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    Okay due to popular request from Tewi and a few others, and the fact that the idea of doing it on Discord (shut up it was just a test), I will be making a actual IC thread for the forums here, as it will most likely go a bit better (and it will be easier for people to check in on it.)

    There have already been posts in the Discord server dedicated to Infinite, and it will still be up and will be used for other things IP related. Now before ANYONE posts here, please WAIT. Tewi and I will be moving the posts that have been done (which are not much) here into this IC thread. It will take time though.

    For the OOC thread please check here:

    The OOC has all the rules, story, and character app template.

    Somewhere in California | Originally posted by Sustic

    It was dusk in California. It had grown dark, and while the hustle and bustle that comes with the daytime, the hectic and rather exciting night life had already began in Sacramento. However this is not where this part of the story starts. No. This side of the story begins in a small back-road far from civilization. A quiet, often empty stretch of road that is only ever used by the Military when attempting to transport precious cargo containing anything from munitions, to their more dangerous experiments that are being sent to a rather new, and top secret Government Facility that was established around 3-4 years ago. A facility dedicated to the termination, and storage of their failed experiments.

    As of now the road was relatively empty. Devoid of any vehicles. Save for a small squad of 2 of the Militarily's finest tanks, and 2 reinforced cargo trucks in between the 3 tanks... with a rather intriguing piece of cargo inside. : Inside the back of the Cargo truck was a squad of around... 6 soldiers, all equipped with the standard issue assault rifles, body armor, and that soldiers of their status are usually provided with. These soldiers were assigned escort duty. Namely. The task with escorting the prototype of the ACHILLES line of rather advanced super soldiers. The name of said subject. Jason Stone. A rather troublesome individual who had caused several small stunts, but recently had been the cause of a rather serious if not problematic stunt in a vain attempt to escape.

    : Jason was bound to the truck. With reinforced steel bars holding him in place to a wall of the truck with electronic locks, and under it he was wearing one of the Government's newest straight-jackets. One that was considered to be inescapable unless the wearer had aid from an outside source. Hell that wasn't even the end of it. He had some steel spikes driven into both shoulders just to keep him from trying to move. Every one of his limbs were bound by the steel bars, and straight jacket. So hopefully he wasn't going to escape so easily. Even if he did break his bindings, he would have to break through 2 feet thick reinforced titanium alloy walls and plexi-glass just to escape. It was clear that the Government did NOT want Jason to escape at all.

    That was in the first Cargo Truck. In the 2nd one there was Jason's armor in its containment capsule. Guarded by a squad of a whopping 20 soldiers. All of whom were barely fitting in the back of the truck. Normally the amount of soldiers split between the two cargo truck's would be more even. Unfortunately with the amount of space needed for Jason's portable 'jail cell', the other Cargo Truck only had room for 6 soldiers. Either way these two trucks were carrying some rather dangerous, but important cargo.

    As the small squad of government vehicles drove down the street, the soldiers in the same Cargo Truck that Jason was in just kept an eye at the door to the super soldier's cell. Some of the soldiers seemed to be quite nervous. They were informed before hand of Jason's feats. His statistics. All the damage he would cause if he so happened to break free of his bindings. This wasn't a simple task at all. In fact this would be a life or death situation if Jason broke free.

    While the soldiers sat in quiet fear, just staring through the small Plexi-glass window with several holes drilled in it just for Jason to be able to breathe, one of the men finally spoke up. "Heh... heheh... You know. I find it kind of funny. I heard so much about you. All the things you did to get yourself in so much trouble that you're being sent to be executed. Yet here you are... just... stuck and trapped in that small ass metal box of yours like an animal at the zoo. I was worried you'd be putting up a bit of a fight...Guess I was wrong. Hell I'm beginning to doubt that you are as dangerous as the Chief said you were."

    The soldier spoke as he chuckled a bit, walking to the plexi-glass window where he stuck his finger in one of the holes in the glass window and wiggled it a bit as if trying to taunt Jason. "Honestly I'd say you look kinda cute in there. Like a kitten going to the vet or somethin.... Heh. Bet you don't even have anything to say huh?"


      Somewhere in California | Originally posted by S121

      Jason was just calmly, almost emotionlessly sitting in his cell, seemingly waiting for his eventual imprisonment or termination, but in truth, even now he was hatching an escape plan. In truth, he had been using the nanomachines in his blood to eat away at the bars stuck through his shoulders. He knew that when thos bars were out, he would have to destroy the others, but he had a plan for those.

      What he didn't expect was for one of the soldiers to try and stick his fingers through the holes in his cell. It was then when a small smirk crept across his face. Suddenly, a thin deep greyish tendril shot out from where one of his shoulders were impaled and latched onto his finger.

      Immediately, the nanomachine tendril that touched his finger thinned itself into a fine point, almost to the point of not seeing, and after it had become a sharp needle, he impaled the tip of the man's finger before injecting a few of his nanomachines into his body through the wound.


        ((This is a big one, but here: This is the part of the RP between me and Koishi ))


        PsychoSustic - 03/02/2017
        It was getting late along the east coast of the US. At 8:00 pm the sun had already set, and most shops in the city of Sacramento, California were beginning to close up for the night. Save for the occasional Convenience Store and other major business chain here and there. All the while the night life of the city was beginning to become active. Some of the signs that lined the still opened buildings lit up with some rather flashy neon colors, and those who either worked the night shift, or just enjoy the city at night were beginning to fill the streets.
        There were people of all types. Some psychics and Animalia began to come out under the protection of the night, with others being the ordinary business man trying to make it to the subway before it got too late.(edited)
        However in the alleyway out back behind a lone bakery that was getting close to closing up for the night, a rumbling could be heard as a lone manhole cover began to shake as if someone from inside the sewers was trying to push it open. Eventually the manhole cover lifted up just enough for a lone green humanoid figure pushed the manhole lid out of the way before climbing out.
        The green... man-thing climbed out of the sewer and revealed a rather slim, almost frail looking human-like form. In all intents and purposes this 'guy' looked like he would be human. If the human was completely naked and glowing a neon green in color... and lacked any private parts. Hell this strange person even appeared to have the vague shape of what looked like hair coming out the top of it's head.

        Well after it climbed out of the sewer, the 'man' looked around before a faint growl could be heard coming from his abdomen. Of which made the man place a hand over his stomach and speak up.
        "I hear ya, I hear ya. No need to get all antsy up here. I'll find ya some food friend." The man spoke as he scanned the area with a non-existent face.
        Even though the man seemed to lack a face, it was still somehow able to see and speak, and upon spotting a dumpster he clapped his hands together and spoke once again. "Ah finally. I reckon this place has to have some food. I mean if I'm behind where I think I am then there should be.... Oh well wouldn't hurt to check." The figure spoke as he walked over to the dumpster and opened it. The second he did a small group of racoons who managed to slip into the dumpster looked up and hissed at the strange figure.
        Clearly this startled the figure as he let out a loud scream, followed by him falling back and crashing into some trashcans that sat next to the dumpster. Causing even more of a ruckus. As this happened the racoons quickly climbed out of the dumpster before running off down the alley.
        Thus leaving the... man on the ground dazed, and in a mess of tipped over trash cans and garbage. Unaware that he might have just caught the attention of whoever might be inside the bakery.

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/02/2017
        Meanwhile,the inside of the bakery was quiet, the final customers leaving as Koi waved them goodbye with a smile, switching the open sign to closed.

        It was a slower day, but it didn't stop Koi's feelings towards her job. Seeing people with happy faces, delighting in baked treats. It put a smile to Koi's face and a hope for the future, alongside giving her some small sense of peace, considering her former life. Her thoughts on this were interrupted by a loud noise from the back.

        She knew about the raccoons back there. They were quite nice little fellows. Must have scared somebody. Wait, who would be back there? Koi's face scrunched up a little in confusion as she peeked out the back door. Sprawled on the ground was something that could be considered a man, albiet glowing. Brightly, to add. It was as if raw energy condensed itself into the form of a person, then rummaged through trash bins.

        "Ohs! Yous must have spooked the raccoon fellas. Theys dun' likes tha' much." Koi spoke, not really that bewildered by the being's strange appearance. She went up and patted a few of the raccoons on the head, feeding them a few crumbs from her pocket, resulting in them making a somewhat cute purring-like sound.

        "Theres yous go, little fellas. Dun' be hissin' at peoples. Is rudestuffs!" Koi pointed her finger at the raccoons, who seemed to get the message, quietly biting into their crumbs.

        PsychoSustic - 03/02/2017
        The mysterious stranger continued to lay down, naked among the garbage he had accidentally knocked over after being startled, but being no longer dazed he turned to face the strange girl who had opened the back door to the bakery. The green man just turned and stared at Koi with his blank, empty... face. At first he didn't say a thing as he was thinking how to respond to the girl, but after a brief think session he finally spoke.
        "Yeah well, I dun like to be scared either lassie. I mean one good spook would have sent me jumping so high into the air I probably wouldn't come down for a good hour." The green stranger spoke as he quickly reeled his feet and legs back before springing up off the ground with surprising strength, and funnily enough he seemed to have sent himself at least a foot or two into the air. From which he began to gently float down far slower than a human would have descended, even if it was such a short distance. It looked like this guy was as light as a balloon the way he seemed to briefly float down slowly.

        After landing on his feet he stumbled a bit as he tried to catch his balance, but thankfully it wasn't that hard for him as he then stood up straight before turning to Koi. Examining her closely with that faceless... face.(edited)

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/03/2017
        "Wells, tha' sounds inconvenientstuffs." Koi replied as the fellow approached. She had her guard up, in secret of course. Didn't want such things to ruin conversation unless it turned sour.

        So, as they looked closely, she simply poked the center of his "face" lightly with a finger, releasing a light "boop" from her mouth as she did so.

        "You's be warmstuffs. Tha's nice." Koi noted. In truth, she was simply trying to figure out a bit on what this fellow was. She had an idea, the boop giving her a little more information. It felt familiar.

        Almost like back when they were augmenting her. But what was it, exactly? Her memory wasn't the beast, even with the upgrades. Regardless, she waited for a response quietly.

        PsychoSustic - 03/03/2017
        The green stranger just stood there watching Koi when suddenly he was met with her lightly poking him dead center in the face while letting out a small 'boop'. This didn't seem to cause him any real sort of discomfort. Instead he just seemed to chuckle a bit, almost as if it tickled.
        The odd thing Koi would have noticed about him from just a simple poke was that he... almost felt like a marshmallow. A nice, soft, and squishy marshmallow.
        Not only that he smelled faintly of... citrus fruit? Maybe not the most pleasant of smells, but it was just further evidence that this guy wasn't normal.
        Either way after being booped on the face, he replied. "Heh. Well thanks little miss. I take that as one heck of a compliment I tell you what."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/03/2017
        Koi tilted her head at that comment in confusion, but decided to continue the conversation.

        "So, ums, wha' ares yous doin' back heres, anywhos?" Koi asked. "I's dun' thinks it be raccoon-friends. Theys dun' seem to likes you. Thos theys just be choosy fellas."

        The raccoons in question appeared to be glaring daggers at the stranger. Perhaps they simply didn't like the smell. Koi had a distinct feeling she knew the actual answer, but decided to be polite.

        That was the right way to converse, right? She still was a bit rusty at this.

        PsychoSustic - 03/03/2017
        As Koi mentioned the raccoons again, the strange man turned to face the little vermin and furrowed his non-existent brow before a sudden growl came from the area a human stomach would be. It was a rather loud growl of sorts, and indicated he was hungry.
        At that moment he turned back to Koi and replied. "Well I'll say that it'd be cause my abdominal area keeps talkin'."
        He replied. Clearly he was, as he said, hungry. Or... at least it seemed like he was hungry. "So I decided to see if there was those fancy so-called scraps out back. Unfortunately your little 'friends' had gotten to 'em before I."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/03/2017
        "Ehh?!" Koi seemed a little appalled, grabbing Bandit by the shoulder.

        "Nobody's gonna eat from the garbage today if i's got anythin' to say about it! Yous gonna' get actual foodstuffs!" Koi said with confidence, dragging Bandit into the bakery.

        While the place was closed and they were te only two there, the smell of freshly baked goods sang in the air. Koi dropped Bandit off at a chair and gave them a little menu.

        "Pick wha' yous wan'!" Koi spoke excitedly.

        PsychoSustic - 03/03/2017
        Before he could say anything in retaliation, the stranger quickly got grabbed and practically lifted off his feet by Koi. Who then promptly dragged him inside the bakery where she had sat hi down at a table. Despite being confused he seemed to go along with it as he took the menu and began looking at it.
        After about a good 5 minutes he put the menu down and stared blankly at the wall across the roo from him.
        He then turned to Koi and spoke. "I ain't that picky so just bring me me anythin' you want missy."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/03/2017
        "Okies!" Koi spoke, heading to the back for a moment before coming out with a platter of various bakery treats and breads.

        "Heres yous go, fella. Had a lot o' spare foodstuffins todays." Koi spoke, alying down the platter in front of him and pulling up a seat opposite the fellow.

        PsychoSustic - 03/03/2017
        Just at the moment Koi had brought out the platter of baked goodies, the green man just looked at the plate and picked one of the small pastries. It looked to be a pastry filled with some strawberry jam. Looking at it he tilted his head before doing what seemed to be sniffing the small goodie. After a very brief examination he then suddenly took the pastry and shoved straight into his face. As he shoved into his blank face it just seemed to get stuck halfway before it just... started to slide further into his head before disappearing.
        The green man couldn't really taste the pastry, but one thing was for sure. It seemed to help cure that grumbling tummy a little. Having seemingly liked it he began to quite literally consue to food almost like a vacuum. Taking each of the baked goods and putting it into his mouth where it just seemed to get absorbed into his body...

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/03/2017
        "Sos." Koi spoke, looking at him with a slightly tilted head.

        "Who's are yous, anyways?" Koi asked. "Yous dun' seem like the type to try n' dig around n' mess with raccoons."

        She was putting off the more obvious question for now, as they wanted to get an idea of who exactly they were dealing with here. It was more important than the obvious.

        Koi, meanwhile took a snickerdoodle from the platter herself, since they seemed to be less on enjoying the meal and more on simply absorbing it.

        PsychoSustic - 03/04/2017

        The strange green man continued to devour the delectable snacks with vigor, and soon the entire platter was gone, and with it the growling of his 'stomach' as well. In fact he seemed satisfied with the meal. However the moment he was asked about who he was he seemed to hesitate. As a matter of a fact he didn't look like he wanted to talk about that topic. At least at first glance, until he suddenly turned to Koi and shrugged. With a very short brief phrase he muttered being...
        "I dunno. I just am sorta me miss."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/04/2017
        "Eh?" Koi tilted her head a little.

        "Tha's super inspecificthingies!" she replied, mouth partially full of snickerdoodle, pausing before she swallowed, licking her lips of cinnammon before continuing.

        "You's gotta have a name! Is importants for bein' a people-person! Like, my's namestuffs be Koi! Is nice to meet yous, mister..." Koi made a few hand gestures urging the stranger to finish the statement.

        PsychoSustic - 03/04/2017
        The green stranger just sorta shrugged instead of properly finishing Koi's sentance. He even seemed a bit confused by how he tilted his head in response. Contemplating. Trying to think of a anything like a name to tell Koi. Unfortunately he couldn't seem to think of or remember one. As such he just replied slightly casually.
        "Sorry missy, but I don't have one. Just sorta opened mah non-existent eyes around... what is it when the bright thing in the sky goes down and it goes dark? I can't remember what that bright glowy thing is that sits up there. It's on the tip of mah mind though."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/04/2017
        "That woulds be the sun, fella. N' the time would be night, likes nows." Koi replied in a slow manner. Now she was confused. Or rather, confuzzled, as she preferred to call it.

        "You's know hows to talk n' stuffs, but yous dun' knows wha' the sun is?" Koi asked skeptically.
        "Weirdstuffs. N' yous need a name. I's not gonna call you Mr. Glowy. Yous dun' seem like a Mr. Glowy. Thos yous are glowy. Hms." Koi thought.

        PsychoSustic - 03/04/2017
        The green man shrugged once more in response to Koi's comments, especially her question about how he knows some stuff... but not other things. It was honestly quite weird, but there was only one answer he could think of in response.
        "Well it's hard to say why I know things. It's like I just sorta knew stuff, and it feels like I should remember some things but when I try to remember I just keep drawin' blanks. Honestly I'm in one weird predicament now aren't I? Don't know mah name, don't even know what I am! Now what kind of man doesn't even know what he is?" The man replied. Venting ever so slightly, however he immediately stopped as he then looked around the bakery. As if he was trying to think of something... however he then spoke up. "Yeah... no. I had one of 'em moments where you get a thought in your head or at least you think you do, but then turns out it was just your brain pullin yer leg."
        He spoke again before a brief pause...
        "Well. If I had one. I think I have one."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/04/2017
        "Wells, I's could check what you're made of, if yous wan'. But I's kinda got an ideathingy." Koi suggested.

        "Name be importantstuffs, thos. Needs to figure somethin' outs." she added right after.

        PsychoSustic - 03/05/2017
        The green man just sat there and tilted his head at Koi's suggestion of an idea.
        Safe to say he was intrigued and as such he agreed. "Why not? I'm a patient man." The man answered
        "but I still don't remember any name for mahself..."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/06/2017
        "Alright thens!" Koi spoke. Her eyes then began to lightly glow, before shifting colour to a bright blue.

        "Okies. Let's see heres..." Koi started, making a someqhat quizzical face for a moment as she began to read her findings.

        "No bones that I's can sees." she explained, shifting colours to orange, putting her hand next to the stranger for comparison.

        "Your body heat's average. I's thinks. Lemme see wha' else..." her eyes shifted again to purple.

        "Ooooooooohhhhhs." Koi spoke in realization, eye colour shifting back to green, glow dying down as she blinked experimentally a few times.

        "You's be made o' gas. Super full o' Infinitus radiation. S'what's keepin' yous together. I's always had ideathingies about tha'." Koi started. "Had to learn abou' Infinitus stuffs a long time agos. Tha' kinda stuff caused psychics, weird animal people-persons, tha' kind o' thing. But we's only saw the effects o' tha' stuff in smaller amounts, but you's might be wha' happens when peoples get larger amounts." Koi explained, stretching her arms out wide.

        "Like, super, super big amounts!" Koi said once more for emphasis. "Musta' been right next to a reactor or somethin'."

        PsychoSustic - 03/06/2017

        The man just sat there and listened to Koi's explanation, and was not really fazed by her glowy eye tricks she used. Mainly because he hasn't been around people enough to know if that is a common thing or not.
        Either way he responds curiously.
        "Well I don't know about this Infinitus Radiation, Psychics, or animal people you talk about miss, but I will say one thing.... I'm a gas!? What do ya mean I'm a gas? Guess that'd explain some things. But what about mah memory? If I'm what happens to people who get lotsa that stuff you talked about, then shouldn't I have more memories?"
        He was clearly confused at her analysis.

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/06/2017
        "Wells, I's mean you're a gas. Like smoke or air, just really condensed into one thing instead o' bein' all around us." Koi started.

        "As for the memory thingy, I's not exactly sure, but radiation in general is really degenerative, or, um..." Koi was thinking of a way to explain it as simple as possible.

        "Okay, picture just a normal human fella. You's expose 'em to radiation in large doses, their insides get scrambled, the stuff that makes up their body just dyin', and then theys die. Enough radiation could cause peoples to be almost liquified, all drippy-drippy." Koi started.

        "So, if it can scramble the cellstuffs enough to liquify 'em, why not go to the next step n' turn them into gas? I's be speakin' kinda theoretically heres. Like, is just a theory-thingy. Could be wrongs." Koi continued.

        "So, if the person you's was before keeled over n' died, your brain probably lost most o' the information before you's came back. Near-death experiences can result in brain damage, you's know. You's practically be a different-people-person. Is might be why's yous know English, but dunnos other thingies. Is leftover stuffs from who you's were before." Koi finished, breathing in and out. She had said that all in one breath.

        "Thingy is, you's probably the first time this ever happened. Infinitus radiation's new. We's really dunno too much about it. Is lots o' unknowns. You's just be another blank filled in, I's guess is a way to put it." Koi finished.

        PsychoSustic - 03/09/2017
        The lengthy discussion that Koi gave the guy was honestly confusing and to be fair, lost the Green Guy completely. Either way after such a discussion he could only ever think of one question, and one question only. "So I'm a gas. That's what you're sayin'? " The green guy responded as he tilted his head.
        Apparently this guy's attention span isn't that long due to how he lost track of Koi's description rather quickly, despite having showed interest earlier.

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/09/2017
        "Wells, yeah, part o' it. Tha's not the importantstuffs, thos. Uh, how's to say it super shortstuffs...?" Koi thought for a moment, tapping her chin before looking back to them.

        "Okies, yous be gas, probably was human-person before. Radiationstuffs probablies made you melty then gassy. Is also why's yous dun' rememberstuffs. I's dunnos exactly why's. Nobody knows. New radiation be weirdstuffs. You's be first like you's." Koi said in shorthand.

        "You's get all tha'?" Koi asked, tilting her head herself.

        PsychoSustic - 03/14/2017

        The green man listened to her abridged description of what he might be, and now understanding it a bit better... mostly. He nodded as he leaned back in the chair. "Ah I get it now Miss. I'm just some sorta gas of this new kind of 'radiation' that's been goin' round. Still don't help me with a name though. " The man replied as he just sorta seemed to rock back in forth in the chair that wasn't meant to rock back and forth at all before eventually falling back onto the floor with a rather loud crash thanks to the chair. Guess he shouldn't have been so casual.
        Either way he didn't seem fazed, and as he laid on the ground, he looked up at Koi and asked. "Now what 'bout you Missy? What's your story?"

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/15/2017
        Koi simply got up and pulled the chair back up with ease, not too phased anymore after realizing this fellow's nature.

        Her eyes did widen a little upon asking for a story, although imperceptibly so. She'd learn to obscure such things a long time ago.

        She sighed, sitting herself back down, adjusting her position in the seat a little.

        "Wells, considerin' how's yous dun' like long stuffs, I's dunnos if I's can really say the whole thingy." Koi started, finishing her little adjustments.

        "But, to put it supersimples, i've done bad things an' I's wanna' redeem meselfs." Koi replied.

        "Is why's I's work here. In this bakerything. I's can give people foodstuffs! See the smiles on their faces as they dig into me food I's made myself!" Koi gave a smile, waving her hands a little for added effect, before looking a little solemn.

        "I can make some people happy at least. Not that it will help too much for what i've done." Koi replied.

        "And here I's be, spillin' things nobody knows to a person who doesn't even know their name. Life's weirdstuffs like tha', I's guess." Koi finished with a shrug.(edited)

        PsychoSustic - 03/19/2017

        Hearing her own story, the green man just seemed sorta interested. As if he wanted to learn a bit more about her, but at the same time it seemed as if Koi didn't want to go any further or deeper with her origin story. At the same time it made the green man think a bit.
        The green man just stared off at the ceiling as he just thought...
        What was his history like? Had he done some questionable, if not bad things? Does he too need to redeem himself? Or was he just some poor soul that a bad run in with that stuff Koi mentioned... That is if what Koi hypothesized is true. Either way the green man just continued to think before finally giving a proper response.
        "Guess we both have a checkered past huh? You had a bad past, and I dun remember my own."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/19/2017
        Koi gave a small chuckle, looking towards the ceiling, leaning back a little.

        "Wells, I's dunnos if checkered be the right termthingy." Koi started.

        "Checkered past means it's a mix. Goodstuffs, badstuffs, neutralstuffs, like checkerboard. White, black, white, black. You's might have tha' luxury, fella. I's dunno if I's can say the same." Koi replied.

        "I's can kinda guess a few thingies about ya' from what you's seemingly be. You's were made from radiation. Tons n' tons o' radiation. Is not found in nature. You's probably worked at one o' the big Infinitus Reactors. Stuff which powers a lot o' things nowadays." Koi theorized.

        "Might'a slipped n' fell in. Some kinda emergencything. Somethin' which had you subjected to all the radiation tha' thingy puts out. Is only idea I have. N'if tha's true, you's were probably a scientist or engineer-fella. Probably not tha' bad of a life."

        "You's got a chance to have had goodstuffs. College, lots o' smarties. Alls i's got is death." Koi finished, adjsuting herself to look at the green man.

        "Consider wha' you's got an opportunitythingy, fella. You's got a fresh start from square one. Not a lot o' people get tha' chance. You's can be who's you's wanna be." Koi commented. "I's wish I was in those shoes o' yours right now, for surestuffins."

        PsychoSustic - 03/22/2017
        "Well whatever my life was, I don't think I could ever get back to it thanks to a lack of the ol' memory. New start is also nice, but I have no clue what to do from here. All i've been doin' is goin from place to place in this town. Takin food, and other things get myself some goods here and there. Been caught... maybe once or twice. People yell at me. I just go and hide and then no one is able to find me. At least not yet. You're probably the first person to ever take me in and give me food."
        The green man spoke as he stood up. "So I think I'm already at a rather poor start. People who have seen me don't seem to think too kindly of me as to me bein' all glowy and stuff."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/22/2017
        "Wells, humans dun' like different thingies." Koi explained.

        "First, there's was discrimination 'cause of the color of your skin. Then different ideastuffs. Nowadays, is psychics n' animal-people persons." she continued. "You's probablies be in a similar kinda thingy. Thos, I's dunno if stealin' foodstuffs is the best to help ya' in tha' regard."

        Koi made a thinking face, an idea forming in her head. "Ohs. I's was seein' the way you ate the foodstuffs. Considerin' yous probably can't taste or anythin', have yous thought about eatin' non-foodstuffs? I's think yous might just need matter, not specificthingies."

        PsychoSustic - 03/25/2017
        The green guy was about to speak up in response with his own little thoughts on Koi's observations of how different people are treated nowadays, but when she started to ask a question regarding if he's ever bothered to try and eat things that weren't well... food.
        Thinking about that for a moment he quickly just shrugged. "Nope. Never tried to eat anythin' that wasn't food. I mean I remember that it isn't that pleasant to try to consume the stuff like metal or rocks. I mean I think I remember a time where I tried to bite a rock. I think. Still foggy. Coulda just been a dream I had once."

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/26/2017
        "I's think maybe past life. You's dun' gots teeththingies. I's think, at least." Koi shrugged before thinking.

        "Wells, there's lots o' stuff that ain't metal or rocks. Plants o' all sorts, plastic's pretty abundant here in the citystuffs, I's think. You's could be a neato recyclerthing. Or somethin'. I's dunnos." Koi thought out loud, taking away the dish as they were finished, heading over to clean it off, although not much needed to, considering the stuff was mostly eaten whole.

        "Welp. You's had your fair share o' foodstuffs." Koi noted, moving around to finish up her cleaning and closing for the night.

        "N' I's be done here, so I's be lockin' up. "Is best to, uh, scaddadle? I's think tha's wha' is called. Weirdstuffs. Englishthingy be all sorts o' weirdstuffs." Koi noted out loud.

        "So, um, you's can scoot your patoot." Koi reminded.

        PsychoSustic - 03/29/2017
        "Well I uh... Thanks I suppose Miss." The Green Man replied as he turned to the door they came in from before leaving with a small wave goodbye to Koi. As he closed the door behind him he placed his hands on his hips and turned to the Raccoons which were munching on some thrown out bread crusts and stuff. As he stared at them, the raccoons just stared back before hissing. At the response of the raccoons the green man just sorta flinched back before just replying quietly. "Hiss to you too trash bandits.... bandits... Hmm." The Green Man said as he began to think as he walked over to the open manhole cover. Just as he put his legs in the open sewer entrance which he was ready to jump in... He spoke. "Bandits.... Bandit.... Hm. I like the sound o' that." The green guy spoke as he then leapt into the sewer, dragging the manhole cover over the sewer as he dropped in.

        Koishi Komeiji - 03/30/2017
        As the fellow vanished with the click of a doorknob, Koi let out a bit of breath. Strange fellow. Though the implications of life coming directly from that curious radiation left her a little worried about what else it could do in such large quantities.

        Regardless, she cleaned up the shop, put what leftover sweets were there into a box and left the store, locking both doors fully on the way out.

        The night air breezed by, a welcome reprieve from the heat of day. If she had the opportunity, she really wanted to head northward. Maybe that Canada place would be welcoming? She pushed the thought from her mind as she walked by, listening to everything around her.

        It was oddly silent. Nothing more than the wind and her own two feet making noise as she pulled up her capelet a little more to cover part of her face. It was something she did instinctively at this point, hiding her identity to all, save for her very lightly glowing green eyes.

        She never understood why it got so quiet here, nor how. She pushed onwards anyways, box o' goodies in her arm as she disappeared into the city once more, heading to her little home.

        PsychoSustic - 04/24/2017
        After the odd, yet... interestingly entertaining meeting between a young lady with a dark secret, and the amnesiac human shaped mass of gelatinous gas, an entire night went by rather peacefully. The quiet of the night was definitely nice for the green man who had decided to camp out in the sewer system like he usually does. However he didn't seem to stray too far from the sewer entrance behind the bakery that Koi worked at. Rather he seemed to be actually lost. Though this was a bit of a common occurance ever since he woke up as a mass of walkin, talkin... gas stuff. I mean he usually keeps track of where he goes by litter and stuff along the sewer. However usually the garbage gets picked up or move due to various reasons. Whether it's cause of rodents, or just the sewers doing sewer stuff. The Green Man always ends up lost.
        Though this time was much different. The green man was practically going in circles through the sewers, and everytime he happened to find a manhole to check, he found himself right back out behind the bakery.
        At first this was rather... meh to him. He just figured he'd take a different turn in the sewers. However he didn't seem to remember which turn he last took, and even the times he did, he usually still ended up right back at the manhole behind the bakery.
        It was getting annoying at this rate... and after one last run through the sewers and ending up back at the same manhole he climbed the ladder with an annoyed mumble...
        "I swear if this is that one place like the last few times I'm gonna..." He muttered as he pushed the manhole cover out of the way before poking his head out of the sewer. What he saw irritated him so much he flat out screamed. "OH GOSH DARNIT TO ALL HECK IT'S THE SAME DAMN BUILDIN'!!" He yelled as he decided to do what he normally hates doing. Climb out of the sewers during the day.

        Koishi Komeiji - 04/26/2017
        Koi was inside said bakery, continuing to make sweets, her hands messy and covered in dough. She was glad she was wearing gloves, as it was certainly not something that she wanted in her machinery.

        She made cookies and pastries and everything in-between, co-workers helping while she did most of the "messyworks", as Koi had called them. It was a calvacade of smells and flavors that attracted many a customer. And Koi was happy, toiling away as people moved in and out, all enjoying the sweets.

        PsychoSustic - 05/07/2017
        While Koi was busy at work in the bakery's kitchen, happily making everything for customer's to enjoy, she'd hear a knock on the window to the kitchen's bakery. Which would be odd... but if she were to turn and check the source of the knocks, she'd notice a familiar faceless green man peeking in through the window. It was as if he was trying to catch her attention for reasons unclear.

        Koishi Komeiji - 05/08/2017
        Koi glanced towards the window as they worked and simply gave a small shake of her head before closing the blinds and getting back to baking.

        Busytimes were busyworks! They didn't need distractin'! More distractin' means less happy peoples!

        And to her at the moment, happy people were far more important then... whatever the marshmellow man wanted. Priorities were firmly set in her brain, and she was sticking to them regardless of strange green glowing men.

        PsychoSustic - 05/13/2017
        Having been ignored the Green man just furrowed his practically non-existent brow as he crossed his arms. "Now why did she go and do that?" He thought to himself as he began to approach the back door he had used last night, and peaking in through that window he can see some people inside as they went about their business. He was tempted to just enter through this back door... if it was even unlocked. However just as he was about to open the door, he looked up and actually jumped and panicked as he saw someone quickly look in his direction.,
        Remember general reception he had received when he first walked around in public, which was... kinda bad, he quickly reacted by leaping out of cover into a nearby trashcan where he hid. Closing the can with the lid on the can. The man who had almost spotted him just saw a green man-sized blur rush by, but thought it was just his imagination as he shrugged.
        While in the trash can the Green Man just seemed contemplative as he thought of a course of action to take. Maybe he should try to find some clothes first. So he would look actually normal... relatively speaking. After all people from his experience don't like it when others walk around naked, then again he doesn't have ANYTHING to show off being naked. HE's just a blank, green slate of what could be called a man. Either way he poked his head out a trash can and began to search for some kind of clothing....
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          Somewhere in California | Originally posted by Sustic

          As the man taunted Jason like a dumbass, he quickly jumped slightly as he could have swore he felt what seemed to have been a needle poking through his finger. Unaware of what had exactly happened, he pulled his finger out of the whole in the glass and just gave Jason a bit of a glare and a look of confusion. However after a minute of just staring at Jason, the soldier just shook his head and figured it was nothing but his imagination.

          With that out of the way he stopped and went back to one of the seats in the cargo hold of the truck they are in. Taking a seat the Soldier just kept his eye on Jason. Meanwhile... outside of the truck, and about one mile down the road, hiding within the forest that lined both sides of the dirt path the Military vehicles are driving down... A group of 4 men were getting into position. One of them wielding a rather old but in still working condition RPG-7 was lining up a shot, in hopes of taking down one of the vehicles in the Military Squadron. Mainly the tank leading the Cargo trucks.

          : It wouldn't be long until the Tank got in sight between the foliage of the surrounding forest. "Just keep steady, and once they get within sight. Fire. Once the first vehicle is taken out, the rest of us will go in and secure the goods." The man wearing what seemed to be a black coat and holding a pair of binoculars commanded. Soon before Jason knows it he'll be caught in the crossfire of a rather annoying situation. But who knows. Maybe it'll be his chance to initiate his plan proper.


            Somewhere in California | Originally posted by fuck it if sus is gonna do it the lazy way so am I

            Katrix: "Status report?" Sidna, or rather 'Tethys' as she was known as within Project Achilles asked the commander of the soldiers in the first truck. "Everything is going according to plan, although James just poked his finger into the holes in the cage. Think he's cute" the commander chuckled. "Can i remind everyone here to not poke their head into the lion's cage, just to have it been bitten of?" 'Tethys' broadcasted to all the soldiers in a rather stern voice. While the soldiers only knew of her as the main AI that drove everything, Jason knew her as that voice that was always there, watching his every move. She had likely been there and helped find him, set his old house aflame, and so much more.

            Right now however, she was thinking of something else, what would she do with this person. It had taken almost 20 years to create this solider, she didn't just want to throw him away like the other ones wanted. Before the man poked his finger into one of the holes, she was still considering other options, but once the finger was in the cell, she knew what had most likely happened, and that she didn't have much choice anymore. Somehow she had to get on his good side, not as Tethys, that identity was entirely used up, but as someone else. Maybe she could mask herself as someone from a resistance group? Some sort of hacker maybe?(edited)
            [3:40 PM] Katrix: This type of mission was the ones that she hated the most. As little technological equipment as possible was to be used for the sake of security. While it did increase security, it also made her own life much harder. Instead of hiking along in the internal systems of the truck, she had to send a big drone that few some hundred meters above the truck. She did another a quick scan around the area, interestingly, this time there seemed to be a few technological devices in the forest some distance ahead. Maybe she could use those to her advantage. She let out a few small drones from the back of the bigger drone. Once out she let them fly in the direction she had found the technology signatures, scanning now and then to better pinpoint the location, and leaving some of them behind to give her a better line the the drones further ahead. Once they approximately reached the area with the signatures, the formed a wireless mesh, catching any transmissions in the process and sending them back to her. "Dispatching a few drones for recon up ahead. Connection may suffer" she transmitted to the commander. Now she just had to wait and see if the caught anything she could use in her net.(edited)
            [4:41 PM] Katrix: ((Done.))
            [10:01 PM] PsychoSustic: The Soldiers just sat back and seemed anxious when Tethys began speaking to the Commander. They were aware of who Tethys was, but some of them never really liked being 2nd fiddle to an AI. Yet they didn't have the nerve to speak up at all as well... it wasn't really their place too. Besides Tethys had so far to their knowledge the most info about Jason. As such they just continued to listen, while the jackass who tried taunting Jason just scratched his finger lightly as it felt a little itchy for some reason. All the while he sat there... feeling like a dumbass for what he had done.
            [10:05 PM] PsychoSustic: Meanwhile however, out in the forest as the drones approached the location of the rather secretive men, she'd find them preparing for something... and judging by the older technology they have, it seems as if they are either trying their hardest to not get detected by the Military, or are just forced to use some rather old equipment due to other reasons. Either way they were equipped with something primitive, yet had just enough fire power to take out one of the vehicles.
            [10:12 PM] PsychoSustic: As the Tank leading the squad of Government vehicles finally got into position, the apparent leader of this mystery group raised his hand, and after a few seconds he gave the command. "FIRE!" The man yelled as the younger looking of the group wielding the RPG-7 had pulled the trigger.
            [10:13 PM] PsychoSustic: The rocket that was loaded into the weapon flew out of the launcher at a rather surprising speed typical for the older model Rocket Propelled Grenade launcher.
            [10:16 PM] PsychoSustic: The rocket just flew through the opening in the trees and out into the dirt road before finally striking the tank at the front of the conga line of vehicles.
            [10:17 PM] PsychoSustic: From the inside of the Cargo Truck, the shockwave and sudden destruction of the Tank had caused the driver of the Cargo Truck to slam on the breaks hard, which caused a chain reaction of the other vehicles hitting their breaks.
            [10:18 PM] PsychoSustic: The sudden shaking of the Cargo Truck slamming to a halt caused most of the soldiers inside the same Cargo Truck as Jason to fall to the floor. Dazed, Confused, and definitely a bit shaken up by what just happened, this left Jason enough time to go through with his plan.
            [10:22 PM] PsychoSustic: All the while the men who were in the forest were now busy rushing at full speed through the forest and towards the trucks at a speed far greater than that of a human. Even the slowest of the men were moving much faster than any common human. While the men in the forest were now dashing at a intense speed towards the dirt road, one of the men would seem to give off some blue sparks from his body if Sidna were to be watching closely with her drone.
            [10:22 PM] PsychoSustic: ((Done.))
            March 30, 2017
            [7:51 AM] Tewi: Several miles away in an underground laboratory. The esper known as Network picked up a signal on her computer. There was an explosion coming from one of the privet roads that military transports usually came from. The esper quickly looked through the files of all of her comrades, no one was scheduled to launch an attack there, nor were they expecting any traffic to be in the area. Could it have been a random fight between two factions? Perhaps a scout unit happened across some cargo by chance. Whatever it was, they needed to know.

            Network quickly called Accelerator's phone, letting it ring twice before hanging up herself, that was the signal to let him know they needed to speak. Alex found a safe rock to hide behind and dropped his reflection for a moment, allowing Network to contact him mentally. ("Speak")

            ("There was an explosion not far from your location") Network told him")

            ("Yeah I felt it too.") he responded. ("It's kind of hard to miss. Should I engage?")

            ("Negative") the voice in his head replied. ("Scout out the situation and see what's going on. Once you have a better understanding of the situation, well... You know what to do. Good luck.")

            and with that the boy was off, slowly and quietly making his way towards the war zone.
            [7:51 AM] Tewi: ((Done))(edited)
            [2:00 PM] S121: The work Jason had been making on the spikes through his shoulders finally paid off as the metal snapped from the truck's movements, and to his good fortune, the electromagnetic locks even broke. Jason was quite surprised by the sudden explosion, but he wasted no time wondering. It was time to act and take advantage of the situation, and that was exactly what he was going to do.

            That was when Jason turned his attention to his straight jacket. It would be difficult at best to force the thing open, but fortunately for him, they had made two large bloody holes in his shoulders, the perfect opportunity to get some outside assistance from the inside. The blood from the wounds seeped down his back, at first behaving like blood, but then seemed attracted to various parts of the jacket, the buckles. The portions of the buckle seemed to almost unfasten themselves as the nanomachines slowly formed the structures required to manipulate the restraints. It took just half a minute, but when that moment passed, Jason was now unbounded and quickly ran to the wall of his containment cell.

            March 31, 2017
            [12:56 AM] PsychoSustic: ((will post tomorrow.))
            [5:21 PM] PsychoSustic: The group of mystery assailants that were the cause behind the destruction of the one tank were dashing through the trees as fast as they could, which was honestly surprisingly fast. Far faster than any ordinary human... were these psychics? Animalia? Or... something else? Either way once the group of mystery men made it out of the forest, the 2nd and only current tank on the road turned to fire at the mysterious attackers, obviously ready to open fire. Just as it was about to fire it's rounds, the one man in the group that was now coursing with electricity quickly dashed to the tank and held out his hand. From which a powerful blast of electricity was emitted out towards the tank.(edited)
            [5:34 PM] PsychoSustic: Now this blast of electricity didn't damage the tank at all, but the sheer amount of electricity had caused the systems of the tank to shut down completely.
            [5:34 PM] PsychoSustic: This caused the soldiers piloting the tank to begin freaking out as they began to get the tank's systems back up and running.
            [5:35 PM] PsychoSustic: Just then the man who fired the electricity from his palm, called out to his comrades. "Quick! Get those Cargo Trucks open and emptied!" He commanded.
            [5:36 PM] PsychoSustic: Meanwhile... the soldiers inside the truck Jason was in were just getting up and were regaining their senses... when suddenly they heard a loud slam against Jason's cell door, and from the window to Jason's cell, they can see he had broken from his binds and is now trying to break the door down.
            [5:37 PM] PsychoSustic: Even with Jason's strength, the super soldier had only caused a large dent.... but it showed he was still capable of doing something. Maybe a few more attempts can break it open completely.
            [5:37 PM] PsychoSustic: ((Done.))
            April 2, 2017
            [3:01 PM] S121:

            The titanium alloy door bent with the first punch, fractured and cracked in the second, just barely holding its integrity, and by the final one the wall had finally given out and shattered. The metal remnants of the door fell to the wayside, revealing Jason standing in the opening, holding his fists at his sides as he scanned the room. There was only six soldiers in the truck so far. Child's play. Time seemed to stand still for all involved, as if the battle going on outside the truck had no longer existed.

            Jason could see that there was a final layer resting between him and freedom, a plexiglass wall. He walked up to the wall and rested his fingers on the barrier before letting is nanomachines travel from his wound to his fingertips, and after a couple seconds they had retracted back. After this, Jason took a step back and readied himself for his next trick. In that single moment, Jason lunged as hard as he could against the barrier. Before he reached the glass, Jason had flipped in the air so that his feet were pointed at the space he had touched with his fingertips and slammed both feet against the surface. The space shattered and formed a medium sized hole, and Jason flew through and was now on the other side of the glass.

            Five Finger Death Punch - You [Remix] [HQ]

            April 7, 2017
            [5:06 AM] PsychoSustic: When Jason broke through the cell cage of the Cargo Truck, the soldiers who were just getting back to their senses looked up and seemed honestly shocked. Immediately the Soldiers in the front of the squad began to open fire with their assault rifles. While the one in the far back, was busy trying to contact backup.
            [5:08 AM] PsychoSustic: Meanwhile outside of the Cargo Truck the obviously super human assailants were busy at work. 3 of the 4 super humans began to confront the soldiers from the other Cargo Truck who were now proceeding to leave the truck to defend the precious cargo. While the super human who had disabled the last tank with electricity was now runningtoward the tank where he was now promptly trying to break into it in order to take control of the heavy duty military vehicle.
            [5:08 AM] PsychoSustic: ((Done.))
            April 16, 2017
            [3:30 AM] S121: (Continue Song from 0:42)


            As soon as the bullets flew and gunshots rang out, Jason's eyes narrowed before he ducked and weaved past the first initial bullets, then proceeding to leap towards the wall of the truck before bounding off and propelling himself off like a bullet and into the nearby soldiers. The moment he came into contact with the first, Jason swung a fist at the soldier with all his might as he landed.

            Five Finger Death Punch - You [Remix] [HQ]

            April 22, 2017
            [9:51 PM] PsychoSustic: The soldiers screamed in fear as they tried to shoot Jason down, but the super soldier was too fast as one of the Soldiers quickly found himself getting punched in the face. HARD. A punch that was strong enough to knock the guy out, if not worse. As the first soldier fell the other soldiers next to him began to back up and continue firing, While the one that had his finger pricked by Jason was now beginning to panic and try and force the door open...
            [9:55 PM] PsychoSustic: Meanwhile the chaos going outside was... getting worse. As the super human with electrical based powers had gotten ahold of and in control of the tank, he let out a bit of a cheer of success as he then turned to the Cargo Truck that did NOT have Jason in it, and after taking aim the super human fired the tank. Which thanks to it's more modern, advanced systems it did not need a whole squad of men to manually load each round. Rather it just needed one person to drive, aim, and pull the trigger to fire. Once he pulled the trigger a powerful armor piercing, high explosive round fired from the barrel of the tank and right into the front of the other Cargo Truck. Leaving the back in where the Cargo, which was Jason's armor, in tact.
            [9:55 PM] PsychoSustic: ((Done.))
            May 1, 2017
            [12:49 AM] S121:

            Jason did not stop to look at the soldiers and witness their shock. Instead, he quickly grabbed the unconscious and quite possibly dead soldier that he punched and positioned him in between himself and the other soldiers before gaining control over his rifle. In that moment, the soldiers firing at him were goners. As soon as Jason's hand met with the grip and his finger rested on the trigger, he aimed for the next target's eyes and fired a burst of hot lead, immediately switching targets to the next before doing the same again and again and again.
            Five Finger Death Punch - You [Remix] [HQ]

            May 13, 2017
            [4:20 AM] PsychoSustic: ((working on post finally.))
            May 15, 2017
            [11:53 PM] PsychoSustic: Jason's actions were swift... and lethal. With how he had managed to incapacitate several of the soldiers easily beforehand, and how he just took control of one of the now dead soldier's rifle. Everything was now just falling apart. The enemy soldiers were promptly mowed down as their bullets were being blocked by one of their allies which Jason was using as a meatshield. All the soldiers but one was left, and he had already opened the door as he hopped out, while tossing a grenade into the truck with Jason before closing the door. Or rather was in the middle of closing it as the grenade rolled along the ground towards Jason... which somewhat hilariously, the pin was not pulled on it. As the soldier had forgotten to pull the pin in his sheer fright-induced panic.
            [11:53 PM] PsychoSustic: ((Done.))


              Somewhere in California

              Jason took one look at the grenade and gave a small smirk as he picked it up off the ground and stowed it away for later. After tossing away the meat shield, Jason grabbed a hold of two of the SMGs and slung them over his shoulders before gathering the ammo. Once that was done, he quietly opened the door to the outside and peeked out, being very careful not to be seen by whoever was out there.
              Originally posted by S121
              Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                Military owned backroad in California

                The chaos that stood before Jason as he opened the door to leave his prison that was a military truck was still going on. It was now a mess of a battle between the mystery assailants who, if it wasn't obvious by now, surely were super human in nature. The soldiers that were assigned to escort Jason to a higher security facility were honestly in quite some trouble. With how the mystery assailants had just came in and suddenly blitz the place, and how now one of the military's own tanks is now in the enemy's hands, it's getting quite... bad...

                Amidst the chaos though as the soldiers were fighting back against a seemingly hopeless battle, Jason could hear several soldiers requesting... no, DEMANDING backup before they eventually get killed one by one.

                Meanwhile the other truck that had Jason's armor was destroyed save for the storage trailer in the back which was thankfully in one piece... for the most part, save for a bit of a hole in the side. Through which if Jason were to look closely he'd be able to see his armor in it's pod.

                Koi's Bakery | Sacramento, California

                After about... 10 or so minutes of looking for some clothes the strange green man couldn't find anything.... it wasn't until he heard someone from the closest apartment building saying they were now laying out their laundry on the clothesline to dry. Hearing this the green man looked up and saw it... a set of clothes still a little wet, but hanging up on some clothesline that was lined across a fire escape of the neighboring apartment complex.

                The green man just looked up at the wet clothes for a minute as the metaphorical gears in his brain churned... before it clicked. Realizing that there are now clothes in front of him he began to contemplate about actually... stealing them. However he didn't immediately go for it because well... it'd be stealing, and that'd be really bad. However when he thought about it further...

                "If I return the clothes after I use them for a bit... it won't be stealing... Rather it'd be that one word that's on the tip of my head- Oh right! Borrowing! Yes it'll just be borrowing and nothing more!" He said as he began to run down the alley to the neighboring Apartment Complex where he then jumped onto a dumpster to reach the ladder to the fire escape, of which he promptly began to climb up.

                Meanwhile... THings were going quite well in the bakery. People were coming in, getting their yummy sweets and everything... but much like everything. Peace and quiet would come to an end as a group of 3 young men dressed in black hoodies and wearing a bandana to cover their mouths came charging in through the front door. As they barged in they took out their handguns and went up to the person running the register... of which each man took out a standard issue 9mm handgun that one could buy at just about any gunstore.

                At that moment... one of the most stereotypical things happened.

                "GIVE ME ALL THE MONEY IN THE CASH REGISTER AND NOBODY GETS SHOT!" The apparent leader yelled as one of the others grabbed a woman and put her in a headlock, all the while keeping a gun to her head.

                The peaceful niceness of the bakery was now gone as everyone was now in a panic.


                  Roads of California

                  The truck was goimg on a relaxed pace, the radio was on with the local radio station on and the two people inside the vehicle were bored out of their minds. The driver was the first to speak "Please remind me why we are here before I shoot the idiot in the radio a priority."

                  The passenger had her computer active as she tapped on the keys with ease "Our current target lives close to these areas, but what we need is inside a physical file, they finally learned to use normal paper rather than using everything in electronic devices." she replied as one ear twitched.

                  The driver nodded "So we have to get both the document and eliminate the target. And you need a distraction to steal the former while I deal with the latter." receiving a nod as a response, the weights inside her jacket felt heavier.

                  "Just try to incapacitate the obstacles, as for the target, you can have your fun with it. But by the end, I will need a fingerprint and a voice recording for the security entrances." the passenger closed the computer. "Is that easy enough?"

                  Chuckling, the driver pressed her boot on the pedal as the truck went faster "You will get what you need, I will have my fun."
                  Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                    Military owned backroad in California

                    Not much farther now from the wrecked caravan, the silver haired esper walked along the road, slowly but surely reaching the cause of the mysterious explosion. There was no shortage of gunfire and other sounds coming from that area now. Whatever was happening sounded like a serious fight. If the Truck Samantha was in happened to be anywhere near the conflict he was heading too, she might have seen him as she passed by, walking alone in a rather dangerous area.


                      Military owned backroad in California

                      Jason could see his window of opportunity, and he was fully intent on taking it. He had to move fast, or else the attacking party would notice him. Although they had inadvertently freed him, he was relatively confident that they were not friendly. They were Infinite-line soldiers, which meant that they would be able to hold their own better than these soldiers... not that that was saying much.

                      With his attention back to his armor, Jason quickly proceeded to pull the door off of the truck that was holding him and lunged towards the other truck, straight into the hole. Jason jammed the locking mechanism against the lip of the hole, covering it like some kind of crude patch as he readied himself for what lie ahead. His escape.
                      Originally posted by S121
                      Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                        Bakery | Sacramento, California

                        Koi heard yells, the cocking of a handgun. No, three.

                        Her vision cycled, eyes glowing. Three men. No armor, just hoodies and bandanas. Would-be robbers. 9mm handguns. Peashooters, practically. But could easily kill someone still. Koi grimaced. Someone was going to die here unless she did something drastic. She'd have to move again. A quiet sigh. Normal life was never going to be a thing, was it? It was always something.

                        She quickly unlocked a cabinet below her work counter, pulling out a small revolver. Bullshark. Pocket pistol, but packed a punch with it's 5.56 rounds. A precautionary buy, in case they came for her. She readied herself, and then she struck. She vanished fromwhere she was, activating her internal blink systems, warping through the wall of the enclosed kitchen and ending up right next to one of the robbers.

                        The robber just barely turned before they recieved a backhand, a shot firing out and impacting the hostage taker straight through the brain, his body collapsing to the ground as the hostage dived forward to get out of the way. The third turned and began to train their gun on Koi, but her pistol was faster, a pair of shots to the chest heavily incapacitating them. They'd likely bleed out, but they had a chance to survive, as she purposefully missed any vital organs.

                        The first, knocked over by the backhand scrambled away from the woman, only for her foot to be planted on top of her chest, her other foot sliding the gun away from them.

                        "Stop." her voice was a far cry from before, something other workers and friends had never heard before, it was cold, a subdued anger just bubbling to the surface. "Yous... you think... you can come into my store, threaten to hurt my customers, my friends... and get away with it?"

                        The man could barely respond, her foot making it quite hard for them to even breathe.

                        "You people's actions got your friend killed, and your other is bleeding out right now. It's takin' a lot for me not to shoot you too." Koi spoke, looking over to the front manager.

                        "Susie..." Koi called over. " Grab that gun off the floor n' keep it pointed at this guy. Someone call 911 super fast."

                        The woman did so, as another picked up the phone. Koi stepped off of the man, who gasped for air, and she headed towards the back.

                        "Wh... where are you going!?" Susie asked, looking quite worried and panicked at what just occurred.

                        Koi turned back and sighed. "I... I gotta quit, Susie. I'm sorries, but... they'll find me if I don't. Don't try to find me. Please. Just tell the cops you managed to do this with surprise. Goodbye, Susie..."

                        Koi had a couple of tears in her eyes, but she left out the back door, tears dripping from her eyes as sirens neared. Koi vanished, heading deep into the maze of alleys, moving once again, as always.

                        Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                        You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                          Sacramento, California | Alleyways

                          The green man who was just getting finished putting on the clothes he was planning to borrow, and honestly return in the future... if he remembers, he heard a gunshot coming from the bakery followed by the sounds of police sirens and the sound of the backdoor to the bakery slamming shut. This made him shake a bit, and if he had some way to properly emote, his face would have an exclamation mark planted RIGHT in the center of his 'face'.

                          At that moment he looked down at the alley and saw a somewhat familiar figure running down. Maybe in panic? How bad was the situation in the bakery? Either way seeing her run off the green man quickly called out before jumping from the fire escape he was standing on, and thanks to his very lightweight... almost balloon-like body, drifted down a little slowly. But once he landed on the ground he broke out into a full sprint in an attempt to follow Koi. Which thanks to his lightweight body his sprinting was more like... very fast skipping as with each step he pushed himself further than a normal human would. One of the perks of being a strange... gas thing I suppose. Whether he'd be able to catch up he's not so sure. In the end he just wants to find out what's happening.

                          Military owned backroad in California

                          Jason's plan worked without a charm, as amidst the chaos the mystery super soldiers and the remaining soldiers of the military were too focused on each other to notice Jason.

                          After Jason sealed off the hole in the side of the trailer containing his armor, he'd notice that a few of the soldiers that were inside guarding it were either laying on the ground unconscious, dead, or in the case of one surviving soldier, incredibly dazed with all that's happened.

                          The Soldier was wearing standard issue gear like the rest, and upon noticing Jason he quickly turned his assault rifle to the super soldier and took aim...

                          "DON'T MOVE OR I'LL SHOOT!" The soldier said as he aimed his standard issue military grade assault rifle at Jason.


                            Sacramento| Alleyways

                            Koi simply kept moving, tucking the gun away as she slipped off the smock from work, tossing it aside, much like she had to do with her job now. A few speckles of blood still found their way onto her sleeves. Troublesome, of course. After a little while, she reached the small apartment where she was living. She'd have to vacate fast, but that was no problem. She paused and collected herself at the back door. Couldn't rush in like a madman. People would suspect something's up, then.

                            She breathed in deeply, regulating her breaths as she had done many times before. Back then...

                            She seemingly lost herself in thought for a moment, stressing herself out even further.

                            Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

                            You just discard their guts and keep on driving.


                              Military owned backroad in California

                              Jason took note of all the unconscious soldiers around the truck before he met the gaze of the soldier again. To be honest, he did not feel all that intimidated by the soldier, instead rather amused.

                              "Do you really think you can stop me when all your teammates couldn't together?", Jason asked.
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