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    [OOC Board] - All the World's a Game - Season II

    The Story

    To some, it was a dream come true. Characters from every video game known to man were walking the Earth, brought into existence by a freak accident caused by Horizon. Confused and disorientated by the new world, the characters were heralded and adored by the many who had guided them on their journeys. They were different, unique, and all had a story to tell. The problem with them did not set in until it was too late.

    Because characters existed in worlds that held different entities and elements, they possessed extraordinary skills, powers, weaponry and technology. A few characters tried to find their niche in a world that had no place for them. Some decided to make their own niche by force, and as a result, they were shunned and villainized. Most characters tried to cope with their new existence, but many could not deal with the fact that their lives and experiences were fabricated.

    In 2042, three years after the horizon incident, the 'Character Problem' reached its climax. Events were put into motion that no higher power could put a stop to, actions that no normal human could ever hope to stop. Japan was the first to fall as the actions of a depraved character created a domino effect, destroying buildings and raising nefarious organizations into the light of day. SCAE, Special Character Apprehension and Elimination, tried to do what they could to stem the tide of incidents that were happening in Japan, London, and other locations around the globe, but as a result of poor funding and little support from the world's governments, they could only perform clean-up operations. Humanity was forced to watch as their world burned before their very eyes.

    However, all hope was not lost. Many characters from different backgrounds and with different moral codes rose up to combat the greater evils that threatened their new home. They did not ask to live on this 'True Earth', but they were not about to watch it get destroyed. The characters fought for themselves, for humanity, and for each other, never giving up no matter the odds. Organizations were pummeled into submission and plots to overthrow governments were routed. Attacks on nations were thwarted, and a link between worlds had been established and strengthened. Even a lumbering monstrosity that threatened to erase all life as we know it was vanquished by groups of unlikely heroes.

    One could say that the world had been saved by the efforts of these vigilante characters. They would be right... But only partially. To most people, the group of characters had caused more damage than what they prevented. Bitterness grew in the hearts of humans, but before they could pick up the torch and pitchfork, the governments stepped in once again. SCAE had returned, strengthened from studying the characters from the sidelines. With the threat of character destruction now prominent in humanity's eye, SCAE was properly funded and backed by the world's governments.

    They set out to arrest characters that caused too much trouble, sometimes outright removing them from existence. They also set out to smooth relations over with characters and humanity, realizing the benefit that they brought to the table. After all, a character was a person, not some object. As a result, many characters joined SCAE's ranks in an effort to do right by the world that had seen too much conflict already.

    Other organizations resurfaced during the months after 'The Devourer Incident', one of which was ACO, or the Anti-Character Organization. Their goals, as far as anyone can tell, were to prevent characters from being used by corrupt leaders and questionable organizations by any means necessary, even if that meant outright killing them. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees, as it was said.

    And yet another unnamed organization had appeared over the past few months, simply referred to as 'The Organization'. Their goals and motives are unknown, but it can be safe to say that they have humanity's best interests in mind. Given their terrorist attacks on characters, it would appear that their idea of 'humanity's best interests' is quite skewed.

    But enough talk. Whispers of a character uprising, the threat of The Organization, SCAE's questionable benefactors, and ACO's agenda have been heard on the wind. Many ask if these are just rumors, and many still hope this is so. The last bout of incidents have tested the waters between characters and humans, and no-one wants to have a repeat of Japan or London. But yet, no-one can deny that sliver of doubt ever-present in their lives. Something will happen to the world, and it will be the actions of a select few characters that will bring about the tremors of change.

    The question is, will it be you who causes this change? By your actions, whether to survive, thrive, or fit in with this 'True World', will you bring about change the likes of which none have ever seen? Will you aspire to do good in this world and protect it from those who wish to do it harm, or will you banish the humans beneath your heel for trying to control you? Will you join SCAE as a peacekeeper, put a stop to the Organization and others like it, or will you raise one of your own and bring havoc with you wherever you go?

    The choice is yours. You are the player, the character, the hero, the villain. You are who you want to be, and in this world, anything goes. Now, choose your character. Press start. Play.
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    [I'm taking charge of editing things, hence why you see this in my post now]

    Rules - FAQ

    1. [CC5 EDIT x3] Everyone must have at least 1 "main" character that is from a Video Game. There is no Character Limit because...uh...Logic.

    2. If you address another character, make sure to notify who is speaking by following this format:
    [COLOR="#000000"][b][Location] - [Time of day (Dawn, Day, Dusk, or Night.)][/b]
    All areas progress at the same rate of time. Everything will be based on Japan since it went first.
    Use this site for time of day
    [CC5 EDIT] Location Tag is Mandatory for all IC posts. NO EXCEPTIONS.

    3. Absolutely no racism, no argumentative drama, and no negativity toward others. These won't be allowed. A little romance is fine, arguments between the characters and not the users is okay, and jokes displayed from characters will be accepted.

    4. Do not overpower your character. There are some who are godly, but this is an RP so make it as fair as possible. It doesn't limit your choice; just don't make your character invincible, as every meaningful character must be flawed. [CC5 EDIT] Abilities of a character will be subject to peer review by all other participants.

    5. Do not take control of other player characters unless they have given you permission to do so. You may be ready to take a giant leap forward in the RP, but your partners might not be.

    6. If you wish to discuss the RP or to debate on an action with a few other players, please do it in the OOC board. OOC debates in the IC thread is not recommended, so bring it here. Also, prattle such as greetings, what you did over the weekend, and general questions of wellbeing if they are not pertinent to the RP should be taken to the group chat here The RP Group
    [CC5 EDIT]
    Or here RP General Discussion

    7. If something doesn't go your way or you feel that something is unfair, please notify one of the Game Masters. This includes things like if you wish to change your character or if you want your recent one die off.

    8. By contributing to this RP with your application, you agree to be active enough to reply in a timely manner.

    9. Your character must originate from a videogame, not a comicbook, movie, or book that received a videogame. If I see that you picked Alice from the Resident Evil movies, I will find you. [CC5 EDIT] Due to the nature of the Organizations and thus the central plot, disposable Original Characters can be had. Their abilities will be however scrutinized as is stated in rule 4.

    10. Rules are subject to change at any time.

    [CC5 Amendments]

    11. In order for an Application to be accepted, the community shall peer review them. Once at least 3 different opinions (Meaning the applicant cannot give an opinion on their own apps) for that application have been made, and those three opinions give the "OK," Then the App will be accepted. If the opinions do not give the go ahead, then changes must be made to the application.
    - Cucoo5, Katrix, and Mima shall have "last resort" final say if there is any discrepancies that cannot be resolved. [CC5 EDIT] I doubt things will ever come to such an extreme where this "Last Resort" clause would be used...but it's here as a "just in case"

    12. Legacy Characters from Season I will need an application, but they will be accepted by default.

    13. This amendment applies to Rule 1 | True Disposable characters do not need a complex Application. Basics such as a name, appearance, and basic personality will suffice.

    14. This amendment applies to Rule 11 | Rule 11 will only be used if there is doubt about a concept in an application. Anyone of Legacy status (That have been a part of Season I) and that is not the applicant that reviews the app and feels it is perfect as is can approve it. Any approvals done this way must be PMed to me with a link to the application post so that it can be added to the list.

    15. Please be courteous to less active users and those in different time zones.
    Use the RP General Discussion Thread for general discussions not pertaining to the IC or OP of the OOC.
    Only discussions directly pertaining to the IC or OP of the OOC can be held in the OOC.
    Again, this is a courtesy rule for less active users.

    16. This applies to Rule 7. | A user that does not post in the IC in 7 days, regardless of posts in OOC, will earn a "slowpoke" strike on their record. If the user does not post in either IC or OOC in 28 days of their last IC post, then they earn an "Inactive" strike on their record.
    Strikes reset after a post in the IC.
    After either 4 consecutive "slowpoke" strikes or 1 "Inactive" strike, then the characters controlled by the user will be available to be controlled by users affected by the inactivity of the offending user. after 8 "slowpoke" strikes or 2 "Inactive Strikes, then the characters can be claimed by other users.
    However, if the offending user of Rule 7 declares they will be inactive, then strikes will not be accumulated for the duration declared.

    17. This is an additional clause for Rule 12 | ALL characters need a form of application before use.
    However, the application does not need to be posted here immediately if seeking a desired "surprise" effect. If seeking this, PM the Application to the GMs for review.
    Only after acceptance can a character be used.

    Application Information

    Please follow the guidelines for applications below. There should be genuine effort put into your applications before you post them into the thread. Remember, pick a character you will enjoy playing as.

    [COLOR="#000000"][b]Name:[/b] ((Your username so people can recognize who is playing as who/what.))
    [b]Timezone:[/b] ((To avoid inactivity, and to set up groups, I will need to know this.))
    [b]NPC Character of Choice:[/b] ((The character you are going as, can be a male, female, or sentient creature.))
    [b]Game of Origin:[/b] ((What game did this character first appear in?))
    [b]Power:[/b] ((What can they do or what abilities do they possess?))
    [b]Weapons:[/b] ((Do they carry any gadgets, swords, guns, or anything that they use in combat? You will not use them all, so do not think you can.))
    [b]Weaknesses:[/b] ((What makes them fragile or causes them to be at a disadvantage?))
    [b]Appearance:[/b] ((What do they look like? Be very descriptive. You will also have to post a picture of them ether with a link or post it on your Character Sheet so everyone knows how they look.))
    [b]Personality:[/b] ((How are they like? Do they behave in a certain way or like doing particular activities? When you RP as one, you don't have to act just like they would in the game, but don't make them totally different from how they really are. However, you can develop the character!))
    [b]Morality:[/b] ((Lawful Good? Chaotic Evil? True Neutral? What kind of person are they?))
    [b]Biography:[/b] ((What is their history like? How did they come to be of what they are today? Anything that involves their past or what they do for a living.))
    [b]Traumas:[/b] ((Anything they fear most? What causes them to have a flashback and remember a horrible event that chills them?))
    [b]Notes:[/b] ((This is where you let us know how you feel about the RP or your Schedule. If you are busy during certain hours or anything that is useful to our RP, put it down. Also, anything else you want us to know about your character you can put in too. It's pretty much whatever you'd like us to know about you or the character.))[/COLOR][/ spoiler]

    Accepted Applicants

    | Player Name | Character Name | Game of Origin | Time Zone |

    These Players' Characters have been approved and their applications have been added to the archives


    Cucoo5 - Time Zone: (GMT -05:00)

    Robin - Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Morgan - Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Link - Legend of Zelda

    Eleos Mithras - OC

    Nero - OC

    Lisa - Phantasy Star Online 2

    Shulk - Xenoblade Chronicles

    Monado - Xenoblade Chronicles

    Alvis - Xenoblade Chronicles

    Klaus - Xenoblade Chronicles

    Meyneth - Xenoblade Chronicles

    Lady Palutena - Kid Icarus

    Edward Kenway - Assassin's Creed IV

    S121 - Time Zone: (GMT −07:00)

    John-117 - Halo

    Isaac Clarke - Dead Space

    Spartan-B312 "Noble Six" (A.K.A. "Six") - Halo

    Lily-223 - OC

    Jack-728 - OC

    Daniel-636 - OC

    Dr. Neuman - Halo

    Dr. Catherine Elizabeth Halsey - Halo

    Takoizu Yakumo - OC

    SUSTIC - Time Zone: (GMT - 05:00)

    Raven - Elsword

    Elsword - Elsword

    Chung - Elsword

    Rena - Elsword

    Ara Haan - Elsword

    Lord of Pain Valak - Elsword

    Pit - Kid Icarus

    Shadow the Hedgehog - Sonic the Hedgehog

    Knuckles the Echidna - Sonic the Hedgehog

    Mima - Time Zone: (???)

    Koishi Komeiji - Touhou

    Auditor - Madness Combat

    Lords of Hell - Diablo

    Malthael - Diablo

    The Huntress - Rise of Rain

    Kristia - Time Zone: (GMT -06:00)

    Renamon - Digimon Rumble Arena

    Nera - [Lucario] Pokémon

    Midna - Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

    Katrix - Time Zone: (GMT +01:00)

    Organization XIII - Kingdom Hearts
    - Xehanort
    - Young Xehanort
    - Ansem SoD
    - Xemnas
    - Xigbar
    - Saïx

    - Riku Replica
    - Terranort
    - Aquanort

    - John Replica - OC

    - No Heart
    - Another
    - Luxord

    Ansem the Wise "DiZ" - Kingdom Hearts

    Riku-Ansem - Kingdom Hearts

    Eraqus - Kingdom Hearts

    Xion - Kingdom Hearts

    Mickey Mouse - Kingdom Hearts

    TRXD - Time Zone: (GMT +0)

    Cole MacGrath - infamous

    Flandre Scarlet - Touhou

    The CosmoNOTs - Contact

    NeoFox - Time Zone: (GMT -05:00)

    Mega Man X - Mega Man X

    Axl - Mega Man X

    Zero - Mega Man X

    Alia - Mega Man X

    Layer - Mega Man X

    Pallette - Mega Man X

    Phantom - Mega Man X

    Chris - Resident Evil

    Wonderweiss - Time Zone: (GMT -05:00)

    Otori Inozuka - OC

    Jason Brody - Far Cry 3

    Vaas Montenegro - Far Cry 3

    - Time Zone: (???)

    Yukari - Touhou

    Yuuka - Touhou

    Medicine - Touhou [Temporary]

    Vi - League of Legends

    Jinx - League of Legends

    Annie - League of Legends

    Chaos_Grand - Time Zone: (GMT -05:00)

    Richter Belmont - Castlevania

    Zarem - Time Zone: (GMT +01:00)


    Pending Applications

    This is more for cases when something needs action by someone of the community before an app can be put through. Rare cases.

    Relation/connection Chart

    Here shall be the massive web of all characters and their interactions.

    To help me keep this updated and accurate, please PM me the relation/connection change in this simple format
    [Character 1] {Relationship/connection with} [Character 2]
    This helps me in the long run.
    [UPDATED: 11/27]

    *Click for full Size*

    Summary Section

    This shall be the place in which we compile little summaries of what's happening in the RP.
    Everyone participating shall help with this.
    All you need to do is after a few posts and some significant events, sum em up and post them in the group chats. That way everyone that was a part of that section can give input and everyone's summaries can be compiled so that it can be posted here.

    Use this:

    Spoiler: From the Document - 12/9/13

    Japan - Gensokyo

    John have been enjoying his life in gensokyo. He trains every day for the battle against the Auditor. Hp tells John that the Auditor is preparing for war. John talked with Hank about The Auditor, and afterwards, Hank referred John to Jesus. Jesus told John about Project Nexus and the MAG Agants' origins. Jesus then took John in his car and is now driving John to a research center, where he will get a weapon called the "Electrocannon", a high-powered weapon that uses improbability energy, to used it against The Auditor. John travels to a place to get this Electrocannon.

    Renamon and Nera goes around seeing id the revival had any mishaps anywhere. They decide to help Yuuka get her power back.

    US - California

    Isaac finished working on his first turret, but ran out of materials. After talking with Lujuria, Isaac flew off to the superstore, but was halted by Wrath. Wrath talked with him, and Isaac was able to continue to the store. Once he got there and was half-way done with shopping, Rena bumped into his cart and after introducing herself, she decided to help him gather some supplies. Suddenly, the superstore got asttacked by a gang of thugs, and after Isaac and Rena fought them, they retreated, but not before unleashing The Crow Riders, robots from Elsword. Isaac and Rena then defeats them, but time reverts back a few hours. After a couple minutes, Rena said she was going to be late, so she is now sprinting home with wind magic. Isaac finished his shopping and is now flying through the city and back home with a chainsaw and a bunch of Silicon Carbide injection canisters.

    US - Washington D.C.

    Morgan, after returning to her apartment after some shopping, calls Pit about Christmas plans.

    Pit answers the phone in their apartment and also gets excited when Morgan tells him that Christmas Eve is tomorrow, he then runs to find Lady Palutena.

    Europe - London

    After Lily, Raven, and Elsword had a long conversation, they then arrived at Prometheus Labs.

    Chung and Elsword finally have a reunion at Prometheus Labs.

    Lily brought Elsword to one of the security offices and helped him get registered for basic clearance for Prometheus Labs, so that he could enter the building without escort and would be allowed to use some of their facilities.

    Russia - The Castle That Never Was

    Cole has been in Organization XIII’s prison for some time. He is used in an experiment to gather information relating to his powers and the Raysphere (a device that granted Cole his powers). Cole promptly escapes and fights two of Organization XIII’s members, Xigbar and Saïx. During the fight, a tremor caused by Saïx causes another subject of the organisation to break free, Flandre Scarlet. Cole and Flandre successfully defeated both Xigbar and Saïx, and are now fighting 27 nobodies.


    Midna arrives at Lon Lon Ranch

    Link is fishing at the fishing pond in Lake Hylia area

    Organizations' Descriptions and Members

    Anti Character Organization


    PALADIN division:


    Maxwell Schofer
    Leader - [S121]

    The head scientist of research and development for PALADIN.
    His origins are unknown. [CC5 EDIT: I'll get on a separate App for him...]

    WRAITH division:

    The highest ranking marksman that the organization has.

    Tactician for the entire WRAITH division

    ACO WRAITH Agents
    Male or Female Agents that carry out basic functions of ACO WRAITH.

    Special Character Apprehension and Elimination



    Standard hired Game Character Agent

    Standard hired Game Character Agent

    Maverick Hunters
    Video Game Organization originating from the Mega Man X universe


    Leader of the Maverick Hunters. Is a non combat Reploid that specializes in politics, and developing strategies. Has an incredibly precise CPU.

    Same ranking as X if not slightly higher.

    high ranking, right below Signas the leader of the Maverick Hunters.

    Head Navigator

    Head Navigator

    Head Navigator

    Head Engineer and mechanic of the Maverick Hunters.

    Current time in the IC

    90-180 E: DUSK - Dec 24
    0-90 E: DAY - Dec 24
    90 W-0: DAWN - Dec 24
    180-90 W: NIGHT - Dec 23

    This map has longitude measure on the bottom.
    In order to determine the generic time description, do the following
    divide the world in 4ths by the 90 degree intervals. the most prevalent section of the map is the time for the entire quarter.

    Rough draft of Timeline section


    Originally posted by WriggleRid3r View Post
    Potential Arc involving any of my characters

    - "Twist of Fated Boundaries"
    > Summary: You know, I don't.
    > Timeline: You know, I don't.

    - Soul Retrieval Arc
    > Summary: To prevent Yuuka from being disintegrating and toppling the power balance of Gensokyo, John and his allies go on a hunt for Yuuka's lost soul in the land of

    > Timeline: Right now.
    > Other Associated RPers: Pringles, Krispia, Cuckoo, Wondurr

    - The Hunt is On
    > Summary: Jinx is causing uproar in her realm and has created a sort of underworld black market empire. It is up to Vi to crack her down as the Enforcer... but not as the Piltover Enforcer, but as the World Enforcer.
    > Timeline: After New Years.
    > Other Associated RPer: TRXD, and maybe others as the story unfolds itself.

    - Return of the Old Villain
    > Summary: Neo-Yakuza is back, and now better... worse... than ever with their newest scheme. What is this scheme? No one but the head of Neo-Yakuza knows... but one thing is for certain. If the plan succeeds, Neo-Yakuza will once again plummet the world in darkness.
    > Timeline: Probably after everything is done.
    > Other Associated RPer: Wondurr

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      Sounds like something I might join in on.
      Question: As someone who has been reading a bit of All the World's a Game, do I need to know the majority of what had happened in Season 1? Because I don't want to read 1000+ pages worth of RP if I wish to join in Season 2.
      Also, I'm a complete RP newb so if I fuck up badly in this (if I do partake), you'll know. Mostly because I won't know a thing... Is it alright for a newb to join or am I required to have experience in this?
      With that aside, is it ok for me to join? Proper application will be made later.
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        If you read the summary at the beginning, you have everything you need to know. Trust me.

        Also I'll send an invite to ya so you can join the Group we use for more of the Misc. Discussions

        Don't worry, I was an RP nub too. Then I figured out how to use my strengths of writing to make do.

        EDIT: Ya, everything you need to know is in that OP. Read it through thoroughly and you'll know what you mainly need to in order to start fresh.

        @ Major

        I'm certain you copied and pasted the Season I's OOC's Rules and such.
        But once you read my PM you'll see why there's a slight issue at hand...
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          Me and my procrastination... -_-;

          I'll get my apps in soon...
          Originally posted by S121
          Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


            Aye...and to illustrate why there's a problem...

            Conspiracies that took place in Season I...

            Name: Cucoo5

            Timezone: EST (GMT -5)

            NPC Character of Choice: Robin (aka Avatar, the character you take the role of, default name is Robin so...)

            Game of Origin: Fire Emblem: Awakening

            Power: Wields various "offensive type" magic (Fire, Lightning, wind. No dark magic...
            even though he seems to have something like dark magice due to his being a part of Grima
            ) Also has an incredible ability to "read" opponents, knowing strengths and weaknesses and moods even.

            Weapons: Tomes and Swords

            Weaknesses: Grima.
            and the fact that Validar did have an ability (most likely through Grima's power) to manipulate him.

            Appearance: even though it can be changed in game, I'll just stick with the default.

            Personality: (As from Wiki)

            The Avatar's history is shrouded in mystery, making them the army's greatest enigma. Despite this, the Avatar's skill in war tactics is unparalleled, allowing them to guide Chrom's army to victory over opposing forces greater in number and possibly even experience. They are highly ingenuitive, creating strategies on the fly and even creating new war tactics out of pure inspiration. Because of their strategic mind, the Avatar is highly perceptive of the army's feelings and can figure out the source of most people's inner turmoils in a matter of a few important conversations. Tiki notes that they are similar to Marth due to their charismatic nature and ability to befriend everyone they meet. They firmly believe in the concept of forming bonds within the army, believing that these bonds make them stronger than if they were to fight separately. After learning of their heritage, the Avatar faces a bit of inner turmoil themselves, but depending on the Avatar's choices, the Avatar finds their own solutions to their problems.

            Morality: *see personality

            Biography: Giant freaking spoilers. Non-spoiler version In short: he has no memory of his past, but he comes to terms with what he is.
            In the original timeline, after the Avatar and Chrom defeat Validar at the Dragon's Table, the Avatar becomes possessed by Grima and kills Chrom. The Avatar's conscience is completely taken over by Grima, who uses their life force to reawaken his dragon form. When Lucina attempts to escape to the past, Grima follows her to the past in the now dead future Avatar's body. Upon returning to the present, Grima tried to fill the present Avatar with his memories; however the Avatar's Heart of Grima was not strong enough to retain the memories, and this resulted in the Avatar's amnesia. However, the Avatar is occasionally flashed with their future version's memories from time to time, resulting in migraines.

            At the beginning of the game, the Avatar is lying unconscious on the roadside, when they are rescued by Chrom's Shepherds. Despite losing their memory, the Avatar has great knowledge of fighting battles and serves as the vigilantes' tactician. Leading Chrom and the Shepherds through a long campaign to protect Ylisse from the Plegia, the Avatar becomes Chrom's trusted advisor for war and ultimately leads to Chrom's victory over Gangrel.

            Two years after Gangrel's defeat, Valm intends to invade Ylisse. Chrom and the Avatar decide to talk to the new king of Plegia who is none other than Validar, whom was slain in Emmeryn's assassination attempt. Validar also introduces his hierophant, who looks exactly like the Avatar, and even introduces themselves by the same name. Nevertheless, Validar gives Chrom and the Avatar the necessary provisions to go to war. Later that night, a voice calls to the Avatar. Validar appears and reveals that the Avatar is his child, but flees once Chrom appears. The Avatar shakes off this event as a Risen ambush attacks Chrom's army. After nearly fending off all the Risen, one manages to warp in behind Chrom, but Marth suddenly enters the battlefield and saves him. After Marth reveals that she is Lucina, she shares a moment with Chrom, the Avatar and Lissa where she tells them about the future which she came from: a future where everyone in the army dies. If Lucina is the daughter of the Avatar, Lucina will share a tender reunion with her. Despite this new development, Chrom and the Avatar prepare to travel across Valm to stop Walhart. Occasionally the Avatar is stricken with migraines, but they ignore these headaches and focuses on their goal. After a long campaign, the Avatar leads Chrom's army to victory over Walhart and the Valmese forces.

            After taking down Walhart, Chrom and the Avatar receive news that Validar is going to give them the final gemstone for the Fire Emblem, but Validar betrays Chrom and tries to take the Fire Emblem from Chrom. The Avatar, Chrom, and Lucina attempt to flee the castle, but right when they are about to escape, Validar warps in and attacks Chrom. Validar orders the Avatar to take the Fire Emblem from Chrom, which they do against their will, and gives it to Validar, who disappears after taking the Emblem. Later, Lucina decides to talk to the Avatar privately. After watching Validar control the Avatar, she deduces that the Avatar killed Chrom against their will. Lucina reluctantly decides to kill the Avatar to prevent this from happening. However, just as she is about to do this, Chrom stops her and tells her to trust in the bonds of the army, which she complies. Alternatively, if Lucina is married to the male Avatar, regardless of his choice, she will not go through with it after he tells her to find someone to keep her happy when he's gone. If the Avatar is her mother, Lucina is conflicted and cannot bring herself to kill her own mother.

            The Avatar tells Chrom that if they are controlled yet again, Chrom must kill them before they kill anyone else, which Chrom reluctantly agrees to. Upon reaching Validar at The Dragon's Table, Validar reveals that the Avatar was born to be the vessel for the Fell Dragon Grima because the Avatar possesses the Heart of Grima. The Avatar bears the mark of Grima on their right hand, a symbol of their role as Grima's vessel. However the Avatar's mother, a former member of the cult, the Grimleal, smuggled themselves out of Plegia and raised the Avatar away from Validar and the cult for the safety of her child. After defeating Validar, it appears that the Avatar is "possessed" by Grima yet again and "kills" Chrom. However this is a ruse, revealing that due to a Premonition, they knew what was going to happen, so they prepared countermeasures to prevent this. The Avatar also did not really kill Chrom, but managed to pull back their power to prevent damage. The duo proceeds to take down Validar.

            After the battle a mysterious black figure warps in and takes on the appearance of the Avatar. They explain that they are the future version of the Avatar where Lucina came from. The Avatar refuses to become Grima's vessel, but Grima decides that it is not necessary, since he can perform the ritual again in his current body and proceeds to awaken his dragon-god form. As Chrom and Lucina flee the building, the Avatar quickly seizes the Emblem themselves from Validar's corpse. With the Emblem in hand, they depart to Mount Prism in order for Chrom to complete the Awakening Ritual to finish off Grima once and for all. Chrom completes the trial and unlocks the true power of the Falchion. Naga speaks to Chrom and the Avatar. She tells them that if Chrom deals the finishing blow to Grima, he will not be killed, but be put back into a deep slumber. However, if Grima "destroys himself," he can be fully destroyed. Naga points them to Origin Peak to meet Grima. Upon arriving at the peak, the Avatar realizes that, since they were meant to be Grima's vessel, they have the power to slay him. However, Naga warns them that if they do that, they will perish, too, since their heart is connected to Grima's. Chrom refuses to let the Avatar sacrifice themselves, but the Avatar still considers going through it.

            Chrom's army gets onto Grima's back, but are instantly struck by a spell that severely weakens the army. Grima gives the Avatar the choice to take the power of Grima or perish. Regardless of their choice, Grima pulls the Avatar into a dark void and tells them after merging that he will kill Chrom's army and severely weakens the Avatar. Out of ideas and hope, the Avatar lies in despair. However, a sound pierces the darkness: the voices of Chrom's army, telling the to stand back up and fight. The Avatar breaks free from the void and Naga fully heals the army to proceed to face Grima.

            Two endings will occur based on the Avatar's choice: slay Grima with their own hand or let Chrom finish Grima. If the Avatar lets Chrom finish Grima, Grima goes back into a deep slumber, only to awaken at a later time in the distant future. The Avatar feels guilty whether they should have sacrificed themselves, but Chrom denies it by saying that everyone agreed with the Avatar's choice. In the end, with Grima asleep, the world is safe for the time being. Chrom assures the Avatar that they belong to them, not to Grima and that their future descendants will be able to seal Grima, just like they did. The Avatar still feels guilty, but their family, if they are married, will reassure them of their choice.

            If the Avatar decides to slay Grima, after killing Grima, the Avatar's body begins to disappear. The Avatar shares their last words to Chrom about their friends and comrades, thanking them for their time together and hoping that they will meet again. Everyone is saddened by the Avatar's sacrifice, but Chrom gives them hope by saying that the Avatar is not dead and will return, as Naga told them that the Avatar can return if their bonds and beliefs are strong enough. Chrom and Lissa decide to look for the Avatar while the others continue to rebuild their countries and wait for the Avatar's return. In the epilogue, the Avatar is back in the same grass field where they were found asleep by Chrom and Lissa. As Chrom helps the Avatar get up to their feet, the Mark of Grima no longer appears on their hand, meaning that they're no longer connected to Grima. Chrom welcomes the Avatar back by saying that their ordeal is now over.

            For many years afterwards, many historians, poets, and bards did their best to recount the Avatar's deeds, though the Avatar's history and personality was generally inconsistent in these stories. If the Avatar is married though, the only thing shared among these stories is the Avatar's love for their spouse.

            Traumas: Grima. *see bio and prepare for spoilers* Non-spoiler summary: His struggles with helping Chrom and his army succeed against Grima and the Risen make him face his true self.

            Notes: I need help with trying to set an "upper limit" to his magic. It's freakishly powerful so I would do everything I can to limit it but...It's just powerful. I mean...considering what he really is and the fact Thoron is OP and well...just everything about Fire Emblem magic. The only good thing is that he can't use healing magic, just different forms of offense magic.

            NPC Character of Choice: Morgan (Female version)

            Game of Origin: Fire Emblem: Awakening

            Power: Wields various "offensive type" magic (Fire, Lightning, wind. Can have a skill that allows for dark magic. Also has an incredible ability to "read" opponents, knowing strengths and weaknesses and moods even at a glance.

            Weapons: Tomes and Swords

            Weaknesses: Grima + Mortal, Unlike Robin's case of being able to tie into Grima.

            Appearance: Change hair to green

            Personality: (As from Wiki)

            Morgan is similar to the Avatar, having amnesia when they are introduced, though they remember the Avatar at least and their goal of becoming a tactician like they are. Morgan has a childish enthusiasm and is quick to play with others. They have a certain level of innocence and have an optimistic outlook of life, willing to see everything good about the world rather than the bad. Despite this though, they have their own insecurities regarding their memories. They express distress over the fact that they cannot remember their other parent and nearly every other memory that is not related to the Avatar. Nevertheless, they love their other parent and their siblings if they have any. Morgan moves around the most out of anyone in the army. Their birthday is May 5th.


            Morgan is similar to the Avatar as their origins are a mystery. What is known is that Morgan is the future child of the Avatar who traveled to the past. Because of the Avatar's ability to marry all characters including the other future children, it is speculated that Morgan is a child from another timeline. However the possibility lies that Morgan hails from the same ruinous future as the other children through supports with their siblings who remember Morgan, but mostly in this case alone. Regardless of their origins, Morgan was apparently accompanying a much older Avatar, but somehow was caught in the flow of time and was transported into the past. Morgan awoke alone in a grass field just like the Avatar, but has lost most of their memory. Since then, Morgan traveled the world hoping to reunite with the Avatar.

            In Morgan's paralogue, Morgan eventually arrives in the Ruins of Time. Alone, Morgan is attacked by Risen. Luckily, The Avatar, Chrom, and Chrom's army arrive to the Ruins of Time in search of the legendary Naga's Tear. Morgan and the Avatar eventually meet and talk. Though Morgan is confused by the Avatar's younger appearance they are happy to be reunited and joins Chrom's army. After leaving the ruins, Morgan is shocked to learn about the future and the fact that they time-traveled. Morgan shows distress for the fact that they cannot remember anything else aside from their memories of the Avatar and the fact that they are trying to become a great tactician like them. Nevertheless they take joy in knowing that they will be with the Avatar more closely now, eager to learn from them firsthand.

            After the war, Morgan would never recover their memories; however, they were not troubled by this. Scholars would speculate that they came from a different timeline from the other children.

            In Morgan's support with the Avatar, they spend much of their time trying to outwit them in various ways. The Avatar, however, effortlessly dodges a pitfall they made and found the book Morgan was trying to hide from them in a matter of seconds. Finally Morgan is defeated by the Avatar in a game of strategic wits, but once the Avatar is alone, they realize that Morgan nearly beat them and decides to study harder to stay ahead and motivate Morgan. In Morgan's support with their other parent, they spend most of the time desperately trying to remember from staring intensely into their face and to the point of bashing their head into a wooden post, hoping the impact would jog their memories. They finally do remember a small memory of an older version of them calling Morgan by name. Morgan's other parent promises to continue to help them recover their memory in any way possible.

            In the future where the children came from, Morgan was present if they have a sibling. Female Morgan's sibling supports involve her asking her sibling about anything she did in the future. Her sibling, in return, worries about her drastic attempts to recover her memories because she was their only family once their parents died. In their final support, her sibling tells her that it is probably better not to remember the future because of the horrible memories it may bring. Morgan is thankful for their concern but still wishes to remember everything because even if there are bad memories, there are good ones too. Her sibling offers to help in anyway they can, but tells Morgan to spend some time with them because she needs to make new memories while trying to recover her old ones.

            Morgan is part of the Justice Cabal along with Cynthia and Owain.

            Traumas: Grima. Loss of memory.

            NPC Character of Choice: Link

            Game of Origin: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

            Power: the power of the Triforce of Courage, the Master Sword, the Ocarina of Time, and Hylian magic.

            Weapons: his inventory from Ocarina of Time along with any different items from Majora’s Mask


            Inventory (part 1)

            Ocarina of Time

            Hero's Bow (Arrows x50)
            Fire Arrow

            Ice Arrow

            Light Arrow

            Bombs (x40)

            Bombchu (x40)

            Deku Sticks (x30)

            Deku Nuts (x40)

            Magic Beans (x20)


            Fairy Slingshot (ammo x50)

            Megaton Hammer

            Powder Keg (x1)


            Lens of Truth

            Hookshot (Longshot range)

            Bottles (×6)

            Inventory (Part 2)

            Bottle Items

            Lon Lon Milk




            Blue Fire

            Poe Souls


            Shard of Agony

            Gerudo Token

            Giant's Wallet

            Biggest Quiver

            Biggest Bomb Bag

            Bullet Bag (biggest)

            Golden Scale

            Golden Gauntlets

            Hover Boots

            Iron Boots

            Kokiri Boots

            Kokiri Tunic

            Goron Tunic

            Zora Tunic

            Hylian Shield

            Mirror Shield

            Master Sword

            Biggoron Sword

            Great Fairy's Sword


            (All Happy Masks + the 4 transformation masks [including fierce deity])


            Din's Fire

            Farore's Wind

            Nayru's Love


            Zelda's Lullaby - (Effect to be determined)

            Epona's Song

            Saria's Song - (Additional Effect to be determined)

            Song of Storms

            Sun's Song - Sun effect only, does not progress night and day.

            Song of Time - OoT Effect only

            Inverted Song of Time - (Effect to be determined)

            Song of Double Time - (Effect to be determined)

            Song of Healing - Standard effect (additional to be determined)

            Song of Soaring - TBD

            Sonata of Awakening - Standard effect

            Goron Lullaby - Standard effect

            New Wave Bossa Nova - Standard effect

            Elegy of Emptiness - Ben Drowned Standard effect

            Oath to Order - TBD

            *Warp songs - To be determined*

            To Obtain as the RP progresses

            Fire Rod (ALBW Version, Upgraded)

            Ice Rod (ALBW Version, Upgraded)

            Tornado Rod (Upgraded)

            Sand Rod (ALBW Version, Upgraded)

            Weaknesses: mortal weaknesses, however, thanks to magic spells, he is able to resist most attacks.


            Personality: steadfast and brave. He will do all in his power to aid those in need and will stand in the face of danger.

            Morality: heroic justice

            Biography: As the Hero of Time, Link protected the sacred realm from Ganondorf by traveling through time itself. After being successful in his quest, he returns to his childhood time to ultimately stop Ganondorf from entering the sacred realm thus preventing the adult timeline. Then, he went in search of Navi, and found himself tricked into going to Termina. There, he stopped Majora’s Mask from destroying Termina, if not, the world.
            After this, he returned home…
            However…Something happened…

            Notes: I will have Link talk in Hylian. There is a high probability I might forget to keep the original text and then we won’t have what he says…
            To be honest, I won’t matter much. His actions shall speak louder than words.

            Original Character:
            Eleos "Gunner" Mithras

            A highly trained elite marksman. He was an assassin part of an operation known as "Reaper's Call."

            - Dual modified revolvers (S&W 500 Magnum) (.50 AE)
            - Modified bolt-action sniper rifle
            - Dual Semi-automatic modified hand gun w/ Fully automatic switch (FN Five Seven)
            - C4 (Timer and remote detonator)
            - Flash mines/land mines
            - Grenades
            - Napalm/Incendiary Bullets
            - String and Rope
            - Grapple Hook

            He would have a bag like a messenger bag with the explosives. His belt has ammo clips for his automatics and the usual bandolier for his revolvers and sniper. He also has two pouches with incendiary/Napalm rounds and other special bullets for specific missions.

            Explosive count...
            he would have
            C-4 x 8
            Frag Grenades x 3
            Flash Grenades x 2
            EMP Grenades x 2

            Ammo count...
            I would need to work this out but for now:
            Automatic x 200 (in prepared clips of 20 each so 10 clips)
            Revolvers x 75
            Sniper (Normal) x 100 (Railgun) x 5
            Special Bullets x 10 (dependent on mission)

            For more specifics on his sniper
            It's a bolt action 0.50 Cal
            capable of being loaded with 5 bullets at a time (no clip)
            and he modified it to utilize armor piercing rounds as well as "normal" bullets.

            Ok so his hand gun would be a modified FN Five Seven then (And I'd probably leave it as semi-automatic with a switch for going fully automatic cause I just realized, he's used to single fire with bolt action sniper and revolvers...)
            And the Revolvers would be using the 0.50 AE
            Weaknesses: Women (Though when he's aiming to kill, he won't hesitate.)

            (Going to use this as the closest match to what I had in mind)

            - messy dark brown/black hair underneath his Fedora.
            - Sharp-green eyes.
            - dark brown coat and ragged pants with chain links and gun holsters and dark red shirt
            (what I had prior:

            Take the Desperado's look in this first picture and mix it with the second one

            Then take the concept of weapons from this picture

            Add the personality that's portrayed in this video

            Replace jacket with leather jacket and change up the color pallet to more browns and blacks and reds and you get what I had in mind for Eleos

            Sharp wit and even sharper eyesight. He can think fast on his feet and can smooth talk out of most situations. Despite his joking and "charming" nature, he tends to be agitated when nothing exciting is going on

            He has an incredible sense of right and wrong, even though he sometimes doesn't follow it himself. He is not afraid of taking a shot even if the possible collateral damage is severe.

            Eleos is an elite marksman part of a group of assassins that were key in "Operation: Reaper's Call." During one mission against a dictator, he led a last stand of the people against the dictator's army. Then he had to take the final kill shot through his team mate, Neria, who was to be his fiancé, thus killing her as well as the dictator. In the end, there was no one left of the country which he had just liberated. Thus no one knows of his exploits and he became a phantom, doing odd vigilante like tasks while remaining hidden.

            Notes: I combined his bio/traumas cause they are one in the same. Also that's the short version. Anything longer and I'd have to post the entire novel I have on him.

            NPC Character of Choice: Risa (Though I will be referring to her in the ideal English translation Lisa)

            Game of Origin: Phantasy Star Online 2

            Psycho Ranger chic...(wait...that's a power?)

            Weapons: Assault Rifles, gunslashes, and Rocket Launchers...big ones... need I say more?

            Weaknesses: In canon...CASTs are resilient. Literally, they can survive without a body. Their entire being is in their head.

            Fan Art:

            Official Concept Art:

            In Game:

            Personality: Psycho crazy hot robot gunner chic. NEED I SAY MORE?!

            Morality: Shes...good...even though she keeps talking about torturing things with guns...

            Biography: She is an ARK member (sort of like civilian militia/ mercenaries) She teaches Ranger and Gunner ARKs the way of the gun...and also helps on client orders. I can't really speak for her history cause I just now got the story translation patch to work and I can't really say anything more about her.

            Traumas: I have no idea, but she is crazy
            ...crazy hot... *COUGH*

            Notes: because PSO2 is an MMORPG technically, it's tricky to figure out her past...especially when everything about the game is still in Japanese officially as it hasn't been localized yet.


            Oh and when I was searching through the pics, I find this:

            you all have no idea how complete my life is now. LISA IN A MAID OUTFIT?!? YES!~<3


            Game of Origin:
            Xenoblade Chronicles

            Control over the Monado and thus, future sight.

            The Monado

            Might use the final Monado, which is known as Shulk's Monado or Monado III

            Another description of the Monado

            He's still mortal.
            His visions won't kick in unless someone is about to die or if a paralyzing hit is about to occur.


            He likes to think things through and is very methodical in his approach to most situations. Early details show that he is able to wield the Monado due to the fact that he was one of the only known survivors on a previous expedition to retrieve the sacred weapon. He first acquires the sword when his home, Colony 9, is attacked. His first act upon acquiring the "destined weapon" is to fight for an end to the war with the Mechon and avenge Fiora.

            14 years ago, Shulk was part of an exploration team that went into the Valak Mountains. Shulk was lying around dead exploration members around the Monado within Ose Tower in the Valak Mountains when his body was found by Dickson, who took Shulk to Colony 9.

            It is later revealed that Shulk had been killed along with his parents during the Monado expedition and that Zanza had possessed his body and laid dormant within. This allowed Shulk to carry on living without knowing about Zanza. After Zanza leaves Shulk's body he is believed to be dead; however, he is revived by Alvis.




            ◾Talent Art: Activate Monado - Monado Arts become available. Generates Shulk's Aura while Monado Art is activated. ◾Shulk MonadoEnchant Enchant - Allows allies to damage Mechon for a time and boosts attack power.
            ◾Buster - Damages enemies in a straight line. Mechon suffer double damage.
            ◾Shield - Blocks Talent Arts of equal level or lower. Best used when Shulk has a vision.
            ◾Speed - Improves evasion of a single ally.
            ◾Purge - Damages single target at a distance. Removes Auras and Spike effects and inflicts Aura Seal.
            ◾Eater - Damages enemies in front, removes all buffs and inficts Bleed.
            ◾Armour - Reduces all Physical and Ether damage to the party.
            ◾Cyclone - Damages all enemies around Shulk. Enemies suffering Break will be Toppled

            ◾Slit Edge - Damages single target. Attacking the target's side will reduce Physical Defence.
            ◾Back Slash - Damages single target. Attacking the target's back will cause double damage (also generates aggro).
            ◾Light Heal - Restores HP to a single ally.
            ◾Shaker Edge - Damages single target, Dazes if target is Toppled
            ◾Air Slash - Damage and inflict Break on a single target. A side hit may inflict Slow.
            ◾Shadow Eye - Reduces aggro and increases damage of next physical arts
            ◾Battle Soul - Sacrifices half of Shulk's HP to refill a portion of his talent gauge
            ◾Stream Edge - Damages multiple enemies in front of Shulk, inflicts Break and fills talent gauge

            NPC Character of Choice: Lady Palutena

            Game of Origin: Kid Icarus

            See the wiki ^^;
            (The spoiler box contains the specific section...but...

            Power of Flight

            Palutena's primary abilities shown in the games are utilitarian, such as granting Pit, a flightless angel, the Power of Flight. This power only lasts five minutes, limited by Pit's wing's tolerance of the Power of Flight.

            Some Other Powers

            In Uprising, Palutena grants Pit grind rails, food, and vehicles to aid him in his quest. She is also responsible for arrows that guide Pit through levels (a power made possible through her "Palutena Super Sensor," as she calls it), and can expose weak spots on enemies such as Aurum ships (which she calls her "Power of Weak-Point Exposure").

            Powers in Anime Shorts

            In the anime shorts, Palutena is revealed to be a potions master, as she is able to (unintentionally) make vegetables into animate beings through an overdose of her potion. Later she uses her "Power of Caging" to try to stop the mutant carrots. After she learns that the potion can be washed off she uses her "Power of Maelstrom" to make it rain.

            Power to Transform Objects/People

            In Chapter 20, it is revealed by Viridi that Palutena turned Pit into a ring. This may be her own power or the Chaos Kin's.


            While she is mostly supporting, Palutena is shown to be quite adept offensively as well. Palutena is the boss of Chapter 20 in Uprising, being controlled by the Chaos Kin, which must be destroyed while not harming the already weak Palutena, and defeating her instead of the Chaos Kin will result in an "I'm Finished". While she has been noticeably weakened by resisting the Chaos Kin for three years, Palutena shows that she is very adept in battle, wielding her staff and shield.

            "Palutena Glam Blaster"

            A fierce attack Palutena uses to finish the Three-Headed Hewdraw if Pit doesn't finish the last head quickly enough, killing it in one shot. {C
            PalutenaVPPalutena launching light at Pit
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd

            PalutenaHPPalutena preparing to launch her light projectiles
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            Palutena has the ability to levitate, effortlessly and seemingly indefinitely; even when she swoons from resisting the Chaos Kin, she does so in midair. {C Projectiles{C
            PalutenaCYE"Cover your eyes!"
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            Palutena boost a plethora of light-based projectile attacks. She can create three balls of light above her either horizontally or vertically. If horizontal, Palutena will fire three bolts of light at the same time up to three times in quick succession, launching a total of nine shots with great horizontal range. If vertical, the bolts will fire one at a time from the bottom to the top, rapidly firing off up to nine shots in a flurry of light.

            "Cover your eyes!"{C
            PalutenaTFaS"Time for a sacrifice!"
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            Palutena raises her shield and charges her light power, then unleashes it blinds her target with light, if in range. This lasts for about three seconds.

            "Time for a Sacrifice!"{C
            PalutenaPY1&KBMThe columns of light and the slow-moving halo
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            Palutena shoots a large, slow-moving ball of teal light that hone in on her target. Palutena can shoot up to three in quick succession.

            "Kneel before me!"{C
            PalutenaPY2Slow-moving halo and its own projectile
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            Palutena waves her staff and shoots three fast-moving columns of light across the stage.

            "Poor you!"

            Palutena launches a slow-moving halo that resembles her own across the ground. The halo hones in on her target and chases it, and it additionally shoots its own light projectiles at her target, up to three times before evaporating. {C
            PalutenaTMS"This might sting!"
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            PalutenaSpin1Palutena preparing to use her Counter on Pit
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            While Palutena seems much more comfortable at a distance, she possess a swift melee attack in which she twirls, surrounding herself with rings of light, knocking her target back. She will use this as a counter to being melee attacked in Chapter 20, or if her target is extremely close to her. {C
            PalutenaSpin2Palutena executing her spinning attack
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd

            "This might sting!"

            When her target is nearby, Palutena raises her staff and zooms forward in a huge column of light, blazing toward her target at great speed. This attack also cover a great distance, allowing her to essentially move across the stage.

            PalutenaCSPalutena summoning a Centurion
            HasofcdAdded by Hasofcd
            Palutena is able to summon Centurions and Centurion Knights (depending on the Intensity) to aid her in her battle. She will only summon one at a time.

            During the three anime shorts she displays the ability to summon storms, cages and a "video display" for Pit to view.

            Weapons: staff and shield

            Wiki sayz:
            Despite being a divine goddess, Palutena also seems to be somewhat of a damsel-in-distress, as she was kidnapped and held captive by Medusa and needed Pit to rescue her.

            Originally posted by Wiki
            Palutena's personality is not explored much during the first two games, although the general description is that she's a "pure-hearted and kind" goddess who puts her people before her own welfare.

            With the advent of Kid Icarus: Uprising, it is revealed that Palutena is rather light-hearted and a little playful. She gets along swimmingly with Pit and banters with him multiple times throughout the adventure.

            She is also very intelligent and knowledgable, helping Pit with various enemies, hinting at the best direction to take and how to get past certain obstacles. She is so successful at aiding Pit with information, in fact, that Hades calls her "Professor Palutena" and "Know-It-All Palutena" in the game's commentary multiple times.

            She is notable for being the only deity to be aware and admit that the gods' fighting is what causes so much suffering.
            See the rest of the wiki for more

            Morality: Divine Goddess who seeks the good for all mankind

            Originally posted by wiki
            Palutena (パルテナ Parutena), also known as "Lady Palutena," is the Goddess of Light, rightful ruler of Angel Land and patron deity of Pit.
            Traumas: Kidnapped by Medusa

            Notes: Wiki
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              Not done yet. stay tuned to this post for more in the future...

              Name: S121

              Time Zone: (Mountain Time Zone UTC−07:00)

              Character: John-117




              Abilities: Spartan-II Cybernetic Enhancements. Carbide Ceramic Ossification (virtually unbreakable bones), Muscular Enhancement Injections (increased tissue density and lactose recovery time), Catalytic Thyroid Implant (boosted growth of skeletal and muscle tissues), Occipital Capillary Reversal (increased visual perception),
              Superconducting Fibrification of Neural Dendrites (1400% increase in subject reflexes and increase in intelligence, memory, and creativity). An uncanny, almost supernatural amount of luck.
              He also has the ability to control Light and Darkness magic.

              Stats and Skills:

              Height - 6 ft 10 in (unarmored), 7 ft 2 in (in armor).

              Weight - 182 kilograms (400 lb), and about 635 Kilos (1,400 lb) with armor on.

              Speed- Can run at a maximum of around 105 km/h or 65.2 mph, but risks injury at this speed. (Said to be able to run at 70 mph, but I haven't found the source of this info. Mima's augmentations possibly increased it.)

              Strength - Capable of lifting enormous amounts of weight, due to his ceramic carbide bones, catalytic Thyroid implant, and muscular enhancement injections. The suit increases his strength by a factor of two. Able to lift cars and flip tanks. He is known to be able to move 66 metric tons. (His armor has been enchanted by Mima, allowing him to be stronger.)

              Reflexes - SPARTAN-II's reaction time is impossible to chart accurately, but estimated to be twenty milliseconds. It is significantly faster in combat situations.
              In fact, it is so fast that they are able to think, react and see things happen in slow and fast motion - it is dubbed as "SPARTAN Time".
              The suit increases them further by a factor of five. His normal reaction time would be 15 times faster than the average human, but with the suit, it increases it up to 75 times faster than the average human. AIs integrated into the MJOLNIR armor increase it further.

              Misc - Increased intelligence by augmentation, also known for being able to virtually see in the dark. Incredibly lucky, almost to a supernatural degree. As Spartans age, they become faster and stronger, due to their bodies adapting to augmentation.

              Skills: Hand-to-hand combat expertise (Spartan Training), trained to use a wide variety of guns, Command and Assault Specialist, was leader of Blue Team, high-level education,
              and well versed in military tactics. He is also proficient with his new Light and Darkness magic abilities. Good at dodging projectiles, thanks to Yukari's training.

              Equipment: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor MK VI (modified to increase the strength of his shields and his strength, courtesy of Mima.), 12.7 x 40mm (Semi-Armor Piercing,High Explosive) Infinite ammo M6D Magnum Pistol, a 9.5x40mm (Semi-Armor Piercing,High Explosive) Infinite ammo BR85HB SR Battle Rifle, 4 fragmentation grenades, 4 plasma grenades, 4 fire-bomb grenades, 2 Carbon Steel Combat Knife, an armor lock mechanism within the suit, 1 Dhal Revive unit, 3 Vaultboy Grenades, 1 M45D Tactical Shotgun, 2 Energy Swords, 1 Gravity Hammer, 1 Barret .950 JDJ Sniper Rifle, 1 infinite ammo RPG, 1 MA5D Assault Rifle, 1 Healing Crescent, Gap Crystal, AA-12, XM25 "Smart" grenade launcher, Spartan Laser, "Punt Gun", gun bag named "Bullet Proof", FIM-92 Anti-air Missile launcher, Titus Shield reinforcements, 2 Genesong Pills, Book: Danmaku for ⑨'s, Book: Transmutation Guide, 3 transmutation crystals, Danmaku bullet generating mini-onibashira, Spellcards, and EB Green Duct Tape.

              (These are his belongings. Most of this stuff will be in a container or in his bag, not on his person.)



              "Duality Spark" John fires two giant lasers from his hands; one made up of Light, the other made up of Darkness. Before hitting the target, each laser grazes against each other, causing a violent reaction between the opposing "elements". This results in a powerful, laser-shaped, continuous explosion of energy measuring at 10 feet in diameter.

              Plasma Sign ~ The Glassing of Reach John creates 2 pillars of superheated light that generates a thicker pillar of plasma around it. The pillars then move around the battlefield scorching and glassing everything that comes into contact of the pillars.

              Flying Sign ~ "Like A Brick" John propels himself at the enemy at 200 mph, creating a cone of danmaku around himself. As he continues to charge at the enemy, a small trail of danmaku will be dispersed behind him, eventually creating a field of sparse danmaku.

              Perception Sign ~ "Spartan Time" Increases the user's reaction time to 75 times the average human's for 15 seconds.


              "Duality Spark" John fires two giant lasers from his hands; one made up of Light, the other made up of Darkness. Before hitting the target, each laser grazes against each other, causing a violent reaction between the opposing "elements". This results in a powerful, laser-shaped, continuous explosion of energy measuring at 20 feet in diameter.

              Galaxy in a Pot Fully heals flesh and repairs machines. Colldown time is 24 hours.

              Divine Festival ~ Extended Onibashira Sends four onibashira measuring at 10 yds in diameter and 200 yds in length in one direction, towards an enemy. Cooldown is 6 hours.

              Flying Sign ~ "Like A Brick" John propels himself at the enemy at 400 mph, creating a cone of danmaku around himself. As he continues to charge at the enemy, a trail of danmaku will be dispersed behind him, eventually creating a field of danmaku.

              Plasma Sign ~ The Glassing of Reach John creates 4 pillars of superheated light that generates a thicker pillar of plasma around it. The pillars then move around the battlefield scorching and glassing everything that comes into contact of the pillars. Sparse Danmaku will then form and disperse around the impact sites.

              Perception Sign ~ "Spartan Time" Increases the user's reaction time to 75 times the average human's for 30 seconds.


              "Duality Spark" John fires two giant lasers from his hands; one made up of Light, the other made up of Darkness. Before hitting the target, each laser grazes against each other, causing a violent reaction between the opposing "elements". This results in a powerful, laser-shaped, continuous explosion of energy measuring at 30 feet in diameter.

              Plasma Sign ~ The Glassing of Reach John creates 8 pillars of superheated light that generates a thicker pillar of plasma around it. The pillars then move around the battlefield scorching and glassing everything that comes into contact of the pillars. Danmaku will then form and disperse around the impact sites, creating a sparse field of danmaku.

              Flying Sign ~ "Like A Brick" John propels himself at the enemy at Mach 1, creating a cone of danmaku around himself. As he continues to charge at the enemy, a trail of danmaku will be dispersed behind him, eventually creating a field of drifting danmaku.

              Perception Sign ~ "Spartan Time" Increases the user's reaction time to 75 times the average human's for 1 minute.


              "Duality Spark" John fires two giant lasers from his hands; one made up of Light, the other made up of Darkness. Before hitting the target, each laser grazes against each other, causing a violent reaction between the opposing "elements". This results in a powerful, laser-shaped, continuous explosion of energy measuring at 40 feet in diameter.

              Plasma Sign ~ The Glassing of Reach John creates 16 pillars of superheated light that generates a thicker pillar of plasma around it. The pillars then move around the battlefield scorching and glassing everything that comes into contact of the pillars. Large amounts of danmaku will then form and disperse around the impact sites, creating a dense field of danmaku.

              Flying Sign ~ "Like A Brick" John locks his armor and propels himself at the enemy at Mach 5, creating a cone of danmaku around himself. As he continues to charge at the enemy, a small trail of danmaku will be dispersed behind him, eventually creating a field of dense, drifting danmaku. After the spell ends, John will be stuck in armor lockdown, unable to move.

              Perception Sign ~ "Spartan Time" Increases the user's reaction time to 75 times the average human's for 5 minutes.

              MAC Attack John opens up a Corridor of Darkness and fires a 600-ton ferric-tungsten projectile with a depleted uranium core at 30 kilometers per second.


              "Duality Spark" John fires two giant lasers from his hands; one made up of Light, the other made up of Darkness. Before hitting the target, each laser grazes against each other, causing a violent reaction between the opposing "elements". This results in a powerful, laser-shaped, continuous explosion of energy measuring at 50 feet in diameter.

              Plasma Sign ~ The Glassing of Reach John creates 32 pillars of superheated light that generates a thicker pillar of plasma around it. The pillars then move around the battlefield scorching and glassing everything that comes into contact of the pillars.

              Flying Sign ~ "Like A Brick" John locks his armor and propels himself at the enemy at Mach 33, creating a cone of danmaku and plasma around himself. As he continues to charge at the enemy, a large trail of danmaku will be dispersed behind behind him, eventually creating a field of dense, high-speed, drifting danmaku. After the spell ends, John will be stuck in armor lockdown, unable to move.

              Big MAC Attack John opens up a Corridor of Darkness and a 3000-ton ferric-tungsten round rips forth at 12,000 kilometers per second, or 4% of the speed of light, impacting with a massive amount of kinetic energy.

              Last Word

              Last Word ~ One Final Effort John gathers all of his magical energy and floods himself with it, increasing all of his abilities to a god-like level. He then proceeds to dart across the battlefield, sending out storms and storms of Light, Darkness, bullets, danmaku, lasers, punches, kicks, and plasma. Won't kill him, but it will leave him very weak.

              Last Word ~ One Last Promise John gathers all of his Light and Darkness magic, then floods the entire area with it. The Light and Darkness violently react with one another and implodes the entire area, killing and annihilating everything on the sub-atomic level. Will kill John.

              Last Word ~ Last Spartan's Last Stand John gathers all of his magical energy and floods himself with it, increasing all of his abilities to a god-like level. He then proceeds to dart across the battlefield, sending out storms and storms of Light, Darkness, bullets, danmaku, lasers, punches, kicks, and plasma. While that happens, Light and Darkness will flood the area, blinding, burning, trapping, and suffocating anything caught in it's radius. Will kill John.

              Weaknesses: Despite all of his strengths, weapons, armor, and skill, he is still just a human, which means he can be killed. Without his armor, he can be killed by damaging his vital organs. His soft body tissues are very durable, but they can still be damaged. The armor's shields can be overloaded if he sustains too much damage, then it's a matter of damaging the armor, which is weak against piercing attacks and high-caliber rounds. If he's not careful with his Armorlock, he will end up being exposed to attacks or being surrounded. He has yet to master swords and other melee weapons, so he can be bested in a swordfight. That being said, he is still not to be taken lightly at close range. His physical state is beyond reproach, but his psychological state is somewhat shaky, ever since Cortana died. After she died, he spent over three years dwelling on it, causing him to slowly crack more and more. Because of this, certain events can lead to him doubting his ability to protect those around him. Not only that, but he has been known to "freeze" when he is faced with loss. This is perhaps his greatest weakness.

              Morality: "Chief Petty Officer Mendez always instilled discipline, honor, and respect into the SPARTANs. He taught the SPARTANs how to kill, but at the same time he taught them the
              difference between right and wrong."
              That being said, The Chief is Neutral Good. He will follow his commanding officer's orders, but if it is morally wrong or negligent, he won't.
              During the events on Requiem, he tries to convince Captain Del Rio that the Didact is a threat.
              Risking imprisonment, he then refuses to relinquish his friend Cortana and decides to go after the Didact anyway. In the end, his actions saved the Earth from the Didact's wrath.

              Personality: Strives to succeed in any situation, tenacious to complete any mission at hand, not devoid of fear, but he simply acknowledges it and puts it aside,
              while never openly showing it to others, generally stoic and taciturn, but not devoid of a sense of humor, often makes dry remarks about the situation at hand,
              he is a man of his word and strives to keep any promise he makes, even at great personal risk.
              Although John has difficulty understanding the 'undisciplined' lifestyle of civilians, he is fiercely protective of their lives and humanity as a whole.
              The mass slaughter of civilians at the hands of the Covenant was enough to drive even the stoic John into a merciless rage.
              John is known to show an exceptional care for soldiers under his command, while at times viewing them as a liability rather than an asset.
              This is not to say that John was previously without compassion. <----Summary of the Wiki.
              As time progresses, he may start to open up to those around him.

              On a more personal, less formal level, John has changed a lot within the past 2 years. He shows more emotion, he talks more, cares more about people, and has more patience for his teammates. He is naive when it comes to certain things, but he has made progress. Sometimes, John acts more human, while other times, he retains his usual calm demeanor. John will usually remain calm and focused, but when directly confronted with a "mundane" situation that he doesn't know how to deal with, he will quickly lose his demeanor and become nervous, embarrassed, confused, panicked, or other emotions relating to the current stress and situation.

              Bio: After finding out that everything he had gone through was meaningless, he fell into a deep depression. His life, his sacrifices, the people he's seen die in horrible ways, his only friend, Cortana, was all but a game; a dream. He was nothing but a fictional character, thought up by game designers.
              He couldn't make connections with people because he wasn't trained for that. He wasn't trained to feel, he was trained to be the ultimate soldier.
              He had nothing... nothing exept for one thing. His training. He pushed himself to at least live through his depression.
              He's done the same thing before with the loss of his friends; even more so recently, with the loss of his only friend Cortana. To him, he was a soldier, a soldier without a flag, without meaning.
              Trying to find meaning in his life once more, he tried to join the army. His only problem was that he was promptly denied. The world was not going to let each country recruit these "fictional" characters; there would be even more chaos than before.
              Looking for the next best thing, he joined a local police force as he thought to himself, "What do I have to lose by making a difference..."

              One fateful morning, John was walking to work until he saw a strange sight. Men were harassing a green haired woman. Seeing that they were Neo-Yakuza, John quickly destroyed their car and apprehended one of them. After an insane twist of events, John met a Youkai, a fox Digimon, a robotic boy, a Keyblader, and many other people. With their help, they have slowly but surely altered John's perception of himself and the world around him. John had gotten into many conflicts alongside them, fighting the Organization, Tricky, The Auditor, the Neo-Yakuza, various Characters, and an alien race called the Nucleoids, lead by Gluttoneriel the Devourer. The Devourer was determined to consume Gensokyo and the Earth, but John and his friends fought alongside the people of Gensokyo, eventually reaching the Devourer's ship, where they had their first confrontation. After many fights and injuring his leg, John returned to the main chamber of the Devourer's ship, where he saw the demise of Yuuka and Ran. Shortly after Ran's death, John witnessed Gensokyo being sucked into a vortex. John's romantic interest, Yukari, confronted the Devourer herself and defeated him, saving Gensokyo and the world. Unfortunately, she used a "Last Word" spellcard, killing her in the process. This deeply affected John, making him relive the death of Cortana and see that everyone that gets close to him dies. As the day stretched on, John lost his friend, HM, to a kidnapping devised by fallen angel named Sebastian. John attended a funeral for all the ones lost to the war, but in a twist of luck, two girls by the names of Flandre and Seija resurrected everyone lost. John was thankful for his fiends and loved ones being revived and now that the war was finally over, John could focus on living happily. He knows that the future will bring more conflict with it, so for now, he trains, preparing for the day when he will be needed once more.

              Traumas: He has fears, but he doesn't let them get in the way; he simply acknowledges them and pushes them aside. Other than that, he has no mind numbing fears.
              He is however sympathetic to loss, ever since he lost someone he cared about. It has been mentioned that he cares for and will do whatever it takes to protect civilians.
              This is possibly his berserk button, if they are being slaughtered. When he is unsure of a situation, he falls back on his training for support. Ever since Cortana's death, John has questioned his ability to protect those he cares about and has questioned himself, his humanity. He has met many people that he would consider friends. His greatest fear is losing them. As for his humanity, he feels that for Cortana's sake, he should try to become, or at least act more human. John is sensitive on this topic.

              Sources: Armor Rifle Pistol Implants/Abilities Skills Bio ArmorLockup PowerArmor FragGrenade PlasmaGrenade RifleAmmo PistolAmmo

              Isaac Clarke
              Name: Isaac Clarke

              Game: Dead Space Franchise


              Helmet Assembly/Retraction


              Abilities: CEC Engineer, Able to Turn garbage and scrap metal into guns and tools. Basically Macgyver in space. He is unusually strong for a human, and is able to rip heads off of torsos with a sweep of his arm. Thanks to The Marker, he also has the ability to retreat into his subconscious, has a much greater degree of control over his mind and body, and has a few of The Marker's secrets buried deep within his mind.

              Height: 5 feet, 11 inches.

              Weight: 195 pounds. 255 pounds (With RIG Suit.)

              Age: Chronologically 52, but is 49, due to being put under Stasis for three years. (This guy doesn't let age slow him down! He doesn't even look that old!)

              Physical Abilities: Human. He is fairly resistant to damage though, especially to blunt force trauma and other injuries (with the suit on). He is also unusually strong for a human, and has shown that he is capable of punching heads off of enemies and stomping with enough force to obliterate flesh, even without his suit.

              Equipment: RIG, Advanced Suit, Stasis Module, Kinesis Module, 211-V Plasma Cutter, SWS Motorized Pulse Rifle, Javelin Gun, C99 Supercollider Contact Beam, and 13 Med Packs (1 large, 4 medium, 8 small) Note: The Plasma Cutter is from Dead Space 2 and is fully modded.

              Weaknesses: He's a human, so pretty much anything an kill him. Despite that, there have been numerous occasions when he's been thrown and suffered no damage, probably because of the suit. His sanity is also very questionable. He has been known to hallucinate, have night terrors, have horrible nightmares, go into trances, etc., but his medication usually suppresses it.

              Morality: He is a selfless and determined individual. He's willing to put his life on the line for the well-being of others.

              Personality: He is a selfless and determined individual. Prone to making sharp remarks. He's laid back for the most part. Due to his experience on the USG Ishimura and the betrayal of Kendra, Isaac is understandably slow to trust the people around him. However, he will still go out of his way to help others if the situation allows for it.

              Bio: When Isaac came to the real world, he was a little conflicted. He was separated from Ellie, but he no longer had to face the horrors of dealing with Necromorphs. After some time, he began developing advanced technologies for NASA. Eventually, the US Government came to him with an invitation to Hawaii, to go to a gathering of Engineers. Isaac accepted and soon met Nitori and Zero. After they arrived in Hawaii, things quickly took a turn for the worse when a man named Dante attacked Nitori. Isaac helped fight against Dante, but later an army of Darkness creatures called "Heartless" attacked. After the battle against the "Heartless", Isaac helped repair Zero's databanks when Zero was "killed". All was fairly calm, until a green armored soldier named John recruited him to fight The Devourer, a fallen angel with an army of aliens called "Nucleoids." Before Isaac knew it, he was plunged into combat against impossible odds, most notably when he was on the Consumer, where he fought Zommari. All seemed bleak for Isaac until he was aided by a somewhat strange girl named Koishi. With the help of Koishi, Isaac fought against Zommari, and their combined forces caused Zommari to retreat. Later, they both came across the Angel of Death, Malthael. Again, Koishi helped Isaac banish Malthael to Journey, a wasteland of a video game. Near the end of the battle in The Consumer, Koishi proved to be a lifesaver when she protected Isaac from Zommari, now known as Lucifer, along with the living embodiment of Lust, Lujuria. Once the battle was over and the war was won, Isaac, Koishi, Hank, Deimos, and Sanford escaped the Consumer in an escape pod. After they landed and went their separate ways, Isaac caused Koishi to realize that she was feeling emotions, which caused a long and painful process of her third eye opening back up, along with her being disowned by her sister. Feeling guilty, Isaac helped her deal with her sudden bout of insanity and created a device that would allow her to suppress her mind-reading abilities at the press of a button. After Isaac was sure that Koishi was going to be okay, Isaac left to a party in The Ancient City, where he met Lujuria yet again. This time, they did not fight. Instead, Isaac befriended her and helped her reclaim her lost identity. Because Lujuria didn't have a home, Isaac introduced her to "The Inventory", a place where all Characters could find a place to rest, buy items, or play games. After Isaac had given Lujuria a place to stay, he then watched a movie with Koishi...

              A couple months later, Isaac finally finished building an even better device for Koishi, just as he promised. He realized that he was not prepared for what happened on The Consumer. Unlike most Characters, he was only human. With that in mind, Isaac got to work on another project, one that would level the playing field.

              Traumas: Necromorphs. He still has nightmares about them, and has night terrors, but is pretty okay with talking about his experiences. He suffers from a form of Dementia, and periodically hallucinates, even when on medication. Isaac has taken so much psychological damage that he doesn't believe he can ever live a normal life, and believes that he is permanently broken.

              Sources: Dead Space Wiki.

              Spartan-B312 "Noble Six" (A.K.A. "Six")
              Character: Spartan-B312 (Noble Six)

              Game: Halo franchise


              Abilities: Spartan-III Chemical Enhancements.
              8942-LQ99 (Carbide Ceramic Ossification Catalyst drug) - Skeletons become virtually unbreakable, allowing survival in harder impacts.

              88005-MX77 (Fibroid Muscular Protein Complex drug) - Increased density of individual's muscles, allowing heavier lifting.

              88947-OP24 (Retina-Inversion Stabilizer drug) - Color sharpness is significantly improved upon, and night vision is adapted.

              87556-UD61 (Improve The Colloidal Neural Disunification solution) - Greatly improves the individual's reaction time, decreasing the time taken to react by 300%. (More, due to Six's genes.) "Spartan time".

              (Will get more enhancements in the future, along with the other Spartans in Prometheus Labs.)


              Age: 27 (30 in RP)

              Height - 6' 9" (2.057 meters).

              Weight - Not known. Around 1,000 lbs (With suit).

              Speed - Not known. Can run at least 34.2 mph. It is most likely more.

              Strength - Not known. Weaker than a Spartan-II (Spartan-IIs can lift over 66 metric tonnes).

              Reflexes - Reaction time is 10 times faster than the average human. With the armor, it goes up to 50 times faster than the average human. Spartan Time makes it faster.

              Misc - It is said that as Spartans age, they become faster and stronger, due to their bodies adapting to augmentation.

              Skills: Efficient lone-wolf assassin, having single-handedly broken organizations and made entire militia groups disappear. Piloted experimental YSS-1000 "Sabre"-class starfighter. At one point, B312's superior allegedly used the SPARTAN as "his own private grim reaper". Hand-to-hand expertise, trained to use a wide variety of guns. "More of a hyper-lethal vector than a soldier."

              Equipment: MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor MK V, Carbon Steel Alloy Combat Knife, MA37 Individual Combat Weapon System (Assault Rifle) (M118 7.62x51mm Full Metal Jacket Armor-Piercing Rounds) , M392 Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR) (M118 7.62x51mm Full Metal Jacket Armor-Piercing Rounds), M6G Personal Defense Weapon System (Pistol) (12.7mm x 40mm M225 Semi-Armor-Piercing High-Explosive/.50 Magnum Caliber Rounds), M319 Individual Grenade Launcher (40mm grenades), 4 M9 High-Explosive Dual-Purpose grenades, 4 Plasma grenades, a Barret .50 caliber Sniper Rifle, and a Healing Drop Shield armor ability.

              Weaknesses: Despite all of his abilities, he can still be killed. The best way to kill him would be to target his soft body tissues (skin, muscle, organs, etc.).

              Morality: Neutral Good. Spartan-B312 usually follows orders. He has yet to come into a situation where he's needed to disobey orders. That being said, he follows closely to his orders, but will occasionally bend the rules.

              Personality: He is a little bit of a loner, but is willing to converse with others. He displays a humanistic personality, despite his Lone-Wolf tenancies, his obscure past, and his Hyper-Lethal Vector status. It has been implied that he is a little bit of a sadist though... Not only that, but he's a cold-blooded killer in combat. He shows no mercy and expects none in return. In the past three years, he has become a little more open, especially since he is the leader of the Spartans in Prometheus Labs, and as such, he had to become more social towards his fellow Spartans.

              Bio: After countless hours of battle, Six was injured by the torrent of Plasma fire. Noble Six took off his helmet and was firing at the Covenant surrounding him, desperately trying to survive. A Sanghelli Ultra charged at him with a Plasma Rifle, but Six gunned it down with an Assault Rifle. An Sanghelli General then charged at him with an Energy Sword, but Six slammed the rifle against the Sanghelli's face, knocking it down. Six then used his pistol and scattered its brains all over the ground. All of a sudden, a hail of Plasma fire strikes Six from behind. Despite his grievous injuries, Six manages to keep standing. Six turned and returned fire with his rifle, while shooting at another target with his pistol. Six killed a Sanghelli Minor and Zealot, but was then knocked down by a Sanghelli Ultra. One of the Zealots charged at Six while he was on his back, ready to deal the final blow, but Six managed to kick away an Ultra and knock the Energy Sword out of the Zealot's hand. The Ultra pounced onto Six again, but Six elbowed it in the jaw. The Zealot then drew out an Energy Dagger and stabbed down into Six's heart... only to hit dirt.

              Six was gone. He disappeared.

              Six opened his eyes to find that he was not on Reach anymore. He was in a new world, a new universe. The technology was primitive compared to the technology he was used to, but he managed. In fact, it gave him an edge when it came to contracts. Six became a hit-man, an assassin-for-hire. He then moved to London and met with Dr. Halsey. He now occasionally accepts contracts and is often hired by organizations and governments to make entire groups and armies disappear...

              ... One day, when Six was relaxing from a mission he just completed, he heard a bunch of screaming outside from the local populace. Six went to go investigate, and helped a man named Chris fight off a large mutant called "Nemesis". Soon after, Six was dragged along in the most intense series of events he had ever witnessed since his time in the real world. Along the way, Six met a woman named Claire, who happened to be Chris's sister, a man named Gerard, and a new enemy named Xehanort. The entire day was incredibly intense for Six, ending with him taking an entire squad of Spartan super-soldiers into Gensokyo to help fight off the Nucleoids. After the battle, Six met John, where he told the green soldier about Dr. Halsey and about Prometheus Labs. Now, Six is back at home, in the Labs.

              Traumas: Not really any. He is without fear. That being said, his only trauma would probably be the Battle of Reach. Many of his fellow Spartans died. Jorge's death is the most personal to him.

              Notes: I upped his reaction time from the first season, due to information that had recently come to my attention.

              (Jack) Spartan-728

              Height: 7' 2"

              Weight: 1,400 lbs

              Age: 25

              Abilities: Spartan-V. Similar to that of a Spartan-II. The only difference is that he is slightly weaker in all areas compared to a Spartan-II.

              Fully Automatic Shotgun (Bullet Storm): The Fully automatic Shotgun is more like an assault rifle than a shotgun, but it uses 12-gauge ammunition. He likes to use explosive shells. This bastardization of rifle and shotgun was created by Dr. Halsey as an improvement to the AA-12. The shotgun also doubles as a rifle. It uses .50 Caliber armor piercing, high-explosive rounds. The shotgun has technology similar to the XM25. The user can program the shells to explode after a certain distance, killing soldiers trying to hide behind cover. That being said, Spartan-728 likes to make them all explode after putting multiple shells inside of his victims...

              25mm Grenade Launcher: This 25mm Grenade launcher is pretty much your average grenade launcher, except for the fact that it fires the grenades twice as hard as a normal one. This allows the grenade to embed itself into someone's body before exploding. It was developed by Dr. Halsey as a way to send grenades through armored cars, but it also works very well for people too. This was first discovered by Spartan-728. He has scratched the name "Big Daddy into the butt of the launcher and often uses that as its name.

              M6D-MX Magnum Pistol: The M6D Mark X Magnum Pistol is a modification of the M6D used by Spartan-IIs. This pistol is capable of firing 12.7x40mm M225 Armor-Piercing High-Explosive Rounds and can shred through the Ceramic Titanium armor on a Scorpion tank. This weapon's advantages over the old M6D is its higher muzzle velocity. This causes the weapon to give the bullet more force, allowing it to do more damage to its target. This also allows the explosion to be more severe, allowing the shrapnel to travel faster and cause even more damage to its target. This gun was developed by Dr. Halsey as a means to defend against rouge Characters. The M6D-MX is located on Spartan-728's left thigh.

              2 Ceramic Carbide Katanas: These Katanas are made of the same material as a Spartan's bones. They are virtually indestructible and never lose their edge. These are not Spartan-728's most used weapons, but they are his favorite. He is even more lethal with these than he is with his guns.

              Ceramic Carbide Combat Knife: This Combat knife is made out of the same materials as a Spartan's bones. It is virtually indestructible and never loses its edge. It is located on Spartan-728's left collar bone.

              1 Spartan Laser Arm Module (GUNGNIR): Spartan-728's right arm is not only armor, but a weapon as well. The weapon is a miniaturized version of the Spartan Laser, but can still do the same amount of damage as the original. Not only that, it also charges its power back up, letting it be fired over and over again. This was Dr. Halsey's attempt at integrating weapon systems into the MJOLNIR armor.

              Morality/Personality: Spartan-728 is by no means a nice guy. If he is ordered to kill somebody, he will do so with no qualms whatsoever. He is not bound by fear. In battle, he is merciless and cruel. Despite his faults though, he does follow some kind of moral code of his own. He does have honor. He won't kill innocents and despite his sadistic tendencies, he does have some good in him. It's not very often, but sometimes he'll show some form of mercy, depending on his mood. He's not a robot by any means. He is a person that can still be talked to in a normal way and will on occasion, help those in need.

              Traumas: Not known. Not even Daniel knows. That being said, there are times when he seems to go into a trance over seemingly random events.

              (Daniel) Spartan-636

              Height: 6'7"

              Weight: 1,350 lbs

              Age: 24

              Abilities: Just like Spartan-728, except slightly weaker strength, but faster speed and reaction time, as fast as a Spartan-II. He is very proficient in hand-to-hand combat and frequently uses his blades.

              2 Fully Automatic .50 Caliber Pistols: These pistols were originally built by Dr. Halsey to quickly take down armored vehicles and tanks. Spartan-636 liked to use them anyway, due to their sheer stopping power. The pistols use armor piercing, high-explosive rounds, just like some of the UNSC's weapons. They can switch from semi-automatic, to full-auto.

              Shifter Assault Rifle/25mm Grenade Launcher: The Shifter Assault Rifle is one of Dr. Halsey's new creations. This gun is built to adjust it's barrel interior for various ammunition sizes and types. It can use 9mm to .950 JDJ ammunition and can even use 8-gauge shotgun shells. The gun also comes with a 40mm grenade launcher attached to the bottom of the gun.

              2 Titanium Alloy Machetes: These weapons are made out of a Titanium Alloy similar to the MJOLNIR's armor plating.

              Ceramic Carbide Combat Knife: This Combat knife is made out of the same materials as a Spartan's bones. It is virtually indestructible and never loses its edge. It is located on the right side of Spartan-636's torso.

              3 Thermite Grenades These grenades were developed by Dr. Halsey as a way to melt through tank armor. They are known as "lava in a can", due to the heat that they produce once activated. Once the grenade explodes, it shoots Thermite everywhere in its radius and melts flesh, bone, and metal.

              Morality/Personality: Spartan 636 is much more stable than his partner, Spartan-728. They are almost exact opposites. Despite their differences, they both are close friends. Spartan-636 is a serious person, but can also be a laid back individual. He tends to keep Spartan-728 in check.

              Traumas: None really. He's pretty much your average person, except for the fact that he's a Spartan-V.


              Name: Lily-223

              Age: 23

              Game of Origin: OC



              Facial/Bodily Appearance

              Abilities: Spartan-III and Spartan-IV chemical and biomechanical enhancements. (Won't get last six enhancements until later in the RP.)

              8942-LQ99 (Carbide Ceramic Ossification Catalyst drug) - Skeletons become virtually unbreakable, allowing survival in harder impacts.

              88005-MX77 (Fibroid Muscular Protein Complex drug) - Increased density of individual's muscles, allowing heavier lifting.

              88947-OP24 (Retina-Inversion Stabilizer drug) - Color sharpness is significantly improved upon, and night vision is adapted.

              87556-UD61 (Improve The Colloidal Neural Disunification solution) - Greatly improves the individual's reaction time, decreasing the time taken to react by 300%. "Spartan time". (This, in combination with her Spartan-IV Muscular Enhancement Lining, allows her to be very agile.)

              Muscular Enhancement Lining - Compound applied to the exterior surface of all muscles, allowing them to flex and strengthen far more quickly, also allowing the muscles to operate at great speed without the risk of breaking bones. (This, in combination with her Spartan-III reaction time, allows her to be very agile.)

              Pulmonary Polymer Lining - Greatly increases oxygen intake and retention, helps process toxins from the air and allows SPARTANs to breathe certain non-oxygen atmospheres for up to an hour.

              Corneal Implants - Boosted perception and massively increased night vision.

              Cardiac Implants - Strengthens cardio-vascular tissue and increases maximum heartrate to safely allow massive adrenaline flow without the risk of stroke or heart attack. These implants supposedly are able to allow an unarmored SPARTAN-IV to run at a maximum speed of almost 40 miles (64 km) per hour. (Thanks to her Spartan-III reaction time boost, she can run slightly above 50 mph.)

              Artificial Pancreas Implant - Allows the SPARTAN's body to extract the maximum amount of nutrients and carbohydrates from food with minimal waste.

              Artificial Platelet Injections - Enhances the body's ability to slow bleeding and clot wounds.

              Equipment/Weapons: White GEN 2 MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (Scout Variant), 12.7 x 40mm (Semi-Armor Piercing,High Explosive) M6D Magnum Pistol, 7.62x51mm (Full Metal Jacket rounds) MA5C Assault Rifle, M118 7.62x51mm (Full Metal Jacket, Armor-Piercing) M395 Designated Marksman Rifle, Carbon Steel Combat Knife, 2 Humbler stun devices, 4 Fragmentation Grenades, 4 Flashbang Grenades, and an armor module of her choice.

              Weaknesses: Despite all her augmentations and equipment, she is still human, and as such, she can be killed. Her soft body tissues are her weakness.

              Personality: Lily is a very caring and friendly person, but don't think for a minute that she is an inexperienced soldier. In the heat of battle, she can easily adapt her mood into a serious and battle-hardened mindset, and is not afraid to do what needs to be done.

              Morality: Good.

              Biography: Yet to be determined...

              Traumas: Yet to be determined...

              Dr. Neuman

              Name: Dr. Neuman

              Game: OC

              Age: 36


              Abilities/Skills: Human Scientist. Aided with the research and development on The Composer's technology, the MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor, and the Spartans' augmentations.

              Personality: Dr. Neuman is a man that is driven by his curiosity. Whenever there is something he does not understand, he takes steps to investigate and understand the topic at hand. Despite his tenacious work ethic, Dr. Neuman is a calm and laid-back person. He is a nice person that is willing to lend a hand to people in need, and is pretty social.
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              Originally posted by S121
              Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                Well time for my apps.

                Raven (Veteran Commander):

                Name: SUSTIC

                Timezone: EST. To be more exact I live in United States, Florida.

                NPC Character of Choice: Raven

                Game of Origin: Elsword (the MMO not the character from the game.)

                Power: With his Nasod Arm (mechanical left arm) he is incredibly powerful with it. His Nasod Arm is capable of feats of incredibly strength, and firing searing hot flames to piercing bullets from it as well. Thanks to the repairs and upgrades he had received in Season I at Prometheus Labs in London his Nasod Arm is much stronger, being made out of incredibly strong titanium, with Nano-fiber muscles to increase his arms overall physical strength. The flames he could fire from it have been changed to plasma flames instead of nuclear. He's also now able to generate a Hardlight Shield from his arm.

                Raven since he is from the world of Elrios he also has the ability to use the power of El, a natural energy from his world to activate something called an "Awakening". In Awakening Raven's physical and magical capabilities are increased temporarily.

                If he is pushed to his mental limits (I.E. pushed to the point where he could just go berserk) the Anger of Raven would be released. It's the same as an Awakening, but this lasts much longer. When the Anger of Raven is in effect Raven's Nasod Arm constantly emits electricity that can shock anyone that comes to close to Raven. This state of increased power is helpful in a sense, but due to the fact that Raven is literally pushing his body to it's limits in this state the stress is incredible. Raven also has a tendency to lose control during this state due to the influence of his Nasod Arm. Which if he doesn't find a way to control it, he will end up losing himself to insanity.

                Weapons: His Nasod Arm.

                His sword which is made out of a durable steel from his world. It's also incredibly sharp.

                Weaknesses: His anger can get the best of him, but at the end of his part in the last RP he had gone off to train alone in the forest to control his anger and train his body to resist his Nasod Arm's heat. You see Raven can "Overheat" his Nasod Arm to increase it's firepower greatly. However the downside to this is that Raven get's burned by the heat his arm emits when he does this. Not only that but if he Overheats for too long his Nasod Arm would get damaged.


                Except his Nasod Arm is a steel grey thanks to the new titanium plating he had received. Also his clothing and gear looks damaged due to the fact that he had

                Personality: He is a very quiet person who can come off as cold and standoffish. The betrayal's he suffered from the Velder Kingdom had caused him to seek more power and turn against humans in his world. Until he came across Elsword and the others in his world. Then he had decided to help them find the El Stone (which they did.) Though during his time with Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Eve, and Chung he was still a relatively cold and quiet person. However during his time in the real world and spending time with a Spartan named Lily he had became more open to people.

                Morality: Even though he was originally a mercenary he had taken up a job at the Prometheus Labs. However he had taken temporary leave to go train alone in the woods. Overall he is a good.

                Biography: Raven was a fellow commoner from the Kingdom of Velder who rejected the idea of nobles and aristocrats. However, he was still proud of his kingdom, and thus worked hard to become the Captain of the Crow Mercenary Knights. Being a commoner in such a high-ranking position, he caused jealousy among the nobles.It was just a matter of time before he was framed and sentenced to prison. His friends, comrades, and fiance rescued him and hid within the forest in the outskirts of Velder.

                It did not take long before they were all surrounded by Velder soldiers and slaughtered one by one. Everything that Raven cared for and loved was stripped away from him, right before his very eyes. He stared at all the dead bodies around him as he slowly took what would have been his last few breaths. Just then, a Nasod figure appeared before him offered Raven a contract, for rebirth and power, he would conquer Velder and have revenge on the ones who caused his suffering, Raven agreed, then blacked out.

                Raven awoke in a Nasod capsule, with devices attached to various parts of his body. Reborn with a prototype Nasod claw, he becomes the leader of the Velder Rebellion and blindly fights to destroy the kingdom he once protected. That is until he met a crew of young, ambitious heroes who reminded him of his duty to protect the people he once loved. In atonement for his sins, he decides to join Elsword and his friends on a new life adventure of finding the missing El.

                On the road with the El Search Party, Raven found another reason to fight. He keeps going to honor his comrades, the Crow Mercenaries. He makes adjustments to his Nasod arm and succeeds in giving it the ability to deal explosive hits. The more he uses it, the more powerful it becomes, and when the Nasod arm overheats, Raven unleashes a display of massive firepower.
                Yet Raven poses a grave danger to himself, the longer he keeps using this modified, built-in weapon. The Weapon Taker walked the thin line between becoming a formidable fighting machine and causing his own inadvertent destruction.

                Before his Nasod arm could overheat one too many times and fail him in battle, he approaches the Ponggos for their expertise in weapons.
                They promptly send him out to collect rare materials for the repair: Ignis’s arm that blasts out nuclear flames, for greater firepower; the dark steel of Durahan Knight, for better heat resistance; and enchanted, mass-altering golem fragments, for making the usually heavy dark steel easier to carry. Gathering all these from such huge, dangerous monsters is clearly not simple, but Raven succeeds nonetheless.
                The Ponggos complete the Nasod arm enhancement, and soon, Raven becomes the distinguished Veteran Commander—a temperamental yet compassionate leader of fighters.

                During the time in the real world he had worked at Prometheus Labs where he was still not a very social person. However one day that seemed to change as the Labs was attacked by the Neo-Yakuza base of London, led by Wesker. Raven fought with Chris, Six, Gerard, Lily, and a few others to stop Wesker who had at the last minute infected himself with a powerful virus known as the Uroboros virus. Raven had literally pushed himself to his limits to try and stop Wesker, at least to leave him open for the others.
                He overheated his arm for far too long, and far too much. To the point where it was almost unusable. After that Lily had taken him deeper in the Labs to help repair his Nasod Arm, and he had received a few upgrades afterwards.

                When he was testing his Nasod Arm he felt joyous that his arm was stronger. However that instantly changed as he ended up Overheating again, and lost full control. Turns out that his Nasod Arm had already begin to integrate the upgrades into itself. Becoming stronger, his Nasod Arm also began to try and take control. Almost as though it was sentient. That's when Raven had decided to leave until further notice. So he can train alone where no one can be at risk of being harmed by him in the case if he ever did lose control.

                Now that a few months have passed he had nearly finished his training. He had trained not only to control his anger, and in turn control his arm... but also to withstand the heat of his Nasod Arm better.

                Traumas: Losing his friends, allies, and more importantly his Fiance to his own kingdom. This had left mental, physical, and emotional scars on his being. During the real world he had developed a friendship with Lily, and is trying to recover from them. However his past continues to haunt him with his Nasod Arm.

                Notes: None at the moment.

                Elsword (Lord Knight):

                Name: SUSTIC

                Timezone: EST like I said in my Raven app.

                NPC Character of Choice: Elsword (the Character not the MMO he's from.) AKA. The Lord Knight.

                Game of Origin: Elsword

                Power: He doesn't have any real powers, but like other characters he can use magical abilities. He's just not too skilled, nor strong with magic. He can also much like others in Elsword (the MMO) activate Awakening similar to Raven's. In Awakening Elsword is much stronger than before.

                He also has the special Aura's. Aura of Destruction, and Aura of Vitality.
                In Aura of Destruction Elsword's physical strength is increased greatly. Which can be combined with Awakening to become even more powerful. When Aura of Destruction is activated Elsword is covered in a red fiery aura.
                In Aura of Vitality Elsword's mobility, and speed is increased. Capable of keeping up with others much faster than him. He's also more in tune with El energy when active. When Aura of Vitality is activated he is surrounded by a blue spinning aura.

                Elsword is also a master swordsman that excels at close range combat. He's quick on his feet and can hack and slash with the best of them. Not only can he dish it out but he can take a lot of punishment as well. His only real weakness is magic but in his mind, there's nothing a sharp piece of steel can't beat.
                Eventually after 2 whole years of training he became the Sword Knight, a more experienced swordsman and with experience comes expertise. As a Sword Knight he became a far better swordsman with attacks that are powerful, and strong enough to destroy most armor and leave an enemy defenseless. He can also fight multiple targets at once. 1 on 1, though, he's almost unbeatable.

                One year after becoming a Sword Knight his training as a Knight was finished, and he became the powerful Lord Knight. Where his swordsmanship was at it's peak. He could take on opponents stronger than himself. The only thing he truly wasn't strong at still is magic. Leaving him open to magical based attacks, nor can he perform powerful magical spells as a Lord Knight.

                Weapons: His trusty sword as seen in the picture below. It's made out of a strong steel from his world.

                Weaknesses: Magic is his only true weakness. As mentioned above the best way to deal with Elsword is with ranged weapons, or magical based attacks. Just stay a safe distance from Elsword, and just hope he doesn't get in close. Or else you could possibly be in for a world of hurt.

                I'd say he stands at a decent 6ft 0. He's also technically 19 since he has been in the real world for 3 years.

                Personality: He is an ambitious, and hot-tempered individual. He may appear simple and ignorant, but he has a lot of self-respect and confidence in his abilities. He will never give up even when things are looking bleak. He also does mean well, even if he can be reckless.

                Morality: Heroic Good. He will never let anyone get hurt on his watch. If someone he cares about gets hurt be warned. Or you'll have to face his blade.

                Biography: Elsword, an ambitious yet hot headed young swordsman, was trained by the leader of the Red Knights, his sister Elesis. Elesis left her little brother one day to lead a mission, never to return. Elsword began to search the land for two things; the stolen Elstone, the precious gem that power the land of Elrios, and his missing sister.
                Along his way he had honed his swordsmanship, and even befriended a young mage named Aisha, an energetic elf named Rena, the quiet and grumpy Raven, the calm and usually quiet Eve, and the young fallen prince Chung.

                With them he had done many things. Like fighting a demon army, retrieving the precious Elstone, made even more friends, and more importantly... grew stronger alongside his friends.

                However during the incident where characters were brought into the real world Elsword was brought into the real world along with Aisha (who Neo said she will control), Chung, and Raven. It's unknown if Rena was brought into the real world or not. He was separated though once he was brought into the real world. He had began searching for his missing friends. Unsure if they are in this "real world" or not. He was not around to fight in the Devourer's invasion.

                Traumas: No known traumas.

                Notes: His theme:

                Chung (Tactical Trooper):

                Name: For the last time my name is SUSTIC!!!

                Timezone: I SAID IT ALREADY!!! MY TIMEZONE IS EST XD

                NPC Character of Choice: Chung Seiker.

                Game of Origin: Elsword

                Power: Chung was trained since a young age to be a guardian. As such he is incredibly strong physically. Capable of wielding the heavy weapon called the Destroyer which has to be at least a few hundred pounds as though it was a feather skillfully.
                He is also quite intelligent despite his young age. As he was able to develop an engine that can generate an infinite amount of El energy thanks to his father's notes. He still had help though when making it though.

                Weapons: Chung's Destroyer. It's a large weapon that can fire blasts of energy, to even homing missiles. He technically has infinite ammo for it due to magic, but he still has to "reload" it occasionally. You see his Destroyer has a magazine of six shots. Whenever he fires 1 blast or 1 missile it uses up 1 shot in the magazine. Whenever Chung runs out of ammo he must pull a lever to magically reload 1 "cannonball" (his ammunition.) Despite the Destroyer's power he has to reload, and since he can only reload 1-2 shots at a time he will be left wide open. When he activates his Freiturnier's (his armor) Berserk Mode his strength is increased, and he no longer has to reload his Destroyer. He can fire it at will without needing to reload. However Berserk mode is temporary.

                Weaknesses: Chung is strong, but he's not too fast. He excels in ranged combat, and supporting teammates with mortar fire and even air strikes. Due to this it's best to get in close to Chung and counter him in CQC. Even then he can be dangerous due to the weight of his Destroyer swings, and his physical strength can make any blows he can deal quite deadly. Yet that doesn't change the fact that he isn't all too fast in CQC. It's also easy to send Chung into a state of despair by reminding him of what happened to his father and his kingdom.

                Appearance: Stands at roughly the same size as Elsword. He's also the same age as Elsword.

                Personality: Chung is steadfast, and a good kid. He tries to do what's best, and will do anything to help a friend in need. Despite all this he never had a true childhood due to him being trained since a young age. Due to this he never had a chance to just truly be a kid. Not only that but he had suffered some pretty emotional stuff when he was young. As his kingdom was invaded by demons, and his father the leader of the Guardians of Hamel was possessed.

                Morality: Good.

                Biography: Members of the Seiker family are known protectors of the Hamel City, the capital of the Senace Kingdom. It is to this name that Chung was born. Widely known as Prince Seiker, Chung was trained for combat from his early years. When the Senace Kingdom came under attack, Chung's father, Helputt, devoted himself to defending it. Unfortunately, the demons had possessed him, causing him to lose all control of his own body, and the noble fighter unwittingly came to lead the enemies to attack Hamel. The Prince tried to stop his father, but got seriously wounded by him.
                With the help of Elsword and his friends, Chung escapes the battlefield and was on the way to recovering from his wounds. Meanwhile, most parts of the Senace Kingdom are now occupied by the demons. He then decided to leave Hamel to the Red Knights and go with Elsword to train and become stronger than ever. He swears to himself that he will not use the Seiker name and will call himself Chung until he returns to save Hamel and take the Water El back from the demons.

                2 Years after traveling with Elsword and the others Chung wanted to become a full-fledged protector of Hamel, Chung finds partial chronicles of a way to improve on the protective stone in his possession. Gathering knowledge on alchemy and explosives from all over Elrios, he began to work on redesigning his Destroyer.
                Chung's pursuit proves successful as he becomes capable of dealing barrage attacks that are both intense and somewhat unpredictable in any combat range. This intensified firepower and newfound skills lend him the status of Shelling Guardian.

                1 year later in his quest to further improve his weapon and abilities, Chung eventually turns up in his father’s workshop. He uncovered his father’s research on enhancing the Destroyer cannon that was drawn up before the elder defender of Hamel was possessed by demons. Chung uses the information as a guide, but he needed help to make it a reality.
                Adel, the Ponggo mechanic from Altera, offered to help build the Disfrozen Portal, an engine that can generate boundless amounts of El energy for the Destroyer. With the help of Echo and Lento as well, the engine was completed in time. This development promised to take his skill to the next level and refine his strategic ability. Then known as the Tactical Trooper, he had come closer than ever to saving Hamel.

                However before he truly could he was brought into the real world with Elsword, Aisha, and Raven. Yet he was separated from them for 3 whole years. He had managed to survive thanks to his training, and he did eventually come across a young boy named Robin who helped him, and others at the Prometheus Labs fight against the Organization XIII. After that he found out that Raven was there, and they were reunited briefly. Chung then met Lily, and Dr. Neuman and became good friends with them. He hopes to help the labs develop more Disfrozen Portal's to help mankind. As well as hopefully designing a device to make a bridge to his world so he can save Hamel, and hopefully his father.

                Traumas: Chung had suffered the loss of his father who was possessed by demons. He also almost lost his kingdom to the demons as well. Something that emotionally scared Chung for years.

                Notes: His theme:

                Pit: Kid Icarus:

                Name: SUSTIC FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!!!

                Timezone: EST

                NPC Character of Choice: Pit

                Game of Origin: Kid Icarus.

                Power: Despite Pit being a flightless angel, he is still a skilled and versatile fighter. He originally started out as an archer that mainly specialized in using the Bow, but over the years he has become more experienced with using various weapons like the Blade, Claws, Cannon, etc. Even though Pit has a childish appearance, he seems to possess great physical strength, and is capable of utilizing massive weapons like the Arm or Club. The angel has also learned to use impressive abilities and magic known as Powers which are granted by Palutena. Although he has access to numerous weapon classes, he has preference for bows, specifically the Palutena Bow, which is also his signature weapon.

                Weapons: The Palutena Bow:

                Painstakingly crafted by Palutena herself, this bow's shots gain speed the farther they travel. Though its standing shots are weak, its dash shots are mighty.

                Weaknesses: Pit is unable to fly. Also his absolute trust and dependence on Palutena has shown to be a major weakness, as Pit's courage and morale (and in some cases, his sanity) will severely drop if she is not present. However if she is around then Pit's courage and morale could go unmatched. He also gets embarrassed easily, and is quite gullible and naive. He's also not very bright either... Oh did I mention he gets stage fright easily?

                I think he stands at a average 5ft 4-6.

                Personality: Like most Nintendo protagonists, Pit is typically goodhearted, selfless, and heroic. He is generally very upbeat no matter what the situation (although he can be genuinely serious when needed), which certain characters, including both foe and ally, can find it a nuisance. Pit frequently banters, cracks jokes, makes outrageous puns, and constantly breaks the fourth wall in Uprising. Pit also deeply cares about the human race and is willing to do anything to keep them safe. His loyalty to Palutena is matched by no other, and he always addresses her as "Lady Palutena". Pit even states the main reason he fights in the first place is because of her. However, his absolute trust and dependence on Palutena has shown to be a major weakness, as Pit's courage and morale (and in some cases, his sanity) will severely drop if she is not present. Although not the smartest angel around, he is shown to be quite knowledgeable with video games, particularly from other Nintendo franchises. Even at one point, he was called a "video game historian". Pit also has a large appetite and will eat almost anything regardless of where it comes from. He is shown to be a devout lover of hot springs, which Palutena (and once, Viridi) will occasionally conjure up for him. Pit strongly follows the "angel's code of conduct" to the point he even refuses to remove his clothes when entering water. However, the truth behind this is because the angel is frugal and wants to save on laundry.

                Due to his young age, Pit is gullible and naive. He is unfortunately not very bright either. Pit is illiterate and has trouble understanding complex vocabulary used by Palutena. Some characters even sarcastically insult his intelligence, and his inability to detect sarcasm makes things easier for others (Ironically enough, Pit can sometimes make sarcastic statements himself). Pit can become oversensitive, especially when someone brings up the topic regarding his inability to fly, or when someone insults his goddess. He can even be slightly narcissistic at times, believing he is an attractive-looking person. According to Palutena, Pit embarrasses easily, and Pit himself admits he gets stage fright.

                However, the existence of Dark Pit may indicate Pit is not always as kind and friendly as he appears.

                Morality: Heroic (Good)

                Biography: At the beginning of the first game, Pit began as a young angel boy, trapped in the Underworld. Palutena, the Goddess of Light, had been imprisoned, so she entrusted Pit with a magical Bow and the duty of gathering the Three Sacred Treasures, defeating the Goddess of Darkness, Medusa, and saving Angel Land. Pit must journey through the Underworld, Overworld, Skyworld, and finally, the Palace in the Sky in order to gather the Three Sacred Treasures and free Palutena. At the end of the first game he defeated Medusa, and save Palutena.

                In Kid Icarus: Of Myths and Monsters, Pit is charged with training for the defense of Angel Land, after Palutena foresees an invasion of demons led by a monster called Orcos. The training involves the Three Sacred Treasures, which Pit must unite. However, because of a dire emergency, Palutena had entrusted the Three Sacred Treasures to the fortress guardians. To prevent Orcos's invasion, Pit had once again obtain the Three Sacred Treasures which he did.

                In Uprising Pit learns quickly from Palutena that the Underworld Army had come forth, signalling Medusa's return. At Palutena's request, Pit leaves Skyworld using the Power of Flight and heads to That First Town, where he finds that the humans haven't lost hope and are cheering the return of the Goddess of Light. Pit fights through the town and defeats Twinbellows. Pit then heads off to Dark Lord Gaol's Castle to aid the humans in their battles against the Underworld Army and meets Magnus, a powerful human fighter whom he teams up with to defeat Gaol, but later finds that Gaol was actually a human woman.

                Later, Medusa sends the Underworld Army straight to Skyworld, likely in retaliation for Gaol's defeat, and Pit heads out to defeat Hewdraw in That Burning Town. Then, Palutena sends Pit to the Reaper Fortress to disable the obscurity the Reapers were using to hide Pandora, the Goddess of Calamity. While there, he runs into the dreaded Eggplant Wizard, lamenting his past with this creature. He continues on to defeat the Great Reaper, thus completing his mission.

                Having found Pandora's Labyrinth of Deceit, Palutena sends Pit there next but both encounter mind-boggling troubles within the labyrinth. Once he reaches his destination, Palutena later explains that they're looking for the Mirror of Truth, an object that creates a copy of the true thoughts and feelings of whomever looks into it, and that the Underworld is using it to duplicate monsters. Pit reaches Pandora and defeats her once, and she shows him the Mirror of Truth, which he destroys it. However, just as he does, the Mirror casts a reflection of him and creates Dark Pit. Instead of following Pandora's orders, Dark Pit hits her and teams up with Pit to defeat her. However, as soon as she falls, Dark Pit knocks Pit back. Pit argues that he is the original, but Dark Pit ignores him and dives through Pandora's remnants, gaining an ability of his own to fly indefinitely, and he leaves before Pit can pursue him. Palutena tracks Dark Pit down and sends Pit after him, fearing that he may be allied with the Underworld Army, but an exchange between Dark Pit and Medusa reveals that he has no intentions of aligning himself with her. Pit follows him to a location of ruins and battles him before Dark Pit finally retreats.

                Palutena and Pit return to the focus of defeating Medusa and he heads for the Seafloor Palace, meeting Poseidon along the way before he enters the palace to defeat Thanatos, who has the Underworld Key, a gem that allows the owner to travel into the Underworld. Pit defeats him and claims the key, but learns from Palutena that he'll need the Three Sacred Treasures to challenge Medusa along with the fact that said weapons were stolen by the Space Pirates. Pit goes to retrieve them before the Underworld Army can, defeating the Pirates and a Space Kraken.

                Pit then dons the Three Sacred Treasures and heads to the Underworld, fighting through both her usual minions and souls crafted to resemble Twinbellows, Hewdraw, and Pandora, before finally challenging her to a battle. Pit defeats her and returns to Skyworld, believing his battle is over, but Hades, the true lead of the Underworld reveals himself as the mastermind behind Medusa's resurrection and the invasion. Pit changes targets to Hades and heads to a volcanic area to fight off the Underworld Army, only to find that Hades was after the Wish Seed, an object that the Phoenix was guarding. The angel goes to defeat the Phoenix, despite learning that the Wish Seed was a fake, sparking a beacon to the humans that the Phoenix had been beaten. Hades uses the beacon as an opportunity to alert the humans that the Wish Seed had been stolen, leading to a great war between them for the chance to get it.

                Pit embarks to survey the damage and see if he can find a way to stop the chaotic fighting, but is quickly cut off by the actions of Viridi, the Goddess of Nature and the leader of the Forces of Nature, who sends a Reset Bomb to wipe out the warring humans due to their reckless behavior and the ways they destroy the earth. Pit enters the area affected by the Reset Bomb to find it covered in dense vegetation. He frees the few human survivors and tracks down Cragalanche, a servant of Viridi. Pit defeats it and returns to Skyworld. Viridi's actions cause the war to become even greater as she too has joined the fray.

                Pit goes to the Reset Bomb Depot to put a stop to Viridi's production of her ultimate weapons, and despite her avid protests and sending of her Forces of Nature to get in his way, he destroys the depot. Later, he heads to the Lunar Sanctum to challenge Arlon, one of Viridi's high-ranking followers, only to be ambushed by Dark Pit while there. Pit triumphs over both adversaries and effectively blows up the Lunar Sanctum, unknowingly freeing a creature. Pit then heads to defeat Phosphora, another of Viridi's loyal followers, putting a large dent in Viridi's plans.

                However, before they can do anything else, Hades, Viridi, and Palutena find that their world is under attack by a mysterious race of aliens known as the Aurum, and Palutena sends Pit to deal with the threat before they destroy everything. The three sides make a temporary alliance to stop the Aurum. Pit, with a little help from Pyrrhon, the self-proclaimed Sun God, destroys the Aurum. However, Pyrrhon betrays them and fuses with the Aurum Brain. Fortunately, he still makes his way back to Aurum Pyrrhon and defeats him, causing an end to the Aurum invasion.

                Unfortunately, before he can celebrate, Pit finds himself having been turned into a ring of sorts. However, a girl comes across the ring and put it on, causing Pit to take control of her. He finds that a nearby human town is under attack and sees the Centurions among the chaos, then decides to investigate. However, the girl trips and falls, losing the ring, and it is picked up by a dog. Using the dog, he hurries to the town and finds that his body is attacking the town, much to his confusion. He then finds Magnus, who seems reluctant to take the ring, but Magnus eventually puts it on. The two then find out Pit has taken control of Magnus's body and they can communicate, so Magnus explains that three years had gone by since they met, and Palutena had apparently disappeared for a time, and later returned with her army to fight against the humans. The two then decide to work together to defeat Pit's Body.

                Shortly later, Viridi retrieves him and sends him to Skyworld, where he discovers that his home had been ruined by the continuous attacks caused by the Underworld. Palutena tells him that she was sick of dealing with the humans and prevents the angel from entering her temple with a force field. Pit retreats to Viridi for the time being and then goes to obtain the Lightning Chariot, hoping to use it to break through the barrier surrounding Palutena's temple. After battling its former master, Pit successfully takes it and breaks into the temple, finding that Palutena had been possessed by the Chaos Kin. Pit defeats it and frees her, only to find that the Chaos Kin had stolen her soul and disappeared within the Chaos Vortex. Dark Pit shows up, claiming that the two needed to rescue Palutena's soul immediately.

                Pit heads into the Chaos Vortex to pursue the Chaos Kin and eventually tracks it down, only to have it disappear for a time and trap him within an endurance battle between him and itself. Dark Pit shows up later to help him through it, and the two defeat the Chaos Kin. However, as Pit is checking on Palutena, the remnants of the Chaos Kin capture Dark Pit and send him off the edge of the platform the three were on. Without a second thought, Pit jumps after him and begs Viridi to let him fly. Viridi refuses, telling him that it would just cause his wings to catch fire. Pit doesn't care, realizing that the Chaos Kin was only going to destroy Dark Pit, and Viridi reluctantly gives him the Power of Flight. Pit catches Dark Pit and Viridi sends them back to Skyworld with Palutena, and they find that Pit's wings had been badly burned. Palutena cradles his unconscious body, lamenting the state of her captain and remembering his former wish—to fly on his own.

                In payment for saving his life, Dark Pit heads to the City of Souls and the Rewind Spring in order to restore Pit's wings, only to find along the way that Hades had been using souls not only to craft his army, but also as a meal. Dark Pit continues on and reaches the Spring, where he battles a resurrected Pandora. After defeating her, Palutena sends Pit to him and he dips the unconscious angel's wings into the spring, ultimately restoring his wings and reviving him. Pit returns to Skyworld, ready to fight.
                Pit dons the Three Sacred Treasures once again and heads out to confront Hades, but Hades ends up destroying the Treasures a short time into the fight and ultimately eats the angel. Pit fights his way though Hades's bowels until he comes across the god's heart, which he defeats. Once the battle is over, Dark Pit saves him using the Lightning Chariot and Palutena retrieves them both.

                Having lost the Three Sacred Treasures, Palutena sends Pit to the smith god who created them, Dyntos. Once there, Dyntos challenges Pit to pass three trials, involving Pit's proving himself by defeating recreations of former enemies and bosses along with the new weapon itself. Pit triumphs and claims the Great Sacred Treasure, a robotic weapon that he mans from the inside. Pit uses it to head out and confront Hades once more, and manages to weaken the Lord of the Underworld significantly. Unfortunately, Hades all but destroys the Great Sacred Treasure and prepares an attack that will ultimately end Pit, but a revived Medusa shows up and stops him before he destroys her. Palutena instructs Pit to take the cannon of the Great Sacred Treasure and focuses her power to charge it as Viridi gives Pit the Power of Flight. Once the charge is complete, Pit fires it and defeats Hades, bringing the war to an end.

                Pit then flies over the nearby land to check on its state, reflecting on the battle. While he is doing so, Dark Pit joins him, also using the Power of Flight, and Pit heads to follow him toward the horizon before flying off on his own higher into the heavens as the credits roll.

                When he had first entered the real world he had been separated from Palutena... well at least he thought. As such he had an severe mental breakdown. He was in a strange new world to him, and Palutena was nowhere to be found. Fortunately for him though he had found Palutena quite quickly... or Palutena found him... or... well he is now with Palutena at all times pretty much.

                Traumas: Whenever Lady Palutena is kidnapped he goes into a state of depression, and has a severe mental breakdown. Even if he knows that others will be there to fight by his side, he will still have a severe breakdown if Palutena suddenly goes missing.

                Notes: His theme song?:

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                  Originally posted by Cucoo5
                  @ Major

                  I think bumping up the limit to a max of like...10.
                  Cause we gots elaborate schemes already planned out...
                  I got elaborate schemes that involve more than 10 characters, ya know. I'll get my apps up here eventually. (Eventually)

                  Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                  You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                    Okay, here it comes, the magical apps. Oh, and a note, for characters returning, i'm not going through a full biography, but rather going over what they did during Season 1. With an exception of one or two.

                    NPC Character of Choice: Koishi Komeiji

                    Game of Origin: Touhou: Subterranean Animism

                    Power: Manipulation of the subconsious, reading minds.

                    Weapons: Carries a mythical blade inside her hat which can cut through anything and gives the user a powerful regeneration ability, though give the user and overpowering sense of justice.

                    Weaknesses: Can not yet control her mind reading powers again.

                    Appearance: Has wavy, grey-greenish, short hair and dark green eyes, wears a black hat with a yellow ribbon around it. A open and pupilless dark blue "third eye" is positioned over her heart, with cords wrapped around her torso and attached to each of her ankles. Wears an orange shirt with diamond-like blue buttons and dark green collar. The skirt is also green with a faint flowery pattern, but a lot lighter. Her socks are black.

                    Personality: She's mostly cheerful about most things and has a very optimistic attitude.

                    Morality: Good

                    Biography: After Koishi entered the real world, she met the spartan known as John, and went on a vacation to Hawaii. There, she had fun, caught a giant Akrid, met Model X, and other things. Eventually, she returned to Gensokyo when the "Devourer Incident" happened, and boarded his ship, The Consumer. There, she fought Lucifer twice with the help of the engineer known as Isaac Clarke and a mythical sword. She also helped fight Malthael, the angel of Death, who was soon banished to another realm. Eventually, after the Devourer was defeated, Koishi and Isaac boarded an escape pod along with Hank J. Wimbleton, Deimos, and Sanford. The duo then walked along, and then Isaac, who showed compassion towards Koishi, caused her to feel, thus causing an incredibly painful process of her third eye opening. Afterwords, Satori baanished Koishi form coming home, in which she fled to the Inventory, where with Isaac, they watched a movie.

                    Traumas: Her time from her eye opening cuased a slight bit of insanity to be imparted on her. She still hates the concept of mind reading as well.

                    Others will probably come later.


                    Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                    You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                      My apps will be in soon. I just need to work on them -_-


                        Ok this will be fun...

                        As I mentioned, I am now in charge of updating the OP.

                        And so...

                        Ha...I guess in order to accept applications, let's have everyone else peer review them and give critique.
                        Once a few people review one's apps, then they will be accepted.

                        How's that sound?

                        CC5 Amendment =w=;
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                          Isaac's App is now done.

                          Moving on to Six, then Jack-728, Daniel-636, Lily-223, James-073, Thomas-079, Dr. Neuman, and Dr. Halsey.

                          (Anyone besides Six is a minor Character.)
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                          Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                            @ Everyone

                            Ok, let's test this concept of peer reviewing apps to accept.
                            Everyone can give input on applications and if everything seems ok, then give that app an OK.
                            in green.
                            Just to make it stand out.
                            Then I add it to the tally.
                            Once three approvals hit, then the character is accepted.

                            Now I know mine were already reviewed, but let's keep it all even, shall we?

                            Cucoo5's Apps

                            Character - # of Opinions of Approval

                            Robin -

                            Morgan -

                            Link -

                            Eleos Mithras -

                            Lisa -

                            Shulk -

                            Lady Palutena -

                            S121's Apps

                            Character - # of Opinions of Approval

                            John-117 - I

                            Isaac Clarke - I

                            Spartan-B312 "Noble Six" (A.K.A. "Six") - I

                            Lily-223 - I

                            SUSTIC's Apps

                            Character - # of Opinions of Approval

                            Raven - I

                            Elsword - I

                            Mima's Apps

                            Character - # of Opinions of Approval

                            Koishi Komeiji - I



                              Try putting it into your original post.

                              It will allow us to quickly access the apps without us trying to find them.


                              In a minute.

                              I still need to finish some apps.
                              Originally posted by S121
                              Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.