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    Eternal Galaxy Project

    I think I've come full circle to realize what I really need to breath life into Eternal Galaxy.
    Now that I know a thing or two that I wish I known a month ago, I'm going to try and do what I should have done in the first place.


    What is Eternal Galaxy?

    Eternal Galaxy has been a science-fiction story that I've been developing in my head since I was 10 (therefore it all started back in 2004).
    It has consumed my life and my thought process. There is nothing I can look upon without thinking: "How can I adapt this into Eternal Galaxy?"

    Eternal Galaxy is ultimately my dream to create a story, or I should say a galaxy, that includes everything in some way shape or form.

    That's where this thread comes in.
    I seek ever elusive ideas.
    Ideas that would help grow Eternal Galaxy so that it can be what I have been trying to make it.
    A galaxy as sophisticated and complex as our own reality, yet uniquely different.

    I will post some of the current lore tomorrow, but there are gaping holes in it. Primarily when it comes to culture.

    Now the last few times I tried to do something like this, nothing happened.
    So I'm doing a different approach:
    Ask questions about Eternal Galaxy's story.
    Even the most rudimentary questions might make me think on things I never thought about before.

    Current Lore

    GAIA Timeline:

    Ok so because of what I had to do, I dumped everything onto Google drive, therefore my primary doc that is the timeline is there and so here's the link:

    It's set so that anyone that visits via this link can add suggestions which I get to approve/reject.
    I expect to see things happen now.

    Spoiler: Older VOID Timeline

    The Void Timeline Rough Draft - Non-modular version

    RY = Reference Year

    Spoiler: Era of the Void

    RY -X
    The Caeles society advances to a point where they become god-like.

    One delves into the notion of the void and studies it and attempts to replicate it.
    The Caeles that does this eventually succeeds and becomes the embodiment of the void.

    This consumes his/her identity and therefore he/she becomes simply known as that which he/she became, the Void.
    To some it is referred to as the Unknown.

    - Nihiliods are created from the Void as destroyers of life.

    GAIA Computer and Heaven's Forge are created to combat the Nihiliods.

    The First Phoenix Incident occurs, activated by a Caeles known as Venturia, in an attempt to fight back the Nihiliod infection.
    It is mostly successful.

    Spoiler: Era of the Dawn

    RY 0
    Arcains and Prometheos evolve from the recreated galaxy
    Seeing these new beings growing in the new Galaxy, the Caeles retreat to an alternative timeline so as to not interfere with the evolution of these new beings.

    RY 10,000
    Corlaviri and the rediscovery of the GAIA Computer
    The crystalline substance known as Corlaviri is discovered by Arcains and the GAIA Computer is found by Prometheos on the Planet Nox of Venion system.

    RY 12,120
    A wayward scientific expeditionary group of Humans arrive in the galaxy.
    Among them were Mike Warr (Cicero), Ryan Cyke (Nero), and Sarah Trinity.

    RY 12,123
    "Phoenix Incident"
    Arcain Revolt: Began by Humans. The revolt that is later named the Phoenix Incident starts as a means to liberate the Arcains from Prometheos oppression. Cicero, Nero, and Sarah attempt to use the revolt as cover for their attempt to obtain access to the GAIA Computer, a large system that is capable of manipulating the very fabric of existence of the entire Venturian Galaxy through manipulation of both Gaia and Anti Energy. Originally, the revolt was dismissed by the Council of Twelve as a mere rumor. However, Aion Leonares begins investigating and starts to find out about Cicero's scheme to gain access to the GAIA Computer.

    When the Council acknowledges the Phoenix Revolt as an actual threat, Aion chooses to remain neutral for fear of upsetting his Arcain servants, especially his head maid Tina, whom he has growing feelings for.

    When the Revolution turned into open hostilities, a renegade group targeted the House of Eternity for the reasoning of "not choosing a side." The attack resulted in the death of Tina and most of Aion's servants.
    Aion's original mortal form was also killed during this.
    - This was not to Cicero's plans. Without Aion, he feared for the stability of the Galaxy's place in the natural timeline of the universe. Without the Master of Time, he feared that Time itself would start to erode away at the galaxy. "Time is a beast and we just killed its master." - Cicero

    Sarah dies when Cicero activates the GAIA Computer.

    Nyx, Aion's Mother, guided Aion's spirit to the Passages of Fate so that it might survive and be reborn in a new mortal body. This is to keep the last Master of Time in the plane of existence so that Time does not fall apart.

    Birth of New Venturia. Dawn of the Life Hackers.
    Destruction of Original Venturia.
    Cicero shapes new Venturia using Aurora.

    RY 12,124
    Two of Cicero's friends before the Phoenix incident, known as Aetheron and Erebos, take up the duty of preventing Cicero from modifying the Galaxy any further by sealing the GAIA Computer in the Manor of Eternity.

    End Purpose of the Phoenix Incident: Cicero's attempt to create a Utopian Society to eliminate suffering.

    Spoiler: New Era

    RY 12,125
    New races evolve from the recreated galaxy
    - Vatian
    - Irian
    - Papillian


    The Manor of Eternity is used as a safe house for the GAIA Computer.

    Cicero cannot enter normally.

    The Manor is transported to a pocket dimension where it is not affected by the flow of time normally.

    Gate to the Manor of Eternity on Dua
    A passageway to the Manor of Eternity is on an island on the planet Dua.

    This serves as a tether for the actual Manor of Eternity to reality, as well as a gateway to it.

    The Mirror Sea is protected by a barrier to deter outsiders from finding the Isle of Spirits, the location of the gateway to the Manor of Eternity.


    Remnants of the Dual City which originally housed the GAIA computer are on the planet Nox.


    Two massive Corlaviri Crystals that serve as a basis for Aura energy outside the Manor of Eternity are created on Alcyon.
    The Eternal Light and Ethereal Darkness.

    The Crystals were created by Luminarcs and Noxarcs.

    Morpheus's Conscious is born from the Ethereal Darkness.

    The Twin Sisters, Hedone and Peitho, are born from the Eternal Light.

    RY 12,130

    The Passage of Fate
    Cicero, Aetheron, and Erebos are aware of the Passage of Fate and have seen the coming of the War of Eternity (Fear of the return of Nihiliods).

    Cicero does not want the war to come to pass. Yet Aetheron and Erebos want it to happen just to break the affect of the Phoenix Incident.

    Cicero creates the Blood Tome as a book of prophecy.

    The Blood Tome circulates through the galaxy as Cicero attempts to prevent the War of Eternity.

    RY 12,500
    The Twin Sisters, Hedone and Peitho, discover the Blood Tome and plan to start the war of eternity so that they can utilize the paranoia caused by the Nihiliods to their own ends and they plan to control it.

    Spoiler: Era of Prosperity

    RY 12,666
    Earth Destroyed

    RY 12,740
    Human survivors reach Venturia

    RY 12,750
    Aura Tech is advanced.
    The Venturian Empire accepts Humans as a prominant race.

    RY 12,756
    Forterium Metal and Corlaviri Crystals are utilized in all aspects of society. From average life to warfare.

    RY 12,780

    Fissures in Time begin to form, creating openings into parallel timelines of the Galaxy. A mysterious human begins to catalogue the occurrences of these rifts and looks into adapting Aura Tech to manipulate these Fissures to his own benefit.However, his tampering with the rifts led to the rediscovery of the Caeles, who had hidden themselves in one of the alternative timelines that can be reached through the rifts. This also led to the release of the Void and a renewed outbreak of Nihiliods. The people of Venturia then fought along with the Caeles to contain the threat of the Void utilizing the artifacts of Heaven's Forge. The technology created during this incident was later repurposed to continue the advancement of society.

    This is the first outbreak of Nihiliods the new people of the Venturian Galaxy experience.


    Aurora creates the boundary that severs the tie of the Galaxy to the timeline of the rest of the Universe. This is to help contain the issue of the Fissures of Time.

    RY 12,790
    Aetheron takes in two humans, Sol and Luna and trains them to use Gaia and Anti Energy

    He does this to prepare for the War of Eternity.
    They become Guardians of Time and, against Aetheron's orders, interact with the people and help them.

    RY 12,825
    Heaven's Forge
    Artifacts derived from a place refered to as Heaven's Forge are brought to Venturia through the Fissures of Time.
    The Starchild (Caeles) Anankerisa brings Mercurius.
    Aetheron and Erebos retrieve Arke.
    Aion's soul travels through the rift and retrieves the spirtual essence of Iris as he could not obtain the physical artifact itself.

    An artifact that would be later retrieved by Selene was also created. It was named Aeternitas.

    The Artifacts were designed to help defeat the Nihiliods and later as an attempt to defeat the Void.
    The Shards of Starlight were also created and used to imprison the Void.

    Spoiler: Era of Decline

    RY 12,826

    War of Eternity begins
    Nihiliods Quarantined on a planet in the Egale System
    Rifts become less stable
    Prophecy of the Void's return circulates through the use of the Blood Tome
    Fear of this leads to hysteria among many. Many rush to try and develop weapons to fight the Nihiliods.


    Fortress of Nox
    Isolated and protected from Nihiliods

    At the beginning of the War, Erebos fortifies the former Dual City. Now the City of Dusk, Erebos presides over it as the Lord of the realm and makes it a haven for all people. He then Isolates it.

    RY 96,136

    Nihiliods break free of Quarantine

    Venturian Council
    Last Priestess/ Empress
    Last of the Papilians
    Lady Avonna

    RY 108,403
    Orion's Legacy
    Defeat of Twin Sister's ideology on how to destroy Nihiliods after they realize that they cannot be controlled.

    Spoiler: Era of Heaven's Forge

    RY 108,404
    Sol takes the Blood Tome and attempts to find a way to destroy the Nihiliods by entering Heaven's Forge to obtain the artifact Iris.
    He succeeds in retrieving the physical form of Iris, however Aion still holds the other half.
    Sol uses the power of Iris to try and force a Caeles to fight the Nihiliods for them. He uses it to influence the mind of Anankerisa.
    Luna attempted to stop him, but she was quickly defeated by Sol with the power of Iris at his command.

    RY 109,242
    War of Alcyon
    Rise of Ethereal Darkness
    Achlys's answer to Nihiliod threat on Alcyon by using the raw power of the Ethereal Darkness to defeat the "Plague"


    Senari Republic's decline
    Bio-Computer takes over and attempts to convert populace to cyborgs in order to defeat Nihiliods.


    Renegades of Sol Incineron
    Belief that there is no hope
    Anarchy reigns

    Noble Guardian Order
    Daedalus Project
    Massive battle station meant to destroy Nihiliods

    Venturian Empire
    Seeks to Quarantine Nihiliods again and attempt to keep them that way


    RY 109,250

    Hunt for the Lost Artifacts
    The Shards of Starlight resurface and are sought after by both the Noble Guardian Order and Venturian Empire to aid there causes


    Achlys's defeat
    Aion turns to aid Kiara
    Kiara restores the Eternal Light over the Ethereal Darkness

    Liberation of the Republic
    Eleos destroys the Bio-Computer at great cost.
    The Republic is liberated
    No one remains

    RY 109,253
    Discovery of the first Shard of Starlight on Alcyon

    Discovery of the Second Shard of Starlight on Senarious

    Discovery of the Third Shard of Starlight on Inopia

    Discovery of the Fourth Shard of Starlight on Nox
    Mercurius Breaks
    Aion travels into the Manor of Eternity's Halls of Darkness in order to reforge the blade

    Attack of Venturian Empire against the Daedalus Project
    Venturian Empire loses

    Discovery of the Fifth Shard of Starlight on Conlustrare
    Venturian Empire regroups

    Discovery of the Sixth Shard of Starlight at Sedes Imperii
    Last stand against Daedalus Project
    Venturian Empire wins
    Aion dies to Revere

    Spoiler: Era of Echoes

    RY 109,254
    Alternate version of Venturian Galaxy discovered
    All who died in Venturia are found here
    Rift realm
    The Void's resting place

    Aion recovers memories and challenges the Void

    RY 109,258
    Echoes of Time
    The final struggle to destroy the Nihiliods and the Void.

    Aion hunts down Sol to recover the physical half of Iris.
    In the process, he defeats Anankerisa and stops Sol from using the GAIA Computer in the Sanctuary of Light.

    Aurora then raised the GAIA Computer from the vault under the Sanctuary. She uses it to teleport the group out of the Sanctuary and then seals them out.
    Nero, who had been waiting in the Halls of Time, explains that she is preparing to initilize the Phoenix Code to "restore" the Galaxy so that it would return to the way it was in the New Era.

    Luna uses the last of her power and life force to breach the seal that Aurora had placed on the Sanctuary of Light.
    Aion confronts Aurora and adjusts the Vault Barrier to cut her and the GAIA Computer off from the rest of the Galaxy.

    RY 109,300
    Ignis, the daughter of Aion and Selene, is sent to a neighboring Galaxy, by utilizing the Manor of Eternity's time portals, in an attempt to keep her away from the remaining troubles of Venturia as it begins to decay.
    Selene's Pocket Watch, Aeternitas, is given to Ignis.

    Spoiler: Era of Rebirth

    RY 110,240
    "Fall of the Boundary"
    The Boundary that had been created by Aurora finally disipates. This allows Venturia to re-enter the natural timestream of the rest of the Universe. It also allows for colonists to enter the Galaxy. At this time, the Venturian Galaxy is in ruins. Even though the Galaxy appears deserted, some of the original races still exist.

    RY 110,555

    "Grey Phoenix"
    Ignis, using an alternate identity as a man named Grey, leads various archaeological expeditions throughout Venturia. She is attempting to find what had become of her home after the years she had been away as well as a way to stop the Void once and for all.

    Ignis reforms the Hunters' Guild

    Search for the Keystones: Ignis and co. search for the various keystones that served as special memory devices for the GAIA Computer to protect the Phoenix Code. Aurora's programming is heavily tied to the Phoenix Code and Ignis believes that it is possible to extract Aurora from the Phoenix Code piece by piece via the Keystones.

    Shrine of Seasons: Zoe, Khloe, and Sofia saved and the recovery of a Keystone (Celestora System)

    Escape from the first encounter with reawakened Nihiliods

    Nemesis and MIMI located on Duon in the Pangaea Spaceport.

    Reconstruction of Nemesis and MIMI at Sedes Imperii's Palace City which is floating on the planet's watery core.

    Restoration of the Daedalus Project: The massive space station is purged of the Nihiliods with the help of Nemesis and MIMI. Serves as their main base of operations. The location of one of the Keystones (Nexion System)

    Recovery of the Fourth Nymph sister, Zephira: In a ruined cruiser in space rests the fourth sister of Zoe, Khloe, and Sofia. Also where one of the Keystones are. (Venion System)
    Ignis is revealed as a girl because of Zephira.

    Nihiliod Queen Protecting another Keystone (Egale System)

    Hidden alcove of Gaia Tech on Inopia along with a Keystone (Sol Incineron System)

    Mechanical Nihiliod in the mine on Conlustrare powered by a Keystone (Helios System)

    Extraction of Aurora's "Keystone" segments into the Daedalus Project.

    First encounter with a Nihiliod possessed Omega Class Cruiser

    Return to the Manor of Eternity in order to separate the remainder of Aurora from the Phoenix Code.

    Raising the GAIA Computer from the Vault.

    Raid of Nihiliods against the Manor.

    Escape to the Daedalus Project.

    Final Preparations for the Final Battle with the Unknown.

    GAIA Revision:

    And now for a big update. Not a full blown revision, but I'll call it one since it does revise a few aspects.

    Caeles "made" the beast of time. It is an artificial construct made to manipulate time and space. Caeles have tech as well as gained abilities that allow them to manipulate five dimensional space, however they were still in the experimental phase. The Gaia Computer, Beast of Time, and Void Projects are all examples of such experiments.

    In addition...
    Anankerisa is a Caeles experiment to produce a being imbued with the ability to manipulate 5 dimensional space "naturally". Hence the alternative race name for her: Starchild.

    Heaven's Forge could act as a tesseract. The "Passages of Fate" is actually the three dimensional representation of Heaven's Forge.

    Fissures of Time act as rifts between timelines, therefore jumping only time. The Rift Gates are adaptations of this that act as wormholes.

    Gaia and Aura energy cannot exist without the GAIA Computer. Gaia energy is converted by the computer from the physical realm (A sort of representation of Kinetic/potential/heat/etc energy put into one form) while Aura energy is derived from the non-physical (Theoretically: Spirit/life force/etc turned into a physical energy that can interact with Gaia energy). Corlaviri Crystals serve as storage for the energy after conversion.

    The power of the Shards of Starlight do not "technically" exist in the small crystals. The referenced planets ARE the source for the Shards of Starlight. The Small crystals themselves merely serve as a sort of receiver for the energy.
    - For the final preparations to destroy the Unknown, The Shards will be gathered at the GAIA Computer, which will draw the power from the planets (possibly destroying them) and then transmit that power in a condensed form to the Daedalus Project which will fire the energy into the Void. It will do this by concentrating beams of the energy into the Rift Gate that leads to the Void, creating instability in the void which would cause expansion to occur again, as well as destroying the point where the Unknown was.

    The Artifacts of Heaven's Forge: Mercurius, Arke, and Iris, are technically tools that allow one to manipulate 5 dimensional space. The premise as to why they are weapons is that it was an attempt by the Caeles to weaponize their control of 5D space with the hope that it would be able to destroy the Nihiliods. Controlling the artifacts however proved difficult and therefore ineffective against fully eliminating the threat of the Void.
    - Three artifacts were created as a sort of safeguard. Mercurius controls Gravity, Arke controls Energy/ 3D space, and Iris controls Time.

    The Temple of the Lost contains a gate to a part of the GAIA Computer that serves as the Generator of Gaia and Aura Energy. While the GAIA Computer itself can perform this task, this Generator naturally is far more efficient. In essence, the planet Inopia serves as a sort of furnace for it.
    - The GAIA Generator is in Heaven's Forge itself. The Temple of the Lost contains the Rift Gate that leads to it. Thus the Temple of the Lost itself serves as a transport of Gaia and Aura energy.
    - Note for Era of Rebirth: Currently the Rift Gate to the generator had been closed, hence why charged Corlaviri Crystals do not have as much energy.

    Each Planet referenced for the Shards of Starlight has a temple that acts as a sort of antenna for the energy. These temples have one predominantly large lens of Corlaviri.
    - Each one will have to be manually activated and configured in order to direct the energy to the Gaia Computer.
    - Note for Phoenix: To keep things short, the Keystones will be at these temples. Therefore the Shrine of Seasons is actually one of these temples.

    For now I'll start off this revision with this.

    Spoiler: Outdated Timelines

    Spoiler: Click each image for full size. Click again to zoom in

    Note 1: Era of Heaven's Forge is currently incomplete. Era of Echoes is currently incomplete. Era of Rebirth is currently incomplete.
    Note 2: The names for the Eras are... in short very basic. I intend on replacing them later but...
    Note 3: Quality of pictures vary depending on browser used.
    Note 4: Image 1 is the first two eras. Image 2 is the next 3 eras. Image 3 is the last 2 eras.
    Note 5: the center 2 columns (Venturia and Venturia II) are general for the entire galaxy. All other columns, excluding Manor of Eternity, are specifics for the individual solar systems.

    Skeleton Draft of new Void Timeline


    Contains some details not in the original.

    The space to the right is where alternative timelines go.
    Right now I'm experimenting with the idea that it diverges at one point and maybe converges again later.

    Spoiler: Premise of the new Void Timeline

    What better reason to have a war that lasts for seemingly forever than that of survival?
    Nothingness... the Void...
    What if the War of Eternity is not some petty squabble over a book of prophecy...
    What if it was a fight against the impossible?

    The Inevitable Conclusion...
    A fight against the very thing that consumes all.
    A fight against the Void.

    But can you really destroy that which does not exist? The absence of all existence?
    Can you delay it?

    The Demon Caeles ... Is actually the Void.
    The Nihiliods are not just planet destroyers.
    They are the embodiment of the Void.

    A fight for survival
    You would think something such as a fight against erasure would bring a galaxy together towards a common cause...
    Instead it tears it apart.
    Hysteria sets in... factions form with different ideologies on how to destroy the Void.
    A clash of views, everyone is afraid of the other's radical ideas on how to destroy that which destroys.

    Time itself means nothing to the Void.
    Aion, the Master of Time, is rendered powerless.
    What can he do?
    He can do what one driven to the brink of insanity can do. Try again.
    "Cowards die many times, while the brave die but once."

    He challenges the Inevitable Conclusion, the Void.
    But what does he have? His own power means nothing.
    Strength of Will alone? Against the Void?

    Such naivety!
    What can the will of petty mortals do against the face of certain destruction? Of certain erasure from this existence?

    More than the Void would think.
    For his own bretheren... Other Caeles... aid the mortals of Venturia.
    Against the odds, they choose to fight.

    Upon the revolving cogs of fate does our lives hang. The threads golden with the hue of eternity. The clock turns and the hour hand points to a new time, a new era. Yet we live on, ignorant of the tick of the clock of fate. Nay, our lives are not defined by the clock, rather the events that doth unfold forth from it. As the new age dawns, threads will be cut. Lives will plummet into the abyss of history, forgotten. As they fall, war rises and ravages the hanging threads like a tempest most ferocious. Many lives, many of the golden threads are battered by the onslaught, helpless to change it. War defined their fate. War was the plague that the clock hands brought to help define the new era. But as war storms and thunders and starts the inferno that consumes all that it touches and reduces all to mere ashes...those with a will to change cruel fate stand up from the smoldering embers. With hope and strength of the heart, they force the clock of fate to change again, to move on to a new time, to bring new fortune. And so it does. The war ends and the hands bring peace.

    The abyss
    The Void...

    Our lives dangle from the clock of fate.
    As the threads are cut, we fall to the void.
    As the hands turn, we move closer to the void.
    War arises as the struggle for survival ensues.
    As the mortals clamber over one another in a desperate attempt to escape the void...

    They cut each other and fall towards its gaping maw.

    Eternity is but an illusion.
    For the Void is the end of time.
    The Edge of Eternity.

    One does not simply destroy the Void.
    One can only hope to delay it.

    The basic premise behind the entirety of Eternal Galaxy...

    After ten long years...

    ...Is finally clear now.

    Dear reader,
    I am seeking questions on the lore of Eternal Galaxy in an attempt to expand things so that it becomes more detailed.
    I realize now that the entire lore might look daunting but I am not expecting you to go through the entire thing.
    Instead, I would like you to pick a box in the timeline and see if you could think of any sort of question that may arise from looking at an individual box.
    Pick an era and pick a box.
    Question its contents and if I can't answer your questions, then leave a suggestion that might resolve it.

    - Cicero

    Update 2:

    Timeline updated.
    - Year timeline added
    - Era 6 and 7 added
    - Minor editing of the previous Eras


    Update 3:
    Void Timeline created.
    A massive shift in the entirety of the lore has occurred.
    Redoing timeline to reflect changes.

    Update 4:
    Void Timeline has been updated.
    It is currently the most complete version of the timeline.

    Update 5: Random Passages will be a more regular thing. I'll keep them organized below in the second post.

    Update 6: Adjusted Timeline slightly. Will fix more later.
    Last edited by Cucoo5; 12-02-2015, 10:44 PM.

    Random Passage Collection

    Era of the Dawn - RY 12,123

    Spoiler: The Phoenix Incident

    Cicero took a step back as he looked at the corkboard array. Eyes wide in shock, he accidentally backed through the crisscrossing threads that connected pictures and news articles together. He felt weak, the sudden discovery of the truth he was seeking, the truth of the Prometheos and Arcains, set his mind racing. Pins pulled out of the boards from the tension. Cicero inadvertently pulled out many of the connections, leaving a majority that originated from a picture of one person.

    Nyx Leonares

    "Everything...comes back to her...She's been behind everything this whole time." Cicero muttered, still walking backwards in a daze, eyes transfixed on the picture of Nyx. A sudden thought then occurred to him: he should run. Now. He whipped around only to be stopped by the feeling of a cold metal object against his throat.
    "I don't care what you say, what you do..." The voice was cold and level. "Your life ends today."
    "Aion... I... can explain... everything." Cicero gasped out as the tip of Aion's rapier was held firmly to his neck. His eyes finally focused on Aion, whose composure reflected his mood: tense with anger. "We've both been-" Aion cut Cicero off by pressing alittle harder with his sword, now with enough pressure to draw blood. His eyes narrowed as he inspected Cicero's pleading face, debating whether or not to end him now or to let him speak. His attention suddenly was caught by the board behind Cicero. When Aion saw the lines leading to the picture of Nyx, curiosity decided Cicero's fate.
    Relaxing his sword from Cicero's gullet, Aion then forced out the words of mercy that Cicero was hoping for. "Keep talking."
    Taking a moment to regain his breath, Cicero quickly blurted out what he just realized. "Nyx has been manipulating everyone, she set up everything. The rebellion, the Corlaviri mines, the modifications of the Manor of Eternity-"
    "Yes- She was modifying the Manor of Eternity to better use the GAIA Compu-"
    "Why would she do that?" Aion once again cut Cicero short with his sword.
    "Because... she knows how to use it."
    "...Much like yourself, then?"
    "No! Nonono! I only have theories on how it works. If she's modifying the Manor to work with the computer... she knows more than I do. Than any of us." Aion relaxed his sword to his side as he, too, started to agree with Cicero's point. "She told us to start the rebellion to cover up the attempt to access the GAIA Computer. She wants us to access it... she wants us to activate it."
    "...And you're still going to do it?"
    "...yes. I want to know what it does."
    Aion raised his sword slowly as he spoke his next words. "And that's why you ordered an attack on my mansion?"
    "Rumor is that the rebels were planning an attack on my mansion."
    Cicero looked at Aion in shock and horror. "No... No... Those fools." He looked to the window and back to Aion. "We have to go, now. We have to stop-"
    The sound of an explosion in the distance made both look to the window, where they saw over the roofline a column of black smoke freshly rising. It was in the direction of the Manor of Eternity.
    Neither man spoke, but both came to a silent agreement. Aion turned and ran out in a mad dash for the Manor. Cicero was about to follow him but then turned to quickly grab the memory drive that held Aurora's code. However, it wasn't where Cicero left it. "Wha- where is it?!"

    Era of Heaven's Forge

    Spoiler: Journal Excepts of Achlys Noxima

    I am quite pleased with the results of my recent experiments. The potion generated does increase mental activity and sensory perception, as anticipated. Although the change in skin composition was not expected. Hopefully this is a temporary side effect, for if not I may have to keep my hands covered as these strange scales are anything but pleasant...


    No sign of the side effect of my previous experiment lessening. Going to Sally's to see if she has any remedies.
    Sally wasn't home today. Ran into Marc, who was also looking for Sally. Mentioned something about a plague that he was trying to find a cure for. He seemed extraordinarily uncomfortable about the subject.


    So Eri decided to slip one of his potions in my drink when I wasn't looking. Damn prankster. Though I think he was intentionally trying to help me as his potion cured my skin condition. Albeit with his signature side affect. At least this isn't the first time he's done this to me. At least I now have a counter to it and my bust should be back to normal within the hour.

    Damn Eri made it so that the effect actually worsens when attempting to correct it.

    Marc decided to pay me a visit. Embarrassing considering my condition. He came to speak to me about the plague he mentioned the other day, as well as deliver a antidote to Eri's potion since apparently he bore witness to the incident.
    He told me to read this book that details what the plague is and to meet him afterwards since he was busy.
    I hope the plague is Eri because I will gladly eradicate him from the face of this planet. Personally.
    In the meantime I really should deal with my current growing problem.

    Maybe I should finally see if that shrinking potion works on people...


    The plague that Marc is attempting to prevent is Nihiliods.
    Parasites that wipe out all life.
    Divines help us.


    Marc and I have begun regularly meeting in the archives, searching for more information on the Nihiliods.


    Found nothing particularly useful.




    Eternal Light and Ethereal Darkness... Will have to look at further. Something about these seems... familiar.


    Marc had been doing research on the two entities overnight. I've never seen him so grim-faced. He was saying that the Ethereal Darkness might be the answer.
    From what he told me, I would have to agree.
    The sheer power one could command through the Ethereal Darkness... nothing could withstand it should we manage to harness it.


    I've begun researching ways to possibly control the Ethereal Darkness. Marc however seems reluctant, which I find odd considering that this might be our only hope of defeating the plague.


    Marc is acting strange. Really strange. He's worried about something and he isn't telling me.


    The only way to summon the Ethereal Darkness is to destroy the Eternal Light... Now I think I know why Marc was uneasy. We would be declaring war on the Luminarcs if we went and just did this.
    Looks like we'll have to deal with politics now.

    I have a bad feeling about this...


    Damn those self-righteous fools! We don't have time to try and figure out if there are alternatives! We have to do something NOW.
    I reread the Blood Tome. According to it, the plague will be upon us at season's end. Come the end of winter, we will all be doomed.

    I will not let the plague come to pass.

    Tomorrow I take matters into my own hands.

    Era of Heaven's Forge - RY 109,253

    Spoiler: The Lost Princess

    The great doors of the central hall of the ruins groaned as they were forced open. The pungent smell of rotten flesh greeted the group as they entered. Eleos pulled up the neck of his shirt over his nose. "This place is ripe..." he said to Aion.
    The ground was littered with various treasures. Goblets, platters, jewelry; all covered in blood. A long stone table was brimming with musty food and chalices filled with the crimson liquid. As Aion looked along the table, a gentle clink of a glass being picked up alerted him of the presence of a girl at the far end. From the distance across the room, Aion could clearly make out who it was.
    “There’s the princess!” Joe said in a loud whisper as he started to dash forward. He was stopped by Eleos.
    “Something’s wrong here.” Eleos murmured. “Something’s very wrong.”
    As the group approached the far end of the table, it became clear that the princess seemed very shaky where she sat. When she picked up a chalice, her arm seemed to be broken, yet still functioning. Her mouth was dripping blood. Her eyes were looking at the group, terrified, red with crying, as she seemed to unwilling bring the drink to her lips. The group stopped, a few feet away, slightly dumbstruck and very uncertain of themselves. Her head turned to look at them, but when it did, it moved as though it wasn’t attached to her body. After a long pause, the princess managed to let out a guttural moan. “Kill…me…” At that moment she began to choke and her throat distended as an insect-like head emerged from her mouth, screeching.
    “Nihiliod-!” Nemisis said with artificial shock. “How-?”
    “Nihiliod?! I thought they were quarantined!” Aion yelped as he drew Mercurius. At the same time, the legs of the parasite within the princess jabbed through the sides of her torso, lifting her limp body into the air. The head remained in her mouth, screeching like a banshee. Suddenly, scurrying could be heard along the walls. It was as though the room came alive.
    “Shit.” Eleos bluntly said.

    Spoiler: Selene Aetas

    "Damn council is going to get us all killed."
    Joe smirked at Aion's irritated tone. "Anxious are we?"
    "The longer we sit here waiting, the more likely the NGO is going to show up." Aion fell into a leaning position against a wall with his arms crossed. "We must first decide if it is wise to attempt another offensive against the Daedalus Project" He imitated. "Decide! They have three of the Shards and they want to sit back and think this through? If we don't take out the Daedalus Project, all those that died..."
    "Aion, look..."
    "We did something in that battle. That sacrifice wasn't for nothing...!" Aion's voice cracked with false confidence as doubt kept nagging at the back of his mind. "It wasn't for nothing..."
    Joe, Eleos, Kiara, and Starla stood there stone faced. The silence among the group was broken only by the buzz of activity in the city. Aion glanced to each of his friend's faces, looking for confirmation, a nod that would magically dispel his fear that Sullivan and hundreds of thousands of others did, in fact, die in vain.
    "...I need some air." Aion brusquely said has he turned for the door, suppressing his frustration.



    A thin hand came crashing down on the alarm clock. Selene adjusted her blankets so that she could just see what time it was, even though she already knew. "12:45... uuuungh..." She let her arm fall to the side of the bed as she hid again under her blankets. "Just... a few more minutes... hours... days..." However, against her wishes, the blankets were tugged off the bed with her in them by a Mus. "Oof-!"
    The Mus and the Minume riding it went over to the source of the groans of pain, happy that its plan of getting the silver-haired girl out of bed was a success. The Mus poked its nose into the blankets, inches from Selene's face and let out a long "Muuuuuuuur."
    Selene groaned, sounding just like the Mus. "Fiiiiiine. I'll get uuuup..." She said before expertly undoing the cocoon of blankets.

    Selene was wearing a white, baggy T-shirt and her long silver-grey hair fell about in a messy sprawl among which she lazily blew away any stray strands that were in her face.
    A moment of sitting on the floor, attempting to wake up, then suddenly she got to her feet, grabbed her day clothes, a black dress shirt with white trim and matching short-skirt, put them on and then headed for the door. The Minume and the Mus however stopped her by landing on her head, reminding her to fix her messy hair. A quick detour to the washroom and she then returned to heading out to go to the local cafe for "breakfast", grabbing a purse which the Minume and Mus got into.


    As Aion walked through the busy streets of the floating city he let his mind wander through his thoughts, analyzing the situation.
    On one side, the NGO still had control over the Daedalus Project and also possessed three of six Shards of Starlight. On the other, the Delta Division is still crippled and only has two of the Shards.
    "We need to find that last Shard so that the NGO can't use their power... But at the same time we need to capture the Daedalus Project before they can use it." He stopped walking, his thoughts racing as he came to a conclusion. "Our priority needs to be finding that last shard."
    Any further thought was interrupted by a sudden growl from his stomach. "Oh that's right... haven't had anything for the past 12 hours..." glancing up, he saw a restaurant not far from where he was. "Guess my subconscious knew enough to lead me to the restaurant district."


    Selene made her way to the lower levels of the city heading for her favorite cafe. The only thing on her mind was what meal she was going to have, what would dinner be, and what would she do for snacks in between. Despite her thin build, she had a healthy appetite that is rarely sated. Her plans were cut short as she accidentally bumped into a man wearing a white vest jacket with a phoenix emblem on the back. She would have dismissed the encounter if it wasn't for a brief sensation that she only felt from objects of other timelines. She stopped and turned to watch the man walk into a diner nearby, wide eyed as she came to terms with what just happened.
    Selene has a special gift. The ability to see closed Fissures of Time. She could look into these closed fissures and see past, present, and future. With this she also has the ability to sense if an object didn't belong in the current timeline when she touched it. She sensed that something was not of this timeline. And it was triggered by that man. This sudden event sparked her curiosity and she followed this person into the diner. "Let's find out what's special about you..."

    Spoiler: Wilted Flower

    (This is more made for Corrupture but I can easily adapt this by changing the names of things.)

    "It's finally come to this."
    "Yes. It's finally time to settle our little war once and for all." Lotus responded to Joe. "Hawkeye..."

    Both of their craft were flying wingtip to wingtip. If either looked to their side, they could easily see each other, but neither pilot dared to do so. A moment of silence and then the two broke off from each other, flying a silently agreed distance before turning parallel again. A second of preparation and then the two aces pulled toward each other for their last dogfight. One would expect a degree of intensity as they engaged into horizontal scissors, trading left for right; right for left in almost perfect unison, yet Joe and Lotus had a somber air about them. Their maneuvers showed their frantic battle of wits to evade the other's approach while at the same time attempting to gain the upper hand, yet they themselves showed no sign of aggression toward the other. Lotus was the first to make a mistake as her concentration was broken by the feeling of her wing losing lift, preluding a stall. She made the slight correction to prevent it, however her minute maneuver didn't go unnoticed by Joe who capitalized on the window of opportunity, expertly getting on her six. Lotus now went into a frantic shallow dive in an attempt to put enough distance between her and Joe, who simply followed suit. With his target in his sights, Joe waited for the opportune moment to pull the trigger as he analyzed Lotus's erratic movements that were to keep him from getting a good firing solution on her. In the desperate movements of Lotus's aircraft, Joe saw his chance, firing a short burst towards her right wing, however Lotus also sensed her mistake and immediately compensated, forcing the shot to whizz past her canopy. Making another split-second adjustment, Lotus made a skidding turn, forcing Joe who had been too close to adjust his flight path to remain on her six to overshoot. Lotus's window to take a shot at Joe came and went as he made a high-g turn into the opposite direction of Lotus's, pushing his vehicle to its limit and breaking away from the engagement.

    <editing in more battle scene later>

    Low Fuel
    The indicator light made Lotus hesitate for a moment. This was it. Even if she turned the battle around and shot down her opponent then and there, she would easily be captured as she would have to ditch her craft. The though of being captured scared her. "They'll execute you." The thought echoed in her mind. She had lost. The sound of the missile lock that Joe had held on her for the last part of the battle seemed soothing to her at that moment. Her face was contorted with frustration and sorrow.

    "I'm going to die."

    She let the realization sit heavy on her mind. She felt vulnerable. Everything was now no longer in her control... except for one thing. How she dies. After a moment of choking back her emotions, she spoke to Joe. "Looks like you win, Hawkeye." Her voice cracked slightly as she spoke. "Time to end it," She waited for a response and when none came she continued, "What missile you have armed?"
    After a moment Joe responded, "AA-6."
    "Oh? An Acrid..." Lotus smiled faintly, "If it hits right... my craft will be incinerated." Joe remained silent as lotus spoke. "...Well... it was a good fight... Hawkeye..."
    She trailed off and both pilots sat there in silence that was broken only by Lotus's last words:

    "End it. Please."

    Joe hesitated for a moment. A part of him didn't want to kill Lotus. He sat there with his thumb hovering over the trigger. He was weighing Lotus's soul in his mind. He was given the role of judge, jury, and executioner. He had to pass judgement upon her. In his mind he heard the voices of the fallen, those that he swore to avenge, crying out for him to end it.

    And so he obliged them.

    With the press of a button he handed out Lotus's verdict.

    Lotus breathed in sharply, her last breath of air. The air of the pressurized cockpit filled her lungs. It was as if that air was her life blood; the only true air in existence. It was familiar and comforting.
    She closed her eyes, a tear streaming down her face.

    The missile lock tone faded.
    Confusion set in as she opened her eyes and saw the glimmer of the lights of the control panels and the setting sun glinting through the canopy.

    Joe released his hand from the button that had switched his fighter to navigation mode. "Lotus..."
    Lotus stared blankly out into space. "W-what...?"
    "Let's bring you home." Joe smiled his usual caring smile as he pulled his craft beside Lotus's.
    "What- what are you doing?"
    "Escorting you back to base."
    "...they'll kill me..."
    "I don't think so."
    "They will...."
    "Lotus... You have been fighting because you were afraid. You don't need to be afraid anymore. You're not guilty."
    "You're not a killer. You're a fighter. This battle proved it to me."
    "What does that change?"
    Lotus sat there thinking about what Joe just said. "Hawkeye..."
    "The name's Joseph Chetwyn. Joe for short."
    "Joe?" Lotus echoed blankly, realizing that the man she just fought is openly trusting her now.
    "And I'm Terrisa!" Lotus just then noticed the girl in the 2nd seat of Joe's fighter, waving to her with a big grin on her face. "I'm his sister!"
    "Terrisa..." This battle turned into a strange series of events for Lotus. One second she was fighting for her life, then she was ready to die, now she was uncertain about everything. It felt strange to her, especially to have her rivals suddenly trying to befriend her.
    "Well? Let's go before you completely run out of fuel." Joe remarked.
    Lotus snapped out of her thoughts at this reminder. she nodded in acknowledgement, with a smile creeping onto her face from a feeling she wasn't expecting: gratefulness.

    Era of Echoes - RY ~109,258-109,300

    Spoiler: Aurora

    "I know what you are, Aurora. I finally pieced it all together."
    Aurora leaned in closer to Aion, her limbs seemed to be restrained by some invisible force, faded to nothing. "What do you think I am?"
    "You're not an AI. Not anymore."
    Aurora tilted her head slightly, her holographic eyes at first glance seemed empty, soulless, but there was something else being projected in them that caught Aion's attention. A familiar fire. A passion that a person very dear to him had. He could recognize it.
    "You're a soul. A soul bounded by projections and machinery. You were alive once. And I know who you were. Although you took the basis of the AI Cicero created..." Aion paused as he tried to come to terms with his own realization. "...When you were originally placed in the GAIA Computer... something happened. The original Aurora found something in the GAIA Computer; something that would help her achieve the goal to becoming more alive." He slowly reached up to Aurora's face, "The properties of Anti energy is tied to life force. A person's soul here is essentially Anti energy, and the GAIA Computer could use it like code."

    "...You are Tina's soul."

    Aurora's hand appeared and she gently made the motion of grasping Aion's hand. Tears started to well up in his eyes.
    "After all this time, you were here all along."
    "I'm sorry..."
    "Don't be. It's alr-" the last word Aion said trailed off has Aurora slid back away from Him.
    "...I'm not Tina. I'm just Aurora."
    Aion sat there, dumbfounded. "Nonsense. I see it- I see her. That look in your eyes. That's not coincidence-!"
    Aurora's projection slide further away from Aion, slowly fading. "It's better this way. For what I have to do..."
    "Tina! Please! Don't do this!"
    "I'm sorry Aion. Tina is gone."
    "No! I won't believe that!"
    "Tina, please..."
    "...I have to. The Phoenix code is the only way."
    "Don't do this."
    "I know you want to stop me. If you just think of me as an AI, just as Aurora, it'll be easier for you to do what you have to."
    "I won't delete you!"
    "Then you will let me initiate the Phoenix Code? You will let me delay the Inevitable Conclusion? You will let me continue the cycle?"
    "No! I-"
    "Then you'll have to choose. To break the cycle or to save one soul?"
    "I won't lose you again."
    "Sacrifices have to be made."
    "I won't kill you. Not for this."
    "I loved you because I saw selflessness as being one of your greatest traits." Aurora stared at Aion for a long time before speaking again. "I guess I was wrong."

    Power conduits throughout the Sanctuary began to glow brightly. Aurora was beginning the Phoenix Code. The control panel for the GAIA Computer still in front of Aion.
    "I won't kill you... I won't delete you... But I can still stop you."

    Swiftly, Aion modified the functions of the Vault barrier. A column of energy surrounded Aurora.
    "What- what are you doing?!"
    "Delaying the cycle by cutting you off from the rest of the Galaxy."
    "No don't-"
    A press of a button and Aurora suddenly shuddered in static. She looked dazed and confused.
    "I know that the Phoenix Code is segmented and parts of it scattered throughout the galaxy. I know this will be painful for you... but..." Aion's tone was solemn, filled with the agony of his own emotional turmoil. "You're an AI. You're pain is just artificial...right?"
    "Forgive me... Tina... But I will not let the Void win. And I will not lose you. I've come too far for that. I've made enough sacrifices for this lifetime. I won't let you be another one."

    Era of Rebirth - RY ???

    Spoiler: Mechanical Soul

    Dried blood lined the walls of the ruins of the once great space port. No corpses could be seen save for bare spots on the floor that might have been where a body once was. Ignis grimaced as she made her way through the structure, the sights and smells sickening to her. She remembered the days when there was always a bustling crowd here. Now she was walking amongst the ghosts.

    Ignis turned a corner and found a sign that indicated that she was at the Medical wing of the Pangaea Space Port. The door to it was skewed slightly as if it had closed around something, or else something pried it open at a corner. Using her Reaver X, she forced open the door enough so she could slip in. She was greeted by more blood and a few broken stasis pods. Yet there was something about this room that caught her attention: there was one stasis module still running. With utmost caution, she approached the pod and inspected the immediate area around it.

    Thats when she saw her, the mechanical android that was attached to the stasis module by cables. "N-Nemesis?!" Ignis gasped out the name as she looked upon what was left of the android she used to know hundreds of years ago. The mangled body of Nemesis was missing her left leg, right arm, and a small section of her lower torso. Her artificial skin was also torn away, revealing the mechanisms beneath. Seeing Nemesis's condition and the fact there were power cables integrated into her various wounds told Ignis that Nemesis had redirected most of her system's power to keep the stasis system functioning. She sacrificed her ability to repair to keep whoever was in the module alive. Ignis began to wonder who it was, but a hunch formed in her mind which made her hesitate upon opening up the view window. What she saw made her stomach churn. It was MIMI, Nemesis's Bioroid little sister. Her body was even in worse condition: amputated and organs barely contained in what was left of her body. Tubes and other mechanical systems were all that were keeping her together and alive as she lie there suspended in stasis. The sight of MIMI sent Ignis's mind reeling. "This...was this the doing of the Nihiliods?"

    The sound of Nemesis moving slightly snapped Ignis away from these thoughts. She saw Nemesis was trying to turn her head to look at her, which alarmed Ignis as she noticed the power fluctuate in the room and made her kneel down so that Nemesis didn't have to move. "Nemesis! Don't strain yourself! It's me, Ignis! It's ok now! I'll get another power core so you can repair."
    Before Ignis got up to hurry back to her ship, Nemesis turned on a monitor on the stasis pod showing how much power she had left: 5.0784% power... 5.0064%... 4.9801%... Ignis watched in horror as the remaining power dropped lower and lower. She didn't have time to get a proper power source from her ship and she didn't know what to do for Nemesis now.

    "S-a-v-e... M-I-M-I..." The scratchy mechanical voice of Nemesis spoke out each letter of her message to Ignis.

    <Editing in more later>

    Era of Echoes? Era of Rebirth? - RY ???

    Spoiler: Void

    "There's always a way!"

    "You can't give up hope! We can make it through this!"

    "We will not yield!"

    The voices echoed in the corners of Aion's mind. They seem so distant, memories of a bygone age. At the present, Aion couldn't tell where he was. He couldn't see anything. He couldn't feel anything. Nothing. None of his senses could grasp where he was. He couldn't tell if he was lying down, standing up, or falling. However, when he went to reach for his face, he could still feel the pressure of his hand against his face and his face against his hand. He was awake, but everything felt so unreal.

    "The void, as a concept, is the absence of all existence."
    "So the void doesn't exist?"
    " a way, yes."
    "Then why are we afraid of the void?"
    "...because it does exist."
    "But that contradicts what you just said. If it does exist, how can it not exist?"
    "''s complicated."
    "Well, couldn't ya say that it's the embodiment of a paradox?"
    "A paradox? I guess but... still, why do we have to fear the void?"

    The hairs on Aion's nape stood on end. Something else was there with him. Although none of his other senses detected anything, he still had that feeling there was something, or someone else close by.

    "...a consciousness. There is a consciousness tied to the void."
    "Wha-" Aion suddenly became alert. It was another memory...but this one was foreign. The voice associated with it was familiar but...

    "My colleague was indeed successful." The image of Nyx started to form in his mind. "However...due to the unstable nature of which they achieved this..."
    "...Replicating it would be unwise?" Another voice, this time a man.
    "And what of the GAIA Project?"
    "Done, we will be able to utilize it should-"
    "Should the parasites spread any further?"
    "Your former colleague has already utilized the void to create a new race of parasites to cleanse the galaxy of all other beings."
    "...I...I see..."
    "However, the possibility of these creatures escaping the bounds of the galaxy is high enough that a means to destroy them is necessary. And we believe the GAIA Project can be modified to do that and perform what we initially intended to do with the VOID Project."
    "You...intend on using the GAIA Computer to wipe out all beings? Not just restoring resources?"
    "I am sure you will be able to modify it accordingly, won't you, Venturia?"
    "...Y-yes. I'll begin work right...away."

    The memory ended and left Aion with a plethora of questions and revelations. A sharp pain in his mind prevented him from dwelling on the recent discoveries. The pain of memories being forcefully brought to the forefront of his mind made Aion reel. A sudden onslaught of words, said by various people he knew, were brought together into a sentence.

    "You cannot escape me, spawn of Venturia."

    As the pain subsided, Aion looked forward. In the nothingness, he thought he could see the silhouette of a person. "You're...the..."

    Pain again as everyone he knew said in unison "Void."
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      Had a sudden realization that might help make this seem...less daunting.

      Dear reader,
      I am seeking questions on the lore of Eternal Galaxy in an attempt to expand things so that it becomes more detailed.
      I realize now that the entire lore might look daunting but I am not expecting you to go through the entire thing.
      Instead, I would like you to pick a box in the timeline and see if you could think of any sort of question that may arise from looking at an individual box.
      Pick an era and pick a box.
      Question its contents and if I can't answer your questions, then leave a suggestion that might resolve it.

      - Cicero


        IŽll be honest with you Cucoo, your timeline (albeit not having exact dates) is pretty detailed, I assume you have more information about the races and the 12 houses or about the war of 100 millenia and the war of corruption.

        So far, my only question (more a request) is to know about the living races on where your story/project is currently on and what is the situation on the galaxy
        Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



          Originally posted by Kristia View Post
          IŽll be honest with you Cucoo, your timeline (albeit not having exact dates) is pretty detailed, I assume you have more information about the races and the 12 houses or about the war of 100 millenia and the war of corruption.

          So far, my only question (more a request) is to know about the living races on where your story/project is currently on and what is the situation on the galaxy
          On the first part:
          Yea...dates.... I've been holding off on them because of the fact I would essentially be writing in the day Earth would be destroyed.
          I'm slightly superstitious for some reason on this...
          I think I know what I can do now for a date.
          Gotta work on that now...

          As for the details of the races, The 12 Houses, and the War...
          That's where I've been kinda slow because I would have to develop the cultures of the races in order to explain the others.
          This is where I need some concepts suggested.

          As for your question, just to make sure, you're talking about the RP Phoenix? Or just where the timeline kinda abruptly ends?

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            I was referring to the RP phoenix, yes there is an abridged version and its ok, but do you have the exxtensive version? just to read about it.

            And for the concepts you want, what are the concepts YOU have? I can do some work on that too
            Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



              Eternal Galaxy Project

              So Phoenix would be in the 7th era.
              As far as extensive details go... I technically only had this:
              Grey, a descendant of Aion and his wife, returns to Venturia and helps colonists settle the husk that once was the Eternal Galaxy.
              This was to be the main gist of the epilogue of Echoes of Time (which would be the 6th Era).
              So originally, I didn't have Phoenix as a detailed Era.
              I did mention details in the RP that I will most likely transcribe to the timeline, so I can detail that out here.
              This will be the fun part, because by detailing the 7th Era, things might start to not mesh with prior details.
              I'm going to ignore this at first and just create details.

              If anyone sees a contradiction in details when I do this, point it out.

              As for the concepts...
              I can detail them out later today when I can sit down at my computer and do this.

              This is going exactly how I was hoping it would.
              Now if others pitched in this would be perfect.

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                Well this single request has driven me to reorganize some details into an Encyclopedia-like database.
                This fact alone makes me very happy...
                The fact I have enough information to warrant an Encyclopedia-like database tells me that I am actually getting somewhere with all of this.

                This one will take me a while longer than I expected to completely answer...

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                  Update 2:

                  Timeline updated.
                  - Year timeline added
                  - Era 6 and 7 added
                  - Minor editing of the previous Eras



                    dang that is a heavy moment in the era of echoes, for what I understand, it happens in pretty short time, right? If so, it has quite many plot twists and or major actions in too short time.
                    Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                      Yeah, it's supposed to be the Climax. Albeit I'm thinking on spreading it out a little so it's not a mess of everyone killing everyone all in one day. When I wrote it down... all the killing didn't feel... Justified. As though everyone dying then and there just kinda looses some weight to it all...

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                        Eternal Galaxy Project

                        Ok to give myself some direction again, I'll tackle the question on the races next. This will be where I start developing the culture of Venturia properly...
                        Even though I myself don't know what the culture would be like...
                        I don't know whether to tackle it by race, planet, or... Both?
                        The main challenge is that a lot of things in life are when two or more cultures intersect (...pretty much the internet I guess...). How each culture would interact with the other...

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                          I can do something with the ArcainŽs both sides (Luminarcs and Noxarcs), The demonarcs (Umbras, Bias, Arachnae) I got pretty good ideas with the Noxarc race if my theory is right, they have or had some sort of stable civilization? (thinking of the locust of gears of war, but without the slave and war stuff)

                          Also, if you give me brief descriptions of the Council of twelve (like the species or bloodlines) I can do some drafts about each one, for what I understand, they are some sort of democracy
                          Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                            Eternal Galaxy Project

                            Originally posted by Kristia View Post
                            I can do something with the ArcainŽs both sides (Luminarcs and Noxarcs), The demonarcs (Umbras, Bias, Arachnae) I got pretty good ideas with the Noxarc race if my theory is right, they have or had some sort of stable civilization? (thinking of the locust of gears of war, but without the slave and war stuff)

                            Also, if you give me brief descriptions of the Council of twelve (like the species or bloodlines) I can do some drafts about each one, for what I understand, they are some sort of democracy
                            Ok first part:
                            Yes, the Arcains in general are parts of stable civilization. They balance order and chaos. Luminarcs and Noxarcs are those that uphold one or the other. Demonarcs are more a byproduct of chaos.
                            Part of me had been debating on whether the Light and Dark Mages of Alcyon are actually Luminarcs and Noxarcs.

                            The Council of Twelve is dominated by Prometheos nobility. Aion is one of the Twelve. Aion's bloodline is of the Masters of Time, those that can make Time listen to their command. Of course Time doesn't always listen...but that's just to make it interesting. The other 11... I don't know what to do with them... Maybe all the elementals...
                            Oh I forgot: one is actually Arcain pretending to be Prometheos.
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                              Eternal Galaxy Project

                              Ok I got a question that needs suggestions or even more questions and I think this might help other things...

                              One central object of the story is the GAIA Computer.

                              For something this important to other parts of the plot, I actually have little on its origins.
                              Who created it and what was their motives?
                              For a while I've been brushing it off as a research item...
                              But I feel this is not a strong enough alone without a "who" and "why."

                              Also where it was built is another sticking point...
                              I know I have the detail that the GAIA computer was moved to the Manor... But that's a bit absurd now that I think about it; the shear scale of the GAIA computer would mean it can't be moved.

                              So that would mean it was built there...

                              But then I'm still looking for who and why...

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