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    Originally posted by WriggleRid3r View Post
    Okay I really need people to give their feedback on this.


    Have there ever been a point in time where you question, "Wow, all the roleplays in this community is SOOO uptight and serious."


    At least I have. A lot of times.

    I'm in a creative mood right now, and I wanted to know if you guys would be interested in a Comedy Action RP that takes place in modern day time period. Unlike all the other RPs we have that are all dark and formal with bunch of serious characters who look like they don't know how to have fun, this RP's mood is going to be vibrant and fun. All the characters are going to be fun and polychromatic. There are going to be battles, but those battles are going to be the only thing that are serious.

    The purpose of this RP is to make people go back to the old RP days where every post was made for fun without fear of backlashes and criticisms. I, at least, felt like I was being too cautious with my posts recently: asking myself "Does this make sense" or "Would I be ruining someone else's plan by posting this?" Even when writing an app, I ask myself if the image I'm using is appropriate and things like that. That being said, in this RP, you will not have to worry about making a serious character; in fact, I will deny your application if I don't find your character fun.

    More details will be given by request, but I need to know the two things:

    1) Are you interested?
    2) Are there any subgenre you want to add? (Slice-of-life, school/academy, etc)
    I would be so up for it if I can use a variation of Koishi. I've been wanting to write the more happy-go-lucky and spontaneously random version of her, but i've really had no good opportunity. That kind of thing sounds perfect for someone like her.

    Sometimes when you're driving down a road, a bug hits your windshield. It's ugly and unpleasant, but you just activate the wipers / cleaning fluid and it's gone in a few seconds. It's just part of driving down the road. You don't dwell on it, because that'd be silly. Bugs aren't worth the time.

    You just discard their guts and keep on driving.



      Yes, if you change up her bio a little bit.



        I shall create Obi Wan Derpnobi for it
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          Also I've been talking to some people on Mumble and I decided that Comedy Action isn't the best name of a genre to label this possible RP as. It's more of an lighthearted anime-type action RP; the RP will have raunchy ecchi scenes, lighthearted comedy scenes, badass action scenes, and sometimes depressing or heart-warming scenes.



            oh wait it's going to be that kind?
            Do I dare go into scrapped idea purgatory and bring out one of my worst characters ever conceived?
            Do I dare derp this hard?
            ...nay. I will not unleash this evil willingly.
            ...brb, contemplating moral values.


              Send me info about your char by pm and I can help you make it better. Stronger. Faster. Collect Essence. Make Swarm stronger.


                Maki'te, there is a reason why she was banished to the depths of my mind for 11 years. She is the Balrog of my mind. I fear digging too deep to find her.

                Her name is Rose and her personality was so bubbly it makes my skin crawl.


                  Like, Kongou-level bubbly?


                    No, the bad kind of bubbly that's so overdone it makes one cringe everytime she speaks.
                    She was one of the nails in the coffin for an old Zelda fanfic. Which btw is still finding a way onto my computer despite the fact I swear I deleted it.

           there was some moment of madness when I tried to salvage her only to turn her into something totally clueless and without form.


                      for some reason I think such RP would be the classic formula for a shounen manga, I´m interested though.

                      As for a character.. I would have to see how things go first to narrow the possible ideas
                      Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..




                        You already know my stance on it. You can count me in.


                        Need you to post for Takoizu in ATWAG. It's a page or two back.


                        Sorry for not posting for a LONG time. Lately I've been a little too obsessed over this one joint app Wriggle and I have been making for EG. Needless to say, it will be the largest app on the entire forum. From all the technical information I will be typing, I estimate I have close to 60 paragraphs that I will be contributing to the app. Unfortunately, while I've been making a good amount of progress on this app, I have not made much if any in the RPs. I get to typing in the IC's, but my mind slowly drifts to the app and I simply work on it. Sorry. -_-;
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                        Originally posted by S121
                        Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                          I like the idea, and I think Slice-of-life with a twist would be interesting.


                            Ok after trying to psyche myself into dumpster diving for Rose, I decided to just stick with Obi Wan Derpnobi instead for wriggs RP

                            On the other hand, I'm trying to decide if maybe I should chunk EG into smaller pieces for the RP adaptations. So for instance: Shards of Starlight would be subdivided into ten smaller parts, starting with Operation Longbow.
                            Thoughts on that?


                              I might be down for that. Might ask for a subfolder for that kind of thing.
                              Sometimes I feel like the only normal person here
                              "My Threshing has been Extra Princely Fresh"

                              Spoiler: Hazmer Baybee



                                ok so preview of what I might do for an OOC. I'm not going to make the thread until much later, and after a lot of details are worked out, which will require feedback.


                                Eternal Galaxy
                                Shards of Starlight

                                Operation Longbow

                                Violence plagues the Venturian Galaxy once more. The revived Commonwealth rekindles the War of Eternity in a new effort to overthrow the Republic. A group of mercenaries get drawn into the conflict when it reaches their home planet.

                                - LORE -

                                To simplify things, see OP of the EG Project thread for lore. (The google doc)

                                This takes place during RY 109153 – Operation Longbow

                                - FACTIONS -

                                There are only three factions to choose from for this part:

                                Venturian Republic – Centralized Government of the Galaxy that seeks to maintain order.

                                The Commonwealth of Venturia – Rebels that seek to avenge those that have suffered under the Republic’s rule.

                                Hunters’ Guild – Neutral mercenary group that operates in Republic territory.

                                - RACES -

                                The following species are available to choose from:

                                Human – A foreign race to old Venturia, now a common sight. By Venturian standards, they are average and are often considered simple beings.

                                Arcain – The oldest surviving race in Venturia. What they lack in physical strength they make up for in their ability to manipulate Gaia’va.

                                Irian – A race known for traits that separate them from typical bipedals. The most diverse race.

                                Vatian – Pioneers in Ven’tec, they are known also for their ability to sense when things stray from a set path. A rare few are truly clairvoyant.

                                Bioroids/Androids – Artificial life that utilizes AIs. Due to an earlier crisis involving AIs, they were mostly terminated. However, few that were unaffected by it remain.

                                - LOCATIONS -

                                For this part, the following locations are available:

                                - Duon: Orbit, Pangaea Space Port, Capital City, Hunters’ Guild, Republic Garrison Echo

                                - 4th Republic Alpha ship Excalibur

                                - 1st Commonwealth Alpha ship Dreadnaught

                                - ROLES -

                                The following roles are available* for this part:

                                Hunteri – a member of the Hunters’ Guild. They are experts in survival and work as mercenaries.

                                Republic Military Personnel – From soldiers to technicians, they serve the Republic and its ideals.

                                Republic Citizen – A typical citizen who lives under the protection of the Republic.

                                Commonwealth Military Personnel – From soldiers to technicians, they serve the Commonwealth and its ideals.

                                - RULES -

                                1. Typical RP rules and guidelines apply
                                2. Due to the confined nature of this section, all characters must pertain to the lore. No Oudri’sa.**
                                3. Characters that do not pertain to the lore will not be accepted.**
                                4. Everyone must pester me for details. No exceptions.

                                *Additional roles can be added if asked for and fit within the confines of this section.
                                **This is a small part, so no exceptions for this one. Next part will allow for more freedom.

                                - APPLICATIONS -



                                Bio is more all-encompassing. Include History and Personality into it.
                                Include possible progression for Inventory.
                                Feel free to note any possible faction and or role changes that could occur during this section.
                                You may also include other predictions. This will help me understand what you want to achieve and take it into consideration.