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    @ Wriggs

    And that also exists...but that ran into a problem called me trying to keep pace with everyone.
    I had too much and burned out

    Part III (Phoenix) obviously does haea coherent story if it's the third part of an entire book Has a story based around Grey and her his imitation of Indiana Jonesin looking for ruins.

    The open world aspect is to permit everyone else to create their own so that it's not dependent on me to keep things going (like TSU)
    I can inject short bits of story through Grey but it's not linear.
    I can influence things, but I don't dictate anything other than key locations.

    @ Zekai

    A guess?

    Ok how about this:
    Why did you jump on board with TSU?
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      Ok, that's a weird name but ok.

      Yeah, it was tough but I did it. I've beaten Ash as well and got ZReimu as my first Z. I saved before talking to Pati and she gave me ZYuuko first but nope, wanted a Z I wanted first and if I go through the league again, do I have to fight that spirit again? As for the challenge, if it's a Nuzlocke challenge, no thanks.

      EDIT: @Cucoo

      Hm.......... maybe because it was an new RP? I don't know really, I just did.
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      "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


        And thus it has been proven that I have more RP energy than Cuckoo


        I understand that you're antsy about your RP's fame, and it's quite understandable (trust me, it's hard trying to keep AtWaP running at even half the pace of EG)

        But what you need to know is this.

        From what I know, EG is considered just as important an RP as AtWaG, TSU, and others. It's certainly not forgotten like Fantastical Touhou (Oh shit we gotta get to that too) and it definitely has a potential. It's certainly arguable that EG has the fastest pace amongst the RP as we know it.

        You can choose to not do it Nuzlocke fashion.

        Also, ZYuyuko is a boss thank you very much.


          @ Wriggs

          It's not the fame

          it's the fact that it's not attracting more people

          TSU...If I counted I could probably confirm, has attracted EVERYONE
          AtWaG is most
          EG .... I can count on one hand +2 fingers everyone who is participating.

          It's Not growing

          It's stagnant
          It'll be like Part I all over again

          Aye Part I went good until I couldn't keep up with having to respond to everyone

          But Phoenix, the way I constructed it allows for growth

          And it's not growing

          It's like having a massive stage built for 100s of thousands of actors...but only having 7.
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            AtWaP has even less. Do you see me complaining?


            It's not about how many people are in the RP, it's about how much fun you have with the people you have with the most.

            I have 12+ apps.

            None of them replied after their first post.

            But I still have a blast with Major, Pringles, Mima, and Kristia.



              Hm..................... I will hear this mission and decide from there. Do you know where I can get Marisa's Magic World in .gba format? I can't figure out how to do it with the fire red.gba file that you have to mod.


              If I read EG: Phoenix and think about joining (not saying for sure), will that be fine for now?
              "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                @ Wriggs

                right but

                ...if you design a rocket meant to go for the moon and instead only goes 2 feet off the ground

                Is that a success or a failure?

                Aye sure, it successfully got off the ground but did it achieve its goal?

                Phoenix is designed to have a lot of people as it takes place in a galaxy

                It's designed for intergalactic battles

                clash of empires





                explorer scientists

                I have the backbone story but I need people to add the meat.

                Aye sure...we got

                one colony.

                on a planet that's not even one of the stock planets.

                2 feet off the ground.
                And it's not going any further.

                It's going to become stagnant eventually if it doesn't grow

                If it doesn't grow then it'll die.

                I was a limit on Part I and I practically strangled it to death

                I don't want that to happen twice.
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                  Double post because I'm trying to make contact with people

                  Originally posted by Cucoo5 View Post
                  @ Manor of Eternity group

                  Ok so are we assuming they are on the protected bridge as I described in a prior IC post or have they opened the second set of doors and entered the Central tower?


                    The mission is as follows.

                    I've seen some videos from a channel named TheKingNappy and he was doing a Pokemon Blaze Black Egglocke. I was interested and downloaded his save file and I tell you, it is amazing.

                    He has 20+ boxes filled with eggs.

                    It's glorious.

                    And it's Blaze Black, a separate Pokemon Black hack that makes Pokemon Black more challenging.
                    Like, Skyla with Lv 64 Gliscor challenging.

                    You don't have to Nuzlocke it, but I challenge you to finish this game.


                    That'll require more than just regular RP-goers.

                    And that's another problem. People just create a "bluh bluh huge setting" for their RP.

                    And that's terrifying. I think that's why people left AtWaG, and maybe YC RP in general, cuz it became a "bluh bluh huge setting" RP.



                      If you give me the game file, I will take a look at it. Black was easy.
                      "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                        I'll PM it to you as soon as I get home.



                          They are in the bridge I believe... or on it. I just don't know what to put as the location tag.

                          I also now regret my idea for an ice planet in the Helios system (if there isn't already one, and if there is then I will use that planet.)

                          I have Nevaaras (not a stock planet) have a colony as it was a good starting place idea for me and S1. Not only that but me and S1 have a small substory or main story for Ethan, Megumi, and others who tag along. It won't take up the entire RP, but it can help get things started. There will be a lot of space battles in it as well.


                            @ Wriggs

                            I don't see how it can't be pulled off by normal RP goers.

                            So far I've seen some crazy things going on in TSU that would be able to fill up another colony in Phoenix for story

                            And doing an Indiana Jones concept isn't that big.

                            The Galaxy is big, but the number of locations can be counted on your two hands.
                            ...and maybe a foot I can't remember

                            It's in essence less than TSU.

                            Just has the ability to expand if need be.

                            But in order for it to really work out to be an epic that it's supposed to be

                            Then I need more people to pull it off.

                            And I need to know why people don't see a way to join it. Why are they no interested in something that allows you to have anything?

                            @ SUS

                            Ice planets
                            *Points to Celestora System and Alcyon*

                            And I understand what you did

                            but I need more

                            The slots are set

                            It's just a matter of filling them
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                              Ok but I might get to it right away.

                              I leave everyone a song from one of my new favorite Japan bands.
                              "No matter how strong or what power the enemy has, I will fight and protect my friends, even if it cost me my life to protect them. I will fight until I die to ensure their future."


                                Well, I'm out. Night y'all.

                                And if you see Neo, tell her she must post for Axl.