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    ( =w=)_b

    The point is a scale/balance to compare characters relative to their origins.

    If we have that then if for some reason history repeats itself we can go back to it.

    Like this.

    Fall back plan. I'm going to keep saying it


    EDIT: Remember that little thing we did for fun where I asked to have everyone put characters honestly on a power level rating scale?
    Think of it like that.
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      Holy cow guys, I'm off for one day and 10 pages appear here and all of it is for AtWaG.

      Cucoo5: Fire Emblem Characters can become so brokenly powerful
      I've notice that with Nowi, Chrom (2nd form) and "Robin" (2nd form. Of course I changed the name).
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        Aye we need a system for RP organization.
        Specially with the size of AtWaG.


        Manaketes OP
        Archers promote to Sniper OP
        Grandmaster OP
        Great Lord doesn't suck in this one...but still don't grow as well.

        You'll want Dark Fliers. All females...promote to darkfliers.

        I think theres a misconception with the stats concept for AtWaG
        We won't use it like you think it would be.


          Random image spam that I found on Twitter. Sucker Punch retweeted this and it's rather funny.

          I just hope Cole doesn't die due to this in AtWaG.
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            Alright so I'm going to head to bed now. (might stay up to post a notification about newest Gensokyo video)


            I don't know if you are going to read this, but if you do, please know that I am sorry that this evolved into something this big. I don't know if you are going to read this, although I know that you visited the forums a few hours ago (about 3 hours) so I hope that you will read this and come back here again.
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              I guess I'm back...

              Is anyone online?


                about to just call it a night but still here


                  i am here
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                    Well, I finished the first arc.

                    OH, I ALMOST FORGOT TO MENTION!!!

                    Part three of the storyline will be THE LAST ARC OF THE SEASON!!! Within reason, of course. Don't ask why. I'll tell later. And I'm not posting parts 2-4 until at the earliest my first arc had activated.

                    @ SUSTIC
                    Please respond to my pm...

                    Night y'all.



                      You can't be so sure that it will be the last arc of the season. We still have yet to know what everyone else has planned. So don't get ahead of yourself kid...

                      Not trying to be rude BTW...


                        .. Probably didn't literate that right. It has to be the final arc. Trust me on this. Honestly, once you enter part 2 of my story, there will be no truning back. So after part 1, everybody had better get their stuff done.



                          Well Wonder I plan on my arc to be one of the first arcs in the RP. After all I have been planning this Arc since the middle of ATWAG Season One, and I told several people that I plan on my arc to hopefully be the first or one of the first.

                          Also in my opinion I'll say that I hope people won't have multiple arc's going on. Because that would be a incredibly stupid thing to do.


                            ...inb4 the fact WRAITH, Grima, and Monado arcs are already in progress along with...actually all of the others listed...

                            And WRAITH ain't gonna end until PALADIN pretty much plunges the world on the brink of destruction.

                            And by brink I mean like...the event that leads to the dark future that Takoizu, Jack, and "2nd" are from.
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                                @ Neo
                                Oh no no, you can be first, I've no prob with that. I just need part 2-3 to be the last arcs.

                                ... And I qm gone...