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Gensokyo V3 Building Meeting!

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    Summary for the 86th Gensokyo v3 Building Meeting 02/20/2021:
    *ctrl+c* *ctrl+v*
    Communication is key, during the breaks we have between these meetings talk to others about projects, work on things etc. etc.
    Pro-tip for terraforming so you're not suffering. Just terraform the area around the place you're porting in. Saves more time, saves more lives.

    During the days between the last building meeting and this one, Kappa Village got worked on. Particularly the shopping district located in the lower half of the village. Before the bottom half of the village was split into 3 different sections. The larger houses, the shopping district, and the factory area. Well it has been changed to only encompass the larger houses (and some small ones) and the shopping district. It was decided that the area below needed more breathing room so the factory area will be near/in the Kappa Mines. So before the building meeting time was spent working on more plots for shops and working on the interior of the shops that have already been made.

    In this building meeting I gave the community the choice to either work on Voile again (since I do want us to work on builds that are still in a state of "barely started WIP") or Kappa Village. And with a vote it was decided we'd work on Kappa Village again.

    Before we started on Kappa Village again Nuclear showed off rooms in the SDM that got updated since he didn't like how they turned out before, those just need to be pasted into NeoGensokyo.

    Iku also showed a concept for the Kappa Mines he made with WE. It's similar to the upcoming 1.17 update caves.

    And finally Purp went down a list of things that needed to be done for the village. Some of the things listed were:
    • Adding industrial-esque lighting to the top of the cave
    • Cleaning up some of the cave terraforming
    • Making more shops
    • Doing interiors for some of the empty builds
    • Making more ways to get to the bottom level via minecarts and elevators
    For now we decided to start laying down the roads for the expanded district. The roads are inspired by streets in Gujo/Hida (2 towns in Gifu prefecture). Here's a couple of references for them. (A , B , C).One of the things that Purp wanted more of was just water in the build. Since the things the Kappa make are powered by it. So in came the idea of the small street canals.

    With that idea, for the rest of the building meeting we started working on those roads, terraforming along the way. There is much to report on after that other than talking about BELK.

    List of builds confirmed for the trailer:
    • Hakurei Shrine (of course)
    • Bits of the Forest of Magic
    • Marisa/Alice/Kourindou
    • The Human Village
    • The SDM
    • Voile's Hisoutensoku Fighting Stage
    • Aki Farm
    • Youkai Mountain
    • The Toad Pond
    • ShikiEiki's Court
    • Eientei
    • Ancient City
    • Spring Path
    • Canal of Willows
    • The Floor of Chireiden (lol)

    Parts of the trailer has been filmed. Thank you for trusting me bc it finally happened. Katrix is trying her best to edit it with her busy schedule, and we have to make sure we have everything for the credits. So in the meantime wait warmly. \o/

    Next building meeting is on March 6th, 2021 4pm EST.