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    Libellus OOC

    Hello! This is the first Role play I have actually made a long time ago and the first I am making for The forums here. This is an rp based off of gravity falls and supernatural together where you have many different creatures and folklore in the human world.

    Standard RP thread, forum rules as well as these rules apply:

    1. Please be reasonable with what your character can do, Normal humans cannot perform magic and cannot be unnaturally strong unless you give a detailed explanation as to WHY your character is this strong. Even then you have to at least keep in mind that they are a human in the present day.

    2. You can add a piece of folklore or mythological creature you wish. Just remember to give them at least a weakness, you can make it so that weakness doesn't kill them just do not give them no weaknesses at all and make it impossible to survive them on their own.

    3. You can only have about 4 main characters and an unlimited amount of npcs. Just be warned that npcs can and will die in this RP due to what an npcs role will be in this rp.

    4.Referring to the rule above, while you can easily kill an npc, that does not give you the right to just go full ham on killing npcs all you want if they are important npcs. There is a time and place for killing canon fodder and there is a time and place to not kill them.

    5.If you want to be any of the seven main humans, ask the forum mods as well as myself before making an app on it. This is due to them being a driving force in the RP and in the lore. There is only one of wach flame present at one point, so it is important to ask.


    For as long as humanity has remembered, There have been stories, folklore you could say or myths. Humanity had feared and hunted these creatures around the world with no real edge on their side, with each danger they encounter getting worse than the others. As far as humanity was concerned, these things had their own origins and backstories that created the world around them. It remained somewhat even until the demons appeared, swallowing the world in more chaos than before. Some would help the humans for something in return, others would capture humans to make them into demons themselves. These creatures had abilities to deceive and manipulate those around them to the point where it had nearly caused the humans to go back in progress. This was until someone managed to capture a demon, Where they realized that these creatures were the only ones that had their own weakness, their power. After ten years of research and practically torture on the poor creature, the man had created 7 coloured flames, each resembling a type of trait that would help them combat these creatures. He sent out 6 and kept the 7th for himself. The seventh however, Killed the man on sight and wandered off towards the closest baby, Affina. The other six came to be the flame of hope with affina herself. They all came to help each other out and help the world straight itself out.

    Affina was the only one that felt off with her flame, as all she was good at was to deceive the world into believing the creatures around them were a lie, and she was quite convincing at it. The lie extended throughout her years until she was eventually captured by demons. These demons slowly attempted to corrupt her, But due to her already possessing part of what a demon needed, they were unable to corrupt her as easily as the others, making her an immortal was easy, making her mind state that of a demon took a lot more breaking then they had originally thought, which took hundreds of years. During of which, many demons ended up dying due to the flames over the years. As time went on, and Affina eventually broke, the world began to forget the supernatural creatures even existed, only thinking of them as folklore, myths and legends. The lie that Affina created long ago had made 90% of the population forget about the supernatural and began to advance because of it.

    When Affina returned to the world as a demon, she was not quite happy with what she came back to. Not only did the idea of the flames disappear, if it was mentioned, only the six flames were ever mentioned at all. This infuriated the poor girl and in a fit of rage, declared war on the human race. She did it in subtle ways, manipulating many people to cause war and genocide to attempt to disrupt the progress of them, that was, until the new flames appeared. None of them knew what to do exactly to with her, but after a long fought battle and a few of the flames lost, the mirus and the fortitudo flames both decided he best option was to seal her away in a journal, only to ever come out as a construct to guide future mirius flames in their pursuit of defending the human race. To make sure this never happened again, both of them made journals to pass down from generation to generation of flames to guide and for them to guide the next flame after them.

    Now it is the present day, 2015, and it has been about 12 years since the last flame has died, will you be a human trying to make the world a better place? Are you a demon that wishes to help humans for their own selfish gain? or are you that one demon/creature that just wants to watch the world burn. The choice is up to you...

    The Current flames!

    Since There can only be one flame at a single time, I am putting them in this spot and a bit of a description of what a flame is about.

    The flames is a human that may seem normal, but has an advancement of a certain personality trait that allows them to excel at what they do best. Some may overlap in some of their jobs, but most of them always carry a huge amount of a singular trait, although this doesn't mean they have to have it all the time. These flames have no real memories of their old lives, but will be drawn to their journals like moths to a flame. Each flame is VERY much kill-able, though only one flame is not considered a flame to anyone but the flame itself and that is the Praestigio Flame.

    sedatus(Intelligence, Advancement) - Open
    acutulus(Calm, Cool, Collected) - Taken - sus
    mirus(Curiousity, Intrigue) - Taken
    praestigio(Deciet, deception, Lies) - Taken
    fortitudo(Brave, Virtue, Courage) - Open
    civilis(Civil, Political) - Open
    infragilis(Unbreakable, Strong) - Open




    Age: (12+ only for humans, I don't mind if your character is 12 or 13, just not any younger.)

    Appearance: (Please be descriptive about your character and include a pic. Thanks!)

    Personality: (If you are going to be a flame, please put down what flame you are in this spot here due to the nature of what being a flame is about.)


    Skills: (What are their skills? Are they skilled in protecting the human race? Or are they more into surviving enough to figure out a creature's weakness.(If your character is sensitive to supernatural stuffs place it down here))

    Other: (For anything else that might not have fit in the rest of the app. Like extra notes, or questions.)



    Age: (Can be any age, though remember that it will take years to turn into a demon and once they become a demon they are immortal.)

    Appearance: (Please be descriptive about your character and include a pic. Thanks!)

    Type: (what type is the demon and why?)

    Personality: (If you are going to be a flame, please put down what flame you are in this spot here due to the nature of what being a flame is about.)


    Abilities: (what kind of abilities does this demon have)

    Skills: (What are their skills?)

    Other: (For anything else that might not have fit in the rest of the app. Like extra notes, or questions.)

    Folklore/Urban Legend: (Internet Created or Spread by mouth.)

    Name of Folklore: (if there isn't a name, make up a name!)

    Type of folklore: (ghost/ritual/creature/place)

    Threat Level: (1-10 scale 1-3 being generally harmless, they wont kill you and have a hard time hurting you 4-6 being can harm you and may or may not kill you, but you can generally avoid, 7+ means they can and will kill you.)

    Origin/Country of Origin: (where did the folklore originate from?)

    Story: (What is the story)

    Weakness: (please don't leave this blank, even if we don't know the weakness)

    Other: (in case there is something to note about it that doesn't fit in with this

    Mythological creature: (religious/ country based tales of creatures.)



    Classification: (Creature/Youkai/Spirit/Other)

    Threat Level: (1 - 10 scale)

    Origin/Country of Origin:


    Original Myth/Backstory: (If you changed anything about the myth, place it down here)

    Weakness/Weaknesses: (Please don't leave this blank, even if we don't know the weakness)

    Other: (anything we should probably know that isn't in the other categories)

    NPC(unlimited and often used as cannon fodder):






    Age: (Optional depending on race)

    Bio: (Optional)

    Abilities: (Optional)

    Skills/Talents: (Optional)
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    "If I cut the strings that held me hostage would i fall and shatter?"


    Currently Known Creatures/Myths/Folklore (Accepted Apps will be shown on here and info will have the page number put down for curious.)

    This is for lore, myths, Folklore and Urban legends that have been accepted into the RP.(I am putting In 4 things down as an example of lore and mythological)


    Unlike many other of the things listed here, demons have many different shapes and forms. No two demon has the same goal in mind and they don't exactly follow the original demon as he is long dead. There is no true ruler and there are only few if at all any groups of demons working together towards a single goal. The largest depicted group of demons working together dissolved quite a bit when the leader, Affina, was sealed away into the Mirius Journal itself. Most common demons are succubi, Crossroads, Nightmare and Construct demons. Most of their common powers are based off of deceit and lies, often times creating illusions and hallucinations around them. Another form of powers is often a Flame, often an eerie green to a creepy black hue to the flames. Some demons are actually capable of possession if they so be it, but cannot perform illusions or hallucinations because of it.

    The proccess of creating a demon often differs on the type of demon you want to create and differs in time on how powerful you want to make the demon. For some it's as simple as torturing the poor creature to the point of breaking while you force demonic flames into them, others are, um, not as pleasant to speak of. Lets just say its either quick or a slow grueling process that will corrupt the person involved.

    (If you have a demon, only how long it took before they became a fully fledged demon and explain before and after their turning, a common amount of time for a demon is 10 years but some demons will take longer to manifest due to how hard it is to convert the person.)


    A construct is a Sealed away demon, often times a very dangerous demon that needs to be sealed away for safety reasons. They are always sealed into an Item and the owner of that Item can command the being to do whatever they want. They often appear as an animal but will most commonly be a cat(Cause cats are evil). The only thing that a construct can do with their powers is possess someone with the persons full permission, meaning that the person must accept the agreement that the construct creates and accept what the construct plans to do. (yes constructs are like Familliars, they practically are XD)

    The Childless Mother:

    Name: The Childless Mother

    Threat Level: 4-5

    Type: Ghost

    Origin: Japan

    Story:A Japanese Folklore of a women who lost her child from famine and the cold. She was so distraught I believe she killed herself. She came back as a spirit that helped children. Like say a kid was about to be hit by a car, she would come and save them. But then she would get attached and hover around that child, until she eventually takes their soul, thinking that it's her child and she wants to be with them.

    Weakness: Her weakness is the woman would only die protecting a child from a fatal injury like a bullet or a knife heading towards them.


    Threat Level: 5-6


    Type: Creature

    Abilities: Strong, capable of creating webs, able to turn human for a short amount of time to lure a human into their nest.

    Original Myth:Based off of the Greek mythology on Arachne with a twist. Allowing these creatures to be birthed. The Arachnae feast off of humans and will often lure them into it while they are unsuspecting about it.

    Weakness: Fire and Decapitation.

    Appearance:Half spider half human, skin can either be blue, purple, black or Caucasian as long as the bottom half shows to be a spider

    Example picture of an Arachnae:


    Threat Level: 5-7


    Type: Creature

    Abilities: The most common trait of a gorgon is their ability to turn people to stone with just a single look at them even if they are dead, their hair is also covered in venomous snakes, meaning one bite from them could affect a human easily. Another thing about them is that pure blooded gorgons are immortal, meaning that it is really hard If not impossible to kill a pure blood gorgon.

    Original Myth:Based off of the Greek mythology on Medusa, though with this one medusa is only really a half breed where as the other gorgons depicted are pure blood. Medusa herself is actuall

    Weakness: Mirrors are one of the greatest weaknesses on a gorgon, as it's reflection does not give the same affect as looking directly at them, you can also very easily avoid looking at a gorgon and not suffer a fate of being stone. A half breed, however, Is very much killable but be warned that you have to still not look at them even when they are dead for they will still turn you to stone.

    Although a pureblood is powerful, they appear less often due to the rarity of them, often resorting to caves and other places as to avoid people to gaze upon them.

    Appearance: Hair like snakes, half breeds often have more human characteristics such as the bottom half isn't a snakes bottom.

    Example picture of a pure blood gorgon:

    Example of a half breed:

    Other: A note for gorgons, since this does take place in north America, gorgons are extremely rare and hard to pinpoint in this area and are MUCH more common in Greece. and there will most likely be 1-2 pureblood gorgon in the rp locations while the rest would most likely be half breeds.

    Nue(Created by Koishi): Page 1

    Midnight Man(Created by Sustic): Page 1

    Shadow People(Created by sustic): Page 2

    Slender (Created by Koish): Page 2

    Rake (Created by Koish): Page 2

    SkinCrawlers (Created by Sustic): Page 2

    Bigfoot (Created by Sustic): Page 2

    Thunderbirds (Created by Koish) (Restricted) : Page 3

    Mothman (created by sustic): Page 4

    King in gold (Created by Koish): Page 4

    Hydras (Created by Koish): Page 4
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    "If I cut the strings that held me hostage would i fall and shatter?"



      Current Characters

      (those who get accepted will get placed in here, If this post gets too long I will link to the next post continuing)


      Name: Affina Finallis

      Age: 9,762 years old

      Appearance: Affina holds long black hair with an eerie green eye colour to her eyes which are in the shape of a slits, making it seem like her eyes are that of a cats. As her Construct she is a tuxedo cat with goldish green eyes that glow when she is around her owner in a eerie greenish hue. Her skin colour is a pale, unearthly white that makes her almost seem like a ghost, though it adds to her demonic nature.



      Type: Construct/Lilith demon (Female Demon)

      Personality: Holder of the praestigio flame. sassy, manipulative, when speaking about humans often gets angry. As a cat she can be very possessive of the owner of her book, often going through great lengths to protect the human or creature the book belongs to in the hope that they will one day unseal her so that she can continue her assault on humanity. Can be a great leader to those around her, caring for the demons under her command and making sure that they do as much as they can do for the type that they are.

      When around Sabrina, she tries to be the "best" of help to her, even if it means telling her the truth about certain things, begrudgingly, as there is a chance she would spill it on accident. She is alot more informative with sabrina, acting like a friendly person willing to help at any givin point so that one day maybe, just maybe Sabrina would help her be free so that she could once again wage war on humanity for what they had done to her.

      When she possesses Sabrina, she doesn't outwardly show that she possesses Sabrina, often acting like nothing happened and keeping her abilities to a minimum. She only, however, does this when Sabrina isn't in danger whatsoever. When Sabrina is in any kind of danger, she will do whatever it is necessary to ensure that her toy is safe from harm, even if it means badly harming or killing a human to do it.

      Biography: Affina was born able to deceive people easily as early as 2 years old. being the youngest, she was able to convince her parents that most of her actions was her older brother's doing, having them fall for it like a charm. Doing this caused her brother to despise her and attempt to get her into trouble many times, this behavior managed to get the boy into helping out their village defend against multiple creatures while the "angel" of a girl would stay comfortably in the house, safe from most monsters. When She was about 15 years old, Affina was asked by the other flames to help establish a safe environment for humans from the creature and dangers that appeared in the world and the most dangerous, the demons. She accepted without hesitation and asked what she must do. That was when one of the humans, a girl, walked up and asked if she can convince the world to forget about these creatures and help make them less scared of the darkness that surrounds them so that they can advance quicker and without hesitation. She was a little reluctant, but decided to do so.

      It started off as she expected, no one believing her, however, after her determination and peace starting to settle within the land, they actually started to believe her, which made the girl smile a bit. That was when the demons attacked her. The demons were at first confused as to why their comrades power was within a simple human girl, but they remembered the old man that managed to capture one of them and took the poor girl with them. It took them thousands of years to break her, but when they did and she came back, she was shocked as to what she had saw around her.

      The world had completely changed, advanced, grown, all without her. When she asked about the demons, the humans around her looked confused and thought the girl had grown ill. She then asked about the flames and that's where she got a spark from other. They spoke about how the six flames had helped reunite the world, then she asked about the seventh. Every single person that she asked around her gave her a weird look, as if the people around her didn't know anything about the seventh flame. This pissed her off even further and she asked where to meet the flames. They pointed her to the correct direction and met the new flames of hope, she accused them of hiding her flame from the world and they all simply looked at her as if she was the enemy. On that day, she killed her first 3 flames of many and declared war on humanity. This war lasted years, and she had started to gain a fairly large amount of followers, bigger than any demon has seen in history.

      As time went on, the flames were back together and finally came to confront her, but she was prepared, in one fell swoop she took out 2 of the flames already, the others still put up a fight and she got rid of most of them, leaving the mirus and the civilis flames remaining, which made her confused, that was when she realized her exact mistake. She started to feel weaker and weaker, unable to do a thing about it. The mirus explained that only a mirus flame could ever unseal her, and that they would have to do it willingly and would have to know exactly who she is to be able to unseal her. This made her extremely pissed as she changed into her cat form.

      She spent years, trying to convince the next of kin of releasing her, but to no avail. They only need to ask why and she would spill everything and follow their command about being truthful. She couldn't even trick one to be able to possess to do it because it wasn't even willingly. As time went on she saw her subjects try and fail to get her out with multiple tactics before eventually giving up and disbanding, having no leader to lead them, she was desperate by the time that she stumbled across Sabrina. The little girl seemed so naive to the world around her, so she acted cute to be able to be taken home. When she finally got the little girl alone, she explained to her what she was, being the good "loyal" construct she was, and explained that she could help her out in any way that she could. The girl smiled and went out, telling her mom about the cat that spoke to her.

      She continued this facade for a while, before she started to seem sick and tired of her mom around her, that was when she convinced her that the confines of her home was not really the best way to help the world around her, and that she could teach her the ins and outs of how to survive, all she needed to do was get out of the place. When she suggested telling her mother, the cat said that it would not be a good idea, as the mother would only imprison her here and maybe even get her committed into an insane asylum to keep her from doing what her destiny entails. She surprisingly listened to the cat and snuck out that night.

      Now they wander around from town to town, helping other be relieved of their paranormal activity and learn more about the folklore and other things around them. But she still has a plan to escape and rule again...

      Abilities: Possession and basic Fire powers in the colour of an eerie greenish colour if unsealed. However, sealed she can only do what a construct can normally do meaning that mocha herself cannot use her powers without her owner's permission.


      Sabrina Duguard:

      Name:Sabrina Duguard

      Age: 12

      Appearance: Has yet to hit puberty, blonde hair and green eyes. Often wears something that is comfortable to trek in. She also looks a tad bit older than what she is, seeming more 14-15 and standing about 5''1' at this moment.

      Personality: Bearer of the Mirus flame. caring about those in need, quite naive on the supernatural world still and the past of her journal. Doesn't mean she will trust a human right off the bat, She knows what stranger danger is. Will often act really creepy to those who attempt to approach her, saying things that creep people out or weird them into thinking that she is crazy. This may not get her out of some situations with people but it gets her out of most situations. She trusts her cat, mocha with her life far more than she would like to admit, as many people wouldn't trust a demon at all, but her cat has always come through with her in the end and hasn't once not saved her. She is also VERY curious about the supernatural and those around her especially ghosts! She always talks to them and tries to wonder why they are here and not some other place.

      Biography:When she was born, her mom knew she had a handful of a child, because of her overwhelming curiosity. She would touch things, figure things out the hard way and cause the mom a fit whenever she lost sight of her daughter. When she was 5 years old was the first time she disappeared for a bit, lasting almost the time it took to call the cops before coming back with a creepy book and a kitten following her, begging to keep them. After multiple times begging (and countless times in the time out corner) her mom finally allowed both the book, and the cat into the house begrudgingly. This was when the cat started to talk to her, saying she was the only human that found the book, exclaiming that she must be the new mirus flame. The girl was confused but she trusted the cat and would tell her mom about what mocha would say to her, only to get ignored. This would happen for years,of which time paranormal things and supernatural things would start to appear, and her mom started to believe that her daughter was schizophrenic and started to take her daughter to a counselor and attempts to get her some "help" for this problem, even though she showed no other signs that she even was schizo at all, which made the doctors tell the mother that it is only an overactive imagination and that she shouldn't have to worry about it at all.

      By the Time that she was twelve, her mother started to ignore her, only talking to her when she spoke about school, work and other "normal" stuff and she was sick of it, so later on in the day, she slipped out of her room with what her cat said was the bare minimal stuff, the cat also showed where a bit of cash was so that she could start off before she would run off. She didn't know what to do so she wandered out of the place and took a bus to another town, where the bus driver thought she was old enough to do this stuff, and since she payed he didn't question it at all, he got her to another place before the cat would teach her how to live on her own without any I.D or money, often having the cat steal money for her or would beg on the streets for money so that she could get more supplies and stuff. She also began helping those dealing with supernatural and paranormal activity by giving them advice and stuff that she would read up on the journal, helping those that are safe.

      Now she is wandering doing the same stuff she has always done, and building upon her journal, one page at a time.

      Skills: She is quite skilled at running and fleeing the police, since she has been on the run for months from her own mother and the confines of being an abnormal girl in a normal setting. She is also able to see ghosts since forever.

      Whenever she is possessed by Affina, she will be much stronger, being able to carry an averaged sized human female adult, more agile and has the ability to use the Lilith demon's full abilities, but this will cause a terrible strain on her to use these abilities, often leaving the girl passed out after the possession has died off, often with bruises all over her body, often her arms and legs will be affected by this. As such Affina often doesn't use this at all and will avoid doing these abilities unless it is absolutely vital to do so lest she wants to kill the only opportunity to be freed from her shackles.

      Other: Theme around her:

      Dorrian Duguard:

      Name: Dorrian Duguard:

      Age: 34

      Appearance: Dorrian is a brown haired, blue eyed woman that looks to be in her twenties, she seems to wear stuff that seems to complement her body structure, even though her body structure is anything but a model. But that means she is far from obese either. She looks, healthy.

      Personality: Responsible adult, can be a bit antsy and overprotective as well as a bit of a worry wort, has no clue about the supernatural and paranormal, so anything weird she explains as just a coincidence or something stupid like that. Because of this, she tends to brush off even the most obviously paranormal incidents often make her explain it in a vain attempt to keep herself in the lie that they do not exist. She Also terribly grieves over the fact that she lost her daughter that one night and continues to feel grief this day for not taking care of her child properly and believing her child.

      Biography: Dorrian spent most of her life wanting to grow up and start a family, perhaps too much as some would say, It came to the point that when she was 22 years old she finally got her wish. A young man, seemingly handsome and kind, came into her life and seemed to want a child of his own as well, but left her moments after she was born. This really broke the woman's heart, but she didn't give up and treated the daughter with care and passion until she was about 5 years old. She was watching her child play in the park and something caught her attention for one second, before turning back and finding her daughter gone, she looked around and called her daughter's name several times, running around and looking for her daughter with what felt like hours. The whole neighborhood searched for her daughter until just before the time she could call the police, her daughter came back with a book in her hand and a kitten beside her. In a fit of panic and relief she hugged her daughter and was sobbing, telling her daughter to never ever ever do that again to her. when she took a better look of the stuff her daughter had on her, she told her she cannot let these things into the house, she didn't know if the kitten belonged to someone, the kitten had rabies or what, and her daughter flipped out at her. This happened for weeks, the daughter would sneak the kitten in and feed them, then she would find it, place the kitten in the bathroom and put the kid in time out. This was until she realized that maybe the girl was lonely, and finally gave in and let the child keep both the book and the kitten.

      Years later, after the child pestered her about how the cat would talk and her talking about scary things appearing around her, the mother started to get worried that her child was mentally Ill and took her to the doctor who rejected her, claiming it was a overactive imagination, she didn't think so though, since the stuff the child would explained seemed to be so real to her. She went to get a second opinion, then a third, then a forth, then a fifth. This went on until the child turned twelve, where she still encountered the issues, but stopped even listening to the ones that seemed real in a way of trying to deter the child from speaking nonsense and act like a normal child. One night, when she was asleep, she heard a door slam shut, she woke up and called out for her daughter's name, no response. She called again, going towards her room now, still no response. It wasn't until she went into her daughter's room that she realized that her daughter had disappeared with a note saying that she would do things on her own, which caused her to run out and call out for her daughter in her PJs at 4 AM when everyone was asleep. She ran around, looking for her daughter in a desperate manner to find her but to no avail.

      Now it's been several months, the police have been called and are on the lookout for her, but assume that she might be dead, but the mother continues to search wracked with grief and worry over her missing daughter she will continue to search for until she dies.

      Skills: Due to the police almost giving up on her daughter, she has a keen eye to search for her daughter, looking at newspapers and online articles for the keyword of blonde haired child in her thing, continuously investigating for any sign of her long lost child, otherwise she is a normal human being with no other skills.


      Johnathan Smith (Created by Sustic): Page 3


      Name: Jorja

      Race: Arachnae

      Personality: Seductress, Kind and sweet until hungry and then she will hunt for her food with an animistic food, any excess she will store in her cave.

      Appearance:Red eyes, blue skin and black hair for the human half where as her spider half has spikes on all eight of her legs with a purple and black pattern on her.

      Abilities: Typical abilities of an Arachnae. Most notably, she shape shifts into a normal girl with brown hair and blue eyes appearance:

      Billy Cruthers (Billy!!!):

      Name: Billy Cruthers


      Personality: Kind and stern, tends to be a bit more harsh towards Dorrian even though he knows about her daughter's disappearance.

      Appearance: Dark brown hair, hazel eyes that change subtly to his mood and a business suit attire paired with some stylish glasses to complete the look.

      (Ignore the eren, it's the only pic I picture the man as.)



      Name: Amy Danvers


      Personality: Amy is a fairly emotional person, having been a ghost she can cause trouble within the area she haunts if someone insults her or makes her feel upset in any way. The only person she really trusts is little sabrina due to sabrina actually listening to her problems, but has become a wreck since she has noticed Sabrina is gone.

      Appearance: Long white hair, eyes that are blue as the sky and about 4'8''

      Moth kid (Created by sustic): Page 4
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      "If I cut the strings that held me hostage would i fall and shatter?"


        CREATURES ARE OPEN FOR APPLICATIONS!!! If you wanna make a demon or a human, I'd suggest to do that when I open for character and NPC apps
        "If I cut the strings that held me hostage would i fall and shatter?"


          The Midnight Man

          Name of Folklore: The "Midnight Man" real name... Unknown. Is also often known as the 'Hat Man' shadow figure that people report seeing. That or he is in someway connected to this 'Hat Man' entity.

          Type of folklore: Ritual Creature. What is is exactly is... unknown.

          Threat Level: 7-8 Often Dangerous, when summoned you must take absolute precautions to not be killed. Even if you do summon him properly and survive, there is a good chance you'll be haunted by him for the rest of your life.

          Origin: The Midnight Man originates from a ritual 'creepypasta' that has been spreading around the internet for the past few years. According to the tale, The "Midnight Game" is an old Pagan ritual, used mainly as punishment for those who have broken the laws of the Pagan religion in question.

          While it was mainly used as a scare tactic to not disobey the gods, there is still a very existent chance of death and an equally high chance of permanent mental scarring to those who play the Midnight Game. However the reality of this is that the Midnight Game, and in turn the Midnight Man has been around for far longer than times of Pagan rituals and practices. In fact the Midnight Man has been around for far, far longer. With some assuming he's been around since the dawn of human civilization if not time itself.

          The Ritual... goes as follows:

          It must be exactly 12:00 AM when you begin performing the ritual. Otherwise, it will not work.

          You will need a candle, a piece of paper, a writing implement, matches or a lighter, salt, a wooden door, and at least one drop of your own blood. If you are playing with multiple people, they will need their own of the aforementioned materials and they will have to perform the steps below accordingly.

          STEP 1:
          Write your full name (first, middle, and last) on the piece of paper. Put at least one drop of blood on the paper. Allow it to soak into the paper.

          STEP 2:
          Turn off all of the lights in the place you are doing this. Go to your wooden door, and place the paper with your name on it in front of the door. Now, take out the candle and light it. Place it on top of the paper.

          STEP 3:
          Knock on the door twenty-two times. The hour must be 12:00 AM upon the final knock. Then, open the door, blow out the candle, and close the door. You have just allowed the "Midnight Man" to enter your house.

          STEP 4:
          Immediately relight your candle.

          This is where the game begins. You must now lurk around your now completely dark house, with the lit candle in your hand. Your goal is to avoid the Midnight Man at all costs, until 3:33 AM. Should your candle ever go out, that means the Midnight Man is near you. You must relight your candle in the next ten seconds.

          If you are not successful in doing this, you must then immediately surround yourself with a circle of salt. If you are unsuccessful in both of your actions, the Midnight Man will create a hallucination of your greatest fear, and rip out your organs one by one. You will feel it, but you will be unable to react.

          If you are successful in creating the circle of salt, you must remain in there until 3:33 AM.

          If you are successful in relighting your candle, you may proceed with the game. You must continue to 3:33 AM, without being attacked by the Midnight Man, or being trapped inside the circle of salt, to win the Midnight Game. The Midnight Man will leave your house at 3:33 AM, and you will be safe to proceed with your morning.

          Indications that you are near the Midnight Man will include sudden drop in temperature, seeing a pure black, humanoid figure through the darkness, and hearing very soft whispering coming from an indiscernible source. If you experience any of these, it is advised that you leave the area to avoid the Midnight Man.

          DO NOT turn any of the lights on during the Midnight Game.

          DO NOT use a flashlight during the Midnight Game.

          DO NOT go to sleep during the Midnight Game.

          DO NOT attempt to use another person's blood on your name.

          DO NOT use a lighter as a substitute for a candle. It will not work.

          AND DEFINITELY DO NOT attempt to provoke the Midnight Man in ANY WAY.

          Other than that there is not much info on the Midnight Man. As those who often play the game don't live to recite much information about him. While those who do survive the Midnight Game... will say he is far too real. Despite the fact that he has become known as the Midnight Man from the Midnight Game, he has, in reality. Been around for far longer than what the ritual may have you to believe.

          Weakness: The Midnight Man does not have too many weaknesses to count. However he does have a few, some of which make people to believe he is some kind of spirit. These weaknesses involve light, especially daylight. Candle light only holds him at bay for a while. He also cannot pass through or over salt due to salt's 'purifying' properties. There is no real way to kill the Midnight Man at all, only ways to drive him back. Which is via daylight. Hence why the ritual is said to end at 3:33am. However... that's not the real true time it ends. That's only when you are SAFE from the Midnight Man. He'll still continue to haunt you and scare you until the sun properly begins to rise. Even then that only causes him to retreat... he'll eventually come back. He always comes back. However after the Midnight Game ritual technically ends at 3:33am, he won't be able to kill you or harm you himself once that exact moment oftime passes. Even if he haunts you from that point on he will not be able to harm you.

          Say you do the ritual one night, and survive til 3:33 am. He'll still be around. Just hiding. Haunting you. For anywhere between a few days or until the day you yourself die. Not able to harm you physically, but able to scare you. Possibly scare you into hurting yourself.

          However... if you break any of his rules during the Midnight Ritual, and yet you still survive due to your salt circle you had successfully managed to make in time. You will have practically granted him permission to not just haunt you, but even downright HARM you even after the ritual ends. However due to how the Midnight Man is, he won't just kill you the next night comes. No. He'll treasure the fact that you had broken one of HIS rules, and in turn practically granted him to do anything he wants to you. So instead of just killing you the next chance he gets. He'll just mess with you. Torture you mentally and emotionally. He'll do things to your mind that just... make you go mad before he finally gets bored and finishes you. This could take months... years even.

          Pray to god that he doesn't find you 'fun' or 'entertaining'. Or he might just not kill you at all. Just torture you for the rest of your life in ways you can't even imagine.

          The Midnight Man is usually not a threat to anyone who does not take part in his ritual, or are at the sight of the ritual. It does not matter if you were performing the ritual or not, for as long as you are AT the sight that the ritual is being performed, you will be haunted. He might not try to kill you at first, not until he kills the people who performed the ritual. He also can NOT use his telekinesis on you if you were not at the location of the ritual when he is summoned. Meaning in order to be absolutely safe from the Midnight Man, do not do the ritual... and if you have friends who are doing the ritual. DO NOT GO TO THE PLACE THAT THE RITUAL TO SUMMON THE MIDNIGHT MAN IS BEING DONE OR YOU CAN BE HAUNTED BY HIM.

          However if you happen to be related to someone who performs his ritual by blood, you will be able to be affected by the Midnight Man.

          Also the Midnight Game as a ritual might be done by hundreds of people all around the globe, but he only targets one person at a time. So sometimes you might do the ritual... and he might not show up. As he is busy tending to another group of dumbasses who are performing his summoning ritual.


          The Midnight Man has a variety of abilities, each of which makes him absolutely dangerous. These abilities are as follows:

          The Midnight Man is capable of inducing hallucinations in his victims. Hallucinations of which seem and even feel incredibly real. He usually induces hallucinations of his victims greatest fears to keep them busy, distracted, and most importantly. Vulnerable.

          The Midnight Man has the ability to teleport and even become completely invisible. The range on how far he can teleport isn't entirely known, but with how stories and his ritual are done every year all over the world, it's assumed he can teleport anywhere at well. At least when not summoned that is. As when he is summoned he's bound to the location of which the Midnight Game ritual was performed.

          This entity also possesses powerful telekinesis, of which he uses to cause what one would normally think is poltergeist activity (such as sending objects like lamps and books across rooms, knocking over bookshelves, slam doors shut, and even scarier. He can stop someone's heart if he so chooses.)

          He also has the ability to manipulate shadows and darkness to his will, this goes hand in hand with hallucinations as well, but his manipulation of shadows can be more dangerous. As he can actively make an entire room pitch black, as if it looked like there was nothing but an empty void where a room should be.

          The Midnight Man also has the power of persuasion and telepathy. Capable of tricking or forcing others to do what he wants as if they were put under a hypnotic spell, and his telepathy allows him to speak to certain victims (and it is also how he can find a victims deepest fears.)

          Even though he is a entity commonly associated with 'Shadow People', he does have a physical form. Or rather he can make his form physical if he so chooses. Though it's hard to tell when this happens, as sometimes he may look like he's in his physical form, which is just a shadowy man which appears to be wearing a fedora and a trench coat, objects would pass right through him. When he does manifest his physical form however, he is incredibly strong. Capable of lifting a grown man by the neck with one hand with surprising ease, as well as able to quite easily rip through a person's ribcage. Along with this he is immune to most conventional weapons like blades, guns and in turn gunfire. As even when he manifests into his physical form, any bullets or blades just seem to... go through them. Only weapons engraved with special runes, or 'magic' can really hurt him.

          Lastly, and possibly the most threatening. The Midnight Man has control over lesser entities with a threat level of 1-4. Namely control over spiritual beings/creatures. He also can control other 'Shadow Creatures'. However with other shadow beings, it seems as if they listen and do as he says rather than mind control. Which may lead most to assume that he doesn't actually control the minds of other beings, but rather, they are intimidated by him and only do as he says because of his power.

          WARNING! If you pull off the ritual and successfully summon him, and eventually manage to make it to sunrise (which is the true time the Midnight Game is supposed to 'end', instead of the commonly believed 3:33 AM), Do not under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES perform the Midnight Game ritual a 2nd time at any time in the future. For even if you successfully 'beat' the Midnight Game (which is hard, and even if you successfully beat it he will continue to haunt you but unable to harm you) performing the ritual a 2nd time will result in a session of the Midnight Game that is increasingly impossible, as candles or salt will not protect you. No one knows why he gets a power boost towards people who do the ritual a 2nd time, however his 'power boost' ends when sunrise comes or those who are partaking in Midnight Game Round 2 happen to fail.

          In short. If you win Midnight Game round 1 and survive, do not do the Midnight Game 'Round 2' As during round 2 and only during a round 2, the Midnight Man is much more powerful... until Round 2 ends either by the players 'losing', or if they happen to somehow win.


          And remember...

          Even when the game is over, he will always be watching you...
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            Name: Nue

            Threat Level: 5 (Quite dangerous, however they have mellowed out much over the years, settling into a simpler life of trickery for their own amusement)

            Country of Origin: Japan

            Classification: Yokai

            Age: Around 1,000

            Abilities: Originally, it’s abilities extended into shape-shifting, along with the ability to cause illness and possibly death through it’s voice, if it so wishes.

            Such other things include the ability to obscure themselves and other things and even the ability to channel and use lightning as a weapon.

            Original Myth/Backstory: The Nue appears in several stories, but one of it’s main appearances was in the epic “Heike Monogatari”. In the story, it’s cries caused an emperor to fall deathly ill, and they called upon the famous bowman “Minamoto no Yorimasa”, who managed to slay the beast with a hail of arrows.

            However, this is where the myth ends and reality began. The beast was not slain by the hail, only heavily wounded. It asked for mercy, and in return, it would never bother the country again. It could even create a fake body to fool everyone else.

            They agreed to this, and and Nue vanished, and Yorimasa gained the glory of “killing” a nue.

            All stories that followed of it’s corpse were simply caused by sheer paranoia of the thing. The Nue had gone elsewhere, and began far less rash as time went on.

            Nobody exactly knows where it is now, or what it is doing. Thus, the Nue is at it’s full strength.

            Weakness: A Nue’s weakness is that of it’s true nature being known. A nue is said to embody the unknown, and nobody has ever seen it’s true shape, despite what many believe.

            If one does know a Nue’s true form, one may have some power over it, being able to give it commands or orders. Not to say it won’t attempt to kill you later, however.

            Appearance: A Nue is a shapeshifter by nature, and as such, can take many forms, depending on what they desire.

            Although as of more recent, they’ve preferred a more human form as to more easily blend in. Sometimes male, sometimes female. They have taken a liking to some of the more recent depictions of them, including that seen in the “Touhou Project”, and often look at least somewhat similar to it when masquerading among humans.

            Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

            You just discard their guts and keep on driving.



              Nice First Folklore/Urban Legend it's accepted but elaborate who the abilities can and will affect.


              Your Mythological creature is pretty good, accepted.
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                I'll say this. I call dibs on the acutulus flame for my character


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                    Well, since Ifragilis has been taken, I guess I'll go with Sedatus. I'll probably make an app soonish or when it is time.
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                        Shadow People. This so much isn't a single entity, but just an app for a group of creatures/entities.


                        Name of Folklore: Shadow People/Shadow Beings/Shadow Creatures.

                        Type of folklore: Creature

                        Threat Level: The threat level of these entities are 1-6. Some are far more lethal than others, but the majority are kinda weak or tame.

                        Origin/Country of Origin: The origin of these entities is not clear, but they have been around for as long as most older folklores. They are often more popular and well known in the US however which leads people to believe they originated in the US. However sightings of these entities have been reported to places as far as China.


                        Shadow People or 'Shadow Beings' are a group of entities commonly mistaken to be ghosts or some kind of spirit. However that is far from the truth. Shadow Beings are practically a race of their own, however no one knows exactly how these things are born. As sometimes they just... pop into existence seemingly. Shadow Beings have been around for centuries, often as reports of what seems to be shadowy figures that you often see briefly as they dart from one corner of your eye to the other. Almost always trying to remain outside of your peripheral vision. Slowly following you, haunting you, often just to scare you. However some Shadow Beings are seemingly far more sinister. Often inflicting wounds like small bruises and cuts on your body when you sleep. While others such as the reported 'Hat Man', which bears an odd similarity to the Midnight Man in appearance (a shadowy figure wearing a hat like a fedora), have been known to actively assault people during the dead of night via strangulation while their victim suffers from severe sleep paralysis.

                        Some disappearances of children and even adults, but mostly children. Are attributed to these shadow specters. As such Shadow Beings are quite unpredictible, and should not be taken lightly. As there are many different types and single entities part of this 'race' of entities. Some who don't really harm and just scare... while others are far more lethal. They are not however the most dangerous race that exists.

                        Oddly the Midnight Man has some control over lesser ranked Shadow Beings. Namely any Shadow Beings that happen to have a threat level of 1-4. Due to this paranormal researchers have begun to think that the Hat Man, and the Midnight Man are actually the same entity due to their appearance and the fact that both are quite dangerous. However the connections between the two ends there, as no further proof that the Midnight Man and the Hat Man are the same being. The Midnight Man might actually be a Shadow Being himself however, just a far stronger one.

                        Weakness: Shadow Beings aren't spirits, but they aren't like your ordinary creatures however. Due to this no one really knows how to combat or kill Shadow Beings except through magic.

                        HOWEVER. Despite Shadow Beings rather hard to fight, if not kill unless you have magic. You are not entirely defenseless. As they often only EVER attack a victim when the person is absolutely alone, even if a a single shadow being is targeting a family, it often won't attack any of the family members when they are together. Only when they are alone. Shadow Beings also tend to haunt certain locations, such as certain towns or even houses/properties. Shadow Beings also do not attack or come out until the later hours of the day. Namely when the sun begins to set. As such that's when they come out and... 'play'. They also will not target a victim unless said person is in a place with minimal light. Only just enough light to properly cast shadows. Or if the victim is in pitch blackness where a Shadow Being cannot be seen. As such if you think you are in a place, or are being hunted by a shadow being. Try to stay indoors once the sun begins to set and try to have enough light to make it hard for shadows to well... appear. As then they might not have any place to hide. Also it's because Shadow Beings dislike bright lights. As Shadow Beings cannot form or come out in absolute bright lights (like in the middle of the day outside), as such they will always try to hide behind objects that cast shadows or in dark areas. If a Shadow Being is about to attack in any form, you CAN ward one off by shining a flashlight right at them, which will scare and cause them to go hide behind the nearest object and become one with the shadows until you look away. However this is only temporary, and flashlights only work because they briefly make them think of the bright light of the sun. Which is what scares them. Some of the more powerful Shadow Beings however will only fall for this trick a few times, and eventually not fall for the 'shining a flashlight in their face' trick. So use this trick sparingly if you find yourself being chased by one.

                        Shadow Beings also tend to favor targets who experience things like feelings guilt, or have some sort of dark secret about them.

                        Shadow Beings can come in many shapes and forms. Some could look like a simple mass of black ink that darts out of sight. While others might look like the shadow of an actual person, especially the shadow of someone it's victim knows. Or even worse. A Shadow Being might replace it's victim's own shadow. In which case that means you are kinda screwed, as it is a rather powerful shadow being and it won't often leave until it either somehow grows bored, or if it finds a more... suitable target.

                        Shadow Beings not only vary greatly in terms of their appearance, but also in terms of level of power. Some are visibly and more noticeably power. Capable of causing events that are often mistaken for poltergeist activity. Some can actively physically attack people, and some deaths have actually been caused by certain Shadow Beings in more rural areas like your typical small town in the country. Which is where the more powerful Shadow Beings tend to reside and have made their 'territory'. However deaths caused by Shadow Beings tend to often be mistaken for more natural or sensible reasons. Such as animal maulings (such as the result of attacks from the Long Legs shadow being. A shadow being that tends to haunt a different small town every so often, and kills people who are caught alone once the sun begins to set.

                        Most Shadow Beings, despite some being noticeably more dangerous than others, all Shadow Beings tend to have the same abilities.

                        These abilities range from able to move from one location to another in the blink of an eye, like literal blink of an eye. If you could see one from a mile away and it's not hiding, and then you blink. It would be half a mile closer to you. They can also induce nightmares in their victims when their victims are asleep. However the more threatening ones (like 'Long Legs' as mentioned above, the Hat Man, and even the Midnight Man [even though it's not confirmed if he is a shadow being or not], can flat out kill you if you are not careful. But will only do so when you are absolutely alone (and in the Midnight Man's case... when you summon him and lose his ritual which gives him an open invite to practically kill you whenever he wants.)

                        Lastly Shadow Beings tend to reveal what their full forms right before they attack their victims. However most who are attacked by the more powerful ones, don't usually live to tell everyone about it.
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                          @Sustic Alright alright, I like this and how it connects to the midnight man. Weakness needs a bit of a tweak but otherwise accepted.
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                            Oh boy, here we go.

                            Name of Folklore: The “Slender-Man”

                            Type of folklore: Being/Creature

                            Threat Level: 10

                            Origin: The Slender-Man originated from a thread on the Something Awful forums known as “Create Paranormal Images”, where the original creator, Victor Surge put down a couple of photoshops.

                            Later people in the thread ran with it, and it became less of a “Create Paranormal Images” thread and more of a Slender-Man thread. Since then, the idea has spread out, creating web-series, blogs, art, video games and cameos and inspirations seen in pop-culture.

                            The Slenderman is no-longer truly attributed to one person, and has become part of an overarching mythos.

                            Story: The Slender-Man, Slenderman, or Tall Man has no discernable origins, and is a being that has taken many different forms, sizes, and even abilities over the years. To be blunt, nobody knows exactly what it is, or where it came from, though there are several theories.

                            Some of the first recorded records of the being are said to originate from cave paintings, though more artistic depictions later showed up in Germany, where they were referred to as “The Tall Man”.

                            It wasn’t until the 1900s when photography became more prevalent that actual evidence began to show themselves. Common traits include a tall, thin stature, usually in a suit or similar formal attire and always with no face, usually very pale or completely white.

                            Many instances have been seen with them fixating on children, a disturbing proposition for most.

                            Records indicate that victims usually suffer one of two fates when encountering the being.

                            The first is the simplest, and most messy. Many incidents attribute him to impaling victims to trees, letting them bleed out. Several instances of this have found no signs of struggle, and the victim’s organs placed in bags, seemingly without even leaving the body.

                            The second is more eerie. Many victims are known to be stalked passively by the creature, eventually inflicting their intended victim with what is known as “Slender-Sickness”. Causing paranoia, nausea, nose-bleeds, hallucinations, and nightmares, among other things.

                            They apparently do this for a lengthy period of time. Never actually attacking, and it seems their mere presence there can cause just as much harm, if just mentally. They continue to do this until they fall to madness, in which then the Slender-Man takes them.

                            It is unknown what occurs after that.

                            In both cases, after the victim is “disposed of”, property related to the victim, including housing, work-places or even schools usually receive serious cases of arson, in which nothing is left. This only sometimes occurs, and is not a constant.

                            Weakness: Nobody has ever “harmed” the Slender-Man, and many of the reports of those who have been stalked have never actually fought back, which many believe is due to some kind of possible mind altering.

                            There are a few ways to repel the being that have been reported in old Germanic tales.

                            One of which is throwing raw, non-artificial saltpeter at it. Guns or gunpowder has had no effect, however saltpeter has been shown to cause them to warp away for unknown reasons, even if they are in direct sight of you.

                            Another one is simple, although harder. Simply keep as cool-headed as possible and act like they aren’t there. The being almost seems to want you to register it. Ignoring it has proven to be partially effective, although one still may come down with “Slender-Sickness”. If you have already reacted to it previously, this will NOT work.

                            Otherwise, one may simply want to avoid wooded areas or being alone. It prefers to single out victims, even with the smallest opportunities.

                            Other: Abilities vary greatly, but there are a few which are consistently seen.

                            Ability to teleport seemingly anywhere, able to appear in a location they were not mere seconds previous.

                            Their presence appears to cause malfunctions to electronic equipment. Some attribute this to a possible kind of “radiation” the being emits. May also be the cause of “Slender-Sickness”.

                            They can seemingly shift their shape how they wish, including elongating their limbs and clothing alongside being able to emit several tentacle-like appendages from their back.

                            They have been noted to be able to have almost direct mind-controlling effects, especially effective against younger targets. Things can range from simply beckoning them to it, causing thoughts of murder, self-harm, and other such negative things. Other such things can include inducing short-term memory loss where one cannot remember certain periods of time.


                            Name of Folklore: The Rake

                            Type of folklore: Being

                            Threat Level: 7

                            Origin/Country of Origin: Many believe the concept for the creature originated from a /b/ thread on 4chan, however, this is not confirmed. The story itself was posted later on Something Awful.

                            However, nobody knows whether the person who posted it made it specifically for the thread, or pulled it from somewhere else. Meaning the actual author is up for debate. The Rake then got spread about in paranormal sites and thus has since latched into the “creepypasta” mythos.

                            Story: The Rake’s origins are unclear. However it’s appearance is. It is described as a seemingly mutated human-like being, pale, 6-7 feet tall and entirely naked and lacking any form of genitalia.

                            It’s eyes are said to be large, beady and smooth, pure black in colour, no iris or sclera. Of most note are it’s hands, said to possess large scythe-like claws, hence the name “Rake”. While some depictions show it as a wild, feral creature, others have shown it with surprising intelligence, capable of speech.

                            The very first written records start from 1691, a simple journal entry describing how they must return to England, that the Rake took everything and that they shall not return here at it’s request.

                            Later accounts show it able to fatally injure a child in seconds, showing that while it has intelligence, it is quite brutal and deadly and should be considered incredibly hostile. Nobody knows exactly where it came from, but it assumed to have existed on the North American continent since before the settlers arrived.

                            It’s exact motives are unknown, however some accounts are a series of encounters, leading some to believe that it stalks people in a similar vein to the “Slender-Man”, although without the crippling sickness that they can leave. Otherwise, the Rake is a mystery. Some believe they may be connected to the “Slender-Man” in some cases, but there is no confirmation or real proof towards this theory.

                            Weakness: Information on the Rake is incredibly scarce, however it is said that you can lure it away using meat. One can likely do this to appease the creature as a temporary solution.

                            It is unknown if conventional weaponry can affect it, but the option is there in dire straits.

                            Other: Abilities are hard to pinpoint, but the few records have a few things in common.

                            It can appear in rooms that are even locked from the inside, likely due to some kind of teleportation.

                            In the few instances of movement recorded, it has been seen as being incredibly fast, far faster than any normal human.

                            It’s claws are incredibly sharp, able to rip through flesh practically by touch. It is unknown of it’s effects on other materials, but one should be incredibly cautious.

                            Lastly, on a non-ability note, the Rake’s Threat Level is not higher only because of it’s rarity. Records are scarce on the creature, and sightings or attacks are incredibly rare. Because of this, it’s threat is lowered to to it’s low prevalence.
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                            Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                            You just discard their guts and keep on driving.



                              So many pastas, But yeah, I think this would be another good addition to the roster ^^'

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