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    Personally in my opinion I had a time system like that in several old RP's and worked, and even to this day I still like using such a system.

    It will just make it seem like days are droning on and on sometimes.

    Maybe 24 hours IRL = 2 hours IC wise?



      I would do the opposite.

      24 hrs = 30 minutes...or maybe even less. The problem is the scattered activeness of everyone...


        I think we should keep the progression of time reliant on how fast the story is moving. The timekeeping system would be like ATWAP. Even if we're somewhat active, we won't have to worry about the days stretching on.

        The only reason I mentioned the time was to eliminate confusion because one person would say that it's daytime in the RP, while in another post, someone would say that it's nighttime. This is to eliminate confusion and to prevent people from unrealistically traveling across vast distances in tiny amounts of time.
        Originally posted by S121
        Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


          Actually...if we were to use the time zones could be day in like Europe, but night in Japan...

          But you're talking about travel...

          So how about we collaborate at any given point to determine the time at (GMT +0) in the Story and then I post that as the official time in the RP.



            I meant that one person would say that it's daytime, while another person would say that it's nighttime, and they would be in the same location.

            I've got a better idea. every once in a while, we announce whether it's day or night, to prevent this stuff from happening, and if, for example, someone travels across the entirety of Gensokyo in 5 minutes at 40 mph, we tell them to make their travel time more reasonable and not bounce all over the map.

            Screw the time system, it'll gum up the works. It's my fault for bringing it up. -_-;
            Originally posted by S121
            Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.



              But let's consider the time zones and instead slit the world into four:

              Day, Night, Dawn, Dusk.

              So let's say we determine it's day in Europe/Africa, then that would mean it's night in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Dawn in Asia, and Dusk in Americas


                Ok so A few more opinions on that time system and also this opening for the IC


                Originally posted by Cucoo5 View Post
                Ok I just did some math...

                We said that the time skip would be to just before Christmas, right? And Wriggle said it was Summer in AtWaG...

                Which means if it were to be summer to December it would have to be about a 4 month skip because Fall starts in September 22 in the northern hemisphere. And I'm assuming we're sticking with the Northern Hemisphere for this context...

                So I'm running with that.


                This is the rough draft of the opening Post I created...
                I used Major's Summary and made a little prologue for the time skip

                The Story

                To some, it was a dream come true. Characters from every video game known to man were walking the Earth, brought into existence by a freak accident caused by Horizon. Confused and disorientated by the new world, the characters were heralded and adored by the many who had guided them on their journeys. They were different, unique, and all had a story to tell. The problem with them did not set in until it was too late.

                Because characters existed in worlds that held different entities and elements, they possessed extraordinary skills, powers, weaponry and technology. A few characters tried to find their niche in a world that had no place for them. Some decided to make their own niche by force, and as a result, they were shunned and villainized. Most characters tried to cope with their new existence, but many could not deal with the fact that their lives and experiences were fabricated.

                In 2042, three years after the horizon incident, the 'Character Problem' reached its climax. Events were put into motion that no higher power could put a stop to, actions that no normal human could ever hope to stop. Japan was the first to fall as the actions of a depraved character created a domino effect, destroying buildings and raising nefarious organizations into the light of day. SCAE, Special Character Apprehension and Elimination, tried to do what they could to stem the tide of incidents that were happening in Japan, London, and other locations around the globe, but as a result of poor funding and little support from the world's governments, they could only perform clean-up operations. Humanity was forced to watch as their world burned before their very eyes.

                However, all hope was not lost. Many characters from different backgrounds and with different moral codes rose up to combat the greater evils that threatened their new home. They did not ask to live on this 'True Earth', but they were not about to watch it get destroyed. The characters fought for themselves, for humanity, and for each other, never giving up no matter the odds. Organizations were pummeled into submission and plots to overthrow governments were routed. Attacks on nations were thwarted, and a link between worlds had been established and strengthened. Even a lumbering monstrosity that threatened to erase all life as we know it was vanquished by groups of unlikely heroes.

                One could say that the world had been saved by the efforts of these vigilante characters. They would be right... But only partially. To most people, the group of characters had caused more damage than what they prevented. Bitterness grew in the hearts of humans, but before they could pick up the torch and pitchfork, the governments stepped in once again. SCAE had returned, strengthened from studying the characters from the sidelines. With the threat of character destruction now prominent in humanity's eye, SCAE was properly funded and backed by the world's governments.

                They set out to arrest characters that caused too much trouble, sometimes outright removing them from existence. They also set out to smooth relations over with characters and humanity, realizing the benefit that they brought to the table. After all, a character was a person, not some object. As a result, many characters joined SCAE's ranks in an effort to do right by the world that had seen too much conflict already.

                Other organizations resurfaced during the months after 'The Devourer Incident', one of which was ACO, or the Anti-Character Organization. Their goals, as far as anyone can tell, were to prevent characters from being used by corrupt leaders and questionable organizations by any means necessary, even if that meant outright killing them. Better to die on your feet than live on your knees, as it was said.

                And yet another unnamed organization had appeared over the past few months, simply referred to as 'The Organization'. Their goals and motives are unknown, but it can be safe to say that they have humanity's best interests in mind. Given their terrorist attacks on characters, it would appear that their idea of 'humanity's best interests' is quite skewed.

                But enough talk. Whispers of a character uprising, the threat of The Organization, SCAE's questionable benefactors, and ACO's agenda have been heard on the wind. Many ask if these are just rumors, and many still hope this is so. The last bout of incidents have tested the waters between characters and humans, and no-one wants to have a repeat of Japan or London. But yet, no-one can deny that sliver of doubt ever-present in their lives. Something will happen to the world, and it will be the actions of a select few characters that will bring about the tremors of change.

                The question is, will it be you who causes this change? By your actions, whether to survive, thrive, or fit in with this 'True World', will you bring about change the likes of which none have ever seen? Will you aspire to do good in this world and protect it from those who wish to do it harm, or will you banish the humans beneath your heel for trying to control you? Will you join SCAE as a peacekeeper, put a stop to the Organization and others like it, or will you raise one of your own and bring havoc with you wherever you go?

                The choice is yours. You are the player, the character, the hero, the villain. You are who you want to be, and in this world, anything goes. Now, choose your character. Press start. Play.

                It has been about four months since the final conclusion with the great battle with the Devourer.
                Four Months since the great victory and the celebrations at the Ancient City.
                The world began to rebuild after all of those fateful events.
                Both buildings, civilizations...and lives.
                Old lives were being pieced back together.
                New lives were being formed.
                The cycle of life after such cataclysmic events was being reestablished.
                All seemed peaceful again.

                But peace is an elusive creature that never lingers for long.

                It was the day before Christmas Eve...
                6:00 AM...
                "Wake Up..."

                I've edited the time to say 6 AM


                  That might work for keeping track of time in certain areas.

                  We won't be kept to a strict timeline, but we won't get our times of the day/night confused. It should work.

                  Now we just need everyone else's opinion.
                  Originally posted by S121
                  Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                    Ok I'm gonna post my little funny thoughts for a few scenarios with some of my characters, Like Morgan
                    Because she's a tactician...

                    Also leaving this here for later...

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                      I love that 2nd picture of Morgan. Makes me think of a ChungxMorgan, or ElswordxMorgan...

                      Also been thinking of making a new RP. A more casual one that is more of a normal life RP. Ya know like those standard High School RP's, or just an Average lifestyle RP or something... Anyone actually willing to be up for something like that?





                        Anyway, something of an average day?
                        ....needs alien invasions. Or Zombies.
                        More likely Zombies...
                        Wasn't there an anime thing with that...?



                          ... No... I just want a normal... average life day RP that would be a change of pace from the other RP's here...

                          Also ya still planning on introducing Eve from Elsword into ATWAG?


                            @ SUS


                            As a seventh...possibly.
                            It would be interesting to see my interpretation of her against yours in EG.


                              Updated OP to make the purpose of this thread clear.

                              15. Please be courteous to less active users and those in different time zones.
                              Use the RP General Discussion Thread for general discussions not pertaining to the IC or OP of the OOC.
                              Only discussions directly pertaining to the IC or OP of the OOC can be held in the OOC.
                              Again, this is a courtesy rule for less active users.
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                                Dammit I had fallen asleep at my computer T-T