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    @ Neo

    Your arcs are kinda coinciding with the main arcs. SCAE and ACO arcs are the core if only we can get more on SCAE so that we can have that global police force moving.

    We need that...Or else we make some of the organizations like Prometheus and Maverick Hunters members of SCAE...which would make sense...

    I have the google doc for the timeline up. The main function of it is to visually represent what would be happening when. Take my three as examples. I have to finish subdividing them but you get the picture.
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      The Maverick Hunters might be allied with SCAE. They are kind of a global police force in the sense that they deal with the more dangerous stuff. Prometheus Labs is definitely the kind to deal with the incredibly serious stuff. Though I wouldn't count Prometheus Labs as part of SCAE without S1's permission first...


        ( =w=) ya

        anyway I know that SCAE is supposed to be of the United Nations. We need to implement that somehow...somewhere...

        I know Shulk is SCAE...I made him that. So far he's

        anyway I need sleep

        Sakuya...making epic sexy since 2002

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          well, mine isnpt that big so it can fit anywhere

          and I´ll enjoy breaking some villains´minds with what I have prepared using my characters

          cucco and utsuh will be the ones mostly breaking their heads on this XD
          Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..




            I'm back.

            After a 7 hour nap, I'm back from a much needed break, and I see that I had everyone worried.

            I'm sorry for snapping and leaving, I'm sorry for getting the RP shut down, but most of all, I'm sorry for scaring everyone. I'm sorry that I caused such a hellstorm because of leaving, and I'm sorry for sending everyone into chaos. I am so sorry for all of it. If you guys become scared of me snapping again and try to avoid me, I wouldn't blame you. I just couldn't do it anymore. On top of the Dovahkiin app, I had responsibilities at home, was trying to keep everyone updated in IC, was trying to spend time with everyone in Mumble, and was trying to clear up the intelligence problem being explained yesterday.

            I needed to finish the Dovahkiin app because people were depending on me to do so. Without him, an entire Arc would be frozen, simply because I could not complete it fast enough. I didn't want people to be limited, simply because I could not keep up. I tried to finish it as fast as I could, but even now, it's still not finished. I don't want to hold people back, but at the same time, I just can't keep up.

            I had many things to do at home, and because of the fact that my mother and sister are gone to Texas, I have even more to do. Despite all I have to do at home, I still try to make time for this forum, you guys. I often run between helping around the house and this forum, quickly typing out posts before being needed again. I can't simply pick one or the other because either way, people depend on me. People need me here. People need me to keep going, and if I don't then I'm abandoning them. I don't want to be that kind of person. I don't want to abandon you guys, and even with all I have to do, I enjoy spending time with you guys, even if it's simply typing out a single post in IC, listening to your hardships, or simply welcoming you back from your daily lives. I go out of my way to make time for each and every one of you, and if I miss anyone, or if anyone has a question, I help them to the best of my abilities. The thing is, before all this, I was alone. I had no one to talk to about my problems, no one to listen to, and no one to make me feel as if I wasn't isolated from the rest of the world. The fact of the matter is, despite everything I have to do at home, I try to make time for you guys because even if we all live in different parts of the world, I'm just happy to see the text you guys type out. It makes me see that I'm not the loner I thought I was, that there are other people out there that care about me, that I have people I can rely on instead of thinking that the whole world is against me. Because of that, I don't want to leave you guys. It feels as if I'm abandoning you. If there is one thing I won't do, it is that. I care about you guys too much to abandon you.

            The same thing applies in Mumble. I enjoy spending time with you guys, and simply talking to you guys is enough to help me push through all the daily stresses of life. Sometimes, people need a person to talk to, and when that need arises, I go out of my way to try and listen, even when I have things to do. When I have a problem, I can talk to you guys as well. It shows me that I'm not truly alone and that there are others like me, people that have difficult lives, but still keep going, despite all that happens to them. I try to make time for each and every one of you, like when somebody is trying to speak, and gets cut off by another, I speak to both people at the same time because I value what you guys have to say. What you guys have to say matters to me, and when you guys have problems, I do all I can to help, even if it's just as simple as giving words of encouragement. I'm sorry if I have ignored people, and it actually bothers me when people feel ignored, because I definitely know how that feels. I don't want to take you guys for granted.

            With the entire debate yesterday, it made me see that I have nerfed Prometheus Labs to the point where they aren't a threat. Cucoo showed me that yes, they are not as intelligent as they should be, and to be honest, leaving them with the intelligence they have right now makes me feel as if I'm not doing them justice. Yes, it seems unusual that I would care so much for a fictional aspect of some RP, but when I get invested into things, I really do. When I said that I was going to boost their intelligence, I was discouraged not to. I don't want to anger anybody, but when I have to chooses between two opposing sides, it tears me in half between the two. I don't want to make anyone angry at me because ultimately, they will leave, just like with what happened with Major. Yes, Major was an asshole, but I saw a lot of myself in him. I was like that, and hearing how he felt alone made me remember how I felt before all this happened, before I met everyone here. I am scared to death of becoming like that again. I am scared to death of hurting someone and making them leave. I don't want anyone to leave because of something I did. I'm not here to upset anyone, but when two people want the exact opposite of one another, it makes me unable to decide between the two. I'm gong to upset someone in the end, and I really don't want to do that. Of course, after seeing that these guys in The Labs ere not smart enough, it made me also remember all the times someone has infiltrated the labs and killed people. That doesn't happen to other people, so perhaps I was doing something wrong? I tried to cover my inadequacies to RP properly by giving this organization all these powerful weapons and the like, to try and hide my inability to RP them, but I quickly saw that it didn't matter. It made me question if I actually knew how to RP these guys, and if I really know what I'm doing. If everyone else can keep people from simply waltzing in and attacking their organizations, then why can't I? If everyone else is doing fine, then maybe there's something wrong with how I RP. I am doing something wrong, but I don't know what. I'm not RPing correctly if these guys are not a threat. It makes me see that when I introduce PALADIN, they won't be a threat. I won't be able to give you guys the Arc you deserve. I'll let you guys down. I have planned them out for quite some time, trying to craft storylines for each and every one of you, trying to make this the story arc where you will feel like you are a hero, that your Character actually made a difference somehow. Of course, if I can't do this properly, then there is no point. I will fail you guys, and I really don't want to.

            You guys probably feel awkward, hearing me spill my guts to you. You guys probably think it's weird or creepy that I care so much about all this RP stuff and about you guys. You guys probably think that I'm fragile, that I'm weak for finally cracking. You guys probably want to avoid me, and if you do, I won't blame you. I will understand if you guys never see me the same way again, and even if I hope that this won't change your outlook on me, I know it will. It was not my intention to cause so much chaos, and I am so sorry for scaring everyone here.
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            Originally posted by S121
            Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.



              Dude I don't see you differently. I still see you as a great friend, and a good RPer. All I cared was if you weren't coming back to the forums for a long time. In Mumble I thought you were ignoring me because you just didn't want to talk to anyone anymore. Then you came back on and said that you had fallen asleep...

              Listen though when I say you are one of my closest friends on these forums. Since I had gotten Mumble, and even a headset to speak with you I had become... more active slightly. Beforehand I was going through some pretty serious crap in my life (Lost a old friend because well... he moved to Europe... I might never see him again, nor will he probably ever get a chance to contact me again.) Though when I got Mumble and began talking with you I felt like I had made a new friend for real.

              If you need a break from the RP that's fine. I understand.

              If you need to leave Mumble to work on something then that's fine. I understand.

              I'm pretty sure it can be safe to say that we don't see you differently. We care about your safety, and if you ever need a break from the RP and all I'm sure we all can just pause the RP section to allow you to rest.

              I mean look at the time when I ended up in the hospital that one week. I had my brother to ask everyone to put my RP on pause, and well... they did. I was thankful for that. I truthfully was.

              We here in the RP section are understanding. I mean look at Wriggle. I said that we might need to pause ATWAG for the day and goddammit he did for you. He paused the Gensokyo Arc, and the new "joke" arc of sorts for you and we all paused.

              If you ever do need a break from Mumble, or the RP's just say so and we will understand S1. I'm sure of it.

              Also no one will be able to RP a character or organization perfectly. That's why we have each other to give advice and help each other.


                @ S1

                I think I'm looking in a mirror right now.

                While you were taking a break, Katrix, Sus, and I had a chat about....everything.

                We intend on doing a two sided system to work things out so that we can have the analytical reality of things...and the plot armor and true story writing.

                Concept 1: Create a universal scale to compare characters. By doing this once, we have something to refer to if absolutely necessary. The key point is that this is ONLY for comparing things and avoiding the "Well this should happen because armor is made of material x and they have weapons that can pierce material y." It basically would reduce it to numbers. "Ok in their world they have on a scale of 0-50...this level of defense and this level of strength etc."

                And thus we come to the intelligence.
                bring it up one notch. You're pulling a me here. Don't go to one extreme or the other, just try to give them a bit more understanding/realization.

                Then for the stories, we created an Archive to organize what we're all doing and when it should happen so that we prevent everything that would result from not keeping track of things.

                Also we're implementing a "RP meeting" concept where like every other week we step back and look at the status quo of things.

                There were a few other things but in the end this served more as a wake-up call

                ...hell speaking of Major, during the chat Katrix and I (and I can't remember if SUS was away at the moment) realized that we as a collective group have learned the hard way of what Major and even Kilel long ago were talking about. (FYI I read Aeterna's OOC, that's why I knew)
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                  glad to have you back utsuh
                  Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..




                    I think that the scale of simple offense/defense is too general. We'll need subsections such as cutting, blunt, and piercing resistance. It's kind of like with MJOLNIR armor. It's great against blunt and slashing attacks, but strong piercing attacks will break it. I suppose it would be the same with Renamon. From what I see, she's pretty tough against blunt force, but slashing and piercing attacks can hurt her. As for rating a character by using numbers, it will be much harder than that. We would actually need to rate, or at least give a rough estimate of each and every one of their traits. After all, sometimes one particular trait can help a weak character beat a strong one. Think of it like having a boss battle in a game. The boss is more powerful, but the hero is still able to beat him/her/it.

                    realized that we as a collective group have learned the hard way of what Major and even Kilel long ago were talking about.
                    And what is that?

                    You're pulling a me here. Don't go to one extreme or the other, just try to give them a bit more understanding/realization.
                    Actually, I was only going to boost their intelligence by a little, but I was told that if I did, Org XIII would be unnerfed. Maybe it's how I worded it? All I said is that they should have the intelligence to do all I said they could do, not that I was actually going to give them all their intelligence.

                    @Kristia and SUSTIC

                    Thank you.

                    Do you guys think I said too much in my last post? Maybe I did, but if that's how I actually feel, then I shouldn't hide it, should I?

                    Either way, it will take some time for me to get back into the rhythm of things, but everything will be done soon.
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                    Originally posted by S121
                    Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                      @ S1

                      Originally posted by Cucoo5 View Post
                      @ Mima

                      it's just an example I pulled from FE.

                      HP (Health)

                      Str (Strength

                      Mag (Magic

                      Skl (Skill)

                      Spd (speed)

                      Lck (Luck)

                      Def (Physical Defense)

                      Res (Resistance)

                      We'll need to work it out since...Resistance is the defense against magic.... and I'm certain some stats are missing for characters here.

                      we need to find something we can agree on that can work across the board.

                      And I was considering that specific traits could be the Fire Emblem equivalent of Skills, Like how Grima in the game has a skill "Dragon Skin" (Halves damage received from anything) and I think he has in Lunatic + Pavise+ (Halves damage received from non-range type attacks based on a certain activation)

                      As for the epiphany...I think it's pretty much saying to just treat the RPs as books.

                      Another thing I think we're having a problem with is...too many cooks in the kitchen.

                      pulled out of context, this might seem odd, but Katrix had jotted down everything we talked about in mumble


                      If I try to explain this here I'm going to turn people off from it. when we talked it through in mumble, we all saw how it could work out.

                      I need sleep. Night peeps.
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                        I personally think that treating it as a book stifles creativity. Sure, you can plan out Arcs, but the very moment you start to treat an RP like a book, you lose what makes RPs worth RPing in. Not only that, I think you misunderstand the context of what they were saying. Yes, they were talking a little about plot stuff, but it was mainly our posts in general. they wanted us to type up these long, descriptive posts, even when there was almost nothing to type about, such as when there was a simple conversation going on.

                        Another thing I think we're having a problem with is...too many cooks in the kitchen.
                        Can you elaborate?

                        Now that I think about giving numbers to stats, it might not be the best idea. I'm going to simply stick with units of measurement. It's way more precise if we simply describe what they can do instead of relying on a number that can be left open to interpretation. If we're descriptive about their abilities, then there will be no misunderstandings whatsoever. After all, that's what I do with most of my characters.
                        Originally posted by S121
                        Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                          it all made more sense at the time

                          we were talking a means to compare characters quickly.

                          having things clear cut

                          Strong against this on a scale of x
                          weak against that on a scale of y

                          end of analytical, move on to plot saying "Ok what can we do to make things interesting?"

                          it makes more sense when I'm not tired. but it made a lot of sense. It eliminates a lot of grey area and puts a well defined "This is truth - this is fact, everyone can agree that 2+2=4...but we need it to equal 5 for this to happen instead."

                          as for the saying...if you know the saying, you know what I mean by the "too many cooks in the kitchen"
                          fact...we got too many.
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                            by what jile and major said

                            in short words (even harsh sounding) we suck at RPing

                            but you know something? if we are happy with what we do then f*ck them, i have enjoyed these stories like you guys don't know and I won't let some comments turn me down and shouldn't turn you down either

                            as dor the kitchen thing, I think he means either we got too many things on iur plate (don't see a problem there) or we have too many cgaracters and lose track of them (Cucco, i meant you ob that)

                            and finally, thinking this Story as a book is a bad idea, we will worry too much about context and similar things. This is our story and we enjoy making it with our emotions. Don't fall with thinking about how it should be, try to enjoy it


                            you are one of the RPers with most characters aside from surely wriggle cucco, If you make a character, know that you will need to focus ib all the ones you have
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                            Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                              There was something else they mentioned that we looked at and said "...and we reached that point where they were right about that."
                              I can't remember it exactly, but It made sense at that moment.

                              The cook metaphor...this explains it well

                              Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

                              A fundamental problem of ruling: if you have one person in charge, that person can screw up. So you put many in charge. But then there's another problem: no one is solely responsible, so people fail to take initiative, and you end up with the syndrome of too many cooks in the kitchen. Because there's no one leader, power goes to no one; the duty of acting out the will of the cook committee goes to someone, usually a rotating someone, who starts the task and is constantly given peanut galleries from the others. It is through such failure of leadership that, it is said, the soup is ruined, because although you can put almost anything in a soup and have it turn out okay, if you don't pick what type of soup it is, it will taste like nothing.

                              This situation cannot be seen more clearly than in a democracy during wartime. Back home, the president and congress in theory "balance each other" by keeping checks on power, the situation becomes tenuous in that the president sends the troops to war, and only after that congress decides whether to fund them. In dire situations, it's hard for them to deny funding, but they'll snip away at it here and there. This unsteady balance causes policy to be planned in small increments around some vague idea of what the war hopes to accomplish, and thus any concept of organized goal is diluted.

                              If there's one thing you learn in life quickly it's that without a goal, situations quickly degenerate into disorganization, the same old thing we try to escape by striving for higher ambitions. However, democracies of the kind where a leader defers to other leaders who defer to the people, who are forever divided into different balkanized camps, make having a goal impossible.

                              A lot of our woes as of late are because of the fact we don't really have a system

                              that cherished notion of spontaneous-ity and reaction-ing is putting us at odds because if one thing goes wrong...

                              *insert what just happened*

                              we need a structure...something to fall back on.

                              Something so that when things go doesn't turn into a spiraling tornado that makes everyone say "nope not gonna bother sticking my neck out for this one"
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                                That's what I mean. I give clear-cut answers on all their capabilities. I tell peple the very limits of the armor, weapons, and all that instead of using numbers. From there, we simply compare each person's strength, speed, etc. and have a crystal clear picture of their abilities. It takes more time than assigning their stats a number, but it will be much more precise than the numbers and will give you what you want, a measurement of their abilities, only better.

                                Also, about the cooks in the kitchen, there's multiple aspects that that particular phrase can apply to. That's why I said to elaborate.

                                For instance, you could mean plot-wise, character-wise, or anything else.


                                and what would you propose?

                                There are many strengths and weaknesses within order and chaos.
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                                Originally posted by S121
                                Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.