show various calculations, play video/audio, set waypoints, and many, many other functions.

                              Communicator - Located within the helmet is a built-in communicator that works on various frequencies, allowing it to work in most environments, including underground, depending on how far underground the user is. The communicator can use simply audio, or video, depending on what the user chooses, and can even switch communication channels. Not only that, it can even intercept and decrypt some enemy communication channels, allowing the user to listen to the enemy's' COM chatter and plan accordingly.

                              Rebreather and Carbon Dioxide Scrubber - Located within the helmet is the carbon dioxide scrubber, the breathing apparatus for the rebreather, and two tiny pressurized canisters that supplies the user with oxygen. The carbon dioxide scrubber is a miniature block of material that chemically reacts with carbon dioxide and converts it back into oxygen. Of course, after a certain amount of time, the carbon dioxide scrubber will lose its ability to convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, due to it's ability to chemically react with carbon dioxide being exhausted. After approximately 6 hours of operation, the carbon dioxide scrubber will be used up and will need to be changed out with a new one.

                              The rebreather and carbon dioxide scrubber works in unison by having the oxygen pass from the oxygen supply canisters and through the rebreather apparatus, and into the user when they breathe. After the user breathes out, the carbon dioxide passes into a CO2 scrubber, which then feeds back into the oxygen supply canisters, keeping the oxygen supply at optimal levels for 6 hours before the supply will be diminished. After that, the oxygen supply can last for 2 extra hours before it is completely exhausted.

                              The carbon dioxide scrubber can be changed out via a small access slot withing the helmet. When the ejection sequence for the carbon dioxide scrubber is activated, the scrubber's compartment is converted from a pressurized environment to outside pressures, and the oxygen supply is fed through a secondary system, allowing the user to breathe as they change out the scrubber. After the ejection sequence is activated, a small panel on the side of the helmet pops open with the carbon dioxide scrubber attached. After the user pulls the panel out with the scrubber attached, they can then remove the scrubber from the panel's holding slot and place a new scrubber in. Once that is finished, the user simply has to push the panel back into their helmet, and the scrubber compartment is purged and is repressurized to the rest of the suit as the secondary system is disengaged, allowing the scrubber to be used.

                              There is no worry about foreign contaminants when the scrubber compartment is exposed to the outside environments because of the anti-bacterial surface of the scrubber compartment. Not only that, but when the purging process is engaged, the scrubber is subjected to temperatures of over 10,000*F for just enough time to destroy any foreign contaminants, incinerating everything inside of the compartment without damaging the helmet. After that, the compartment is quickly depressurized into a vacuum, sucking all of the remains out of the compartment and expelling them outside the suit. Once that is done, the compartment is them pressurized to the same levels as the rest of the suit.

                              Microcomputer - Located within the helmet is the suit's microcomputer. This microcomputer is perhaps the most important and complex part of the entire suit. It is capable of performing countless functions, programs, and routines with only a small amount of power. The microcomputer reads the user's thoughts by using two nodes that stick to the user's head when the helmet is put on, and from there, it helps the user operate more effectively than the average soldier, thanks to the tactical information and aid it provides the user. The microcomputer can even place the armor into an overclocked state where the suit's processes can be increased beyond their normal operating parameters. The only downside to this is that it drains more power from the suit and has a chance of damaging the suit.

                              Override Control - Allows the user to remain in complete control when a hacking attempt is performed.

                              - Nanomachines programmable by the user's thoughts.

                              - Jason's armor can disintegrate and reform at will. It takes time for it to finish, but it's an easy way to hide and store the armor.

                              Two-Way Circuits - Located within the palms of the gloves are small two-way circuits. If the user keeps a sustained grip on a particular object or target, they can either discharge electricity, or siphon electrical energy for the suit.

                              Sensory System - Located within the fingers and other parts of the gloves are sensors that can allow the user to feel texture, temperature, and moisture.

                              Radar and Sensor Suite - An advanced radar system capable of reaching out 150 meters (492 feet) is shown in the HUD, and the onboard sensors give information on weather, temperature, air toxicity, etc. It is also responsible for relaying information to the microcomputer, which then relays information to EXACTO-built bullets and allows the projectiles to track and hit moving targets.

                              Shock Absorbers - Protects the user from long falls and are located on the insides of the boots.

                              Standard Battle Gear



                              First Layer: Comfort lining meant to not only keep the user at a comfortable temperature, but also to whisk away any unwanted moisture. It also doubles as a dressing layer for injuries, drawing pooling blood from a wound before treatment is administered. It separates the user from the electronic components of the suit and the liquid body armor above.

                              Second Layer: Second layer is the monitoring and electrical components of the armor. The suit is able to monitor the user's bio signatures, location, and provide tactical data. It is powered by a graphene battery located along the spine of the user. This battery is charged by the user's body heat and movements, thanks to the use of thermoelectric and piezoelectric technology. All this is of course shielded by another layer of material which separates the electrical components from the next layer.

                              Third Layer: Third layer is a liquid body armor that also acts as a g-force dampener. It is capable of blocking most low caliber rounds and is relatively resilient against energy-based attacks. Separating that from the outside is a metal-composite surface, completely encasing the bodysuit.

                              Fourth Layer: Fourth layer is a reactive "rubber-like" composite that retains a large degree of mobility while also protecting the user from various cutting, blunt, and piercing-based attacks. It does fairly well against energy-based attacks, though not too many.

                              Fifth Layer: Fifth layer is the armor plating. There is a reactive ceramic plating on the shoulders, elbows, knees, and toes that is capable of redirecting impact and spreading it across the entirety of the plate's surface. The torso is made up of a titanium alloy that is both lightweight yet very resilient, protecting the user's vital organs.


                              GC Model .600 Avenger Custom Magnum

                              Caliber: .600 Nitro Express or .600 Overkill
                              Velocity: 1,950 ft/s (594.36 m/s) or 2,400 ft/s (730 m/s)
                              Capacity: 6
                              Misc.: Laser Sighted


                              SOR-12 Shotgun

                              Caliber: 12 Gauge
                              Velocity: 1,100 ft/s (350 m/s)
                              Range: Maximum Effective Range - 328 feet (100 meters); Maximum Range (Slugs)- 656 feet (200 meters)
                              Capacity: 38
                              Misc.: ACOG scope


                              CORAS C2G7 Assault Rifle

                              Caliber: 7.62x51mm
                              Velocity: 2,733 ft/s (833 m/s)
                              Capacity: 200 (Helical Mag)
                              Misc.: EXACTO Fire-and-Forget bullet capabilities, Trackingpoint Scope 10x zoom and laser sight/targeting designator


                              2 Thatcher HP21I Submachine Guns

                              Caliber: .45 ACP
                              Velocity: 984.25 ft/s (300m/s)
                              Capacity: 200
                              Misc.: Reflex sight, uses a new state-of-the-art rotary-drum clip.


                              XM40 Grenade Launcher

                              Caliber: 40×53mm and compatible with 40×46mm
                              Velocity: Uses high-low pressure system, allowing for "high" and "low" velocity grenades.
                              Capacity: 18
                              Misc.: Has a scope that allows for airbursting capabilities


                              ILS-047 Laser System

                              Caliber: Anywhere from an inch to a foot in diameter. Either red or blue laser. Dim.

                              Velocity: It's a laser. Lightspeed!!!

                              Capacity: Hard to say. Depends on the amount of energy pumped into the beam, the mode it is on, how long the trigger is held, and its own internal temperature. (Looked through the numbers, and I just can't be arsed to try and figure out the power requirements of this thing. XD)

                              Misc.: The laser can change its power output and transform between a compact laser rifle to a larger laser cannon.

                              The laser works by taking advantage of the strange properties of Infinitus energy and fires it like a beam of energy, a laser. Unlike standard lasers, this Infinitus laser has a higher efficiency, due to the energy's tendency to maintain its trajectory as well as its slow heat transfer rate, rather than how other energy types disperse. That is not to say that there isn't some "bleedout", but it is simply more efficient and is capable of achieving higher power outputs before the weapon begins to heat up. Although the heat buildup is slower, it also takes longer for the laser to cool off, and unlike natural heat, the heat from Infinitus energy seems to be entirely different in that it attempts to maintain its initial direction of motion, meaning that it more easily travels through a straight piece of metal, rather than a curved or L-shaped one where it would mostly collect on the corners or bends.

                              That being said, the weapon does have emergency heat sinks that can be ejected and replaced in an emergency situation, though the gun only has five sinks before more must be obtained. As for the laser itself, one will notice that the laser is much dimmer than they would expect. This is because of the Infinitus energy's tendency to travel straight, meaning that less light actually escapes the laser, and not only that, it applies to the heat generated as well. With all this taken into account, one unusual effect of this Infinitus laser is how although the heat transfer is slow, it still maintains the energy it had when it hits its target. Over time, the object will heat up and will experience what it would have before if it was struck by a conventional laser, causing a sort of "damage-over-time". Repeated shots increase not only the peak temperature achieved, but also how quickly that temperature is achieved.

                              Finally, Infinitus energy has one final strange property. It has the tendency to mutate organisms that survive the blast, especially when subjected to high enough doses over a long enough period of time. This phenomenon can take place in a span ranging from a couple hours to a couple days. That, and the residual energy can sit in one place for a time period of a couple hours to two days until the energy finally decays.


                              ELGS-X07 EXECUTIONER Railgun

                              Caliber: 16 mm x 65 mm Tungsten HEAP rounds
                              Velocity/Fire Rate: Mach 1 to Mach 10. 4 per second to 1 in 4 minutes.
                              Capacity: 10
                              Misc.: Eat yer heart out, Misaka. ;p


                              2 Combat Knives

                              Caliber: It's a knife.
                              Velocity: However hard/fast you can swing it.
                              Capacity: However many you can hold.
                              Misc.: Has teeth, is really sharp, doesn't easily lose its edge, and you can tie a string to the back and swing it around or tie it to a stick and poke people.


                              Theme(s): As per tradition.



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