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    oh ok, if youwant for the fox and jackal to be with him, just ask and let me make the transition from Gensokyo to X location like saying he needs someone with skills similar to them
    Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



      ... That sukz.

      Ya know, just for future references...

      Is there anyone that is willing to permanently kill off one of their characters? They don't have to be extremely important, but they have to mean a lot to someone to someone else.

      NOTE: If you do have one, know that once they die by a certain event, they cannot come back.


      Just seeing if someone's willing to volunteer for a part in my mega arc.


        Throughout my arc X will need Renamon's, Nera's, Koishi's, Isaac's, and John's (and whoever else wishes to join) help. Well the Maverick Hunters will need their help, but you know what I mean.

        X and Zero's fight will be really personal due to them being the closest of friends, and well... it's almost quite literally a battle of fate.

        X the "Final" Creation of Dr. Light

        Zero the Ultimate creation of Dr. Wily of which Zero was built to destroy the creation of Dr. Light.

        They are both evenly matched in prowess, and X's "Limitless Potential" combined with Zero's true power being a major factor of the fight...

        Both are going to end up highly damaged, X actually dying, with all that's left of Zero is his helmet as his body is nowhere to be found.

        I don't want to reveal anymore, but the end of my arc will involve quite a bit of drama...

        Shame Aqua won't be there to help... or see X go...

        X's death will be permanent but his consciousness will become sort of part of Cyberspace via Cyber Elf X (which is pretty much X's ghost. After Cyber Elf X gives one final message to everyone thoug he will... pretty much be gone for good... yeah...)


          @ Wonder

          *points at my cast of characters*

          pick one.



            I intend for the whole organization to be killed of, although they'll still exist at one point due to time travel and the data of them will also remain.
            Born in the light.
            Molded in the dark

            Never Forget,
            Keep Fighting.
            –Don't Forget.
            Always, somewhere,
            someone is fighting for you.
            –As long as you remember her,
            you are not alone.


              Yea well...

              1. It has to be an individual

              2. They have to have a soul

              And 3. They have to mean a lot to someone. Like, love lot.

              And if I don't get one, don't worry. I got one meself.


                I have the plan of a dying scene, but it won´t be a permanent one. Yet it will cause the other one to go over the edge of anger

                I just need an important battle on whoever´s arc and do the jump to the suicide defense
                Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..




                  I do have Dr. Light, and well... let's just say he's getting up there in years...

                  Also X is hinted at to have a soul unlike other machines in the series (which could explain his ability to evolve over time, think, and feel like humans.) That however is still not debunked yet. Though when X does die, his "spirit" will be forever a part of Cyber Space.

                  Characters can still visit him if they can gain access to Cyberspace (like Renamon), and other things. I just won't be giving him a physical body again after that to make it actually have some sort of effect.


                  I might have a fight in my arc (as I have characters for everyone to fight in my arc if they so wish to fight someone), but he might not be powerful enough to kill who you want to well... die...


                    Grima VS Morgan and Robin(F)

                    Eleos VS SCAE

                    Eleos VS Takoizu, John, Yukari, etc.

                    Zanza VS the world

                    Eleos, Takoizu, etc VS ACO PALADIN

                    Lucina VS Morgan

                    Lisa VS Eleos

                    Edward VS Eleos

                    Robin (M) VS Morgan

                    and a few others I can't remember right now.
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                      if they are high classed warriors and are fighting with geat fighting skills, then it is possible
                      Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                        Well quite a few of them are like that, and made stronger due to a plot device I will reveal later in my arc which will be officially starting soon. So it might be possible...


                          "...Zanza...I need you to try and destroy the world."

                          "...And then fail."

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                            Hello, I'm back!


                            Well if you want, I could have a character I've been brewing up for PALADIN kill off one of your characters. He's a normal human, but he is incredibly dangerous and VERY hard to kill, due to his cunning. He tries to make situations where he will win no matter what.
                            Originally posted by S121
                            Every time I see a new post on the Forum, I feel like a little kid during Christmas, all giddy.


                              Welcome back utsuh^^

                              I have this plan, just let me PM you then just in case
                              Have you ever crossed the line between sanity and madness? You would be amazed by what lies beyond the fog..



                                Welcome back S121!

                                Also I'm back as well.