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Sacred Treasure: Legends of the Sea IC (A pirate themed Fantasy RP.)

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    Sacred Treasure: Legends of the Sea IC (A pirate themed Fantasy RP.)


    Hello everyone and welcome to the IC of Sacred Treasure: Legends of the Sea! This is well... where the magic happens! So RP here!

    Go here to make your apps:


    1: Please no Godmodding, Powergaming, or Metagaming. This means that you DO NOT take control of another person's character unless they permit it, do something ridiculously OP and provide no way for another RPer to react, or have your characters know information that was ONLY discussed in the OOC.

    2: Romance is obviously allowed, but do not go TOO into detail about sexual acts or stuff like that. The amount of perviness I will allow in this RP is equal to the amount of perviness that Wriggle allows in his RP. So essentially typical anime perviness stuff can happen. So just use common sense with romantic plots and other thing of the sort. So BE WARNED. There might be some perverted comedy here and there, and some potentially scantily clad characters on occassion.

    3: NO POWER UP SESSIONS. A power-up session is described as a very short period of time where one becomes far stronger than they were. Players will slowly grow in power as they go on through the RP. Though they can start out with some sufficient amount of power (as long as their is a drawback to their power.)

    4: In the app remove everything in ( ).

    5: Have Fun.

    So just please use common sense, and you will not have a bad time!

    Moderator of the RP:

    WriggleRid3r: Wriggle is my right-hand Bug. If I'm not around to take up things, then Wriggle can do so for me and vice-versa... or simultaneously. In other words Wriggle can help with plot, creative consultant, and accepting apps/helping with enforcing rules.


    List of Different Crew's:

    ((TO BE WORKED ON!))

    Notable Locations:

    ((TO BE WORKED ON!))

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    Traveling Merchant Ship -Bell Harbor | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

    It was a bright and sunny afternoon. The smell of saltwater filled the air as a lone Traveling Merchant's ship could be seen on the horizon approaching the small harbor of Bell Town. The sun shined brightly down on the inhabitants of the Merchant ship. One of said inhabitants was a young man by the name of cale, who was laying down on the floor of the main deck against a lone barrel. Cale had been asleep for a while now under the comfort of the shade provided by the ship's sails. It was clear that Cale was in a state of deep sleep, and had no intentions of waking up. However the captain of the ship had other ideas.

    As Cale laid there on the floor, the owner of the ship had walked over to him and dumped a bucket of fish oil all over Cale. This caused Cale to jump awake in shock as he got covered in the smelly fish oil.


    "Good 'cause ye better get a movin. For we have arrived at our destination." Spoke the Merchant as Cale yawned and stretched while standing up. Taking a good whiff of the fish oil he was covered in, and immediately he gagged. "Oh... ew. Did you really have to use fish oil though?"

    "Tis the only way you'd wake up." Replied the Merchant as he then walked back to the main cabin to check on a few last things before they dock.

    As the Merchant Captain left for one of the ship's cabins, Cale sighed as he walked over to the front of the ship. Upon doing so he looked into the distance and saw the little harbor town that went by the simple name of Bell Town.

    Seeing this Cale smiled as he leaned on the ledge of the ship. It was clear that he was happy that he was going to finally get off this damn Merchant Ship and onto some dry land. All the while a small flock of seagulls had caught the smell of stinky fish and began swooping down at Cale, of whom began freaking out as he tried to fend off the birds while the ship slowly made its way to the harbor. In about 5 minutes it will be docked.
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      Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

      "Hmm... I see a sword... a lot of swords, actually. They all look old, the blades are chipped in places, and the handle shows wear. Are you a mercenary?"

      Phoebe looked up from her crystal ball and noticed that her client wasn't even paying attention to what she was trying to say. Instead he was staring at Phoebe's massive breasts, exposed by her skimpy attire. She sighed. This kind of event happened almost every time she had a male client looking for a prophecy and, while their adoration was welcome, it did interfere with her focus.

      "Ahem!" Phoebe fake-coughed, bringing her client back on the track. He was a young man, wearing a rather dirty set of clothes. He was most likely a poor mercenary who managed to gain enough money to ask her for fortunes, but she could be wrong. "I'll ask again. Are you a mercenary?"

      "Uh- um... no, ma'am..." The client spoke. He looked very flustered, as if he was having wild, lustful thoughts about Phoebe. She didn't blame him; who wouldn't? "I'm just a blacksmith... or an apprentice blacksmith, to be exact..."

      "I see." Phoebe nodded and deciphered the prophecy. "You might be dismayed that the swords in the image are worn out and old. However, on the contrary, worn-out swords in this prophecy means wealth and prosperity. Your customers will use the blades you've created so much, they'll be worn out in a heartbeat, which would prompt them to come back again."

      "Do you really think so?" The young man beamed. He barely looked old enough to be considered a man. He had a bright future ahead of him, Phoebe thought; his eyes told of his potential.

      "Yes, I do." Phoebe reassured, giving the man a kind smile. "Now, let's see if you have any luck in finding a girl..."
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        Bell Harbor | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

        Not too long had passed before the Traveling Merchant's ship had finally docked at the harbor. As it did so the Captain of the ship began calling out for anyone who might be interested in his wares.

        Meanwhile though, Cale who still smelled like rotten fish and was getting attacked by Seagull's, jumped off the ship and onto the wooden pier before running off into town.

        ""AH! SOMEBODY HELP GET THESE THINGS AWAY FROM ME!" Cale yelled as he tried swatting at the seagulls while running through the city, stopping in the middle of Chime Plaza where everyone can see the young man getting attacked by a flock of wild seagulls.


          Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

          After receiving four shiny silver Meseta coins as payment, Phoebe began cleaning the crystal ball. In all honesty, she didn't really need the crystal ball to tell fortune, for the vision was all in her mind. However, it was observed that people believed in her divination a lot better if she had the crystal ball as a get-up. They were especially engaged when she just used a bit of her power to make some purple smog fill the orb. Normally it's clear.

          Phoebe noticed that she was quickly growing hungry when her stomach growled softly. How could she forget; she have neglected to eat lunch because of a sudden influx of customers earlier that day. It's time to go savor some late lunch, she thought as she placed the crystal ball back on the table and grabbed a blue book to take with her. The book was invaluable to her; losing it would put her in a very bad situation, especially with her extremely skimpy outfit. With everything that is needed on her possession, she closed the shop temporarily by warding the door to her tent with occult energy and left to grab some food.


            Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

            Cale who was currently in the middle of the Chime Plaza, was still freaking out. He was flailing his arms all around in an attempt to scare off the crazed seagulls.

            Sadly every attempt of his to rid himself of these pesky birds seemed to fail before he finally saw something else. It was a barrel of vinegar that a store owner had just set outside of his shop. The shop owner was apparently closing his little market for the day, and was going to take the barrel of fresh vinegar home to pickle some cucumbers. Seeing this, and catching a bit of the scent Cale acted quickly as he then sprinted towards the barrel of vinegar before finally jumping into the barrel. The moment he did the strong stench of vinegar soon began to replace the smell of rotten fish. With this the Seagulls then stopped attacking and chasing the young man.

            Once the seagulls left, Cale stuck his head out of the vinegar and sighed as he then took notice of the large crowd of people who began gathering around the shop. He also then took notice of the shopkeeper who had a rather unpleased look on his face. All Cale could do upon seeing the rather angry look of the shop owner was say one simple phrase...

            "H-How much for the vinegar...?" Cale spoke with a chuckle that had obvious signs of rather intense nervousness. That was when the shop owner replied.

            "6 Meseta."

            Hearing how much it will cost him, Cale let out a distraught groan as he then dunked his head into the vinegar once more.


              Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

              Phoebe was lavished by the onlookers as she sauntered across the plaza to look for a good restaurant to eat lunch from. She was wearing a lowleg black skirt with a really long hemline and a bridgeless black bra, leaving almost the entire upper torso exposed. She donned a matching black hat with a bent peak with a furry white ball attached to the top, and a large brim that covered one of her eye. Most people tracked Phoebe with eyes filled with lust, and while some returned to their usual duties, some looked absolutely entranced as they slowly advanced towards Phoebe.

              However, the occult artist's eyes were not placed at these promiscuous men. Instead, her gaze traveled to a certain hilarity happening near. She witnessed a man who looked like he had his head dunked into a sour-smelling liquid. Some seagulls flocked around the man, although they were more focused on leaving the area due to how many people were nearby. To be honest, the whole situation looked so hilarious, Phoebe couldn't help but giggle.

              "Looks like you're having a 'pickle' there." Phoebe chuckled at her own joke as she walked closer to Cale. "Do you need help?"


                Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

                After the shop owner told Cale how much the price of the vinegar barrel will cost, Cale poked his head back out of the vinegar as he handed the shop-keep the money he owed. Sadly though that would be the last of the money he will have for a while now. Once he handed the shop-keep the money, the disgruntled old man swiped the gold meseta from Cale's hand and walked off with a rather angry expression. With the shop-owner now gone Cale took notice of the crowd of people who were gathering around. He knew he would catch the attention of people, but not this much of the townsfolk!

                Though what Cale noticed was the scantily clad... and gorgeous woman who was now walking closer to him. Upon doing so he lowered his head a bit into the vinegar. "N-No I'm fine! I can get out on my own!" Cale spoke as he nervously began to try and get out of the barrel of sour smelling liquid. However getting OUT of a barrel proved to be more difficult than getting into one. As indicated by Cale quickly panicking as the barrel fell over.

                "AH!" Cale yelled out as he and the barrel fell onto the ground, causing all the liquid inside to pour out. By now any of the townsfolk who weren't distracted by Phoebe's appearance, will be either laughing or looking at Cale with disappointment.


                  Chime Plaza

                  The commotion attracted a lot of people, including a rather odd pair of a Dunwitcher and a Satori. Considering how most might never even see either of the two species individually, seeing both of them was quite a shock. Especially when the Dunwitcher was for some reason really, really short.

                  "Hey, big Koish', need help overcomin' my short legbits!" the little Dunwitcher said. The satori by the name of Koishi merely smiled brightly and lifted her compatriot up by the waist, putting her on her own shoulders to better see the quite silly looking man in a barrel of vinegar. Neither of the two thought they weren't going to see that for another two weeks at least.

                  "Hummins are funny." the little Dunwitcher named Lizzy spoke and smiled with her quite sharp teeth at the man's misfortune.

                  "Yep." Koishi replied. "Makes for good comedy stuff though. Don't even need to pay for tickets!"

                  The two of them chuckled a little.

                  Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                  You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                    Maya's ship l En root to Odenami village.

                    The sun was high in the air, shining down both bright and hot upon the harpy's crew. By this time Maya had gathered a sizable bunch of mates to pillage and plunder with and had obtained vast riches from her many voyages. She sat alone in the captain's quarters while her crewmen ad women were hard at work outside. The harpy had recently goneinto heat and the next port they stopped at would become her new hunting ground. She sat motionless for what felt like hours but in truthe only a few minutes had passed by. Eventually she finally slammed oth of her fists into her desk in pre frustration. "GOD IT"S THE SAME DAMN THING EVERY SUMMER!" she yelled while trying to regain her composure. "I knew i should have done this in advance now it's going to drive me CRAZY until i find someone." She said while casually moving one hand under her desk to try and keep herself sane.

                    A few minutes passed by and the pirate captain seemed much more relaxed now. It was though her troubles had simply melted away. Being in heat caused her mood swings to go even more haywire than they usually were so changes in mood like this were very common during this time of year. Luckily for her she had her therapy. She relaxed on her desk, resting her cheek on her own arms in a way that she might fall asleep if left alone for too long. She felt herself slowly drifting, but just as she would have crossed over into unconsciousness her mood changed again and she became restless. She had to get up and move before she went crazy and so she left her quarters to get a status report from her crew.

                    She kicked the door open and stepped outside into the blistering sun, shading her eyes with one hand at first but then gradually getting used to the light. "You there!" she said adressing one of the crewmen. "How long til we reach the island you promised me?"

                    The crewmen stopped mopping the deck and looked to the captain who was clearly growing impatient. "Captain! we should arrive any minute now. It wont' take long ma'am" he answered honestly.

                    The harpy simply sighed as she took out another bottle of rum and quickly downed some of it's confines. "It's gonna be a long day." She walked over o the bow of the ship. Or the front for all ye land lubbers. She gazed off into the distance where she saw the cost line and some vague details of the island she was gradually approaching. "Soon as we get close enough i'll fly out there myself and grab my victim. This boat better be turned around by the time i get back. Understood?" The crewmen of cores just nodded in response, knowing the consequences of letting their captain down. "Good!"


                      Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

                      Phoebe chuckled once again as the barrel of vinegar toppled down. The crowd that formed around laughed at the hilarity that is Cale's situation, while some that were closer to the barrel leapt and ran away to avoid the wrath of the acidic liquid. This man is so funny, Phoebe thought, Is he a travelling comedian? I wonder...

                      "My my..." Phoebe said as she took off one of her gloves and offered a helping hand for Cale. "You should've just taken my offer of aid, you know."


                        Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

                        As Cale laid on the ground in embarrassment due to the situation he's in, but as he saw Phoebe walk over to him he quickly stood up and began dust himself off... unfortunately he is now quite messy with vinegar, the minor scent of fish oil, and some dirt and wood splinters stuck to his clothing.

                        "I'm f-fine. Just... messy." Cale replied as he crossed his arms and tried acting all cool as though nothing happened.

                        "After all... I'm kinda used to this... heh..."


                          Odenami Village

                          It was a normal day like any other in their quite mountain home. The sun was shining through the open paper doors as yesterday's laundry drip dried outside. Seki was outside playing in the forge area alone. She didn't know how to make weapons and armor but she had learned how to melt the metals into a liquid form. Doing so was easy thanks to her power. Jason had been teaching her to try and do constrictive things with her abilities rather than destroy so this was one of the ways she could do it. Today was a special day for Seki. Jason's studies usually kept him busy but today he had promised her they would do anything she wanted. Well, anything within reason that is.

                          It didn't take Seki long to melt the rest of the ore. The liquid metal was pouring out into the mold to form an ingot which could then be used to make armor or a weapon. All that was left was to let the molten metal cool and harden. This left the girl with nothing to do, which raised the question, where was Jason?

                          The girl wondered back inside to look for him. He wasn't in the kitchen or dining area and he wasn't in the living room. She looked a bit more and eventually found him in his room asleep. Seki puffed her cheeks a bit, she wasn't too angry but it did upset her. This was a special day for her and he was still sleeping. Seki had to wake him up so naturally she knelt down next to his mattress and picked up his left arm. She then proceeded to bite the living hell out of it until he woke up.


                            Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

                            "Used to... this?" Phoebe raised an eyebrow as Cale got up on his own. A man who's used to being dunked into a barrel full of vinegar? How unfortunate is he to deserve these things on a regular basis? Phoebe was curious. "You must be a very unfortunate man to be used to these situations."

                            "You know... I can tell fortunes of a man just by looking at their eyes." Phoebe said in a matter-of-fact like voice. "If you want, I can-"

                            "THE RAIDERS ARE COMING!"

                            A young boy in his late teens ran to the town yelling the same sentence in different variation over and over again. Apparently, some people called "the raiders" are coming and, based on the villagers' reaction and the name they were referred to, they weren't going to bring good news when they come in. The merchants began hiding their wares to the back of their shops, while the young women and children were told to hide completely away from sight. The flimsy amount of guards in the town looked alert, but knowing that they will not stand a chance if they tried to thwart the invasion, they could merely stand vigilant.

                            "What's going on?" Phoebe asked a townsfolk running towards her and Cale in a panicking stride.

                            "You- you better hide, right now!" The townsfolk huffed as he eyed Phoebe and her body, not out of lust but of worry. "The Fenmarsh Bandits... they're coming, and if you don't hide from their sight, they will kidnap you to be sold as slaves!"

                            "So they're slavers, huh?" Phoebe confirmed the townsman's claim. She did have some run-ins with couple of thugs on her way to this town a few days ago, but to think that they were slavers... She had an idea, but it will need another person's help... someone who's preferably knowledgeable in fights... at least someone who can work as a good decoy. "Thank you for your warning."

                            "But miss-" The townsfolk tried to persuade Phoebe, but she ignored his caution as she turned to Cale.

                            "You hear that? There are going to be some raiders trying to take people as slaves. I need to stop them, for obvious moral reasons, but I need help. You look like a mercenary of sorts... can I hire you on this mission, perhaps?"


                              Chime Plaza | Bell Town, New Leaf Island

                              "Oh I don't think there's really a need for something like that now... I mean I kinda prefer my life like this. Always a bit exciting if you don't know what is going to happen in your future... r-right?" Cale replied with a chuckle as he rubbed the back of his head. However before he could react, he jumped when he heard a young man coming into the village saying that raiders are coming.

                              Upon hearing that, Cale's heart kinda sank. After all he's only been in town for... about not even a few hours and already he has gotten embarrassed in front of the whole town, and now there are raiders on the way!? Cale was really not suspecting this at all. He wasn't even prepared for any sort of conflict at the moment! Though what he heard the scantily clad woman say next really made him become a little bit more worried.

                              "W-Wait... me? Fight a bunch of thugs!? With all due respect Ma'am, I'm no mercenary! I'm just a treasure hunter who is just stopping by for a bit of rest and relaxation! Not for a fight!" Cale replied to Phoebe. It was clear that he was obviously worried about the oncoming raider's attack.