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Trinity Soul University REVAMPED: A Casual Magic RP [OOC]

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    Trinity Soul University REVAMPED: A Casual Magic RP [OOC]

    This RP is now currently accepting again!

    Hello everyone and welcome to the new revamp of my Trinity Soul University RP. The reason behind Revamping this is because multiple people had joined the RP, became to ingrained with it (characters became quite involved with other characters), then they suddenly left without trying to patch things up, thus causing a complete halt. Hence the reason why I am revamping this RP.


    Rule 1: No Spamming, No Godmodding, and No Power-Gaming

    Rule 2: No applying as a demon (Half Demons I might consider). Elves, vampires, and the such are allowed. Just don't go too OP. Also you can be a human with animal like traits. (e.g. A person with wings or cat ears.)

    Rule 3: This isn't really a rule, but just try to be active as much as possible. There are no punishments for not being active, but if you are inactive for more than a IRL month without letting me or a mod know. Your character will be expelled, and you would have to make a new one before you can RP again.

    Rule 4: In addition to the rule above, do not "Machine Gun Post." This is a term used to describe a series of posts with little to no time between them, with the posts being relatively short in length. Yes it's reasonable during a fight scene, but outside of a battle in a normal conversation there is no need to post really short responses quickly. Just take your time with each post. No one said we have to get over 10 posts in 10 minutes.

    Rule 5: Romance is allowed, just no sexually explicit things.

    Rule 6: Please keep other people in mind. If your character is say chatting with someone else's character, then something happens don't just leave that person stranded. It's bad manners.

    Rule 7: You can only have one element. Yet if you so happen to choose an element that has a sub-element or vice versa your character can probably obtain that sub-element later on in the RP as part of the plot if you so wish.

    Rule 8: You cannot be a student that is already attending Trinity Soul. This is for balance purposes. As students who have been attending the University will have an obvious, or not so obvious edge over new students.

    Rule 9: NO POWER UP SESSIONS. A power-up session is described as a very short period of time where one becomes far stronger than they were. Players will slowly get stronger as they go on through the RP.

    Rule 10: In the app remove everything in ()

    Rule 11: Have fun.

    Rule 12:

    The secret is in the cookie dough.

    Rule 13: Oh and please try to keep as much apps for your characters in one post. Or at least post an app, then when it is approved you can move that app to a post with your other apps. If you run out of space in one post, then please make another post for such a thing.

    Rule 14: In the app it is possible to make a short bio in the app itself as long as you promise to explain your characters backstory during the events of the RP, as well as sending me a PM about the characters backstory, any plans for the RP (like if you want to have your character or characters family to have connections to the teachers or such) to me so I can help go along with it.

    Rule 15: Listen to the mods. They are to help this RP from getting too chaotic, as they can enforce the rules, and even accept apps (but not before letting me know.) Not only that, but they can take control of one or two of the teachers if they request permission to do so.

    Important Notes:

    Note 1: This may be a University RP, but it is going to be a MAGICAL University RP. There will be an obvious plot in the RP, with villains to fight here and there.

    Note 2: A new change to this Remake is the addition of clubs! NO NOT THOSE KIND OF CLUBS!!! You know... clubs like book club, science club, and other things as well to add the RP a bit more depth. There are a few rules for this.

    Club Rule 1: You can either choose to join a club, or create one of your own.

    Club Rule 2: If you are in one club, then you cannot join another one.

    Note 3: There are also going to be Moderators in this RP to help make sure people follow the rules, and help manage apps (like accepting/denying/helping people with apps.) They can also give players warnings, and if necessary... kick players TEMPORARILY from the RP. There will be a total of 3 Moderators for this RP, and I will choose them as the RP goes on.

    Note 4: If you notice any similarities between this RP, and other already existing series whether it be from a game, anime, book, or movie then that's okay. Everything is almost always based off of something, and this RP had always been inspired by the likes of Soul Eater, Negima, Touhou, and various other things.

    Note 5: Demons, ghosts, vampires, and such exist in the world. They just aren't as common as normal humans. In fact they are quite rare... except for ghosts and demons though. So if you want you can be something not human. Just not too far from human. Like don't be an android or something like a cyborg. Those don't exist in the world yet. It's the year 2014, and magic and technology has not yet found a way to work together properly.

    Note 6: Okay as listed below there is an age limit between the ages of 18-24. That's because most people won't discover their powers until they are usually 15-17. As such they will already be close enough to attending Trinity Soul University.


    Centuries ago there was no magic in the world... well there was... there just wasn't anyone who knew about magic. That is until three brothers came across a mysterious orb. The orb emitted a strange white light that had attracted them to it, and upon touching it all the stories, and everything related to magic was revealed to them. They had enjoyed this new knowledge of magic, and everything it could bring. So one day after studying enough they found a spell that would reveal magic to the world. Quickly everyone had learned about magic, and even gained access to magic. Things were going pretty well in fact... Yet human nature finally got a hold of some people, and many people throughout the world began to crave more power... they wanted to become the strongest in the world. As such wars broke out all across the globe...

    The wars continued for approximately 30 years before the original three brothers who introduced magic into the world finally had enough. With all their might they used their magic to cast a spell that would dispel, and cause almost 85% of the world to lose all knowledge of magic. The only ones that were left were several leading "families" of magic. The first ever "Magical War" was ended, and even soon forgotten. The 3 brothers that first introduced this magic had passed on, but was dubbed the name as the "Trinity". They may have died, but they still were around in the form of three special deities that continued to make sure things were in check. Magic even was soon forgotten by all except for the ones who were still left with it...

    Cut too several hundred years ahead. People are still being born with magical abilities, and really had no way to control them. As such The Trinity needed some way to help these people to control their magic, and keep magic a secret even further to prevent such a war. Due to this the Trinity had created a University of sorts for these students, but they needed to have someone to help run the place... as such they turned to the Daichi family. A major family of magic users, and one of the only families left that actually retained all their magic and knowledge. The Daichi family had always been on the side of the Trinity. They never wished for more power, they just wished for things to be at peace. One day the Trinity had approached the Daichi family and asked them if they would wish to run this University... the Trinity Soul University.

    Ever since then the Daichi family had run the University. Helping young people to master their magic, and to better control it. It had remained this way for many years now. Most "normal" people still blind to magic actually existing, the Trinity Soul University being hidden behind a barrier to keep it secret from the rest of the world. Yet all did not remain calm. Eventually another family... The Pravus Family. A family of Dark Magic users had came to be, and grew jealous of the Daichi family's power. One day the family finally had enough of the Daichi family. They wished to be in control of Trinity Soul University. As such they used their powerful dark magic to completely shatter the barrier, and magic was once again revealed to the world. Chaos broke out once again, and the Daichi family went into a major war with the Pravus family over control of the University.

    Both families were at a stalemate for the most part, but the Daichi family was quickly losing the edge. The Trinity decided to help the Daichi family by calling in several other magical families. The Hama clan, the Mizu household, the Hinote family, the Momone Family, and the Dharc family were all called in to assist the Daichi family. With the help of all these magical families the war against the Pravus family was won, and the Daichi family with the help of the Trinity had banned and stripped all magic from the Pravus family. The war was finally over, the Pravus family were eventually forgotten into history, and ever since magic and modern technology was forced to live together as one. 50 years later to present day magic, and technology do still very well exist. The current member of the Daichi family still runs the University with the assistance of the five other leading magical families that assisted them during the war. The University is now open to whoever needs the magical training.

    Now in the year 2014 everything is still calm, and there might still be a few people here and there that don't accept magic. Yet things are still calm. A bus chock full of new students is currently on it's way to the university, and the University was upgraded to better fulfill the students needs. There are new dormitories, there is even a shopping district, restaurant district, and entertainment district within the campus. Sure it's about a good 10 minutes worth of walking time to get to each place, but there is still quite a bit to do. After all the Daichi family wishes for the students to be as comfortable as possible. All classes except for any magic that Ms. Dharc teaches are held in the morning between the hours of 8:00 AM, and 12:00 PM. After the actual lessons the students are then asked to practice what they learned for from 12:30 PM - 3:00 PM. Dark Magic classes, or any classes for that matter are held at 8:00 PM, and officially end at 12:00 AM.

    Besides just the classes there are obviously plenty of things to do. Like chilling out in any of the districts with your friends, or joining a club, heck you can even get another person to spar with at the training grounds if you so wish to. Oh and students still have to pay money at the shops and stuff within the shopping district and such, but students can even take up jobs on the weekends to earn some spending money if they so wish to. Most of these shops are usually run by one manager, and several students. So... yeah. Luckily if one is hungry the cafeteria is open 24/7, AND the food there is completely free. It might not be the best food, but it is still better than nothing if you have no money! Also the dorms have free Wi Fi, and air conditioning so that's also good.

    Now... welcome to Trinity Soul University!


    There are many locations on the campus, and here is a list of them.

    The Shopping District - Contains many different shops ranging from clothing stores, to even some furniture stores. It's about 10-20 minutes to get to this district from the main building of the University itself. Yet due to magic around the University (a space and time altering spell set on campus) walking from the University to the District's are shortened quite a bit. So instead of the normal 10-20 minutes of walking, it's about 2-3 minutes. Some notable places here are the arcade, the gym, the game store, the bookstore, and the library. Students tend to hang out around these places more often than not.

    The Restaurant District - Much like the shopping district this district is a small curved street with several food joints. A deluxe 4 star restaurant, a few fast food joints, a pizza place, and a Asian Restaurant which serves Chinese food to Japanese food. This too is also about 10-20 minutes of walking from the main building of the University. Yet due to magic around the University (a space and time altering spell set on campus) walking from the University to the District's are shortened quite a bit. So instead of the normal 10-20 minutes of walking, it's about 2-3 minutes.

    Training Grounds - A place which is just a flat stretch of ground with a few obstacles, and structures for students to practice their magic and skills. Due to the chaotic nature of sparring matches usually the training grounds gets wrecked on a weekly basis. As such the Groundskeeper has a hell of a mess to clean up.

    Male Dormitory - The building where the all the male students live.

    Female Dormitory - Same as the Male Dormitory, but for the female students.

    Secret Locations

    These are locations that are hidden throughout the academy, and will hold special meaning for the plot. Students are usually forbidden to enter these areas unless they have permission. In fact none of the students really know about these locations.

    Underground Library: Underneath the University is a large library. This library is the largest magic library in the world. It has over a million books and scrolls about all things magic related. The entrance to this library is hidden inside the Headmaster's office, underneath his bookshelf. Odd place to hide a entrance to a library, but it works. There is also a secret trapdoor within the clock tower on campus leading to the underground library, that not even the headmaster is aware of. There are only a few students that are currently aware of the library, but are asked to keep it secret from the other students. Only the headmaster, and the teachers are allowed to enter.

    Azure Caverns: A cavern system hidden beneath the University as well, but it is hidden underneath the lake that Ms. Mizu holds her classes at. It gets it's name because the cavern's walls are made of azure-colored stone. It is also home to a ton of light blue crystals. Deep within the cavern is a large lake of spring water. There is nothing really special about these caverns except for the fact that the crystals inside these caverns have odd properties when magic is used within close proximity to the crystals . It is a rather peaceful and quiet place.

    Abandoned School Building: Deep within the forest surrounding the University's campus there is an old School Building complete with decrepit dorms that had not been torn down. This building has been around since the early 1950's. It was originally a part of the original University, but sadly during the last Magical War it was destroyed all except for the main school and male dorm buildings. It's still intact, but is incredibly old and decrepit. The building has an odd feeling surrounding this old Dorm Building. The reason behind the fact that it's not torn down is because of the rumors that it's haunted by the spirits of those lost during the war. Despite ghosts existing in the world this place still has an odd, eerie vibe. Several times people who had gone into the forest to see the old dorm building had either gotten attacked by the unseen spirits... or flat out disappeared completely. It's said that one can hear the screams of those who were killed during the War could be heard as one approaches the building.

    It takes roughly a few hours to walk from the edge of the University's borders, to this old building. One will know when they are getting close to it as a mysterious fog will appear, and the natural sounds of the forest seem to stop... all except for the sounds of footsteps and dreaded whispers that become violent screams of pain as one gets closer to the building. As though the sounds from the last war still echo through the area to this day. The closer one gets to the building the thicker the fog gets. At this point it's common for people to get completely lost within the vicinity of the old dorm building.

    Due to the violent nature and power of the haunting the staff of TSU have actually banned students from setting forth in the forest, let alone near the old dorm building. The power of the haunting is so powerful that even some of the staff fears the place. In fact they decided to keep it secret from the students... that does not stop curious students from venturing into the forest... only to become lost and forever trapped by the spirits there. There is no forest trail leading up the the building, as grass and other foliage had grown over, covering the trail.

    DO NOT GO TO ANY OF THESE LOCATIONS WITHOUT MY PERMISSION! I have important things planned for these locations, and I don't want people randomly going here without permission in the OOC from me.

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    Staff Members

    The staff of the University mostly consist of the teachers

    Marco (Quite simply just Marco):

    NPC Name: Marco

    Age: 46

    Abilities: Marco is an incredibly smart, and wise alchemist who knows the ins and outs of alchemy as much as he knows the back of his hand (in short he is one hell of an alchemist.) Marco's skills in alchemy are equal to that of how skilled some of the teachers are with their elements. In fact he is the one who helps Hannah when she is in need of a magic recharge. Also due to a curse he suffered from when he was younger he had his body turned into that of a small dog 2ft tall. Along with this new body he also has enhanced senses such as the hearing, and sense of smell equal to that of a dog. Also despite him being in the body of a dog he walks on hind legs, and he can also hold things within his little puppy paws like a normal man.

    Gender: Male

    He stands at 2ft9.

    Personality: Marco is a rather quiet yet alert, and stern with a sharp mind. He is easily one of the more intelligent of the staff members. Though he does not use magic himself, he does use his Alchemy prowess to teach students the art of Alchemy (which anyone can learn.)

    He had not yet opened his class yet as he had been going in and out of the Underground Library working on something... If he's not in the Library he can be seen talking with Hannah. The two seem to share a close friendship, and as such whenever people do see them together they think that they are well... a couple. This is not true though. Their relationship outside the office does not go beyond a sort of "sibling" style relationship. With Marco being the older brother. In the office their relationship is actually quite professional, as they only talk to each other when they need something. They have known each other for 20 years.

    He also has a strained Relationship with Gant. As the two oftentimes work together when exploring the Underground Library, they have gotten to know each other a lot better... yet Gant despises Marco's methods of researching and Vice Versa.

    Like I said above he spends almost 16 hours a day in the Underground Library, only rarely coming out at night to eat, and eventually fall asleep.

    Since he is in the body of a dog he has a tendency to well... act like one. For example... someone takes a rubber ball out, and toss it, Marco will have a hard time keeping himself from chasing it.

    This Staff Member is heavily based on the NPC Grail from Elsword.
    ((THIS NPC WAS ORIGINALLY CREATED BY ME TO BE THE ALCHEMY TEACHER. He still is. However in the canon of TSU they are currently renovating the Alchemy Classroom after the last teacher had caused a rather... serious accident [not saying the old Alchemy teacher died, but I am implying.] As such Marco is currently in charge of helping to rebuild, and redesign the entire classroom. Without a classroom for Alchemy currently, he doesn't teach a class just yet.))

    Master Hama: He is a very skilled wind magic user, and is in charge of all classes that involve wind magic. He is very stern and strict, but his knowledge knows no bounds. He is considered the strongest wind magic user aside from Mr. Daichi who is a master of most if not all magic. Hama has been a close friend of Mr. Daichi, and has fought with the Daichi family throughout the war. Due to magic he has been alive since even before the war was started, alongside Mr. Daichi his close friend.

    Ms. Mizu:
    She is talented in water and ice magic and is in charge of any water and ice magic classes. She is kind on the outside but underneath that friendly exterior she is very dark and can be a little creepy. She was born roughly 20 years after the war 50 years ago had ended. Because her father who was the previous Water Magic Teacher had passed away she had taken up the job as the water magic teacher. She might be one of the youngest teachers at the academy aside from Hinote and Momone, but she is definitely one of the stronger teachers out there. In fact some people call her the "Water Demon Mizu" for some reason... don't worry though she is not a actual demon. She's just really freaking powerful with Water Magic.

    Mr. Hinote:
    Master of fire and lightning magic, and is in charge of all fire and lightning magic classes. He does not tolerate failure, but loves his students and will do anything to help them. One of the strongest fire magic users in the world. When angered it is hard to get him settled down. Though he is easy to reason with. He was born roughly 2 years after Mizu was born, and is one of the strongest fire magic users in the world. He also tends to act as the standard "cool teacher" that tries to hang out with his students as much as possible, as well as acting as a sort of ladies man. People think that he is dating Ms. Mizu, but Hinote is already spoken for.

    Ms. Momone: She is one of the stronger earth , and naturemagic users in the world, but is one of the weakest teachers with her magic. She is depicted as clumsy, but smart. She was born roughly 15 years after the war had ended, and had taken up work as the Earth and Nature magic Teacher at the University. When not working one can find her either working in the gardin out behind the main building, or in the University's library helping out. Oh yeah, she is also not allowed in the kitchen in the cafeteria since the... last time she was asked to cook lunch.

    Ms. Dark: She is cruel and does not tolerate failure, but she is part of the Dharc family which is one of the leading families of Dark magic that helped in the war and was a crucial part in the victory against the Pravus family. She is also quick and cunning, as well as a master tactician . She also teaches Shadow and blood magic. Despite her somewhat cruel nature she does have a sort of... "crush" on Mr. Hinote. Not much else is known about her though.

    Ms. Lydia Mauvelle:

    Name: Lydia Mauvelle

    Age: 32

    Gender: Female


    Spoiler: Day:

    Spoiler: Night:

    Height: 5'6" or 166 cm
    Weight: 128 lb or 58 kg


    Strict professor by day, crazy death metal band leader by night, Lydia is a Danish Sound Music teacher for Trinity Soul University. She is very authoritative in her class, sometimes seen giving life lessons to her students. But when she puts on her band leader persona, Hel the Death Goddess, she becomes completely opposite of what she lectures her pupils to become.

    Only one faculty member knows Lydia's dual persona: Nurse Hanna. Others just notice that Lydia always looks tired. She loves coffee cakes.

    Magical Capabilities:

    Lydia is extremely proficient in both defensive and offensive capabilities of Sound Magic.

    Defensively, Lydia can utilize songs to provide buffs for her allies, such as a hymn to bring out the morale of her allies, a song to speed them up, and even an aria to heal their wounds faster by relaxing them. She can also use sound waves to bend the air in front of, behind, and to the side of her, deflecting projectiles.

    Offensively, Lydia can use sound waves to cut through things like a thin, sharp blade. Observant foes can detect the sound distortion to locate the sound waves and evade accordingly. She can also use music to demoralize enemies or cause mass hysteria.

    Overall, Lydia is very proficient in battles fought in mid-to-close range where her sound magic can be "heard".
    ((CURRENTLY THE ONLY TEACHER TO BE USED, AND CONTROLLED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN ME! The owner of this teacher is WriggleRid3r, as Wriggle was the one who created Lydia, so Wriggle has full control over Lydia.

    Mr. Daichi:
    He is a master when it comes to all magic. He does anything to protect the University and the students who go there. No one knows why his family was chosen to run the university, but all they know is that he is a kind man and responsible man who cares about the students, and teachers of the University. He is also the teacher of the light, and summoning magic classes. He may be well over 60, but his youthful appearance is due to his magic keeping him looking relatively younger than normal. Mr. Daichi currently only has one grandson who, although does not attend the University, is known for occasionally stopping by to check things out. Mr. Daichi's relationship with his grandson is somewhat strained, as they do not seem to get along too much even though his grandson will one day inherit the role of Headmaster at TSU one day.

    Nurse Hanna: Perhaps the second most disturbing, if not the most disturbing staff member in the University. She is usually seen wearing a surgical mask, gloves, and a standard Nurse's outfit. Her hair is a dark navy blue, and her eyes are red. Her skin is also a tad grey in tone. Whenever she is not wearing a surgical mask she can be seen grinning. She loves to perform surgery on the students without authorization. Her favorite medical tools are scalpels, and syringes. Especially the syringes. She has a strong knowledge of medicine, and even aided the Daichi family in the war between the Daichi and Pravus family. She has been around for several hundred years, but she is not a vampire, not a demon, not a angel, and not a zombie. She even creeps out some of the teachers. Most notably Ms. Dark who hates even being in the same room as her. Even Daichi himself is relatively creeped out by her. Despite all the rumors about her she does love the students, and does try her best to help them. Though she can get a little crazy with a scalpel. Nurse Hanna is actually something like a zombie, but not quite. Think Frankenstein, she is a creation of a mad alchemist.
    The alchemist took the deceased body of his wife, and replaced the organs, and brain with those of someone else. Then brought her to life via alchemy. She is the first case of a human created puppet, because at first Hanna had listened to her creator, but after his passing a seal was released which allowed her to become her own person. Underneath her clothing is a scar going down her chest, and stomach.

    These are NPC's that are mostly important to the eventual plot.

    Witch Maya:

    Age: Unknown, but is assumed to be 20.

    Abilities: As a witch she possesses powerful dark magic capabilities, and a spell book that allows her to perform a vast variety of spells. However Witches must recite spells from their spell books (or from memory if she remembers a spell.) Witches can also use spells similar to those of other elements, but a dark magic version. For example Drake's Ice Wave spell can be mimicked with a Dark Crystal Wave which is basically the same as the normal ice wave, except instead of ice crystals the crystals are pure black crystals made of darkness which would have a similar effect. However instead of ice and being cold, it will be dark based and can be countered by anything that can counter dark magic. Also thanks to magical abilities (and a spell or two from her spell book) she can shape shift into certain animals ranging from a black cat, to a crow, and a even a small mouse (and sometimes will backfire on her and temporarily transform herself into a toad.) These transformations are only temporary though, and only last for ten minutes before she reverts to normal. She also has to wait five whole hours before being able to transform again.

    Gender: Female


    She stands at 5ft 8-9, and those wings she has are only fake as they are a part of her outfit.

    Personality: She is perky, fun to hang out with, a bit mischievous (likes to mess with people sometimes with pranks), and is a bit of a seductress at times as well. However her feelings remain with Hajime, and only Hajime even though according to Witch law "Any man that wishes to be with a witch, must first perform a difficult test" which is what she is putting Hajime through right now. She also had decided to follow Hajime to keep an eye on him. She also randomly roams the University since she does not take classes.

    Other: PLEASE NOTE THAT ACTUAL WITCHES LIKE WITCH MAYA ARE NOT TRULY ALLOWED. They may be welcomed to the University, but actual witches like Maya have a bad reputation for being mischievous and have actually been against traditional magic styles. They may be welcomed to roam the University at will, but they are not allowed to partake or observe any classes.

    Deimos: (Just a nickname as he does not use his real name. However the Student Files which are strictly top secret lists his real name.)

    Age: 24

    Abilities: Rune Magic. Yet the full extent of it isn't known. Since he is on his last year at the University he is quite proficient in his magic, but the full extent of his magic isn't known.

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Despite his age he stands at 5ft 9 1/2

    Personality: He is usually described as "Mysterious", and more importantly quite cunning. Also a bit of an opposite to the character Drake. As Deimos is mysterious, generally kind and well mannered. He is also infamous around the University for providing "favors" for students who need a favor done. It doesn't matter what the task. All you need to do to contact him is find the secret sticky note he hides on the Bulletin Board in each district. He usually hides it under everything so he won't get caught. On the sticky note is a small phone number, and the instructions on just texting him your request, your location, and when to meet. Afterwards he would gladly discuss with you on what he requires in return.

    As mentioned above Deimos has his own little business where he takes requests for those who finds out about his little service (surprisingly his little business is still a secret on the campus. Only a few of the teachers and a few dozen students know about what he does, and not even the Headmaster knows about his little business.)

    The requests that he would most likely accept is usually fetching items not found on campus, to even little spying missions on other students. Hell he might even take up requests that involve getting secret files on something (like answer keys, but only if you promise to do something for him in return.)

    NPC Name: Hayato Kurou

    Age: 29

    Abilities: Hayato is a skilled Swordsman. In fact he is skilled enough that he is said to be able to cut a flower petal clean in half as it floats gracefully in the wind. This is... mostly true. He is so skilled with a blade that he can keep up with the teachers of TSU who are masters with their elements despite his only magic type being summon magic.

    He uses his summon magic rarely, but he is shown to be capable of summoning a diverse arsenal of oriental weapons. Ranging from more katanas, to finely crafted naginatas. However there is a limit to his magic. These weapons aren't weapons his magic creates. Rather he created all his weapons in his smithy (or in short his Blacksmith shop.) He forged each and every weapon he summons. He currently has a total of 12 different weapons. Ranging from large shurikens, to katanas, to naginatas. Whenever he does summon them from his shop though he can't send them back via magic. He actually has to pick each weapon up, and return them to his shop manually... he has yet to fix this problem...

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: He is never seen without two of his katanas which he had forged himself.

    Personality: Calm, quiet, reserved, peaceful, and well mannered. He would rather stop fights than cause them, and he rarely speaks as well. Whenever he does he usually only speaks in a few words at a time. He currently runs a Blacksmith shop which is located in the Shopping District. He also has a tendency to act as a tutor or mentor for students who use weapons such as swords. Despite him being a popular mentor for students who wish to become swordsmen he is not listed as an actual teacher. Reasons behind this is unknown.

    Gant Lowenthal:
    NPC Name: Gant Lowenthal AKA Professor Gant, or Mr. Lowenthal.

    Age: 39

    Abilities: Earth Magic. More or less the ability to manipulate solid rock, and earth. His abilities are quite high in fact. Rivaling that of the teachers. However the true extent of his powers are unknown as he spends most of his time doing research rather than fighting. Despite this he does not have an actual job at the University as he claims "working at the University would be a waste of my time." On top of Gant's Earth Magic capabilities, he really is highly skilled in multiple fighting styles that gives him an edge in combat.

    Gender: Male


    He stands at 6ft 4

    Personality: Gant is usually quite calm and laid-back in most situations. Though he does have a tendency to get frustrated when things do not go his way. Other than that Gant is a pretty mellow guy, who can often times be seen... reading books at the local cafe... He is also a bit of a solitary guy, who prefers to work alone, or work with those who are at least capable of taking care of themselves.

    Gant though is quite a friendly guy if you get to know him, and he does give off a sort of intimidating aura and all. However he is in fact quite a decent guy.

    Gant is a researcher/archaeologist that specializes in rare gems, old books, and ancient magical artifacts. He usually travels the globe, collecting rare artifacts and all for the University and museums. On occasion he does teach at the University as a substitute whenever Ms. Momone is absent from work, or usually he just holds seminars at the University. Currently he is in TSU exploring the Secret Underground Library for Daichi.

    Fitness Club President: Mika

    NPC Name: Mika
    Age: 19

    Abilities: Nature magic. In her case the ability to create plant life such as flowers, and such. More advanced stuff such as trees, and fruit bearing plants are a bit more difficult though she learned how to summon grape vines that actually will bear (incredibly sour) grapes. Other than that she is a pretty good athlete, capable of running small marathons (in fact she is the head of a Track Club or well... a fitness club.) She isn't the brightest girl though, and is a bit airheaded at times.

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She stands at 5ft8

    Personality: She is calm, quiet, kind, and a bit airheaded. She is not the smartest girl, as she usually zones out in long speeches. On top of that she is forgetful, to the point where she might forget what she had planned to do a mere 10 minutes ago. Though this is only with more... advanced things. Oddly though smaller less important stuff she has near photographic memory.

    Mika's Roommate: Amy

    Mika's Dorm/Roommate:

    NPC Name: Amy

    Age: 20

    Abilities: She is rather intelligent, and possesses the ability of electricity. She is only capable of weak static shocks on will though, and has a tendency to fry her own laptop on occasion. Luckily though there is a Tech Shop in the Shopping District where people can get their computers and such repaired.

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She stands at 5ft 9

    Personality: She is rather blunt, and harsh with her words. Usually the one to make a wisecrack at someone just to get under their skin. She doesn't really care for social activity in person, and would rather be social on the internet. As such she tends to stay inside her room locked up most of the day, with her curtains (which are dark purple to block out some sunlight.) In fact she also does not like to go out much, and exercise (much to the dismay of both her mother, and her roommate Mika.) Despite this she actually looks quite healthy. However she does look quite tired as noticeable by the black circles under her eyes.

    Amy's Mother/Cafe Worker:

    NPC Name: Cecilia

    Age: She may not look like it, but she is about 43. She had given birth to Amy about 20 years ago exact.

    Abilities: Earth Magic - Stone Skin and Muscles: Unlike her daughter who has Lightning Magic, Cecilia has the magic of Earth Enhancement: Stone Muscles. It's basically not what it sounds like. It grants the user a passive ability of enhanced strength, and enhanced durability as she is capable of shrugging off normal gunfire from a 9mm bullet (basic handgun round), and bench pressing about 1,200 pounds at max. This comes at the bonus effect/side effect of her looking as young and youthful as she was when she first gained her magic when she was 17. So in short she looks 17. Also despite her skin and muscles being described as "as strong and durable as solid rock" her skin, and muscles feel like that of any other human. It only gives her magically enhanced strength and durability passively.

    Gender: Female

    Appearance: She stands at 6ft 3. Rather tall when compared to her daughter.

    Personality: She seems cute, and innocent but it is only when she is working at the cafe she got a job at which allows her daughter to attend the University. The reason why she acts all cute and innocent is

    1: Because of her appearance of an 17 year old.
    2: Because her boss says "Cute and Innocent sells." (FYI her boss is a woman as well.)

    Outside of work she is usually described as grumpy, but caring. She can usually be seen with a can of beer or something in hand, and she is a bit "wild" she enjoys parties and with her appearance due to her magic she can attend parties with younger people, blending in easily. When she is drunk (which is common), she can be a bit nicer and even a bit seductive as well. She is also more active, occasionally jogging with Mika early in the morning.

    She may seem like the polar opposite of her daughter Amy, and she may despise how her daughter acts (to the point where she literally drags her daughter out of her dorm room, of which Cecilia will force her to socialize at the cafe Cecilia works at.) However when it comes down to it she would do anything to protect her daughter, and vice versa. If you do something to hurt (physically, mentally, emotionally) each other, they will be by their side at all times.

    Cecilia had been assigned Dorm Room 210A, the same Dorm as the Ghoulishly beautiful Mira.

    Typical "Popular" Girl: Emily Young.

    NPC Name: Emily Young

    Age: 22

    Abilities: Sound Magic. She may not look like it, but she is actually quite talented with Sound Magic especially since she is currently on her 3rd (but not final year) at TSU. She knows a few songs that can she has used on one occasion that when sung, she adds a little bit of her magic to it in order to give it a certain bonus effect. These bonus effects can range from causing a person to feel tired (in some cases people will actually fall asleep), a song that will make the person/people that hear it feel full of energy, and if she is in a foul mood she can actually cause people to turn against each other by singing a song that causes those who hear it to go into an somewhat crazed rage. She also has one final technique in that she can perform a powerful, focused, hyper-sonic sound blast with her voice, that when used at full enough power, can stop a decently sized pick-up truck that is moving at full speed toward her.

    Unfortunately she may be skilled, but the amount of magic she has to put into her songs/voice to give the listed effects is quite large. Leaving her tired after a "performance". On top of that by default the effects are actually quite tame, as such she has to put an even larger amount of her magic into her songs/voice to gain the full effect. The more people she is trying to effect, the larger the amount of magic she must use.

    Meaning if she actually wants to say literally put a large crowd (of about 70 or more people, maximum amount is a crowd of 100) to sleep with one of her songs, then she would have to put in practically all of her magic into the song to actually cause them to fall asleep. If not they will probably just get a little drowsy, or even just flat out not feel any changes in their state.

    When it comes to her "Hypersonic Voice Attack" (she is not good at coming up with names), the more power she puts into her voice when deliver the attack, the bigger and stronger the focused sound blast will be. At absolute full power the attack can do some nasty collateral as it has enough force to uproot a large oak tree, however doing so will tire her out and leave her throat incredibly sore.

    Gender: Female

    She stands at 5ft 5, and her hair is not naturally pink. She had just dyed it, and if one were to look closely one could see some faint black roots in her hair (this is not visible in the picture.)

    Personality: She seems to be a rather sweet, kind, and almost cute girl. In fact with her talent for singing, her personality, and her appearance, she has become quite a popular girl among the some of the men of TSU (of which Mr. Hinote is secretly a fan of Emily.) However due to her rising popularity during her stay at TSU, she has developed a bit of a superiority complex. She thinks that there can be no one (aside from the Sound Magic teacher Lydia) can top her singing. Whenever she thinks/finds someone better than her she will actually challenge said person to a contest in front of a live audience among the students of TSU.

    Only once has she been beaten in a contest, and that was on her 2nd year at TSU. What happened was she challenged some girl who also had a talent for singing, and after a fierce contest that went on for about an hour, Emily ended up going "all out" by singing a song infused with Sound Magic, that caused the crowd to go into a berserk rampage that nearly destroyed the gymnasium. Afterwards the girl she challenged had withdrawn from TSU due to the chaotic events that happened to her, Emily was not only tasked with cleaning up the resulting mess, but was also nearly expelled from TSU. Thankfully her father had managed to talk the Headmaster into letting her stay (along with a sufficient payment to repair the gymnasium.) Emily had lost quite a bit of her fans, but slowly she has been back on the rise to her "glory" as one of the more popular students at TSU. Currently she is in the Music Club, and has her own small fan-club of about 5 of her "fans".

    Her superiority complex also causes her to be a bit of a spoiled brat (in fact she has been a bit of a spoiled brat as her father always gets her out of trouble, or just flat out gives her whatever she wants.) Though she can be well-meaning at times, indicated by the fact that she has been known to secretly volunteer at a Clothing Store in the shopping district, without actually wanting anything in return (she works there every Saturday from 9-5.) Sometimes she will also be willing to give new students or "the Newbies" a tour of the campus, and has a bit of knowledge about some of the more secret, and hidden parts of the University.

    She is also secretly an Otaku. Due to her love for Japanese anime and manga, she had dyed her hair to a bright pink. Something her father does not really like.


    Fire Magic: Standard fire magic. Can summon and control fire.

    Lightning Magic: The ability to use electricity. Generally the fastest of magic, but not the strongest. It is a sub-element of Fire Magic.

    Water Magic: Basically the ability to control, and even summon water.

    Ice Magic: The ability to control and summon ice. Ice magic users are able to create a cold mist in the area around them.

    Wind Magic: Wind magic is the ability to control, and summon gusts of wind. Most notable ability of wind magic users is the ability to form small crescent shaped blades of wind. These blades of wind may be the easiest spell to learn, but it is the most useful. Strong wind magic users are known for being able to use wind magic without even using their hands.

    Earth Magic: Just like the others, Earth magic is the ability to control earth, sadly earth magic users are unable to summon earth yet they can manipulate things like sand, dirt, stone, and various other types of stones and soil.

    Nature Magic: Is the ability to control, and even modify nature. One whose element is nature is usually more in tune with nature, and will usually have the urge to go outside quite often.

    Dark Magic: This is basically the inverse of light magic. It can do most, if not everything that light magic can do, but is generally more offensive than defensive unlike Light magic.

    Shadow Magic: The ability to control your own shadow. Basic spells includes using your shadow to become spikes that emerge from the ground, or to become a wall to protect you. More experienced users can also control other shadow's around them. The most advanced of Shadow Magic users are strong enough to use another persons shadow.

    Blood Magic: This can be considered as the ultima magic of the Dark element. Though not as rare, it is hard to master, and has a lot of risks. It involves using ones own blood to form things like blades, and even walls of ones own blood. Though it has a lot of bad risks. Such as needing to draw some of your own blood to use it. [It is not recommended to choose this. So please ask me in the OOC before choosing this magic.]

    Light Magic: Magic ranging from barriers, to healing spells. As well as bolts of magical energy. Considered the standard type of magic due to the variety of the spells. Light magic isn't usually considered that powerful until fully mastered. That is because light magic is the most draining yet versatile. It's also more defensive oriented then it's opposite Dark Magic.

    Summoning: This is what it is. Summoning magic is a type of magic that has no element. It is the ability to summon various objects or creatures Low leveled magic users can only summon projections of themselves to go and fight, and also summon small things like fairies and such. Stronger Summoners can summon a large variety of objects, and tremendous beasts.

    Ultima: Perhaps the hardest and rarest of magic. It is a more physical magic. One whose element is Ultima is unable to use ranged spells, and only physical ones. When fully mastered Ultima is perhaps the strongest magic in close range. Ultima magic involves using light magic to enhance ones physical abilities (e.g. increase in speed, strength, or intelligence), as well as other physical techniques. Though people who haven't mastered Ultima magic yet are left with a sort of side effect, they are unable to show any emotion in any way. They can still experience emotions, just not show emotion.

    Telekinetic (or the more accurate term Psychokinesis) Magic: A more modern type of magic that has been recently been discovered. People don't realize it's a type of magic though. It basically allows one to control, and manipulate objects with their mind. It takes extreme focus, and mental power in order to use Telekinesis though. Also NO this does not include other "psychic" powers like telepathy (which is mind reading.) - Suggested by S121 in Mumble.

    Lunar Magic: Lunar Magic is it's own "element" existing as a magic that involves one drawing their own power from the moon. Imagine it like a magical rechargeable battery. One can draw the power from the moon and use for later even in daytime. Due to the nature of the element, it is weakened when used under sunlight or during the day but its power is increased under moonlight or during the night. Lunar magic consists of a variety of mostly passive or defensive magic. These can include barriers and wards, healing, and basic projectiles. -Suggested by TRXD.

    Sound Magic: Sound Magic is somewhat new like Telekinesis. It is a non-elemental magic, but however like other elemental magic types one cannot simply learn this magic like with Rune Magic. Either you are born with this magic because one of your parents had this magic as their magic type and it was passed down to you, or you do not have it. Sound Magic is what it sounds like, the manipulation and amplification/reduction of sound/soundwaves. With Sound Magic people can do feats like alter their voice and/or the sound of other things. One good example is a person can create a hypersonic scream, or create a sound blast from their mouth that can have enough force to knock a truck over (though if one uses a lot of power, and knows how to do so.) They can also increase or decrease the volume of different sounds if they know how to.

    With Sound Magic one can literally turn their voice into a weapon, as the more experienced Sound Magic users can use their singing, and even music to cause literal effects within people. By infusing a bit of their own magical energy into say their singing a Sound Magic user can give an energetic sounding song the ability to literally energize people, or a gloomy song to literally cause someone to feel incredibly gloomy.

    Sound Magic does have quite a few uses that makes it useful for support, and even straight out offensive, yet it can be defensive as well if one knows how to use it. It's not as new as Telekinetic magic, but it isn't as rare either.

    Beam Magic: Beam Magic, more specifically "Mana Magic", is a type of magic that has no element, or type. Instead, this magic type is mana itself and can manifest as beams and blasts, as well as other abilities, such as boosting the magical abilities of allies, infusing the caster with magic, creating shields, and various other things. With training Beam Magic or "Mana Magic" can be more than just simple beams or blasts of energy, as with training one can create barriers and even more various spells. This magic uses pure mana, and as such is much harder to manipulate. Even though anyone can learn how to manipulate mana in its purest form, it takes far more training than other magic types in order to use Beam Magic. However some people are born with the natural ability to better control Beam/Mana Magic, albeit will usually still be unstable with controlling pure mana.

    Form Change/Transformation/Manipulation AKA Shapeshifting: Shapeshifting is a magic type that uses magic to transform ones own body into a different form, whether it be of an object, or another person shapeshifters can change into about anything at the cost of a lot of magical energy. Far more experienced Shapeshifters can even copy the abilities of others if they learn how to pull off another person's abilities. This allows magic users of this type to be highly adaptive to many different situations. It's a difficult to master ability, and on top of that it is becoming as rare as Lunar Magic and Blood Magic.

    Necromancy: A magic type that is more rare than Blood Magic, and can fall under the "Dark Magic Sub-Type". However Necromancy is almost considered a taboo among many well known people in the Magical Community. This is mostly because it involves the manipulation/control of the dead. People who use Necromancy can use their magic to make the dead rise from their graves (into states similar to Zombies, skeletons, Mummies and other undead beings... except Vampires, Ghouls which are technically a stronger form of a ghost, and people like Hannah... lol), control/summon spirits, and many other things that involve the dead. General consensus is that the stronger the being one is trying to revive/control, or the larger the amount of beings one is trying to revive/control, the more magic is needed. A Necromancer is even known to be capable of gaining more power in locations where there are more spirits/dead. A place plagued with death like a graveyard is a place where a Necromancer will generally feel at home, and will be more powerful.

    Plague Magic: This is an odd magic type, as it is not a new magic type at all. In fact it's been quite an old magic type. It's not even really rare. The abilities this magic type entails is quite simple actually. The manipulation and ability to create diseases, poisons, toxins, among other things (most natural toxins, diseases, and what not. No artificial ones or ones created in laboratories.) This magic type is still quite dangerous despite it being a relatively common magic type. Mostly due to the fact that one can use this magic to spread diseases and cause pandemics if one is strong enough. However there are positives. People with this magic type also have the latent ability to cure someone with ailments caused by diseases, toxins, poisons, venoms, and other harmful substances of the like. This magic type unsurprisingly goes well with Alchemy.
    ((IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED THAT YOU DO NOT SELECT NECROMANCY WITHOUT INFORMING ME BEFORE YOU MAKE A CHARACTER. Necromancy can either be really weak and useless, to highly powerful/dangerous depending on many variables.))

    Things Everyone Can Learn:

    Rune Magic: A incredibly versatile type of magic that anyone can learn even if it is not their standard "element" this is due to the fact that all it takes to use Rune magic is the proper runes, magical power, and mental power to activate and control such runes. Runes can be created in the air in the form of floating, glowing drawings, or can be etched/drawn/carved into various objects and such to have certain effects which could range from paralysis, to a barrier around the place the rune was drawn on. Since Rune Magic does not require any one specific element, it allows everyone to learn Rune Magic. However people with certain elements will have a better time at summoning Runes of their own element. They can still use Runes of other types, like say a Fire user can create an ice rune. The only difference of doing such, is that using a rune of an element not your own will be harder and more tiresome due to the magic energy needed to charge it.

    Alchemy: This is not a magic type. It's more of an intellectual thing. As it requires decent knowledge on the ins and outs of Alchemy. Alchemy follows one principal at nearly all times. Equivalent Exchange. In short in order to do something with Alchemy (such as say reviving someone) requires something of equal or greater value. Another life. Alchemy is not just restricted to just that. Alchemists are known for being capable of creating potions of nearly any kind. Some of the most advanced alchemists can recognize ingrediants for potions on the spot. Being an alchemist requires a lot of training, and knowledge to become truly good at it. It doesn't mean one cannot learn Alchemy. Anyone can!

    Magic Sense/Detection(WIP [Work in Progress]): This is almost a default ability that anyone and everyone has, the only difference is that it comes in many, many different types. Meaning one person can have magic sense in the form that they can detect magic by sight (seeing trails of aura that will look unique to a person), smell (most animal/human hybrids of sorts have this kind of sense. It allows one to be able to smell tthe aura's of one persons magic rather than see. Everyone's aura has a distinct smell to it.) Or a flat out detect ones energy by feeling ones aura. This is the most common, and everyone who has magic can get this Magic Sense/Detection. It's also fairly easy to obtain. It just takes some concentration.

    Illusion Magic: A special magic type that doesn't have really any one single element like Sound, Rune, and Beam magic. Rather Illusion magic is the magic type that focuses around creating illusions of many different styles. For example one can literally create a mirage of an entire building if not larger if they are skilled enough. Anyone can learn this magic through extensive training as each element usually has a few illusion spells of their own. It's useful, and do to the vast array of illusions one can perform and create it gives this magic type a wide variety of uses from aiding in offensive stratetgies (like distracting the enemy), to defensive (like confusing to downright scaring opponents away.) The more powerful the Illusion, the much more magical energy the user must use constantly to keep the illusion up.


    These magic types aside from Alchemy (as it's not really a magic, more of an actual skill) are generally just normal... magic manipulation. You see despite everyone having a default element/type of magic that they will become highly proficient in, everyone who has magic still has access to be able to tap into the world's, and their own natural mana. With which they can do all sorts of different things ranging from more typical spells like... making a temporary clone of yourself, or sending a letter or message to someone via magic, to even just magical based teleportation. In other words everything that wizards and magicians in old books and stuff is actually quite possible with enough practice. One can even make themselves invisible and perform some amazing sleight of hand for crying out loud. It can even be used to fire normal blasts of just pure mana without a special element, and even barriers and whatnot.

    In fact Beam Magic, Rune Magic, Illusion Magic, and the other types of magic that anyone can learn are actually just different styles of raw/pure mana manipulation. As those magic types require nothing but pure mana, and knowledge on how to perform the techniques/form runes/illusions. However some people by default can manipulate mana into these different styles better than other mana manipulation style. Like someone can be born with a natural affinity to be able to use mana via Rune Magic than with Beam Magic and vice versa. This fact has led people to believe that Rune Magic, Beam Magic, and Illusion Magic are just completely different types of magic instead of actually being the same at the core. Mana manipulation in different forms. Elemental Magic and even Telekinesis (which isn't a "style" of magic as Telekinesis IS it's own type of magic. One that just requires a lot of brain power/focus) still use Mana, but using and learning Elemental Magic is far easier than learning to manipulation and use raw/pure mana in it's purest form (what I'm saying is if you are born with say an elemental type of magic, using that elemental type will be naturally easier than learning to manipulate and tap into raw/pure mana.)

    In short. It's just magic in it's most basic, non-elemental type of form. If you have any questions please ask them here in the OOC and NOT in a PM. This is so that everyone will be able to see the possible discussions that will stem from this. This should also open more possibilities for characters in the future.


    Character App: An app for full fledged characters.



    Age: (Must be 18 - 24. 18-22 is generally preffered though.)



    What Element/and or type of magic. (Could be fire, water, dark, ice, any element you want that is listed above. Just remember you can only have 1 element.): (Oh and how does he/she use his/her magic?)



    Why did you come to the University?:


    Other: (This is for any notes about your character that should be listed.)

    Suggestions: (This is for any suggestions about the RP, like if you have any suggestions for me to add or fix.)

    NPC APP: An app for the NPC characters. The ones that don't have to be full fledged characters, but can become one later on down the line. They can be used to help with driving certain plots forward, or just there to be an "Aid to an already existing character". NPC characters don't necessarily have to be students, but can be people who work/live at TSU (like say a School Counselor, or someone that works at any of the shops/restaurants in the Districts.) Their roles though should not be as big as the main characters.

    NPC Name:


    Abilities: (Not needed)




    Link to the IC::
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      Please note that I may have copied and pasted the previous OOC to here, but I am mostly not finished yet. I am still going to be working on it on and off, along with the apps for my old characters from the original TSU. You guys can still apply, and I will be making the IC eventually so that we can begin RPing in this soon. I will just be "improving" the OP over the course of GOD KNOWS HOW LONG. So... yeah.


        I'm grabbing my apps now, that means OCs and NPCs.

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          Andrew will be significantly improved/different.

          I will be reworking his app to make him fit more as how I was RPing him in the old TSU. He will be actually pretty shy, but you can get past his shyness with some effort. Once you do get past that shyness he can be a loyal ally/trustworthy friend.
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            Alright!! Here we go!!

            OC Apps


            Name: Zero Zekai

            Race: Dragon/Human

            Age: 18

            Bio: Not much of a talker in class and keeps to himself most of the time. When he was 13, a witch attacked the place where him and some of his kin where staying at, his mother was killed, Zero went to attack but was struck by the witch and was left critical and fatally wounded. In order to save Zero, the head of the clan, who is Zero's father, asked their guardian dragon to forge a contract with Zero. The guardian dragon did and by doing so saved Zero's life but he can no longer remember anything about that day. Every time he tries to, he gets bad headaches, like a spell is in place to prevent him from remembering. The only thing he can remember from that day is that a witch killed his mother and what the witch looked like. Has many years of sword training but hasn't master his family techniques yet. Has great relations with his family until his magic surfaced. When his magic surfaced on his 15th birthday, he started training with his kin, which gives him a bit more experience than most people at Trinity Soul in using magic. Due to this, he can do some things most beginners can't, thanks to the dragon half of him being more in tuned to magic than a normal human is.

            Gender: Male

            What Element/and or type of magic: Equipment Summon

            Luggage: Traveling Bag.


            Navy Blue jeans, Black shoes and Black fingerless gloves.

            Why did you come to the University?: Was sent there by the head of the family to learn how to use and control his magic.

            Personality: Reserved around people he doesn't know but once he gets to know them, he opens up some. Kind hearted. Not much on the romantic side and is weak around females around his age (Minus family of course). Can get easily angered when mentioning his past, especially when witches are involved in the talk.

            Other: Can "Shift" his eyes into dragon eyes when angry/in battle. By being a half dragon, he can gets 4 arm length wings (2 on top and bottom with the bottom ones being half the length of the top ones) and can "scale" parts of his body. Can't summon many blades at one time without a major drawback. By using different type of weapons in a single battle, his magic drains faster than using one blade and leaves him weak to attacks and extremely exhausted. Can summon only one beats but doesn't have complete control over it yet. Will be able to summon more later on.


            Name: Raylin Kaishi

            Race: Human

            Age: 19

            Bio: A great swordsman and older twin. Comes from a family of sword masters. When she and her brother was younger, the two of them often trained with Zero before they had to move away due to family problems. With her powers and her brother, she decided to head to TSU to train further and to meet Zero again after all these years.

            Gender: Female

            What Element/and or type of magic: Fire


            Spoiler: Minus the sword

            Spoiler: Without her jacket on

            Why did you come to the University?: To master her flame, train and surprise an old friend

            Personality: A kind girl that loves to interact with people. As an older twin, she looks out for her brother. She is easy to talk to and outgoing but when angered, she is a fierce fighter which is a bad thing in you get in her way.

            Other: Flames on her hair and clothes when in battle. She is fast and agile.

            Amata (Semi-OC)

            Name: Amata Kaishi

            Race: Human

            Age: 19

            Bio: A great swordsman and younger twin. When he and his sister was younger, the two of them often trained with Zero before they had to move away due to family problems. Like Raylin, he decided to go to TSU, even though he was dragged at first, to train and meet Zero again.

            Gender: Male

            What Element/and or type of magic: Rune


            Why did you come to the University?: To train mostly and was dragged there by his sister

            Personality: TBD

            Other: The runes on his sword and shoulders helps him use runes faster but drains his magic faster.


            Name: Ryofu (Re-oh-foo) Hosen

            Race: Phoenix/Human

            Age: 19

            Bio: A half human and half phoenix female born to a phoenix mother. Her father died protecting her and her mother when they were attacked by rogue magicians when they were on a trip when she was 6. She was very expressionist before her magic awoke. When her magic awoke, she lost all expressions and she was told by her grandfather who is the head of her clan that she is to be married to a dragon heir to whom she has met when she was with her grandfather and mother when they went to visit the dragon clan. She uses a halberd to help channel her magic which belonged to her late father. She later finds out the name of her future husband's name and is told that he is at Trinity Soul University so she goes there to learn her magic better and to find her future husband.

            Gender: Female

            What Element/and or type of magic. Ultima


            Why did you come to the University?: To learn how to use her magic (of course) and to find her soon to be husband (Zero) that her clan arranged with the dragons.

            Personality: Due to having Ultima magic, shows no emotions but gets along with others well. Speaks in partial sentences (EX: person.... near..... run?)

            Other: When mad at someone.


            Name: Sonya Mahoura

            Race: Human

            Age: 18

            Bio: Comes from a family line of great mages. She grew up like any other girl, friends, school, etc. She was always bullied by boys when she was in elementary and afterwards she started to fight back at times which caused fellow kids to stay away from her most of the time.

            In middle school, there was an incident when the school was held hostage and during that time, a seal formed on her right hand and she attacked the person that was holding her classroom hostage. She was able to hold off the attackers until the police arrived and finished off the attackers.

            After that, everyone started to be around her again at school and everwhere else. She talked to her parents about the incident and thy told her about their family line and she found out that the blood of many different masters runs though her. She decided to learn magic and she found out about her newly founded Seal Magic.

            During her high school years, she spent half the time training in the ways of magic and earned the trust of element spirit masters and learned a veraity of seals and the other time just being a normal girl, except the problem is that no males would come around her but she still had her friends.

            Half way through her senior year, one of her friends found out about Trinity Soul Univeristy and showed Sonya and thought that Sonya should go. Sonya talked to her parents about it and they also found out about it and was going to tell her.

            On Graduaction Day, Sonya told her friends that she will be attending TSU and will be leaving the city. Her friends smiled and threw a going away/good luck/celebration party to send her off happily.

            On the day Sonya was leaving for TSU, her mom gave her a new set of clothes and said "Now go and have some fun and be safe, my little Element Master." and sent Sonya off to TSU and of course Sonya doesn't know that her parents are hoping that she finds a boyfriend there as well.

            Gender: Female

            What Element/and or type of magic: Seal Magic

            Luggage: None to start, she'll teleport her luggage with a transport seal once she gets her room.


            Why did you come to the University?: To enhance her magic and learn more seals. Plus her parents think she can possibly find a boyfriend there.

            Personality: Easily frustrated and yells about anything she possibily can, especially when males are involved. Has no experience in romance so doesn't know what to do if a male tries to flurt with her. Great friend to other females.

            Other: Is very smart and loves to read, seen wearing glasses when reading.

            Suggestions: I've already talked to SUS about Seal Magic but here it is for everyone to see

            Seal Magic

            -One that anyone can learn.

            -This type of magic has a similarity to Rune Magic but this doesn't require drawing the seals.

            -There are many different forms of Seal Magic but the main ones are Element, Animal, Weapon and Armor. There is a rare form called Myth Seals.

            -For Element Seals, one's blood must have an affinity for that element and must form a "contract" of sorts with the element master (which are nearly impossible (like 90%) to get to agree with the person) to use all forms on that element. Can make "contracts" with lesser element users to use weaker forms of that element.

            -For Animal Seals, you can get animal parts (ears, tail, wings, claws/talons, no full change) to enhance close-combat. Can summon pure magic forms of the animal to perform an attack but can't be used for extended periods of time. Must get a blood sample of the animal to use its parts.

            -For Weapon/Armor Seals, create a seal of your blood and place the equipment on the seal and recite a spell and you can use them at anytime.

            -There are different levels of Seal Magic, Basic: Requires one Seal to use. Advance: Requires 2-5 Seals to use. Expert: Requires 6-20 Seals to use. Master: Requires 20-40 Seals to use. Mythical/Legend: Requires 50-100 Seals to use, this is the most dangerous type to use since it requires a large amount of magic to perform and leaves to user very weakened after use so it's HIGHLY recommended not to use this level.

            -Can combine different Seals to perform combos so the possibilities are almost endless.

            -The Seal marks are mostly placed on the back on the hand (they only appear when using the magic) but can also appear on the top of the cleavage on females but this rarely happens.

            NPC Apps


            NPC Name: Sela Zaminoshi

            Age: 15

            Abilities: (Not needed)

            Gender: Female


            Personality: Shows no emotions since she uses Ultima magic. Even though she and Zero are half siblings with her being a full-blood, she loves him very much. Unlike Zero, she isn't reserved around people and gets along with people.


            NPC Name: Hunglyn "Kyuubi" Shini

            Age: 18

            Abilities: (Not needed)

            Gender: Female

            Out of Battle -

            In Battle (If she wants) -

            With her contracted fox -

            Personality: Kind and caring to others but can be harsh sometimes.

            Short Bio: After Amata and Raylin left, the Elder wanted Zero to train with other people besides dragons so the Elder contacted the Fox clan and they often met up and Zero started to train with Hunglyn. After Zero left for TSU, the Elders of both Dragon and Fox clans decided to send her to train Zero more.


            NPC Name: Saki Zaminoshi

            Age: 24

            Abilities: Wind Magic. Very high reflexes. Althetic.


            Personality: Very strict on people about things, especialy Zero. Can be nice and kind but only shows it when she wants to.

            Short Bio: A now 6 year student at TSU and Zero's older sister. She is a Half-Dragon like Zero and have the same parents. Has completely mastered the Wind Dragon style of swordsmanship. She only returns home on occasion, like holidays and meetings.

            Man, that's mostly copy and pasting but still a bit of work. Sorry for all the GIANT @$$ images, didn't know they were going to be that big.
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            "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


              Okay here are more apps of mine:


              Name: Dave

              Race: Human?

              Age: 23

              Bio: Dave is and has always been an... odd guy. He was always the one to do the least expected thing to solve a problem, occasionally can be heard talking to himself or his possessions, and has been usually known to... be a little creepy. When Dave was younger he had no real friends due to his... habits, but he did have one... he did have one... Andrew was his only friend, and one of the only people Dave really trusted. Despite Andrew being a more rational guy, and Dave being a bit more of a skeptical and insane kind of person Dave still kind of liked something about Andrew. Maybe it was the fact that Andrew had something that hindered his social life, and yet Andrew still persisted to make friends... Either way Andrew and Dave became close friends. It was hard not seeing them together. Dave even learned his magic on the same day as Andrew. He learned about his abilities with Shadow Magic. He had the ability to manipulate his own shadow, and turn it into a physical form like a small spike. He wasn't all too skilled, or thrilled about it though. In fact he questioned as to how one can even manipulate their own shadows like that. Even if "magic" was the real answer, he still questioned the existence of magic . He didn't really care about this, and Dave continued to hang out with Andrew. He became a bit of a big brother figure to Andrew.

              One day though that all sort of ended when Andrew said that "In one month I'll be leaving for TSU dude... I won't be able to see you for a long while. Sorry man..." Andrew said to Dave. Dave took this... harshly. He didn't know why Andrew was leaving, and he thought he was to blame for Andrew needing to go to TSU. He didn't know why he felt like this, but he did. Later that night a depressed, and slightly angered Dave had locked himself up in his room... Just... mumbling to himself... His only friend was leaving him for seemingly forever. That whole month Dave didn't even so much as speak or see Andrew... He did realize that it wasn't his fault anymore, but he did come to one conclusion... He blamed Andrew... Dave began thinking that Andrew was leaving because he was tired of Dave... That Andrew was getting tired of how Dave acts... like all the others... Remembering about what he said about TSU, Dave had taken all his money he had been saving and used it to enroll there. He doesn't really wish to learn about his magic, but rather...

              Get some answers from Andrew...

              Gender: Male

              What Element/and or type of magic: Shadow Magic - Shadow Manipulation

              Luggage: Dave brought with him his hat which he only rarely takes off, some clothes, a pair of reading glasses, a small black laptop, a toothbrush, and similar to Andrew... a small red notebook. However he doesn't use it to write notes about his surroundings. He writes notes of things he is skeptical of.

              Appearance: (Thank you my old friend Gunia for making this for me.)

              Dave's eyes are of two different colors. His left one as seen in the picture is of a bright blue, while the other is a light green. Dave also wears black pants complete with a white belt, and brown dress shoes with black laces. Dave is almost never seen out in public without his precious brown fedora. He is not bald, he just likes his hat a lot. Oddly when he is angered his blue eye becomes a dark red, and his green eye becomes a dark orange. No one knows as to why though.

              Why did you come to the University?: To find Andrew mostly. Studying magic is just a side mission for him.

              Personality: Dave is... Dave is a rather joyous guy always trying to make a cheesy joke here and there, but this is all just an act. Dave is actually a very intelligent man, smart enough to fool quite a bit of people. However such intelligence does not come with wisdom as Dave frequently makes the wrong assumptions, as well as makes mistakes whenever he tries something. That does not mean he is stupid, he just doesn't make good choices. Dave also is a bit of an "enigma" whenever he is busy working on something he is either dead quiet, or is talking to... someone or something that isn't there. His personality is also unpredictable. One second he can be all joyous, then the next second he will be all dark and serious...

              Like Andrew he never really had much friends, though only due to how he acts. He did have Andrew as a friend for a few years, however that ended when Andrew left for TSU. Now he thinks Andrew hates him, and now he hates Andrew because of it. He still does wish to have friends though. He just can't be bothered to make any. Dave also has a close attachment to his hat, as he does not like taking it off all too much. When he does lose it though he tends to... freak out beyond comprehension. Also Dave may be a skeptical guy, and he may be insane but when working on something he is usually dead serious. Though he does tend to overload seriously. When this happens Dave has a complete (temporary) mental breakdown. Such as if he is exposed to a multitude of things that just does not make sense to him, he loses his hat and is unable to find it after a few hours, or when he just can't figure something out.

              First his mental breakdown starts with him freezing up, getting a pale complexion, and just him muttering something over and over again. This is followed by him begin to shake nervously (quite intensely in fact), and then he will get a severe nosebleed. This ends with Dave completely collapsing. When Dave ever does happen to have a mental breakdown of this scale he is unable to be talked to as almost everything around him (aside from what he is focusing on) seems to be tuned out completely. So when this happens all you have to do is just... let it pass.

              Other: Who wants Dave as a roommate!?

              Suggestions: N/A


              Name: Hajime ???

              Race: Human ???

              Age: 23

              Bio: For the most part completely unknown. All that is known is that Hajime had become a bit of an outcast due to his abilities which he obtained at a later age. Occasionally being called "the Winged Demon." For some unknown reason... yet he knows. He knows full well why he is called "the Winged Demon". It's because of a curse (more like a spell of sorts) that was put on him. You see when he became 21 he fell in love with an incredibly powerful witch (a young and beautiful one at that lol), and the witch did return his feelings. However she told him that he cannot truly be with her unless he were to complete a test. She grants him magical powers, but powers he cannot fully control. If he learns to overcome this power he can truly be with her. Hence why he had traveled all the way to Trinity Soul University.

              Gender: Male

              What Element/and or type of magic: Dark Magic - Form Change.
              Thanks to the witch that he fell in love with he was granted a powerful form of Dark Magic. The Form Change. A nearly forgotten spell only used by a small handful of people in the world today. The only downsides to it... it's incredibly difficult to control and master, in his normal human form he cannot feel pain, he cannot use magic in his default form, he becomes a entirely different person when he activates his magic, and he is incredibly weak against other magic types. The Form Change magic is a type of magic of the Dark Magic type that involves one changing their entire form and body into that of something else with enhanced abilities. The only problem though is that Hajime's alternate form is a entire physical and speed based form. Preferring to use physical attacks, and using his high speed and flight to avoid attacks and/or rush towards opponents.

              This form also has obvious weaknesses. He loses most control over this form (to the extent where he is pretty much a entirely different person), and he also has a increased weakness to all magical attacks (and magical effects like paralysis traps set up by Rune Magic) have double if not triple the effect. All he gains is a slight increase to speed, and his physical attacks become infused with dark magic which makes his attacks effective against other elements except for Light Magic. Which he is incredibly weak against in general. This form is also draining, and taxing on him as he feels completely exhausted (and will occasionally cough up blood after he reverts to his normal form even if he wasn't injured at all when in his darkness form.) He cannot use any magic in his standard human form. Even in his darkness form he can only discharge dark magic into opponents through physical contact.

              Luggage: Not much, as he only has a bag of spare clothes and a ring on his left index finger which was a gift from the witch he fell in love with. This ring is the source of his power, and he is unable to remove it whatsoever, nor can it break. He is cursed to wear it until he overcomes the spell.

              Human form:
              He stands at 6ft 1.

              Darkness (Form Change) Form:
              He stands at 6ft 2 in this form, and always flies instead of walking. In fact in this form he does not even need to walk as he simply can hover without flapping his wings. However he only hovers a few inches above the ground. In order for him to fly he must flap his wings. His entire body (wings, skin, and all) become pitch black, and red. This makes it impossible to see his facial features as his facial features aside from his nose completely fades. Almost like he is shrouded in perpetual darkness.

              Why did you come to the University?: To try and overcome the curse (or spell depending on how you look at it) in order to earn his true loves favor (and permission to marry her.)

              At first in his human form he seems quiet, and well reserved. That is however due to his emotions only capable of being truly shown in his darkness form. This makes him seem to be quiet, reserved, and even downright boring. However this all changes when he enters his darkness form. In his human form he also tends to work out a lot, pushing his body to it's limits.

              In his darkness form he becomes much different. He ends up becoming highly arrogant, lazy, and prideful (almost to the point where he will not even fight claiming "it's just a waste of time"), yet is also cunning beyond belief. This would seem to make him a dangerous adversary in unarmed combat, but due to his arrogance and pride he can get too carried away and can easily be out done. Yet in the rare cases where he does actually wish to fight opponents, and actually does become serious (which is rare) he can be really dangerous. Also his voice in his darkness form sounds drastically different. As it sounds like 4 different people talking simultaneously.

              1: His normal voice.

              2: An older man's voice.

              3: A distinct female's voice.

              4: The voice of a young child.

              These four voices can all be heard simultaneously whenever he speaks in his darkness form.

              Other: He does not live in a dorm. Instead he lives within the woods surrounding the campus.

              Suggestions: NONE!!!


              Name: Drake

              Race: Human ???

              Age: 22

              Bio: Not much is known about Drake. All that is known about him is that he is a water magic user, and had been a bit of a... trouble maker if you will. Throughout his early life though he had been a very manipulative person. Acting all normal, and even quite charming to the ladies... yet the second he finds something he wants he will be willing to do most anything to get what he wants. Including betrayal of people he trusts. This makes him a very cruel person, and at the age of 15 when he was being cornered by a local gang that Drake had betrayed he had accidentally froze his attackers in place. Drake was surprised by this sudden turn of events, but he also loved it. Drake had more power now... Yet... he wishes for more power. A few years later, and a few years of training he found out about Trinity Soul University... as such he had managed to talk his parents into giving him the money to enroll there. Now... he's at Trinity Soul University, he already got signed up, and he has the room number Room 305 B...

              Gender: Male

              What Element/and or type of magic: Ice. Drake had gotten quite a bit of self training, and had developed a few basic spells. These spells involve summoning shards of ice which he fires at opponents as projectiles. His most used spell, and the only one he had perfected. The other two spells are a wave of ice where he places his hand on the ground, and summons a wave of icicles that travel along the ground until they reach an opponent. Once the ice wave reaches it's target it will trap his opponents feet. This skill takes a bit more magical energy to use, and summon. His last spell, and also his strongest involves him using all of his magical energy to create a large dome of ice around him which can protect him against most basic attacks, then he causes spikes made of magical ice to quickly emerge from the sphere before the sphere shatters, sending icicles everywhere. This is his most draining move as he is usually left incredibly fatigued afterwards. It also takes time to create the dome itself. Though once he makes the ice dome around him he can pull off the rest of the spell with relative ease. Yet it still drains him significantly.

              Luggage: A bag full of 1 set of clothes, a comb for his hair, and a butterfly knife for extra protection (like say he is fatigued from using too much magic.)

              He stands at a decent 6ft 3, is of medium build, and wears a black unbuttoned over shirt, and a white undershirt. He also wears black dress shoes, and black dress pants.

              Why did you come to the University?: He claims so he can "become stronger to help people." When in reality he just wants to become stronger for his own personal gain.

              Personality: On the outside he can come off as a bit nice, charming (to the ladies), nice (to the ladies), calm, and well reserved. He Yet on the inside he is mean, cruel (almost to a sadistic level), highly manipulative, and will do anything if it means getting whatever he wants. However he rarely shows this side unless he is completely, and utterly alone. Other than that he comes off as your typical "cool" guy who is also a ladies man. Yet once he finds something he wants... his true personality will begin to slowly show itself to others.

              Some say Drake is riddled with mystery surrounding him. Almost to the point which some people claim that even the real and manipulative Drake is just some sort of cover up for something either more innocent, or far more sinister. Whether this is true or not is up in the air as Drake is very smart about hiding any secrets he may have. Sometimes it is best to just leave Drake alone, and not bother finding out who the true Drake really is.

              Other: N/A

              Suggestions: N/A


              Name: Alexis Eudocia

              Race: She is an Ejaei: A race of humans from another separate plane of existence much similar to Earth but more magical/medieval style instead of magical/modern. This plane of existence or "realm" is called Gran Terra. The Ejaei's are a race of proud warriors, and noblemen. The Ejaei are like humans in almost every way, save for a few differences. All female Ejaei's have black hair, while the males have silvery white hair. The Ejaei's also live a bit longer than humans (they can live up to 200 years before passing away. Their bodies though do age at the same rate as a human save for the Gran Ejaei's which age slower than humans.) Other than that they are pretty much similar to humans in every shape, way, and form. The Ejaei are also people of honor, chivalry, and loyalty. They fight to uphold their honor, rarely backing down even in the face of eminent death. They also have a strong moral code, doing what is right rather than doing what is considered better. Those they befriend/grow attached to on an emotional level they will be extremely loyal to. Meaning that if Alexis ever befriends someone she will try to be loyal to them. She will never betray them, she will always try to fulfill her promises, and she will always be there for said person. The Ejaei as a race of warriors are trained physically to be at top physical condition when they reach the age of 12. Meaning that she is quite well built even if she does not seem like it. They don't actually start combat training until the age of 18, and they finish when they are 30 (meaning as an Ejaei Knight she is actually still sort of a rookie.)

              The Ejaei though are not capable of directly using magic, as they can only use magic through items, weapons, and books. Sort of like witches the Ejaei can recite words to use a spell, but unlike witches they are all restricted to their own element (which they discover when they find a special artifact all Ejaei must earn through a ritual. The object is a necklace with a certain item or "symbol" that dictates what magic they possess.) For example Alexis has dark magic, but she can only use it through a weapon, or recite dark magic type spells. Though she focuses on using combative type magic with a blade that only really works for her, and other dark mages from her realm. The Ejaei also aren't as resistant to things like diseases as the Ejaei can get sick quite easily, but luckily they recover quite quickly as well. The female Ejaei also have a natural scent of lavender, while the male Ejaei give off a natural roasted chestnut scent.

              Age: 21

              Bio: Alexis was a proud knight of her village in the realm of Gran Terra. She had always fought at her strongest, but when compared to the other Ejaei of her village she is not only still a considered her a rookie since she is only 21, and had been training for 3 years now but she is also still not as skilled as the other Ejaei. She wasn't looked down upon however, as the other Ejaei like all Ejaei still respect her and acknowledge that she is still a rookie. Alexis continued her training, but she was still having a hard time trying to keep up with her fellow Ejaei.

              One day though her home village had came under attack by a lone Gran Ejaei, an elder Ejaei by the name of Yiannis. Yiannis was corrupted, he was evil. He was the pinnacle of almost everything the Ejaei stood for: honor, chivalry, loyalty. He had none of it save for a strong will to fight til he could no longer stand. He lost it all to a cursed set of armor that drove him to act the way he was. The armor granted him power, and with the Sword of of the Crystal Plague he had the strength to take on even the strongest of warriors in Alexis's village. Due to her rank she along with the other rookies were left alone in the burning village.

              She had approached the deadly Yiannis, and the two got in a clash. The battle waged on for what seemed to be an entire day until both were exhausted. Seeing that the elder Gran Ejaei Yiannis was having a harder time recovering, Alexis saw her chance to strike. With one swift blow to the neck with her sword she had sliced the elder warrior's neck wide open, causing Yiannis to bleed out until he eventually died. Alexis looked down at her defeated open. She was a rookie, yet was able to defeat a man far stronger than her... at least she thought she did... Turned out that Yiannis had let her win. He saw that she was still young, weak, and vulnerable. The armor he had not only gave him power, but it was cursed in the fact he couldn't take it off unless he had been killed in battle. The reason why he even attacked Alexis's home village was to try and find someone "worthy" enough of his armor.

              When fighting the young Alexis he decided that she was worthy of taking the armor. He knew full well that if he were to let himself get killed in combat by someone that his opponent would take his armor and weaponry as a trophy... Which Alexis did, not knowing the armor was cursed. She didn't take all of the armor. She only took the gauntlets, the Greaves, part of the chestplate, and the sword. Little did she know the armor was cursed, and as such the very next day she had found herself unable to take her new armor off. It was stuck to her body. She was still able to oddly change clothes as her clothing would phase through the armor, but the armor just would not come off. Alexis found herself looking everywhere for a way to remove the armor. She spent days looking for the one thing she could use to remove it. One day though she heard of a great alchemist named Mard who had lived in a tower far from her home village. She heard that Mard could be the only one possible of removing the armor, and as such she sought him out.

              After a month of traveling she had finally found the tower, and the middle aged alchemist. She told him the story of her armor, and how she couldn't remove it. Mard was both surprised and confused by the properties of the armor. It was indeed cursed, but it also had some sort of dormant power... that couldn't be accessed. As if it needed the rest of the armor. Something that Alexis didn't want to put on. She had a hard enough time dealing with part of the full armor set that she couldn't take off. As such she begged Mard to help her remove her armor. After enough pleading Mard agreed, and as such he began work and after a few weeks Mard finally thought he had it. With a few potion explosions, and part of his tower being destroyed he looked at the area and saw no trace of Alexis. In fact he found that not only was Alexis gone, but his tower had ended up in some place unknown to him.

              Now Alexis, and her new alchemist "friend" Mard are both in the "Earthly plane" of well... Earth. Alexis is currently unconscious, her clothes tattered (she still has her armor and sword) at the shores of the lake on TSU campus. While Mard is in his damaged tower far, far, far from TSU (like one week travel by walking from TSU, three days by car.)

              Gender: Female

              What Element/and or type of magic: Crystal Magic via sword. The sword she possesses contains a strong magic that allows her to create and form various kinds of crystals in a variety of means. Though currently she isn't capable of doing much with the blade, only using it as a typical blade, and occasionally capable of using it to fire crystal shards from it. Currently she cannot tap into the full power of it because well... she simply does not have the knowledge to do so.

              This blade is said to be very powerful if one can truly master it, but it comes at a cost. Using the blade's magical abilities infects one with a magical infection simply known as the Crystal Plague (hence it's name of the blade.) This plague cannot spread to others unless they themselves use the blade (and there isn't currently no known cure.) The plague causes the body of the sword's wielder to gain patches of crystal like scales across their body, and the more they use the blade, the faster these crystals will grow. To the point that the entire body will be covered in these crystal like patches (which are actually fused to the skin like strange growths.) If the entire body becomes covered in these crystal scales, then the infected person will become completely immobile with only a single day before even their insides turn to nothing but crystal, thus leaving a crystal statue (and killing the person.)

              However there was one way to counter it. The cursed armor that Alexis had taken parts of when wearing the complete set, stops the infection in it's tracks thus allowing one to use the Crystal Blade (it's not a blade made out of crystals please note. It's just a blade that spreads the Crystal Plague when used) freely without worry. But at the cost of taking away one's own sanity. One also needs the complete armor for the Crystal Plague's nullifying effects to well... take effect.

              Luggage: Currently her armor she cannot remove that does possess a power that will only activate if she were to ever find, and put on the rest of the armor, and a sword that has a floral pattern on the side (as seen in images below.)

              Appearance: She stands at a pretty 6ft. Please note that she does not have those crystal floral scale like patterns on her skin YET. Those will appear as the RP goes on.

              Why did you come to the University?: She did not come here on purpose. Mard's alchemy had accidentally sent her, and him (though Mard and his tower are a few days travel by car away) to this world. She is currently unconscious in her armor, with her clothes torn and tattered from the alchemy explosion. She is also at the shore of the lake on school campus... unconscious.

              Personality: She like other Ejaei is Honor bound, as such she is a warrior that will refuse to give up in almost any situation. This can be both good and bad as one she won't quit unless she has very good reason to. It's bad because she won't know when to quit... this can result to her fighting to her death. She also has a strong moral code, as she does what she thinks is truly right. She also is loyal to others she befriends (kind of hard to as she does not speak much to complete strangers.) Though if you befriend her you will have a friend that will never attempt to betray you, will never hide secrets from you unless she is bound to keep another friend's secret from you. In that case this can actually cause her to have something similarto a mental breakdown as:

              1: If she keeps a secret another friend told her from you, and you are her close friend she will feel obligated to tell you.
              2: The secret is that of another friend, and due to her loyalty she tries her hardest to keep it from anyone. Especially if the secret is personal.

              Other than that she is surprisingly stern, and even cocky for a young Ejaei. She often times gets herself into fights that she never originally intended to get into. Alexis though is well meaning, and even quite kind to others she meets. Unlike other Ejaei she refuses to speak to others verbally unless they have earned her trust (like actually talk. She will answer questions though.) Deep down is a rather shy girl though. For example if she develops feelings for someone expect her to have bouts of extreme nervousness around that person. Other than that she is surprisingly active physically, and emotionally. As she does react more emotionally to certain things. Another thing that other Ejaei do not really do.

              Since she is from a different less advanced realm where both culture, and technology are different, she is going to be quite oblivious/confused about new technology and culture of of this world.

              Other: I referenced another character in the app. Mard. He will be a pivotal role in her story, and the overall story as well. Though I won't work on his app for a good while now, and he will have an NPC App. Mard won't appear though for a good long while (two-three weeks IC time.) This future character Mard has the same concept, career (alchemist), and name as a character that an old friend of mine had in an old RP that I no longer RP with. The character Mard in this RP will be to commemorate the original Mard that my friend had. There will be differences between my Mard, and my old friend's Mard at least.

              ((ALEXIS WILL NOT BE INTRODUCED INTO THE RP AS OF YET!!! She will be introduced a bit later into the story along with Mard.))

              Lily Moore:

              Name: Lily Moore

              Race: Human

              Age: 19

              Bio: Lily was born to a decently wealthy family in Wales. For most of her life she had lived with her family, mostly her older sister and younger brother as her parents were often times busy with other things. Mostly with their jobs, even so her parents had always tried their best to make her happy... because she was born blindness. Yes Lily was, and still is legally blind. She has no sight at all... and this caused her parents to become far more protective over her... despite the fact that they were hardly ever home for her. As such they hired caretakers to help take care of Lily when her older sister or younger brother was around to help keep an eye on her.

              Thankfully over the many years Lily had actually become quite independent despite being blind, and always being watched by either her siblings or the many caretakers her parents hired. Lily even though she is blind had learned how to cook her own meals when needed, prepare tea for herself and others, and even can easily navigate her own home since she remembered the layout after the many times of roaming the halls of her home. Eventually Lily began to... wish to go outside more often, and since she was getting older her parents... let her go outside. Lily quickly gained an affinity for nature. The wide open fields, the fresh air. Lily seemed to love being outside more than being inside. In turn Lily discovered her own magic... well more like her older sister noticed it.
              Lily, and her older sister Louise was outside one afternoon. Lily was sitting alone in the garden when she held a small, dead flower in her gentle hands. As Louise came up to her to see what was going on, she saw the flower in Lily's hands begin to... come back to life. It regained its color, and its petals. Louise almost immediately knew what was going on. She saw that her sister had magic, nature magic. After Louise told her parents, plans to send Lily overseas to the state of Maine over in America. The state of which Trinity Soul University is located. They now hope that Lily can develop her magic, and possibly earn a scholarship degree in any subject of her choosing if possible. Lily had just arrived on the second day of the new year of TSU.

              Gender: Female

              What Element/and or type of magic: Nature magic. Lily's fondness for nature goes well with her magic. The only thing she can really do is give life to small plants like flowers, and enhance the growth speed of other plants (the larger the plant, the more magic she requires). She is not all too strong with this, hence one of the reasons as to why she was sent to TSU. The one major downside to this is that... she can't really see the flowers she gives life to due to her blindness. Which does sadden her.

              Luggage: Two large suitcases filled with many different outfits, several "uniforms" for her, and various other devices to make her stay at TSU all the more comfy. Oh and most importantly a white, collapsible cane for easy storage.


              She stands at a pretty tall 6ft 1. She is one of the tallest in her family.

              Why did you come to the University?: Her parents, and even her sister sent her to TSU so that she would have a better place to practice her magic, and where there will be people to help keep an eye out for her.

              Personality: Lily is very calm, posh, and polite. She does not let her wealth get to her, and as such she is quite humble. Always putting others before herself. For example if one of her friends is injured she would put that friends needs in front of her own, even if her own health is at risk. She is well mannered, and always speaks in a peaceful and quiet tone. She also may not seem like it, but despite her blindness she had actually became quite independent. She knows how to take care of herself as she had actually been taught how to cook, and prepare tea. She also has a good memory which helps her recognize paths she had walked before which does help her with navigating areas. Sometimes though if caught off guard she can show a more childlike innocence, and even a bit of frustration at times. Other than that she is very good at keeping her calm. Some people call her a bit "motherly" to others younger than her. She also does not condone violence in any way.

              Other: Okay I know this is basically Lilly Satou from Katawa Shoujo... but please don't blame me. I've been playing a lot of Katawa Shoujo lately, and as such had wanted to adapt one of the characters for TSU. So I chose Lily. One other reason for a new character is because I consider my other character Alexis to be under temporary lock UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. So until then here is an adaption of Lily from Katawa Shoujo.

              Okay there are those. I'm going to keep looking for other apps in the Old OOC. If anyone finds other character apps or NPC apps that I have made, and not listed here please let me know.


              All of those are accepted once again.

              I guess with this Revamp I should look for new Moderators for this new TSU, or keep the old ones (S121 and Wriggle. With Zekai as the Character Manager [keeps track of characters to help make a list of them.] That or I can make this community controlled, like ATWAG, Iron Storm Revamped, and current EG: Phoenix.
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                I just had two questions.

                The first being what are the rules for vampires. Do they die in the sun, are they only weekend in the sun, what weaknesses and strengths do they have?

                The second is how will age effect what happens in the university. For example i'm more than likely going to make my characterr very oung 15-18, but since all the characters are new to the school i wasn't' sure how age would effect there classes.

                Sorry if i'm repeating a question that was already asked but but i didn't feel like digging through countless posts from other threads to find the answer.



                  Vampires. It really depends on the power of a vampire. Generally Vampires that were straight up born being a vampire will actually get injured in the sun without proper magical protection. While people who were turned into vampires will generally only be weakened when exposed to direct sunlight (weakened meaning they will feel as though all their energy has been sapped from their body), however that can be negated much like Vampires from Birth. People Turned Vampires can negate the effects of being weakened by sunlight with proper magical protection, or with something say a rather large parasol that can provide sufficient shade.

                  Vampires in the "Universe" of TSU also do not entirely need to feast on blood to survive. Some vampires can still eat, and drink just about anything like humans. However somethings can be highly toxic to vampires (like garlic.) Though Vampires that decide, and actually do feast solely on human blood will be quite more powerful than vampires that do not decide to feast on human blood.

                  As for age.

                  Age does not effect there classes. People of say age 21-24 can be put int he same classes as students who are say... 6-7 years younger, depending on when they joined the University. So it really all just... depends I guess. It also can effect their experience, as people in the current time of TSU will discover their magical abilities around the age of 15 (some significantly later). So it can also effect their magical experience.

                  For example my character Drake (the manipulative bast*rd) has Ice Magic that he discovered at the age of 15 of which he had little control over it (he could not control the amount of power he put into his ice magic attacks.) However in the RP he is currently at the age of 22, and had taught himself some very basic ways to better control his magic along with some very basic Ice Spells. I won't allow characters to have extreme amounts of magic experience, but allow them to have some basic knowledge of how their magic works depending on their age. If they are 18 or higher they can have some pretty decent knowledge of basic magic control, and maybe knowledge of spells (depending if they were self taught or not.) While if they are 15 and higher (which is unlikely as I prefer to have younger NPC's [basically side characters that can help move a story along], as this is a University, and Universities generally are for people of older age groups. Though there are chances that younger people can become a student of TSU if they have discovered/developed their magic at younger ages.)

                  So... yeah... Like I said, kinda depends on the character and other variables.


                    They don't die. I know SUS had some rules about vampires like "No drinking other people's blood." and other things like that.

                    18 I believe is the youngest you can have an OC at.

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                      I'm sure you know that I will return.

                      Make sure to save me a spot.
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                        What if someone lets a vampire drink from them?

                        ... Just curious.



                          You always have a reserved spot dude. You always will have one.


                          That can happen, and the Vampire would still gain some power from drinking blood. However Vampires who drink blood to gain power will need to keep drinking blood in order to maintain that power. Vampires that have survived on a diet of nothing but human blood, will actually be weakened greatly if they start consuming things other than human blood for even one day.
                          People are also known to let Vampires drink their blood, especially if the person is someone that is really close to a vampire.

                          Vampire's if needed to (and kind enough) can also give others blood by biting a person's neck, then injecting their own vampire blood into them. However the only vampire's that can do this are the ones that have been People Turned Vampires, as they will still have blood. They just don't need blood to survive. People Born Vampires don't have blood flowing through their veins, and in turn might be more reliant on blood.


                          I know I said that in the past, but I thought I would go more in-depth about it and improve upon it a bit since Vampires are a popular creature in TSU apparently lol.
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                            @ sus:

                            Last question. You said that blood magic was the most powerful of the dark magics. Does that mean a person learning dark magic could over time learn to use blood magic? Also is there any line of magic that would eventually lead to a person learning necromancy? Dose necromancy exist in this world? if not could it be created over the cores of the story?

                            oh that's more than one question isnt' it. Sorry i just want to know this before i make my app.


                              Ghouls will have their day...

                              Anyways, all characters are returning. Except thing it Grezcht will now be a two man gang, paired with Thomas. The derpy tank engine transperancy guy.